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“If there is a need we can fill it.”

“With PaperNuts, it’s not just biodegradable, but it’s also compostable,” said MacRae. “So when you buy PaperNuts, you don’t have to worry about where they go at the end of the day. With Styrofoam, well they say it’s recyclable but that just means it can be recycled - not that it actually is. Well only 3% of us in the world fully recycle those things, so they are going into landfills and the ocean. But with PaperNuts, if someone throws it out onto the ground or away, it doesn’t matter - they are like leaves; they just go back to nature.” Having first come to Canada in 2010, MacRae said a lot of work had to be put into the product before PaperNuts could make their first sale. Sales later began circulating in 2011 when the company began to sell their packaging material by the bag. Since their first bag of nuts was sold, product demand has yet to slow down. Today, the St. Catharines, Ontario based business continues to sell their PaperNuts by the bag. Featuring two forms of paper packaging filler, PaperNuts is not limited to accommodate industrial size

shipping needs, but has the ability to work with all types of clients that may have smaller, more delicate items to ship. Included in the options are the company’s traditional brown packing nut filler, a dense kraft one ply, four inch product that is ideal for commercial and heavy industrial application. The second, a smaller and lighter white, two ply, two inch static free dense nut, is ideal for delicate applications like transporting computer parts, glass and food grade items. Though both are made from different recycled paper materials, both products work the same way, opening up during transportation, interlocking and expanding to fill the void space around your product in order to eliminate damage from shock and migration. It is also a pleasant surprise for anyone opening a package and expecting a Styrofoam nut mess – with the interlocking application, PaperNuts is removed as a unit, not crumpled into a million pieces on your floor.   25

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Business - July/August 2014  

Business - July/August 2014