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Hole 1 Par 4 • Yardage: 358 to 444 Bock says: “Aim left, and let it fly. The hole shares a fairway with Hole #9 on that side. A good target for your shot is near the bunker by the 150yard mark. There is a water hazard before the green, but there are plenty of bailout areas around it too.”

Hole 4 Par 3 • Yardage: 130 to 192

Bock says: “There’s a huge lake in front of you, although you do have a bit of fairway to the left. An oversized bunker is around the green, but it helps give you a target area.”

Hole 7 Par 3 • Yardage: 150 to 216 Bock says: “This is a long par 3, and the pin location and wind will help determine how to play it. The green is the most elevated on the entire course, so you have to watch if the ball might roll down into the big bunkers that surround it.”

Hole 2 Par 3 • Yardage: 105 to 162

Bock says: “This shorter hole gives you a breather after Hole #1. There is a 60-foot long, skinny green – but watch the water hazard on the left. The pin location will help determine what club to hit.”

Hole 5 Par 5 • Yardage: 485 to 584

Bock says: “Keep your shot to the right – there are hickory trees to the left that serve as an out-of-bounds area. The green is elevated with a dip in the middle, and it’s one of the largest greens on the course. Hit your shots straight away, and you’ll be in good shape.”

Hole 3 Par 5 • Yardage: 408 to 500

Bock says: “The challenge to this hole is that you have to carry the water in order to get the ball on the green. There’s also a 70-yard bunker on the right, but it guards against some heavy rough further to the right.”

Hole 6 Par 4 • Yardage: 288 to 380

Bock says: “Fans of voted this hole as the ‘Favorite Hole #6 in Western New York.’ It’s very picturesque with a creek and heather grass right at the beginning. That creek then runs up through the middle of the hole, splitting the fairway in half. Watch the pin location on the green and be careful not to land the ball too far to the left, as it could roll down into the creek.”

Hole 8 Par 4 • Yardage: 304 to 396

Hole 9 Par 5 • Yardage: 472 to 572

Bock says: “Natural preserves are on the left side of the hole, all the way up to the green – and there are spots of heather grass on the right. Watch for the long, skinny bunker that is hidden on the back side of the green. But overall, this is a short par 4.”

Bock says: “This hole offers a beautiful view of the Niagara Escarpment. There’s a slight dog-leg left – so follow the clubhouse to be safe, and remember that the fairway on the left is shared with Hole #1. Aim at the first flag, as this hole has our signature doublegreen that is shared with Hole #18.”


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