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3/6/12 2:01 PM

Snack Time Forever!! By Toby Frank

It’s Break time at The American School in Japan. Third, fourth, and fifth graders run outside to play, with growling, empty stomachs. That is because the teachers aren’t letting them eat during the day, and that is unfair. This is why I think kids should be able to eat when they’re hungry. Aaron Fuchs, a 5th grader at ASIJ, states his opinion about this injustice. “I think you should be able to eat whenever you’re hungry because if you’re hungry you can’t focus that well, but if you’re not, you can focus better. I also think that there should be a limit to what you eat.” Michael Kobayashi, another in 5th grade at the American School in Japan, supports my opinion by saying, “Kids should be able to have more snack or else they’ll get sick and hungry.” If this continues kids will start to complain, and will tell their parents. That will then cause problems around school and parents will start getting angry. You can stop that. If you let kids eat when they’re hungry, kids will be full and not create this disastrous problem. Also, kids are getting annoyed that they don’t have enough time to eat all the snack in their lunchbox. I agree with this and to prove this point, Frances, a 5th grader at ASIJ in 5Ma puts her voice into the conversation, “I need more snack time so I can eat more of the things in my lunchbox.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, lecturer, and Poet, says, "The first wealth is health." I agree with his opinion because if you are not eating enough you are not being healthy. So, if you are part of the school board, try to start thinking about making more snack time for children. If you do, the children will be happier not to mention healthier. If you are a parent, tell the board about this, because every parent wants their children content. You can make it happen.

Snack Time Forever!  
Snack Time Forever!  

An argument over more snack time for kids at ASIJ.