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Signs and Symptoms of Dog’s Cataracts

Dogs are one of the most loveable pets for people and they are renowned as being one of the most faithful ones as well. Often a dog is considered by many people as an actual member of their family so in the event that it starts to suffer from any disease it becomes a major affair of concern. The owner obviously becomes very worried until the symptoms of their pet are diagnosed and treatment is started. As your pet isn’t able to communicate with you like humans can, it is your duty to check its health on a regular basis. If you find out that your pet is suffering from any disease then it obviously should be treated as quickly as possible. Cataracts are one of the commonest eye diseases that occur in the dogs. Many pet owners unfortunately don’t have any idea about what is cataract? It is such a condition that influences the whole lens, or just a fraction of it initially, and obscures vision. This condition will ultimately lead to complete blindness if it isn’t treated. Dog’s Cataracts can cause a total loss of vision, if it is not treated properly as it causes a cloudiness and opacity of the lens inside the eye. Not only some breeds, but all breeds of dogs are at risk of contracting cataracts, no matter what their breed, age or gender. There is unfortunately no such vaccination available yet for preventing Dog’s Cataracts, but it can be treated once it has occurred in your pet’s eyes. That said, the Ethos Bright Eyes drops described below also act as an excellent prophylactic and, if a maintenance dose of one or two drops are applied

each and every day, they will effectively help to stop your pet from every developing any eye diseases in the future. One type of cataracts is referred to as congenital cataracts and this type can be present at birth. In this case it will usually affect both of the eyes as this disease is genetic in nature. This is quite common in some breeds of dogs and especially Cocker Spaniels and Poodles which can suffer with congenital cataracts from birth, whereas other breeds tend to suffer from this disease a few weeks after their birth. Pets’ suffering from cataracts in their old age is known as senile cataracts and this type usually develops after six years of age. Some of the commonest causes of cataracts in dogs are; trauma, imbalance in the metabolism of the lens in the eye, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, previous injury, steroidal drugs, etc. If caused due to trauma, it usually affects just the one eye, whereas most other causes will affect both eyes. Cataracts for Dogs can be identified through many symptoms; one of the main ones is that the eyes appear a milky-white opaque and cloudy colour. As well as this, other symptoms include; redness and pain around the eyes, swelling, marked hesitance to climb stairs, decrease in activities such as jumping and ultimately bumping into things. Cataracts in dogs can be cured by going through cataracts surgery. Cataracts Surgery can only be carried out through a licensed pet surgeon as it needs anesthesia and an incision made into the eye so that the old lens can be removed. Unfortunately, the cost of cataract surgery is often prohibitive for many pet owners and without treatment their pet will eventually become blind. Thankfully, there is now a treatment involving a simple six week home treatment course of six boxes of eye drops that will dissolve away the cataracts naturally and restore the lens of the eye back to full clarity once again. Cataracts after Surgery refers to a condition called an ‘after cataract’ whereby, in some cases, the eye tissue behind the lens of the eye starts to again obscure vision and then requires further surgery. For more information visit; which is one of the best online retailers that offer N-Acetyl-Carnosine eye drops, called Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets, which is a cost-effective and all-natural alternative to cataracts surgery for pets. These drops should be applied hourly throughout the day to get the very best result. We appreciate that with pets it’s not always possible to apply the drops hourly, in which case apply them as often as you can. This just means that it will take longer to complete the full six box course of treatment but it will still work just as well. So order Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for pets today and get your pet’s finest vision. They deliver them worldwide and delivery usually takes 10 to 14 days on average. Ageless eyes; Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for pets are also an excellent prophylactic and, by simply applying just one or two drops a day into each eye as a maintenance

dose, they will help stop your pet from ever developing any eye diseases or disorders in the future and will keep their eyes looking healthy, bright and sparking‌ so order some today.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog’s Cataracts eye drops - Bright Eyes NAC eye drops cataracts trial on TV featuring Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes NAC (N-Acetyl-Car...

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