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Attention: Fax:

HD GROUP has supplied you with FREE PROMOTIONAL CALENDARS and/or WHITEBOARDS since 2000 and we look forward to our continued association with your store/s It has come to our attention that a Company called ADVERTISING R US have been approaching Eagle Boys Pizza Stores and saying something to the effect that we are no longer trading and that they are now to be doing the Calendars and/or Whiteboards for you. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We have established an excellent relationship with both Eagle Boys Pizza and our advertising clients. This other company is contacting our advertising clients and saying they now have the contract with your store. This is also untrue, as our contracts with you are still current. As you can imagine, this is causing concern for our clients. We offer our clients controlled, exclusive advertising on the Calendars, as per our previous correspondence with you. We ask that you do not deal with Advertising R Us and continue to support our successful relationship. Please confirm by return email/fax that you have, or have not, been contacted by Advertising R Us. We are aware that some stores have signed with them, believing they are dealing with us. If you have inadvertently signed with them, we ask that you advise them that you wish to cancel their permission to supply your store. This way we can assure our advertising clients of their continued, non-competitive advertising, as per our contracts with you. Please be aware that WE ARE IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH ADVERTISING R US. We trade and correspond with you as HD GROUP only. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. HD GROUP is committed to an HONEST working relationship with Eagle Boys Pizza and our advertising clients. Regards

Derek Krabbenbos HD GROUP

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