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When unloading bales of barley straw the GIANT GT5048 showed his muscles Photos: Tovornik

Giant Telehandler GT5048

Diligent Ant

The ferocious looking ant can be found on all GIANT loaders. When carrying four block bales at a time the new telehandler is not grim at all but presents itself as being really hard-working.


t’s been already eight years ago since we have put the 4548 Tendo from GIANT as a pre-series-machine to a close test comparison (see profi 4 and 5/2012). Since a short time the GT5048 is being supplied as its successor. To meet the requirements of emission stage 5 (with DOC and DPF) GIANT is relying on a Kubota three-cylinder-turboengine with 1,8 l capacity and 36 kW/50 hp Within our test the power unit was doing well and running smoothly. When it came to the hydrostatical traction drive with the shiftable two-step gearbox that can be changed while driving, we were profi 9 - 2020

completely satisfied. This was first of all due to the sensitivity and easy steering the machine provides, because high propulsive forces weren’t needed that much when the machine was unloading bales or moving fodder.

GOOD TO KNOW XX X The compact GT5048 telehandler is being built very solidly and robustly and therefore creates a really valuable impression.

Small, but full of surprises

XX X The small cabin offers a

The working hydraulics gets its power from a simple gear pump. The working speed is with an internal oil transport with max. 52 l/ min. really satisfying. A bit more difficult is the combination of several different working processes at the same time.

­ lischer Werkzeuge.

comfortable work place even for taller drivers.

ONLINE VIDEO Without any trouble the small telescopic loader lifted in one go four bales of barley straw with its quite heavy fork from the trailer. When arming out the machines arm the acoustic signal gave an overloadwarning, but all the same the machine and its work were under control at any time. With the help of 170 kg extra ballast at the rear of the machine - including the hitch for an extra fee of €600 - GIANT indicates for the GT5048 a maximum tipping load of 2,1 t and a lifting force of about 2.800 daN. These results are also reached by the “grown-up” front loaders and wheel loaders. Still, the main advantage of the small GT5048 is that he is able to lift a load of 1,4 t to a height of 4,80 m. And that all this is achieved with such compact measurements. This way, the loader with its height of 2 m and width of 1,60 m can work within most old buildings and is very versatile with a exterior turning circle of 5,40 m.

MACHINE DATA Giant GT5048 1.735/2.115 kg


330/460 kg

2.443/2.815 daN

4,80 m

Tipping angle 45/33° Kubota D1803 CR, 3 cylinder, 1,8 l capacity, Stage V 36 kW/50 hp

The 3-cylinder-Kubota-engine with 50 hp doesn’t need AdBlue to meet emission stage V.

2 gears, max. 25 km/h

51 l/min (250 bar) 10.00/75-15.3 2.950 kg

Lenght/width/height 3,14/1,60/1,97 m 5,40 m

€ 50.480

Standard information from the manufacturer 1)without/with counterweight, burden at palletforks; 3) 2)within the turning point; with arth bucket

Great ease of use Eight years ago we have had some reasons for criticism concerning the inside of the cabin (windows, windscreen wipers, working headlights and radio are available for an additional €2.200),

To fix attachments GIANT offers different hitches with hydraulic interlock.

available. When we tested the machine it was fiited with an EURO-frame for front loaders (add. price of €800), which gave the attachment a bit of space to move. z Fixing the oil hoses for the hydraulic

It seems to be a miracle how much space the cabin with its small measures is offering even to tall drivers. We also liked the ergonomic Joystick with the proportional steering of all functions a lot.

but here a lot changes to the better have been achieved: After a comfortable entry into the cabin, the engine can be started at once and work begins without delay. We really liked the arrangement of the operating elements. This includes the joystick with a large armrest as well as the proportional and sensitive approach to the different work functions and the two extra circulations (there are extra costs of €1.300 for the package including the fourth and fifth function). The steering wheel can be adjusted in height and grade which ensures a comfortable working position and makes a lot of space for getting into the cabin easily.

Only users with longer legs might sometimes touch the stop lever with their left knee. The view to the front and above is very good, due to the end-to-end curved window. It is obvious that the view to the left and the right is restricted by the massive and solid arm of the telescopic loader. But GIANT has improved this problem with the use of a lower sloped engine cover.

More information z The GT5048 creates the impression of being a solidly made and very well processed machine. z Various quick coupling systems are

attachment leads to a bit of an effort, because it takes some time to get the pressure of the hoses even if the engine is off. z When changing from four-wheel-drive to front-wheel-drive the wheels align themselves automatically. To get to the crab steering it is necessary to keep one button on the Joystick pressed, which seems to be characteristic for GIANT. z All grease fittings are easy to access. z In the standard configuration the list price of the GT5048 is about €50.500. The machines we used with extra hydraulic circuits, cabin, wide-base tyres, homologation for road service and some more extras you come to €57.800 (all prices excluding VAT.) Gottfried Eikel

ONLINE VIDEO Video from test: Giant2020

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