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Monday, 15th of November

Legendary newspaper THE TIMES inspired us - the editors - to respect British heroes and taste English sense of humor. What I'm talking about? Just read unbelievable and phenomenal stories about:

SCANDAL: I’m not an AIESECer campaign $1 million CELEBRETIES we’ve recruited TOP AIESEC marriage couples HOTTEST events that influence our everyday life Who will become next MCP

... just the cleverest catches glimpses of Britain!


Chief Editor Dasha Skripkina

Chief Designer Kirill Zima

“Yeah, I'm promoting Impossible-isnothing motto, but it doesn't mean that I'm an AIESECer!”

Photographers, Lordik, Prorok, Anechka

Confused? Surprised? Shocked? Believe me, I felt like this when me manager brought me such kind of poster!

Contributors National Team 08-09, Serhiy Likhovida, Serhiy Karavanec, Anna Lishchun, Anna Pikhelson, Ann Kurbanova

Unlimited News is the leading informational quarterly newsletter in AIESEC Ukraine, covering culture and entertainment in the AIESEC country. Unlimited News reaches 600 readers every month, including Englishspeaking AIESECers, trainees and AIESEC friends. Unlimited News is founded by UA Unlimited 08-09. All materials published in Unlimited News, including name, concept, logotype, photographs, artwork, design and copy texts are the unconditional intellectual property of the publisher and are protected by international and Ukrainian сopyright laws.

Maybe you'll tell me that every day I can read tonnes of newspapers with gossips about me of and I should stop pretending that it's first time tonnes when I'm facing with the outrageouslie! Frankly speaking I've never heard about AIESEC before. So when I checked the web of this organisation I found myself much more embarrassed. From the one site it’s cool to be an alumnus like Margaret Thatcher, but from the other…you haven’t pay me a penny for using my pictures!!! I don’t wanna continue talking, ‘cause I feel really sad that I’ve missed such unique opportunity. P.S. a strong request for you-know-who to pay the invoice which my manager has sent to you!

Quiz Section Do you believe that impossible is nothing?! Sit down and calm yourself, 'cause there is no winner this month! Nobody knew that after AutCo we celebrated the wedding of Margarita and Yaroslav Pokh! All AIESEC in Ukraine congratulates you guys! Next month's task will be easy and festive.

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# 03/2008 November, 15 – December, 31

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“I was extremely happy to meet all those people, and especially my co-chair and just big friend – Skripka. The time spent there was awesome! Singing at nights, screaming and learning during days. And proactivity session prepared together with Dashka in one hour. As Rostik always says – That’s not a problem, it’s a challenge=) The delegates were super-duper cool, if you’re reading this, just know that KtolubitLugansk? – YalubluLugansk! Lublu-Lublu-LubluLublu-Lublu!”




“Inspired delegates, sparkling eyes, effective learning, dancing a lot and screaming – screaming. Also was MashaZholudeva, dancing EuroCo “Hip hip hooray!” in the way she always does – with an unforgettable rhythm feeling=) She was the dancing queen on this amazing conference.”

“Some of the recruited Berdik members are simply crazy, that is not a news=) Half of them plays KVN, the future and hope of H.P.Z.Ya team and I am sure for the whole AIESEC in Ukraine! They are sooooo intelligent. And thank you, Bradilka, for reading them Covey aloud on the sessions. I’m sure they are proactive enough now=)”

Franik “It was one of the chop-chopiest conferences ever!!! These 3 days slept so quickly, but nevertheless everyone got on well in benefiting. Somebody tried and enjoyed the role of faci, somebody discovered the new side of learning, somebody is still dancing wild AIESEC dances...

Be ready to become a Britney! Even if you are not a female :) Last month 12 members of AIESEC have visited the annual European PRcongress. On the congress they had an opportunity to learn about world experience and the Ukrainian practice of PR-tools usage from leading experts in the field of strategic communications from Australia, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Turkey, Finland, CzechRepublic, Switzerland and other countries. In comparison with last year the quantity of speakers and participants of the congress has increased, and their geography has extended. The topic of the congress sounded like «The owner of a reputation or who is responsible for reputation of the company”. The Netherland’s representative and just all foreign guests tried to prove the audience that CEO is a kind of pop star who should shine extremely bright in media and all significant events. His Ukrainian colleagues had another opinion. They said that CEO has to control working process, motivate employees, create strategies etc. and the level of his publicity doesn’t influence too much at the company’s reputation.


Or AIESEC, EU and Ukrainians

…After 3 days of traveling and surprises when finally you start to recognize flags of European countries it means that you are at EuroCo.


← Ukraine & CEE Director Meeting As we could see, AIESEC in Ukraine is one thecountry where lots of processes go well according to fact we are only 14 years old. The dynamic of our growth is unbelievable either it Alumni Management or Finance Sustainability or X management. If to speak about Educational Processes I must say that weor were strongest (yeah, all about Sustainability X the management. If tothat’s speak TM=) ). But, if to put everything into practice, we still have what to learn and need to strive Processes to other countries: LCs with Educational I must to saysome thatCzech we were the their structures and middle management, to some Slovakian LCs with their vision of AIESEC, to Switzerland and UK with their team strongest (yeah, that’s all about TM=) ). But, if to put management and spirit. everything into practice, we still have what to learn and need to strive to other countries: to some Czech LCs Everyday we had at least 2 CY2CY meetings about X cooperation, all the breaks mostly were busy with one to one meeting, just to with their structures and middle management, to some gather GCPs from other LCs. FYI: one of the lasts counties we had met with was Poland, and You know what they said: “Ukraine was Slovakian LCs with their vision of AIESEC, to the best prepared CY during all the CY2CY meetings. P.S. They were better than we were.” In total amount we had Meetings with such Switzerland and UK with their team management and CYs as: UK, Romania, Belgium, Sweden, Tunisia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and many others CYs, we’ve been negotiating to. spirit. Well, honestly saying, I’m proud to be Ukrainian. We have a huge space for growth, we have lot of processes to improve, we have things to strive for, we have things to teach and to show others and we have the world that needs to be changed! at least in2 pictures CY2CYyou meetings about X9 TheEveryday beginningwe of had this journey can read at page cooperation, all the breaks mostly were busy with one to one meeting, just to gather GCPs from other LCs. FYI: one of the lasts counties we had met with was Poland, and You know what they said: “Ukraine was the best prepared during all 2008 the CY2CY meetings. P.S. They were Intercultural DevelopmentCYSeminar (wiki) better than we were.” In total amount we had Meetings When? 15-18 of November 2008 with such CYs as: UK, Romania, Belgium, Sweden, Where? Somewhere near Uzhorod :) Tunisia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and many others Goal:to support quality preparation for future exchange participants in Ukraine. CYs, we’ve been negotiating to. Who can visit? Everybody, who wants to go on Exchange!

Upcoming Events

Well, honestly saying, I’m proud to be Ukrainian. We

New Horizons 2008 (wiki) have a huge space for growth, we have lot of processes to improve, we have things to strive for, we have things to When? 15-18 of November 2008 teach and to show others and we have the world that Where? Somewhere near Uzhorod :) needs to be changed! Goal:to support quality preparation for future exchange participants in Ukraine. Who can visit? Everybody, who wants to go on Exchange!

MCP Elections (find out the candidate) When? 29 November 2008. Where? Chervonograd, Lviv Region

ER UPDATE Preparation for Sustainability Day. There are companies contacted and AIESEC in negotiation with:

ANNOUNCEMENT 01/11/2008 will be opened position of National Corporate manager of AIESEC in Ukraine! Wait for news.


DTEK, LG Electronics, Nestle, ING, Henkel, HRD, European Business Association, EBBF, Hoshva PR, BBH, Ernst & Young, Life:), MARS Украина, McDonalds, Unilever, XADO, "Михайлов и Партнеры Украина", Danone, Sun InBev, Telenor, Microsoft, MTS, SCM, VAB Group, Beeline UA, Sandora, Interpipe, Ferrexpo, Kyivstar, Shell, TNK-BP, Metinvest, "ING Life Ukraine", Lviv Business School, Ogilvy, «Ниссан Мотор Украина», Foxtrot, Bosch, Надра Банк, PwC, UkrEximBank, Ukrgazbank, Ilta, UkrAuto, DHL, HP, Avon, Philips, PZU Ukraine, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Indesit, Toyota, Procredit bank, UkrAl, Центр социальных программ Русал, Fozzy group, Aerisvit, ИСД, Фонд Виктора Пинчука. ← For any questions please approach Alexander Zagnibeda

COMMUNICATION UPDATE 1. UA Communication Plan released!

2. Recruitment

Please follw the link and find the spedial AIESEC in Ukraine Communication plan WIKI with all communication channels on, where you will be able to find all information from our MC Team. Follow simple instructions & make sure you are present in all important places where you can find knowledge & support from us!

During 08 of September till 04 of October 2008 we had Rectuitment promotional on-campus and off-campus campaign. Totally we had more that 30 educational events (case clubs, master classes, X-days), and 40 presentations.

Also here you can find Subsciption minimums you should be subscribed FOR SURE and Example of Local Communication plan

Finallresulsts of Autumn Rectuitment promo campaign we will now after 15th of November, when LCs will send Local Promo Evaluation documents. So on 20th of November we will have Final report and will see our promo effectiveness.

3. Brand Audit (for students)

4. Web revolution

We have stages of Brand Audit:

Still we are working with creation of Local web-sitesto customize it to the national template.

1) To evaluate effectiveness of AIESEC days 2) To evaluate effectiveness of I'm an AIESECer promo campaign and promo materials. Results you can find at the special brand audit wiki

5. AIESEC Times 1) 10 AIESEC Times are already issued. You can download PDF format here 2) LC are involved actively (Sevastopol, Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk, Lviv, Lugansk, Dnipropetrovs'k, Odessa)

6. Unlimited News Tthanks to amazing work of DashaSkripkina and Co 3 issues are already done!

7. Upcoming initiatives 1) I'm an AIESECer internal campaing 2) LEC improvement and development 3) Brand audit for partners

To know more about Communications visit our Wiki ↓ UA Communications Wiki



Ukraine started to play big game… Do we have chances to win until the end of 2008 and hit our targets?

Our current available pipeline allows us even to over achieve our goals for 2008… The only thing that needs to be done is…

Matching! Matching! Just raise it! campaign has finished with the last day of October. And what are our results? In almost 2 months we approached more than 1300 companies, passed more than 300 business meetings and raised 16 contracts. Nice results. Thank you, Ukraine!!! The golden triple raisers of last month are: YuliaBurakova (TN master) from Donetsk who raised 4 TNs and two newbies from Dnipropetrovsk– Lena Avramenko and Ira Fisenko – who each raised TN in their second week of membership in AIESEC! Congratulation girls! You all three showed, that raising can be successful if you have right desire. Dear golden girls – one more congratulation to your unique results and hope, that we will have more raisers, like you are. THANK YOU!

WILL RUSSIAN BLOND EAT UKRAINE AS SHE IS EATING THESE BLUE AND YELLOW STICKS? 20th of October - 20th of November Time to prove that we are best and BEAT RUSSIANS! How can I win and become the Matching Hero of Russia and Ukraine? 1) Make at least 4 people involved in competition. Ensure that your newbie will pass X test in 1st week after LIC. 2) Ensure your members know how to match. Every week of the competition Bloody Blonde will give you some tips on how to match, organize matching classes, arrange matching manias, establish for you meetings with different LCs, create promo materials - ensure that your members participate actively, learn from it and match!!! 3) Be quick and efficient.Sending 10 matching emails per day is not enough if you want to match something. Use innovative ways of matching: matching days/nights, LC 2 LC cooperation, use 100% Growth wiki, promotion at classified, matching meetings with EPs from other countries, matching manias of other countries. Get commitment from your EPs to contact 20 companies per week!!! Ensure that info about your TN is everywhere in the system (files, news, classifieds, wikis) constantly with correct tag words (Ukraine, matching, TN, EP, search tool) clearly described and with right contact data.



New Horizons 2008 coming soon

Faci Team selected

Delegate application are opened

Last TeaM Newsletter find here. Stay tuned, the next one is coming very soon!

What else you should know? Talent University wiki created, PBOX Learning Environment planning tool prepared, Open Task Force 1st research stage finished, Country results tracking held. Find out more about country state here: PART1: General ppt - Talent Analysis (ppt) PART2: Detailed LCs performance analysis (Excel) PART3: Training and Education analysis (pdf)

Talent Revolution is on its pick point: Local Induction Conferences organized over the country

TM Newsletter ↓ Newsletter

IM UPDATE Hello there! This is NST IM calling :) I have very interesting news from my side: We have our First "Global IM Chat"! National Responsible People of Information Management area from about 60 countries were participating there! Konrad (AI VP IM) were leading that chat, and it was really great! Actually that was update from him, but also there were possibilities to ask him any questions you like in that chat! After that chat IM people from all over the world really found that AI VP IM exists and works a lot, what was really very motivative and cool for us! Also he presented a lot of interesting wikis where you can find materials about from simply guides till technical documentation of the system and other educational materials concerning IM direction. Shortly speaking, that must be something, what will set up background for IM area on higher level! 1) "Global Information Management" ― the biggest and the most informative WIKI of IM ever! 2) "Global Information Management ― Education" ― WIKI is fresh & updated! Check it out now & get access to greatest resources on education in the entire AIESEC network.

F UPDATE During last month a half of Financial commission was working on Local Educational Cycle. So at the beginning of November everyone is welcome to use materials for self & LC education, for example: grant writing toolkit & training, finance for newbies, non-government organizations, Reserves & Funds, LT & ST Financial planning, investments& personal finance, budget analyze, required external reports, Ukrainian financial analyze and much more!


You can find that useful information on WIKI “Finance in Ukraine”. P.S. Special thanks for great impact to LEC to LC Ternopil VP F Masha, LC Kharkiv VP F Iliya & LC Donetsk VP F Victoriya!

JFRI: JUST F RECRUIT IGLESIAS The hottest season is summer. But not for AIESECers, because recruitment is in autumn =) All September we discussed just quantity and quality of application forms, AIESEC Days and promo-tables... LC's have done enormous work which brings fruits or using our terminology peaches =) New ideas, emotions, hopes and desires rules now over our new members and they are ready to open new horizons and use AIESEC’s opportunities for personal and community development. This year the selection process was really tough. Actually, Enrique Iglesias wasn’t accepted =) Don’t believe that he applied? Just take a look!!!

← Enrique’s Application Form

So, we recruited the best of the best. Even if these people are not such a famous now but with a hope that they’ll raise all AIESEC in Ukraine to the top and light their own STAR here!

So, we recruited the best of the best. Even if these people are not such a famous now but with a hope that they’ll raise all AIESEC in Ukraine to the top and light their own STAR here!

It's really happened! -

List your strengths please! Mmm, I'm sociable, tolerant and quite responsible And what about weaknesses? Mmm… I'm not sociable, not tolerant and responsible enough

EuroCo beginning of journey in pictures 7 am, Bratislava. We have just arrived to Slovakian capital by bus. What to do? Where to go? Such kind of questions people usually ask themselves being in unknown place. Well, we didn’t have such questions and decided to go, how do U think, where? Yeap, straight to Vienna, Austria.Actually, the road took less time then to get from Ivano-Frankivsk to Ternopil.


Almost no money, no guide, but map in our hands – yahoo! We saw some differences and some similarities: toilets with opera music inside, promoters that use 5-7 languages, subways with garbage and police officers looking at drinking youth at the museum. On the way back to Bratislava someone said: I’m not sure, but one OC responsible should have met us at bus station in the morning. We hope she didn’t wait for too long…oops!

…So, I’ve described legendary beginning of EuroCo. Read the end of this story on page 4.

And at the end I want to use my status to write something really personal...


This edition of Unlimited News is unique. Not because I finally felt contribution of all of you. Guys, thanks for all ideas, inputs, sent MBs of pictures and articles... This support means a lot for me! But I'm writing here not only to congratulate all of you with 3rd edition of Unlimited News and thank all of you for loyalty =) I couldn't kept myself from writing because of one miracle circumstance...When I found out that 15th of November is Bday of this person I realised that it's destiny!!! It's destiny for HIM to take the role of designer of this special edition!!! And when I firstly heard his voice believe it or not, but I felt that HE will do his best to make something special for you!!!! ...checking his job I analysed that HE can materialize love, passion, desire, efforts and innovations into this on-line newsletter. Zima, I'm taking my hat off!!!

Happy Birthday!

Yours truly, Skripka

UA Unlimited news 3rd number  

Internal newspaper of AIESEC in Ukraine

UA Unlimited news 3rd number  

Internal newspaper of AIESEC in Ukraine