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The New Detroit: Hellmann Automotive Logistics in India (p. 36)

In Focus: A new parts distribution center for Ford in Dubai (p. 4) 1st Life Science Forum – Working with and for our customers (p. 12) China Strategy Meeting 2010 (p. 22) Escape from Stress (p. 46)









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33 Holiday Toy Drive Kick-Off and Holiday Toy Distribution 34 Hellmann UK Wins the Environment Category at BIFA Awards 2010 34 Procter & Gamble – Project Line 12 35 One-Year Logistics Contract with “SPX Flow Technology“ 36 The New Detroit: Hellmann Automotive Logistics in India 38 Promoting the Understand ing of Logistics Processes 38 School Sponsorship in Chile 39 Eyefortransport Presents Annual 3PL Awards 39 The Fruit Logistica Trade Show 40 Miele Gallery – Inauguration Celebration 41 HMS Customer Visit and Business Opportunities in Uruguay 41 New Domestic Trucking Service 42 Farewell, “Sir” Uwe 43 Cargo2000 (C2K) 45 The Hellmann Service Center Runs Across Costa Rica 45 Hellmann Poland: Logistics Operator of the Year 2010 46 Escape from Stress 47 2nd Annual German-Polish Business Forum in Bremen 48 Hellmann Korea Receives Best Partner Award 48 Hellmann Mexico Takes 3rd Place in Soccer Tournament 49 Hellmann Turkey Surpasses Customer Expectations 50 Christkindlmarket in Chicago 50 A Hellmann Halloween 51 Employee Christmas Party 51 Thanksgiving Luncheon

Africa... no Longer the “Dark Continent“ Train The Trainer Trip to Europe

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Dear Colleagues, The first Quarter 2011 is already behind us, and we have so far continued with the successful development of last year. Most of the countries are within budget and quite a few have posted even better actual figures than budgeted or anticipated. Let us take a brief look back at 2010: European road traffic grew by 10.5 percent in shipments and 17.5 percent in tonnage for a total of 4.3 million tons, and we look forward to continued growth throughout 2011. The results for Europe air and sea are also extraordinary. Airfreight grew by 28.1 percent in tonnage and sea freight saw an increase in TEU of 22.9 percent. All other regions also did extremely well, making the year 2010 the most successful in our company’s history. As you browse through this edition of the partner, you will read about the many positive activities and results of satisfied customers and enthusiastic colleagues from all over the world, which makes us very proud to be part of such a wonderful team like ours. Unfortunately, there are always two sides to any coin. While we can manage our own destiny, we have no control over Mother Nature, who strikes and creates havoc whenever it pleases her. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have put everything into perspective and clearly shown us our limits. We are very thankful that all of our Japanese colleagues and their families escaped unharmed and we sincerely hope that they will soon be able to continue on with their normal lives. Even a powerful country like Japan will struggle for years to get back on track and the events have raised some important questions about the safety of some modern technologies, especially nuclear power. We must all learn from this catastrophe and be prepared to cope with it.

As devastating as natural disasters can be, personal health and well-being is also a major issue for all of us. We are pleased to welcome Dr.Suzanne Kirschner-Brouns who will regularly provide articles on health-related issues and ways to cope with the necessities of our profession in order to live a long and healthy life. Please take the time to read her first article about managing stress, which is certainly an important topic for all of us. The 2011 employee survey was recently conducted in both Germany and the US. In Germany, over 78 percent of employees responded, which is a great result. We are delighted that along with a high rate of participation, there has also been significant improvement to the 2007 employee survey results. The commitment to our company is an especially strong point for our colleagues, which makes us very proud. Of course, the survey also uncovered some weaknesses, and the departments and branches in Germany and the USA will be working together with our employees to develop targeted measures for improvement. We would like to thank you all for a job well done. Let’s continue on our path and make the year 2011 even more successful than 2010.

Jost Hellmann Klaus Hellmann

hellmann partner 01/2011



A New Parts Distribution Center for Ford in Dubai


ubai, March, 2011. A good start to the new year: Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive will operate the new Ford Motor Company Parts Distribution Center in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The goal is to centralize the supply of Ford replacement and service parts in the Middle East. The 29,500 square meter logistics center in the Jebel Ali Free Zone will hold about 50,000 parts, and employ between 50-100 office and warehouse staff. Distribution is planned to start in the second half of 2011. With the joint venture of Rudolph & Hellmann Automotive (RHA), Rudolph Logistics Group, Baunatal, and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Dubai, combine their expertise in the field of international automotive logistics. For the Ford Parts Distribution Center, RHA controls the storage and commissioning divisions, while Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is responsible for the spare parts distribution in the region. The new Parts Distribution Center is equipped with a shelving system and pallet racks. The products come bundled as ocean and air freight from central

hellmann partner 01/2011

Ford warehouses, located in North America, Europe and Asia. Dealers in eleven different countries in the Middle East will be able to access a variety of spare parts ranging from auto-body parts to spark plugs. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, the joint venture will also supply to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman, among others. The award of the Ford Motor Company contract is indeed a major milestone in our automotive development.” Peter Weide, Managing Director of Rudolph Automotive Logistics GmbH states: “This business fits nicely with the large number of accounts that we already handle in the region.

Significantly Higher Level of Service The new Parts Distribution Center guarantees the direct and permanent availability of service parts in the Middle East. This results in shorter routes, faster delivery times, and a significantly higher service level for dealers and customers. RHA aims to improve the length of time between the order placement by the dealer and actual delivery by up to 90 percent. “We


are investing significantly in the new Dubai Parts Distribution Center to ensure that our customers receive the best possible products and services Ford has to offer,” says Mike Simon, Director of Customer Service Operations, Ford Export and Growth. Ford’s restructuring of the spare parts supply was also in response to rising sales figures and increasing demand. Ford sold more than 51,000 vehicles across GCC markets in 2010, up 28 percent from 2009.

Know-How Development Provides Growth Opportunities RHA has been active in Dubai since 2007; the logistics joint venture successfully manages other distribution centers. “Our many years of experience in spare parts logistics in Europe, and of course also on location, was an important factor in our selection as a logistics service provider by the Ford Motor Company,” says Dr. Torsten Rudolph, Managing Director of the Rudolph Logistics Group. “Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that we and the Ford Motor Company share

a commitment to quality, innovative solutions, and strong support of dealers,” adds Jost Hellmann, one of the managing partners of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. “For this reason, we look forward to a longlasting partnership with the Ford Motor Company.”

In First Position With the contract for the new Parts Distribution Center, RHA has secured a top position in Dubai in the field of spare parts logistics. At the beginning of 2011, yet another project in the desert city could be implemented. The storage and distribution of spare parts will also be carried out for a manufacturer of lighting systems and auto electronics. The prediction that the first logistics project in the Middle East would lay the foundation for successful future development in the dynamic economic region has become reality. Bernd Oevermann Hellmann Osnabrueck

hellmann partner 01/2011


Masisa Chile Project “Plant Extension Cabrero“ M asisa is one of the leading wood and wood product suppliers within Chile and the Latin America region as well as globally. We are now handling for the fifth year all of their international machinery, spare parts, and raw material needs for their Latin American operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. Regular countries of origin, among others, are Canada, China, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

From left: Luciano Tiburzi (Masisa SA), Thomas Krusin (Hellmann Miami), Carolina Cortes (Hellmann Santiago de Chile), Sven Brandt (Masisa SA) & Markus Fellmann (Hellmann Santiago de Chile)

On July 9, 2010 we were invited to join the open project logistics tender process for the expansion of the Cabrero plant in the south of Chile. We were competing with five other renowned logistics providers. On July 28, 2010 we got the positive news that we were awarded the project. The majority of goods began arriving in Chile during the months of October and November of this year. FACTS & FIGURES:

Some brief information Number of countries of origin: Number of suppliers: Number of break bulk cbm: Number of TEU:

4 12 3,007 198

We still have some scheduled orders pending and in transit, which are to arrive no later than April 2011. However, the bulk of the equipment has arrived safely on schedule and the installation process has duly started. We would like to thank all manufacturing countries for doing a great job day in & day out, and also our project teams in Germany & Italy for a job well done as of day one! We would also like to thank Masisa and their logistics management team for continuously entrusting us with the handling of their shipments, and especially with this fine project.  Carolina Cortes Hellmann Santiago de Chile

PROJECTS ANYBODY? WE ARE EAGER AND READY! hellmann partner 01/2011


Sennheiser Workshop in Chicago D

ue to various internal organizational changes, Sennheiser has officially implemented a new EDI and connectivity system, which was introduced to Hellmann US in late 2010. The Steering Committee has now started a final Test Phase project. The first initial meeting for the CLC Project status was held at the Hellmann Chicago Branch in January 2011. The following topics: result testing, golive scenarios, and Sennheiser/Hellmann training sessions were the focal points of the workshop in Chicago. These new changes will allow for a unified platform on visibility and additional business opportunities in revenue growth, as well as an increased bottom line as we continue to move forward. Christian Marz Hellmann Chicago

14-Ton Part Via Airfreight A

fter going through a bidding process, one of our Hellmann Marine Solutions (HMS) Rotterdam customers, Kahn Sheepvart B.V., instructed our office to transport a 14 ton part with steel cables from the Netherlands to Incheon, South Korea for one of their vessels. Despite the horrible European weather conditions back in December, Hellmann Netherlands team was still able to manage to get this shipment on board the Korean Airlines freighter leaving on Saturday to

Incheon. From there, the freight was trucked to Busan for its final delivery on board the vessel “MV Fairpartner“, which specializes in heavy lift operations and transportation. A special thanks goes to the team in the Netherlands for ensuring a smooth operation/ transportation and for opening the doors to additional business opportunities with this customer, who was obviously very pleased with the performance of Hellmann Rotterdam.  Mario Werner Hellmann Miami

hellmann partner 01/2011

8 Team in St. Petersburg

Tour of Hellmann East Europe: Russia and Azerbaijan

Official Inauguration by Klaus Hellmann F

irst created in 2008, Hellmann East Europe has already taken great strides towards building a centralized network of branch offices across Eastern Europe, specifically in the former Soviet Union. Klaus Hellmann wanted to get a first-hand look at the accomplishments of Hellmann East Europe’s foreign subsidiaries, and so took it upon himself last November to make the journey east. He was joined by the managing directors of Hellmann East Europe, Michael Mihm and Patrick Nathe. Klaus Hellmann also wanted to use this as an opportunity to “officially” welcome the new branches into the Hellmann family. Opening in St. Petersburg

hellmann partner 01/2011

The trio departed from Munich on November 23, 2010 and headed straight to St. Petersburg, where they were greeted by the branch manager, Malik Aliev. The office had prepared a small opening ceremony, and with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, Klaus Hellmann officially declared the branch open. Hellmann East Europe, St. Petersburg, employs a staff of twelve, who manage customs clearance for their sea, air, and ground transport customers. The employees process about 600-800 TEU per month, and handle about the same amount of land freight transports. On the next day, Klaus Hellmann, Michael Mihm and Patrick Nathe headed to Moscow, traveling the second leg of their trip in the Siemens-supplied Rus-sian ICE, fondly known as “Sapsan.” Upon their arrival at Moscow’s oldest train station, the “Leningratzki Voksal,” the three battled their way through the Moscow traffic to reach the Hellmann East Europe office. Although the office has already been in operation since Summer 2010, the 50 employees gladly used the opportunity to have Klaus Hellmann personally open the Moscow branch. The office is also the administrative headquarters of Hellmann East Europe, Russia, and so Klaus Hellmann, with a welcoming


champagne glass in hand, was able to meet not only the employees in the main customs; air, sea, and land transport; and warehousing departments, but also those in the central financial accounting department, which is also based in Moscow. After the celebratory drink, the group headed to the Moscow Ring, and then continued on to the Balashika storage facility. Warehouse Manager Alexander Budkin led the delegation through the facility, which stores goods for clients such as Sennheiser, Siemens, and soon Duni. The tour of Moscow concluded with a group dinner at Café Puschkin – a traditional Russian restaurant – where they were joined by the Russian executives, Rudolf Renner and Dieter Mauritz. On November 25, 2010 the group continued on and set a course for the newest office of Hellmann East Europe, located in Azerbaijan – or more specifically, in Baku, which sits directly on the Caspian Sea, the largest lake in the world. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, due to its healthy supply of oil and gas, which are their main income sources. The five Hellmann East Europe employees joined Klaus Hellmann to commemorate the

official opening of the Azerbaijan branch. The staff members have worked at the Azerbaijan office since July 1, 2010, and under the leadership of Anar Agamirzoyev, the branch specializes in project logistics as well as air, sea, and land transport. In order to personally explore the potential and possibilities of the region, the group visited oil fields and historic sites, as well as oil and gas suppliers. In particular, the impressive history and the resulting economic development are fundamental reasons for Hellmann East Europe’s further expansion in the region. On the afternoon of November 26th, the trio boarded a flight back to Germany, taking with them a wealth of new impressions.

Opening in Baku

Patrick Nathe, Michael Mihm Hellmann East Europe

Team in Moscow

CongratulationS! +++ CongratulationS! +++ CongratulationS!


Hellmann DNA

From left: Camila Santos, André Padrão, Rogério Alvarenga, José Nunes Andrade, Renato Borges, Lúcio Borges and Tacito Muraro (CEO & President Hellmann Brasil)


mployees of Hellmann Brazil were awarded with our F.A.M.I.L.Y. DNA during the December Christmas party. The goal, aside from an enjoyable evening, was to encourage internal promotion and award our highly talented staff with the DNA certificate, part of an in-house recognition program created by Hellmann Brazil. The recipients were carefully selected by the management team, who also took into account the employees’ feedback. The winners were also presented with a small gift – a day at the spa – in recognition of their efforts and hard work. With the help of management, we plan to continue with the awards every year, and our employees are getting more and more excited about becoming a member of the F.A.M.I.L.Y. Our DNA has developed our success! Tacito Muraro Hellmann Saõ Paulo

The 2010 winners were: First, People First Hellmann Saõ Paulo (Santos): Camila Santos Hellmann Rio de Janeiro: Fernando Fernandes All About The Customers, Always Hellmann Saõ Paulo: André Padrão Hellmann Rio de Janeiro: Cristiane Castinheira Making It Work Better, Everyday Hellmann Saõ Paulo: Rogério Alvarenga Hellmann Rio de Janeiro: Luis Mauro Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hellmann Saõ Paulo: José Nunes Andrade Hellmann Rio de Janeiro: Luis Almeida Live Sustainability Hellmann Saõ Paulo (Gurarulhos): Renato Borges Hellmann Rio de Janeiro: Érica Ferreira You And Me Hellmann Saõ Paulo: Lúcio Borges Hellmann Rio de Janeiro: Gabriel Camargo Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all for participating in our DNA!

From left: Fernando Fernandes, Cristiane Castinheira, Luis Mauro, Luis Almeida, Érica Ferreira and Gabriel Camargo

hellmann partner 01/2011


ear All, It is a pleasure for us to inform you that HPL Argentina transported more than 3,000 Air Tns during this season. This season was wonderful, as we improved our previous record and were ranked third in Government Statistics (TCA) in October and November, placing above DHL, K&N, TCI and JAS. It was a fantastic achievement that shows Hellmann Argentina as an excellent team with the ability to grow in this and other products. We want to send our congratulations to the entire Ezeiza Team: Pablo Rosales (HPL Manager), Rodrigo Belcastro (Airfreight supervisor), Soledad Saks (HPL Supervisor), Adrian Di Llolo (HPL), Gustavo Suarez (Airfreight Department) and Omar Consolini (Airfreight Department).

On the other hand, this year Argentina will be having a lot of different types of investment (election year)... such as electrical products, machinery, cars, spare parts, raw materials, mining materials, etc, and so we also need help to develop our wine & spirit business. Argentina is a land of opportunities for the export of wine, with very good service and rates (we also want to be ranked third in this commodity). We need your support in order to be successful throughout the year. This is the reason why we would like to show your customers that Argentina is a great country for their business. Lucas McGaw Hellmann Buenos Aires

Hellmann AEO Certified throughout Germany O

n January 4, 2011 Hellmann received the F Certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) for its German operations, 20 locations in total. Awarded by the customs authorities, this version of the certificate includes customs simplification as well as facility safety. After an extensive examination by the customs authorities regarding Hellmann’s reliability and compliance with relevant legislation, such as meeting the required safety standards, the attainment of the F Certificate confirms Hellmann‘s status as a trusted partner in the international logistics industry.

The status of Authorized Economic Operator ensures certified companies preferential treatment in customs clearance. This allows for simplified customs procedures without further time-consuming examinations, including the procurement of permits for customs procedures throughout the entire European Union. The AEO program seeks to enforce the improvement of safety standards across the entire supply chain. Press Release

hellmann partner 01/2011


Hellmann Argentina Ranked a Top 3 Freight Forwarder D


1st Life Science Forum Working with and for Our Customers


he Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical industries, ranking fourth in terms of volume and thirteenth in terms of dollar value. Producing 20–24 percent of the world’s generic drugs in value terms, and growing at a rate of 14 percent per annum, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to hit $50 billion by 2015. The growing importance of the manufacturing of generic drugs has put tremendous pressure on the Indian economy; although its level of development is increasing, the development rate is not fast enough. With many drug patents due to end during the next year, an expected increase in manufacturing in India, and an all important focus on exports to emerging and mature pharmaceutical markets, the necessary level of

hellmann partner 01/2011


India – Health Care The health sector is predominately composed of state-run services, although there are also many private hospitals. While rural health care has already improved significantly, especially with first-aid stations in villages, there is still a large urban-rural divide. Many villages still have no medical facilities. The situation is exacerbated by poor hygienic conditions, such as lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation, as well as malnutrition. Despite all of the difficulties and obstacles, life expectancy has risen, up from 53.3 years in 1980 to 64.4 years in 2005. Previously, India was one of the few countries where men had a higher life expectancy than women. In recent years, this trend has been reversed.


infrastructure required to manage complex time- and temperature sensitive supply chains is not yet in place. This void puts the country and the whole pharmaceutical industry in a challenging situation. With multiple stakeholders involved in the supply chain and expected growth on the horizon, a collaborative dialogue is essential to share best practice solutions and processes.

pharmaceutical companies face when exporting time- and temperature sensitive products. Over 30 participants explored and discussed current practices, technologies and business solutions for temperature controlled logistics and packaging. Hellmann Healthcare chose Ahmedabad as the location for our first Life Science Forum. The Gujarat region is considered a key Pharma cluster in India and an estimated 100 bulk drug producers and 1,000 manufacturing units are located in or around Ahmedabad. The Hellmann Ahmedabad branch is located in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, and Hellmann Healthcare is already an established brand in the market.

Life Science Forum The first Life Science Forum brought pharmaceutical companies, carriers, air cargo handling agents and packaging providers together to provide a platform for open discussion and knowledge sharing. The event included customer presentations, product exhibits and an update on Hellmann Healthcare’s global strategy, as well as solutions for the CIS region. The agenda was developed by various stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain to provide insight into the complex challenges that

The first Life Science Forum was a great success and Hellmann Healthcare will continue to collaborate with our customers, carriers, and service providers in the pharmaceutical industry to provide compliant, transparent and innovative solutions.

Ravi Kumar, VP Logistics & Distribution, Intas Pharmaceuticals

Andreas Lohmeier Hellmann London Heathrow

hellmann partner 01/2011


Sustainable Living – Resource Book T

he increasing scarcity of worldwide resources brings sustainability ever into the forefront for a growing number of companies. Under the leadership of the environmental service provider Hellmann Process Management (HPM), the international parcel service DPD has introduced a new sustainable waste management strategy. This new concept involves three main elements of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social responsibility. The resulting economic and ecological optimization was acclaimed in Paris with the “La Poste Quality Award 2010” in the category of Project Management. Environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important, not only from an ecological perspective, but in the financial sense as well. With a specialized waste management system in place, corporations can often significantly reduce the amount of waste generated and cost of waste disposal. With these goals in mind, DPD approached the Osnabrueck environmental service provider HPM for assistance. An expert in the field of material flow management, HPM took an especially close look at the areas of waste management, CO2 reduction, and organizational practices. The DPD GeoPost (Germany) GmbH depots, over 60 in total, were the main focus of this continuous process optimization. Financially, the collaboration is already a success: the waste disposal costs of all DPD depots in the past year were reduced by more than 35%. The ecological

Residual waste in common container = material flow with costs

hellmann partner 01/2011

aspects of the project, such as developing and establishing sustainable processes, have also had an important impact. With more automation of the in-house process and logistic chains, the waste management processes can be even further improved. “Through the reduction of material flow waste in the secondary raw materials division and the resulting increase in recycling, DPD has reduced emissions to the environment by more than 550 tons of CO2 per year,” states Hannsjochen Knölker (Head of Central Purchasing and Services, DPD). HPM places especial importance on the awareness and involvement of staff in the issue of sustainability: “Our goal was to develop an economically and environmentally sustai- Separated collection = profitable material flow nable plan and then establish a long-term solution for DPD. This was achieved through the dedication of the staff of the participating DPD depots,” declares André Lehmeier (Project Manager, HPM). The honor of the “La Poste Quality Award 2010” highlights the project’s economic and environmental achievements, as well as applauds the level of innovation and collaboration of DPD and HPM, and the resulting process optimization. With this success, the two partners are already planning to establish this sustainability concept throughout Europe. André Pohl Hellmann Process Management Osnabrueck


Hellmann Expands Star Services O

n January 1, 2011 Hellmann extended its “Star Services”, a new service which offers special transit time options, to include shipments from Germany to the Benelux countries. Since April 1, 2011 these services also include Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. With a successful launch of their new services in Great Britain and Poland in October 2010, Hellmann has decided to expand the Star Services to the benefit of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. In addition to the regular delivery service, our customers can now choose from a Priority or Fixed date Service, which in selected zip code areas can be combined with Hellmann‘s 10 a.m. or 12 p.m. Express Service. The Priority Service offers guaranteed delivery on the earliest possible delivery date within the standard

delivery time. The Fixed date Service gives customers the ability to select a delivery date and time (subject to minimum transit time restrictions), when used in combination with the 10 a.m. or 12 p.m. Express Service. Together with System Alliance Europe, a freight network cooperation, Hellmann plans to extend these services to other European countries. “Our success in Great Britain and Poland shows that the demand for timely delivery of goods within Europe is steadily growing. With these new services, we work to meet the customer need for greater flexibility and planning reliabilty.” – Karl Engelhard. A detailed breakdown of the zip codes now covered by the new services can be found on the Hellmann homepage at: Press Release

... to Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland

hellmann partner 01/2011


Opening of Coolport in Singapore HPL Consulting Partner of SATS

From left: Michael Thomas (CEO Hellmann South East Asia), Yacoob Piperdi (Senior VP Cargo Services SATS), Mark Hellmann (President & CEO Hellmann Asia), Clement Woon (President & CEO SATS), Klaus Hrazdira (CEO HPL), Glenn Turner (Global Director Sales & Marketing HPL)


ingapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) has invested 12.7 million in the Changi Airport to build the region‘s first dedicated on-airport facility for the handling of import, export, and transit perishable cargo. On November 26, 2010, the facility was officially opened by Mrs. Lim Hwee Hua, Second Minister for Finance and Transport in Singapore. Hellmann was represented at the opening ceremony by Mark Hellmann, Michael Thomas, Klaus Hrazdira, and Glenn Turner. Hellmann Perishable Logistics was selected as the consulting partner for this project in August 2009, and has since been aiding in design aspects as well as with operational know-how. HPL has been appointed to provide their expertise on facility design, cold chain standards, and value-added services. The annual handling capacity of the 8,000 square meter facility is 250,000 tons, with the possibility for expansion to 14,000 square meters. Different temperature zones between -28° and +20°C are available for products such as fresh produce, chilled meat, live seafood, and fresh flowers, as well as pharmaceutical and biomedical products. Value-added services offered include inventory management, pick, pack, labeling, and redistribution services for the local and international markets. Coolport is the first Halal certified air cargo hub for perishables in the Asia Pacific region, and it has received certificates for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) pertaining to food safety

hellmann partner 01/2011

standards, and for Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMDS), which relates to the distribution of medical devices. The staff has also been specially trained to meet these standards. Clement Woon, President & CEO of SATS remarked, “SATS is proud to be the pioneer in the development of this significant milestone in Singapore‘s air cargo industry. With Coolport, we are able to provide our airline customers with end-to-end perishable storage and handling, thus enabling them to access new sources of revenue.“ Coolport aims to play a larger role in Singapore‘s cold chain logistics by offering value-added services to its customers. These include inventory management, pick, pack, labeling, and redistribution services for the local and international markets. And given the extent of transshipment activity at Changi, one of the innovative services offered is a solar-powered mobile ramp solution for keeping transit cargo cool while it is on the airport tarmac. With Coolport, Hellmann Perishable Logistics establishes an essential hub for the South East Asia region and beyond. HPL can provide their customers with new and unique logistics solutions, including air/sea and sea/air solutions for perishable cargo, resulting in an optimized supply chain. Klaus Hrazdira Hellmann Salzburg


First Cocktail Hour at Hellmann Brazil

From left: Flavio Criscuolo (Seafreight Product Manager), Gerhard Allgäuer (President & CEO LATAM) and Tacito Muraro (CEO & President Brazil)


n February 15, 2011, Hellmann Brazil held its first cocktail hour for our main sea freight carriers. Top Hellmann Latin America executives Gerhard Allgäuer, CEO & President of LATAM, and Raquel Haj, Trade Lane Manager of Latin America and Canada, were in attendance, as well as the senior management of Hellmann Brazil. The event’s success was due in large part to the attendance and participation of each and every carrier invited, and presented a fantastic opportunity to introduce our 2011 goals, as well as the new executive structure in Brazil. The new management is composed of Flavio Criscuolo, Sea Freight Product Manager Brazil; Tacito Muraro, CEO and President Brazil; and Ary Chander, Country Sales Brazil. This initiative helped to increase awareness of Hellmann in the Brazilian market as well as strengthen our relationship with the carriers. The high level of partnership, commitment, and support we receive from our carriers is pivotal in helping Hellmann maintain its excellence in logistics services at competitive rates. Flavio Criscuolo Hellmann Saõ Paulo

hellmann partner 01/2011


HELIOS Paves the Way for 2011 A

lot has happened in the first quarter of the New Year, and the HELIOS project has really started this year off strong. Here is an update on the most recent developments: Within the first three months of the year, all white collar employees in Germany received access to the expansion of our Human Resources management tool (HELIOS HR). This expansion is called Self Service and will eventually allow all employees in Germany to manage their personal data online. From January through April, about 1,560 colleagues were trained by 60 previously chosen and properly trained trainers on how to navigate their way around the Self Service environment. Altogether 200 training sessions were conducted in 20 German Hellmann branches. After each Self Service training session, employees were given the chance to give feedback on how their training went. Amazingly, almost every participant took the opportunity to provide feedback.

Up Next: South Africa HELIOS HR and its „add-on“ Self Service will be implemented next in South Africa. Our local colleagues there will begin working with the new tool in May/ June of this year. Additionally, initial plans have been made for Dubai to be the next launch.

SDH – The new HELIOS Module Even more good news: We were able to implement another HELIOS module this month, the Supplier Data Hub (SDH). With the help of this module, not only can we manage our customers’ master data, which is entered into the CDM module (Customer Data Management), but we can now also manage the master data of our suppliers, contractors, plumbers, building contractors, etc, with this new tool. We already offer this distinction between customer and supplier master data in 12 countries: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Singapore, Spain, and the US. In the long run, this will be the foundation for eventually implementing the Finance module in these countries. After taking a closer look at the HELIOS Finance module at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, we decided to make a few changes. It was ori-

hellmann partner 01/2011


Comments about the HELIOS Self Service-Training “Training was very efficient and informative. The Go-Live date is well-prepared.“ (employee from Osnabrueck) “Training was good, short and precise.“ (employee from Brilon) “Everything was fully satisfying.“ (employee from Polch) “Training was great, including plenty of informational material that can be used as a reference guide later on.“ (employee from Osnabrueck) “Systematic approach-training was well-structured, topics were easy to understand and relate to, explanations were simple, and there was a good mix between theory and practice.“ (employee from Lehrte) “I’m positively surprised by HELIOS; I thought it was going to be more difficult and complicated.“ (employee from Osnabrueck) “Training was interesting, informative and definitely facilitated getting started with HELIOS.“ (employee from Bremen) “Very good explanation of training topics.“ (employee from Krostitz) “Everything was easy and explained in an understandable manner, so that I could get rid of my doubts about HELIOS.“ (employee from Osnabrueck) “I found this training to be very enlightening. All new information could be easily processed and there were always answers to questions asked, making it very easy to understand the system. The exercises also really helped with putting the theory into practice.“ (employee from Hamburg) “I don‘t think there could have been any more preparation than what we were provided.“ (employee from Bielefeld)


ginally planned that Germany would serve as the pilot country for the first Finance module implementation. However, we need more time than expected, which ultimately led to the decision to postpone the Go-Live date. We are using the extra time to continue developing a tailored solution for Germany and to thoroughly prepare the affected departments for the upcoming organizational and procedural changes.

Positive results in Australia Our international analysis late last year in Australia went extremely well, which resulted in the decision that Australia will be the first country to go live with the Finance module. The implementation is supposed to take place this year. Further workshops with the international offices are also being planned, in order to develop an international solution for the area of Finance.

Change of course with HTM Another change has been made involving the Hellmann Transportation Management System (HTM) for groupage freight and direct load. Although this project is still in its early stages, it already requires very

close attention, good instincts and functional know how, as it deeply affects our core business. In the upcoming months, the HTM team will be expanded in order to fully concentrate on a solution for our land transport in Germany.

CRM – Four new countries go live Finally, let’s take a look at our Sales department. Since the beginning of 2011, we have already gone live with CRM in four additional countries. With Madagascar, Mauritius, Sambia and South Africa going live at the end of March, we now have 33 countries that are working with the HELIOS sales module. The first few months of 2011 have been quite turbulent, exciting, and sometimes difficult, but also very successful - and we definitely want it to continue this way! We will update you on the newest events in the next issue of the Partner magazine in August. Do you have questions or comments for us in the meantime? Feel free to write us at: In case we don’t hear from you – “see“ you this summer! Ann-Cathrin Starke, Britta Kemper Hellmann Osnabrueck

hellmann partner 01/2011

Congratulations! +++ Congratulations! +++ Congratulations!


2011 Carrier of the Year Awards


he results for Hellmann Carrier of the Year 2011 are now in! Every year, the global sea freight team selects and classifies the preferred freight companies. In 2011, the awards were presented for the first time to four Hellmann regions: the Americas, Europe, Asia, and OMEA. For the second year in a row, Safmarine Container Lines received the Hellmann Global Carrier of the Year – Gold Award. Their continued success is an indication of the consistently strong performance that Safmarine provides for our network. The award was personally presented by Jost Hellmann to the proud CEO of Safmarine, Tomas Dyrbye, at a special dinner in Hamburg. The Silver Award was given to Maersk Lines and the Bronze Award went to Hapag Lloyd. The 2010 Hellmann LCL Global Carrier of the Year – Gold Award was awarded to Shipco and the Worldwide Alliance for the third consecutive year. A special lunch was held in Copenhagen in honor of the proud owner Arne Simonsen, where Marcus Leaver presented him with the award. Similar events took place across all four regions as a sign of appreciation of the carrier teams. Various events were held in Hong Kong, South Africa, and the United States under the direction of Sea Freight Product Manager Jens Pottschul, Michael Amri, Oliver Nicolaysen, Thomas Krusin and their seafreight teams. Selection criteria for the award rank key indicators such as the global network, service levels, pricing agreements (local and centralized), IT connectivity, and top-level management contacts (local, regional, global), as well as personal initiative and responsiveness. As a global company, these values reflect our expectations of our preferred Hellmann Tier 1 carriers at the local, regional, and global levels.

hellmann partner 01/2011


From left, back row: Ian Barclay (SA Imports Executive - Safmarine), Alex de Bruyn (Southern Africa Trades Executive - Safmarine), Oliver Nicolaysen (Regional PM Seafreight OMEA - Hellmann), Chad Message (Regional Sales Manager - Safmarine)), Greg Rohrs (SA Exports and Key Accounts Executive - Safmarine), Jan Crafford (GM - Hellmann Cape Town); front row: John Lim (Africa Sales Director - Safmarine), Vino Nunco (MD - Hellmann SA) and Jonathan Horn (CEO - Safmarine)


or the first time ever, a Carrier of the Year Award has been awarded at a regional level, in conjunction with the annual Hellmann Global Award Ceremony which takes place at Hellmann headquarters. On March 11, 2011 Hellmann South Africa proudly presented the Carrier of the Year Award to Safmarine at their headquarters in Cape Town with top management in attendance. The Safmarine executives who were there to accept the award were Jonathan Horn, CEO, Ian Barclay, SA Import Executive, Chad Message, Import Manager Durban, Alex de Bruyn, SA Trade Executive, John Lim, Africa Sales Director, and Greg Rohrs, SA Exports and Key Accounts Executive. The Hellmann team consisted of Vino Nunco, MD, Jan Crafford, GM Cape Town, and Oliver Nicolaysen, Regional PM Seafreight OMEA. From a regional standpoint, Hellmann believes that Safmarine clearly outperformed the other first tier partners in 2010. At the global level, Safmarine has been awarded the Gold Award for the second year

running, and are clearly aiming for a hat trick in 2011. As can be seen in the picture above, Jonathan Horn, CEO of Safmarine was all smiles as he accepted the regional award from Vino Nunco, MD Hellmann. Horn said, “The DNA of the two organizations are clearly very much aligned and there is much to look forward to in the future, in building value between the two companies.“ He continued, “Safmarine is extremely proud to have received the Gold Award and worldwide we are determined to ensure that we maintain this position...indefinitely!“ Hellmann is proud to present Safmarine with the Gold Award and is very much looking forward to an equally successful joint venture in 2011, as reflected in our company logo – “Thinking Ahead - Moving Forward.“ Special thanks go to all those who helped to make this a successful venture. Debbie Nortje Hellmann South Africa

hellmann partner 01/2011

Congratulations! +++ Congratulations! +++ Congratulations!

Carrier of the Year-Award 2010


China Strategy Meeting 2010 J

ost Hellmann was the guest of honor at our very first China Strategy Meeting in Hong Kong over a decade ago, and we are thankful that Klaus Hellmann and Michael Claus were able to join us for the 8th China Strategy Meeting held at Xiamen. The meeting was a great success, not only because we received guidance from leadership on a global perspective, but we also benefited greatly from the exchange of ideas and strategies with partners

hellmann partner 01/2011

from overseas. Over one hundred participants from both domestic and overseas attended the event, and keynote speakers included Klaus Hellmann, Michael Claus, Aaron Cheng, Arnold Goldstein, Gabriel Figueroa, Cristiano Gaeta, Piotr Zaleski, Christian Oswald, Gerhard Friedrich, Juliusz Skurewicz, Jens Pottschul, Aswin Pansiri, Koichi Tanikawa, Ayub Khan, Niroshan Srinivasagam, Deepak Saxena, Alex Shum, Chen Si, Martin Sperber, and Holger Meyer.


Delegates shared their experiences in various industry solutions, products, systems, and tools, as well as highlighted directions on the latest developments of their countries and divisions. The bilateral talk sessions provided an opportunity for thorough discussions between stations and partners on business strategies. After the three-day event, all participants came away with a better understanding and appreciation for each other, which is essential for the continuous develop-

ment of our Hellmann network. We appreciate the support received from all participants and hope that a similar event can be held every year, so that overseas colleagues and customers may better understand Hellmann China’s organizational structure, strengths, and strategy and share in the ongoing growth of the country. We look forward to seeing you next time! Ben Hui Hellmann Hong Kong

hellmann partner 01/2011


Business of the Year Award – Doral Business Council H ellmann was nominated for the first annual International Business of the Year Award by The Doral Business Council. The DBC identifies local businesses that have an international focus, specifically in the area of international trade. As an active member of the Doral Business Council and the international business community, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was honored to be nominated for this prestigious award. Hellmann is actively involved in local initiatives, business meetings, and committees supporting international trade and the increase of international business in the region.

Arnie Goldstein – COO US, alongside other local finalists of the award such as Vertilux, BenQ Latin America, and Family Concessions

To read the full article, please visit:

New Client for Hellmann Columbus


n October 2010 Hellmann Columbus was awarded a contract with Cintas Corporation on behalf of the sales efforts of Joni Hathaway, Business Development Executive Columbus. We have been granted imports from Asia, import & export to Central America, and foreign-to-foreign intra-China. Headquartered in Mason, Ohio, Cintas Corporation is a leader in the corporate identity uniform industry, providing uniforms to a wide variety of industries nationwide. Cintas Corporation also provides a range of out-

hellmann partner 01/2011

sourcing services including entrance mats, sanitation supplies, cleanroom resources, and first aid and safety products/services. In addition, Hellmann US is currently working on several projects with the hotel & cruise line divisions based out of Miami. During Cintas’ visit to Miami, Joni Hathaway, along with Melissa Lopes (Tradelane Manager Europe & LATAM) and Christoph von Duehren (Tradelane Manager South Asia & OMEA), took the Ohio-based company on a tour of the Port of Miami. Steven Dullaghan Hellmann Columbus


“Raising The Bar 2011“ O

n January 31, 2011 through February 2, 2011, the US Branch Management Team participated in a FranklinCovey Training and General Strategy Session in Miami, Florida. The week focused on “The Four Disciplines of Execution” and the introduction of a concept called “Wildly Important Goals: WIGs”. FranklinCovey, an industry leader in leadership training, executive coaching, and principle based programs, hosted the on-site training. Both of these concepts are part of the newly launched Strategic Initiative Program which will be led by Sven Matthes, VP of Strategic Initiatives. On February 3, 2011 the General Strategy Sessions were led by Arnie Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer. During this time, the group took an in-depth look at developments within each Hellmann product and most importantly, spotlighted our 2011 objectives.

In 2011, Hellmann is dedicated to “Raising The Bar” with increased leadership and training in the US, as well as invoking a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, not only with our customers but also internally with our employees. “Raising The Bar” encompasses our 2011 strategy and adherence to our F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA and will help transition us into a front-runner in our industry. Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

hellmann partner 01/2011

26 Hellmann Australia – Brisbane

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month FACTS & FIGURES:

The Quick 411 on Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, other than skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer at some time during her life is slightly less than 1 in 8. The chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 35. Breast cancer death rates have been decreasing, likely due to the result of detecting the cancer earlier and improved treatment available. Currently, there are more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. For more information or to donate please visit:

Hellmann USA – San Francisco

hellmann partner 01/2011


he Hellmann branches in the US and abroad were in strong support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. In the United States, the branches showed their support by wearing jeans on each Monday and Wednesday throughout the month of October. Two dollars was all it took to participate each designated jean day, and several of our Hellmann employees donated far more. All of the donations went to the Susan G Komen Foundation to aid in fighting breast cancer. Thank you to everyone who contributed, your kind donations put us one step closer to a cure! Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami


Children‘s Christmas Party F

ifteen years ago, “Aunt Soninha” – a humble woman living in Capao Redondo, a very poor area in the city of São Paulo – began helping a few hungry and needy children from the streets of her neighborhood. At Christmastime, she planned a fun day at a farm, with Christmas gifts for the children and a good meal for everyone. Some years have passed and the number of children has increased. Nowadays, there are 130 children, ranging in ages from 2 to 16, assisted by the local foundation “Associação Criança e Consciencia.” Impressed by this wonderful charity work, a few companies have decided to join her on this journey.

Hellmann do Brasil (São Paulo and Viracopos) had the privilege to take part, collecting donations from our employees and friends. Some of our colleagues helped with the party while others had important roles in organizing the donations. The kids looked forward to the event the entire year. It was an unforgettable day with balloons, toys, cakes, delicious barbecue, fruits, gifts, and of course Santa Claus! We thank Hellmann for their engagement. Hellmann Saõ Paulo and Hellmann Viracopos

New CLC Warehouse in Denver H

ellmann is proud to announce that the new CLC Warehouse in Denver is now fully operational! Due to the recently awarded business with Fenix/Brunton Outdoor, the off-site warehouse became a reality in less than two months. On January 10, 2011, the facility was officially opened and is located about 1.5 miles from the Denver Branch location. Rob Virgil, Denver Supervisor, CLC Warehouse and five other dedicated professionals have been brought on board to implement and service the CLC account. Fenix/Brunton Outdoor is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of outdoor products for nature and outdoor life and activities. The company has numerous branches, franchise stores, and e-shopping and mail-order operations. Keith Jex Hellmann Denver

hellmann partner 01/2011


Final Module of Our ILM Program


n February 21, 2011 we welcomed the final module of our first ever International Logistics Management & Leadership program (ILM) to Osnabrueck. We were fortunate enough to be joined by Jil Hellmann for the entire week, which began on Monday with a final wrap up workshop on Sales and Leadership. Our trainer Tim Haslam, Lammore Consulting, used this opportunity to take a more in-depth look at these topics. On Tuesday the group took part in our Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) training in our Model Logistics Center (MLC) with Lucia Ganseforth from the Hellmann Academy. This training is based on the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ philosophy and was first introduced to

our German organization in 2010. It is currently being rolled out throughout Germany in order to create a real culture of continuous improvement throughout the business. On Wednesday, the participants had their final presentations and oral examinations. We were joined by three external guest examiners from the European Logistics Association (ELA) and the Deutsche Logistik Akademie (DLA): Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stölzle, Dr. Thorsten Klaas-Wissing, and Dr. Ing. Frank Schulze in addition to our ILM lecturers: Prof. Dr. Frank Giesa and Prof. Nicholas Boone. The participants had to present an interesting project they had been involved in during their time at Hellmann, followed by a question & answer session on their project, and finally speak about their general supply chain management knowledge which they had learned throughout the program. We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the following participants for successfully passing their ILM examination:


Anders Wichmann, Ary Chander, Brad Farrell, Charles Li, David Kang, Derek Brown, Doninha De Castro, Edgardo Hamon, Jacques Roux, Marco Sell, Michelle Price, Pascal Bolte, Robert Crimmins, and Veerle Sonck. As it was the final time with all the participants together, we took the opportunity to dedicate the entire Thursday to the groups personal development. We started the day with individual presentations where each of the delegates presented about another member of the group, focusing on their development during the program and protecting forward to their future career goals. We then gave everyone the chance to have one-on-one discussions with Global HR concerning their continuous development. On our final day we arranged for a tour and presentation in our CLC warehouse in Osnabrueck by Stefan Porcher, Product Manager Logistics/IS, and his team. The group was able to see what we do for some of our biggest customers, such as Philips and Sennheiser. Klaus Hellmann joined us in the afternoon for the close of the program and the presentation of the certificates, along with our main lecturers Nicholas and Frank.

We would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has been involved with the ILM program over the past two years; you have all helped make our first global talent program a success. We would especially like to thank our owners and the International Board for supporting the program despite the difficult economic situation during this time. It is now time to start looking forward to our next ILM program, which will commence February 2012. The program will follow much the same path as the first, with the same content and regional locations. We look forward to receiving nominations from country MDs, as well as the needs of global, regional and central services, as this will be a big investment for their business unit. We are looking for individuals with a profile that matches the requirements listed on page 28. We would like all nominations be sent to the Global People & Change team at by no later than Friday, May 27, 2011. If you have any questions regarding the program and the content, please refer to previous Partner Magazine issues and Global People & Change. Joanne Handley Hellmann Osnabrueck

hellmann partner 01/2011


From left: Marc Vincent (Sennheiser), Feng Yaohong (Sennheiser Dealer), Mark Hellmann and Ben Hui

Grand Opening and Christmas Party in Beijing H

ellmann operations in Beijing were relocated to the Beijing International Airport area in the last quarter of 2010. The new office now consists of a large warehouse facility, which follows our strategic planning for Northern China, both in terms of freight management and CLC development. A party was held on December 10th to celebrate the grand opening of the new facility. Although it was reported that December 10, 2011 was Beijing’s coldest day of the year, participants from Hellmann Greater China, as well as special guests from Sennheiser, were kept warm by our new Beijing facility. The event served a dual purpose as the Grand Opening of Hellmann’s new office/warehouse complex, as well as Sennheiser’s new cross-functional show­ room, which includes a sound demonstration room located directly next to each other.

hellmann partner 01/2011

We had the privilege to have Mark Hellmann, together with Mr. and Mrs. Marc Vincent from Sennheiser, as our guests of honor, who kicked off the party with their opening speeches and delivered their best wishes to everyone for the upcoming Christmas season. The event was held in Sennheiser’s specialized area, which was decorated as a dance floor and equipped with stunning state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. A live band performed on stage and provided an excellent atmosphere and everyone left with an enjoyable memory. We believe it was an exceptionally good start in Beijing for our continued global cooperation with Sennheiser, and another solid step to further develop our partnership between our innovative and qualitydriven companies! Shannon Hellmann Hellmann Hong Kong


Africa... No Longer the “Dark Continent“ A frica made huge strides last year, and the trend is likely to continue into the new decade. Africa has many success stories of which we are rightly proud…

Not so long ago, ‘The Economist’ magazine wrote off Africa as ‘The Hopeless Continent’ in a 2000 cover story. The publication came under some great criticism with many wondering how such a huge place with so many diverse cultures, economies, politics, and social groups could be lumped as one. Incessant wars, disease, pestilence, famine, and institutional failure were part of a long list of negatives that was used as evidence. Sierra Leone, a wreck because of a long debilitating civil war, was often cited as a typical African country, the embodiment of a continent depicted as the perennial pantomime villain. Now, only ten years down the road, Africa can share some success stories as country after country has shifted away from the bad old days. Many of the old problems still exist, but success stories such as Ghana have begun to change the old notion that Africa is an entrenched basket case. It has now been cited as the most happening place in the world, with investors and entire countries making a beeline for the continent. China especially has made large investments in Africa. There is still quite a way to go in Zimbabwe, the Congo, and Sudan, and now Ivory Coast is a cause of some concern. But we should not hesitate to celebrate the great improvements recently made in Africa.

A whole network of fiber optic cables on Africa’s seaboard has been quite visible in the last two years, ushering in a communications revolution in this part of the world. Until only very recently, one still had to use a dial-up phone line in most areas to access the Internet, which still holds true for much of the population. But last year alone, five new fiber optic cables arrived on the continent. The net effect has been increased speeds and plummeting prices, even if Internet access remains pricey. The enthusiasm of Africa’s Internet-hungry population has spawned a fiercely competitive market. The ITU projected that by the end of 2010, there will be 5.3 billion mobile phone users worldwide. Africa recently clocked its 510 millionth customer, and as most Africans access the Internet through mobile telephones, the picture becomes clearer. Yet mobile phone penetration stands at only 41 percent and Internet access at a mere 9 percent, so there is still a long way to go. In some countries, tourism is booming; Kenya registered 1.2 million visitors this year, an increase of 17 percent, with similar rises across the continent all the way from South Africa to Morocco. This is one of the main sources of overseas investment in Africa. While housing continues to be a major problem, success stories in North Africa are very encouraging. Combined, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya have halved the number of 1990 slum dwellers from 20.8 million to 11.8 million today, bearing in mind that the population of Africa is currently doubling every 20 years. In the energy sector there have also been some huge gains. Electricity in Africa has been a problem for generations. But now, we can report in South Africa that Eskom, which supplies a third of Africa’s power, has successfully secured a $3.75 billion loan from the World Bank to build a 4,800 Mw coal plant. Pretoria is also planning the world’s largest solar power project. Despite the problems sweeping the Northern region at the present, there is a still significant progress all over Africa. Peter Hurst Hellmann Miami

hellmann partner 01/2011


Train The Trainer O

n February 4, 2011 and 8, 2011, Ken Finneran, Chief People Officer, AMCS led a one-day “Train the Trainer“ class for all Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will either be leading classroom learning or online courses (webinars or e-learning) in 2011. The training was designed to ensure consistency and high quality in the delivery of our corporate training. The training is part of our US initiative “Raising The Bar” for 2011 with increased leadership and training.

A few of the training topics included: • the 2011 Learner • learning styles and effectively reaching all learners • preparing an effective presentation • designing an engaging presentation

Trip to Europe

Scott Moran (5th from left) with Hellmann European Management

hellmann partner 01/2011

Hellmann will be asking SMEs from around the globe to attend a similar training in Q1/Q2 of this year as we continue to expand our training offerings and leverage new technology for employee learning and development. Ken Finneran Hellmann Miami


cott Moran, VP of Sales, US recently returned from his trip to Europe, which was part of the initial follow-up from the bilateral meetings held during the Worldwide Meeting in September. Scott Moran met with management teams in Italy, England, and Germany to review the comprehensive project plans that have been jointly created to drive new business opportunities in 2011. The formal programs will initially be concentrated around the Midwest in order to take advantage of the new Gateway program in Chicago of the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Additional information about the programs will be communicated later in the year as part of the formal program launch. Scott Moran Hellmann Miami


Holiday Toy Drive Kick-Off O

n December 1, 2010, Hellmann in partnership with the Casimiro Foundation, kicked off the official start of the Annual Holiday Toy Drive with a fundraising reception held at the Hellmann Americas Headquarters in Miami, Florida. Melissa Portunato with a child from the DANF See below kind words from Juan P. Casimiro (Founder & President of the Casimiro Foundation)

“Ladies and gents, thank you all so much! I applaud you wholeheartedly! Great job. I owe you all so much! Thank you for helping us benefit others. In Ken‘s poem, he mentioned service and benefit others unconditionally. This is what we accomplished this evening. We‘re benefiting others that we will probably never meet. In my heart and through faith, however, I know the toys will bring joy and happiness to many children.“

Ken Finneran (Chief People Officer), The Americas hosted the event in conjunction with Juan Casimiro (President of the Casimiro Foundation). Several HQ executives including Julian Riches (CFO), Ken Thibeault (VP of HR), Ambre ValdesGine (Branch Manager, HPL Miami) and Jil Hellmann Melissa Portunato and Brenda (Logistics/Business Analyst), Leguisamo were in attendance on Wednesday night, showing their whole-hearted support for the charity cause. The Casimiro Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to broadening and advancing educational activities in business, education, leadership, and philanthropy. The toys will brighten the holiday season for needy children in Miami, New York, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and several other South/Central American countries. The toy collection continued until December 30, 2010.

Holiday Toy Distribution O

n December 17, 2010, we distributed toys to the Dominican American National Foundation in Miami, Florida.

Toy distribution

I was accompanied by Brenda Leguisamo of the Casimiro Foundation. It is truly a beautiful thing to see the look on the children’s faces as they receive a donated toy. For some, it is the only gift they will receive this holiday season and I am honored to represent Hellmann each year with projects such as these. Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

For more information on the Casimiro Foundation or how you can help, please visit:

hellmann partner 01/2011



Hellmann UK Wins the Environment Category at BIFA Awards 2010 O

n March 23, 2011, leading logistics operator Hellmann Worldwide Logistics received the Environment Award at this year’s British International Freight Association (BIFA) Awards, held in London. Out of the nine award categories, Hellmann UK was short listed for the Environment Award, which was re-introduced in 2010. The judging panel was influenced by the way in which Hellmann UK was clearly making a genuine effort to contribute to the environment in areas within its control, challenging the orthodoxies of the business from both a process and technology perspective. The judges were highly impressed by the introduction of Hellmann UK’s Mode Neutral System, which has reduced carbon emissions by 9 percent and taken 46 trucks per month off the road. Customers who utilize Hellmann UK for air, sea, and road freight trans-

port services can reduce their own carbon footprint by up to 66 percent, as this system uses only one truck to collect all groupage consignments. Andy Connor, Hellmann UK’s Managing Director, said, “We were thrilled to have been short-listed for the Environment award and then to have been named the winner is very satisfying. It is an honor to have had our green initiatives recognized by leading industry personalities at such a prestigious event.” He continued, “Environmental issues rate very highly on our agenda and we’ve worked hard and invested in new initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions and carbon footprint, even in a tough economic climate. We’ll be building further on these initiatives throughout 2011, and look forward to being able to release more results at the end of the year.”

Procter & Gamble – Project Line 12


he 3PL project team at Hellmann São Paulo has coordinated a new project, consisting of sixteen containers from China with a cargo value of over USD 6 million. This line of production will be used to produce diapers at the P&G São Paulo plant. The clearance was done via land transport, made possible due to our approach with the Brazilian customs engineer at Aurora Eadi and also the quality of our broker services who were able to process the clearance in a reduced period of time. Sergius Souza from Hellmann Santos

hellmann partner 01/2011

The success of this project was determined before we even began the international transport, as all research and necessary preparation was done in advance. We have a history of success with P&G projects; we are currently working on the eighth project and we will certainly get many more. We are proud to hear the customer say, “Well done, you can be sure that the next line will be yours!“ Tacito Muraro, Hellmann Saõ Paulo


One-Year Logistics Contract with “SPX Flow Technology“ I t is with great pleasure that we received the announcement from our client SPX Flow Technology (Alessandra Mastroeni, Supply Chain Manager) that we have secured a partnership contract for one year. Hellmann Brazil started working for SPX in December 2010 with trial shipments from Poland, the US, Germany and China. They Alessandra Mastroeni (SPX) found our performance to be more than satis-factory, and we were officially chosen as their freight forwarders to Brazil. Effective immediately, we will be handling door-to-airport/port orders, air and sea freight, and we will operate on a door-to-door basis as well. In addition to the regular suppliers, we expect many other shippers to come forward, as well as special project cargoes. SPX was the first client to participate in our Customer Retention Program. This program was developed to establish close relationships with the customers

and to ensure that Hellmann is providing a good and valued service. The Quality Department is responsible for this program and all follow-up steps, from SOP implementation all the way to the presentation of KPI‘s to the customer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties involved in the test shipments. No doubt your work was crucial in helping to make Hellmann successful! Congratulations to our Ariel Kraft, Route Development Manager of Germany, who has been working with the customer since the first day the tender was opened, and had a key role in the success of this business partnership. Tacito Muraro Hellmann Saõ Paulo

Should a supplier contact you, please get in touch with the “Hellmann BR-SPX team“ below: Operations Fernanda Duarte (Import Supervisor) Tel.: +55 11 4501-5657, E-mail: Tatiana Farias (Import Manager) Tel.: +55 11 4501-5626, E-Mail: Sales Ariel Kraft (RDM Germany) Tel.: +55 11 4501-5692, E-Mail:

From left: Tatiana Farias (Hellmann), Melina Simões (Hellmann), Danilo Miciano (Hellmann), Alessandra Mastroeni (SPX), Ariel Kraft (Hellmann), Marcia Alves (SPX), Renata Silva (SPX) Alisson Querobim (Hellmann)

hellmann partner 01/2011


The New Detroit: Hellmann Automotive Logistics in India


have been traveling to India for four years now, and I have watched our Hellmann Automotive division grow from the very first day. 2010 was an exceptional year for both the country of India and our own organization, especially the Hellmann Automotive Team in India. India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and the automotive industry has a large share in this growth. In 2010, India produced over three million passenger vehicles, which was a more than 30 percent increase from 2009. The domestic market has been a huge driver in the increase of sales, as only 11 of 1,000 people in India own their own car, compared to 550 of 1,000 in Germany. Another major success factor, one which makes the growth in India so unique, is the high export of passenger vehicles. India is already the major exporter of small cars in Asia, and the global automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are planning to further increase their capacity.

There are three major automotive hubs in India: one in the north, near the capital city of Delhi; one in Pune, close to Mumbai; and one in the south, located in Chennai. The Wall Street Journal has dubbed Chennai the “New Detroit,� as seven automotive OEMs have already opened production plants in Chennai, and hundreds of first-tier suppliers have followed suit. Hyundai, one of the OEMs, has a new plant in Chennai with a production capacity of 650,000 cars p.a.

Team India from left: Rakesh Suri (CFO), Tejaswita Gupta (Sales), Victor Dias (Senior Manager Customs Brokerage), Jugmeet Khanna (Automotive Manager Western Region)

Team Pune from left: Rupali Sharma, Jugmeet Khanna, Tejaswita Gupta, Ravi Kumar Janilot

hellmann partner 01/2011

Our own structure Hellmann Automotive Logistics in India has strategically placed its own internal structure in the center of these automotive clusters. The head of Hellmann Automotive Logistics India, R. Balachandar, is headquarted in Chennai; Jugmeet Khanna, responsible for Hellmann Automotive Logistics development, is located in Pune; and Manas Sharma, in charge of the Northern region, has his office in Delhi. Through our new team of domestic and warehousing specialists, headed by Harihar Iyer and Gautam Suri, as well as our own multi-user warehouse facilities in all three major automotive hubs, we are now able to offer end-to-end solutions which inclu-


Contract Logistics Team from left: Surendra Kadhkikar, Harihar Iyer (CFO), Gautam Suri, Melville Pereira (Director Western Region)

de all logistics services. Hellmann Automotive Logistics in India is well prepared to face any and all challenges in the near future. Our customers can clearly see our strength in this industry solution, as our early endeavors have already been a success.

Strength in this industry solution We are currently managing a project for Spicer India which entails moving their complete production line from Australia to Pune; this Team Mumbai (w includes the decommissioning and recom- Melville Pereira ith leis) from left: , Martin Weh missioning of the entire line. Spicer will Automotive Logistics), Ga ner (Project Manager Hellmann utam Suri, Harih ar Iyer (CFO) be able to increase its production capacity with its production line located in India. Our colleagues from the domestic logistics team in Pune have set up a supply chain for Tata/Johnson Controls which includes three round trips per day between Bangalore and Pune. We have improved truck utilization by stacking pallets through a second level, as well as optimizing the height of the truck. In Chennai, we are responsible for the supply logistics of the Modine plant, and in Delhi we are using the same logistics model for Rolounds Braking. These are just a few examples of the successful development of Hellmann Automotive Logistics India. Overall, the increasing development of the Automotive industry in India has created huge potential for Hellmann. I am proud to work together with this highly motivated team! The future is bright for our automotive development in India! Martin Wehner Hellmann Osnabrueck

hellmann partner 01/2011


Promoting the Understanding of Logistics Processes F irst created in March 2010 for Hellmann associates, the Model Logistics Center (MLC) officially opened its doors to customers on February 28, 2011. The program has been offered to clients in order to strengthen customer loyalty and establish a common understanding of the logistical continuous improvement process. Hellmann uses the MLC to teach its employees about the principles of the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). Originally developed by the automotive industry, Hellmann has adapted CIP for logistics purposes, and the modified processes are demonstrated in the MLC. Participants take part in a two-day training session, consisting of matching theory and simulation sequences which offer them the opportunity to experience hands-on implementation of the CIP principles. During the simulation, employees must work together to unload, handle, process, dispatch, and correctly re-load 80 packages in eight minutes. The aim of the session is to identify and gradually reduce and eliminate any errors so that the handling processes flow smoothly from start to finish. By the end of the second day of training, the participants have improved the logistics

process to the point where the flow of data and goods is almost completely standardized and error-free. We give participants the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with process optimization while learning transferable skills which can be applied to their daily work. Our clients can now also reap the benefits when they register their employees for a customer MLC. Until now, the MLC was only available to customers as a guided tour, but due to the amount of client interest and enthusiasm for our program, we have decided to conduct this training for interested customers as well. Bärbel Krehenbrink Hellmann Osnabrueck

School Sponsorship in Chile E

arly in 2009, the entire Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y Chile decided to get involved in a School Sponsorship for children who are socially challenged. Thus, we have adopted the “Colegio Reina Norte Colina“. All employees dedicate a fixed amount of their monthly salary to school investment programs such as the improvement of learning materials and installations. Furthermore, we hold frequent campaigns such as book drives, shoe drives, and collect basic food items in order to enrich the daily school meals. Christmas is the yearly highlight for us and the stu-

hellmann partner 01/2011

dents alike, as all have a chance to sit on Santa‘s lap and receive a gift. It feels good to make a small impact and to give back to our community and the region where we work. Carmen Jeldres Hellmann Santiago de Chile


n November 24, 2010 Jost and Klaus Hellmann received the Lifetime Logistics Leadership Award in recognition of their decades of involvement in the logistics industry, particularly in the areas of innovation and customer orientation. This award is one of the Global 3PL Awards 2010 by eyefortransport, a British internet service for information and independent market research in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Eyefortransport presented Jost Hellmann with the award at the 2010 3PL Summit in Brussels. “Klaus and Jost Hellmann are highly valued and respected by clients and competitors alike. We are pleased that we can show our appreciation with this award for their great contributions to the growth of the logistics industry,” said Chris Saynor, CEO of eyefortransport. Every year, eyefortransport recognizes the best logistics service providers in various categories, especially for industry solutions such as pharmaceutical, automotive or retail, but also in the area of sustainability. These awards are particularly noteworthy, as the recipients are selected by the customers of the logistics industry.

The Fruit Logistica Trade Show A

s in past years Hellmann Perishable Logistics participated in February 2011 in the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, the world´s leading trade fair for the fresh produce industry. HPL was one of other 2,451 exhibitors from 84 countries. In total 56,000 visitors were present during the three days of the show, 90 percent of them from outside of than Germany. Our team was also quite international, with delegates from Argentina, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America representing our industry solution HPL at the trade fair. We had more than 200 direct customer contacts in total, as well as several interview re-

quests from media during the show. As customary we also held a reception with our Peruvian colleagues. This year, the event took place at a restaurant located directly on the river Spree in Berlin and more than 80 customers and partners accepted our invitation. Now we have to work to convert those contacts within the next weeks and months into successful business opportunities, of course with the support of our global network. We are very optimistic about securing remarkable business out of the very positive discussions so far and we look forward to Fruit Logistica 2012, which is already being planned. Klaus Hrazdira Hellmann Salzburg

HPL Booth at the Fruit Logistica with the HPL-UK Directors Dominic Neal (left) and Nick Finbow (right) sorting their new contacts there

hellmann partner 01/2011


Eyefortransport Presents Annual 3PL Awards O


Miele Gallery – Inauguration Celebration O

n November 30, 2010, Miele Chile celebrated the inauguration of their new „Miele Gallery.“ Both managing owners, Dr. Markus Miele & Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, were present to celebrate with Jürgen Freyer, President & CEO of Miele Chile, the entire Miele Chile team, as well as customers and suppliers on the special day. The new office and showroom complex, occupying over 1,500 square meters, is Miele property and is located in the prestigious Vitacura Comuna of Santiago. The Gallery is truly an experience not only for customers and prospects, but also for employees alike. Miele Chile was founded in 2007 under the leadership of Jürgen Freyer and has since seen double digit growth, year after year. As of October 2009, we have been part of as we have been entrusted to handle freight shipments ex Germany.

From left: Dr. Reinhard Zinkann (Managing Director and Co-Proprietor), Jürgen Freyer (President & CEO Miele Chile & Miele Mexico) and Dr. Markus Miele (Managing Director and Co-Proprietor) cutting the ribbon during the opening ceremony on Nov. 30, 2010

Miele‘s success, all inbound air-

To the Miele Chile team - congratulations on your new home. We wish you continued stellar growth and we are proud to be a part of your successful business. Markus Fellmann Hellmann Chile

The entire Miele Chile team

hellmann partner 01/2011


HMS Customer Visit and Business Opportunities in Uruguay A

t the beginning of this year, I was invited by Tore Hetland of Aker Biomarine HQ in Norway to participate in a two-day meeting at their facility in Nueva Palmira and Montevideo, Uruguay, to discuss the current business and any additional future opportunities. In addition to viewing their current operations and warehousing in Nueva Palmira, we were also invited to visit one of their vessels – the „Saga Sea“ which berthed in Montevideo at that time. Shortly after meeting with the Captain and the remaining officers on the bridge, a tour of the vessel was organized. While standing on the bridge, something caught our attention: A 2011 Hellmann wall calendar was hanging on the wall right beside the Captain’s chair. It may very well be the most remote location for a Hellmann calendar – cruising the Antarctic for several months out of the year.

Apart from the official meetings, which included our partner Cargo Center, there was also some time on Sunday for a tour of the Uruguay countryside. We were very fortunate that our customer Aker took the time to show us around their beautiful country. Hellmann and our partner Cargo Center now have the opportunity to transport 400 truckloads a year from Nueva Palmira to Montevideo, approximately 3.5 hours apart, and to perform the customs clearance for roughly 400 entries. A decision should be made very shortly. An additional future business opportunity for the export of over 1,000 TEU will arise as well in the third quarter of this year. This trip was a 100% success and definitely deepened the existing relationship with our customer, and may open additional global business opportunities. Mario Werner, Hellmann Miami

New Domestic Trucking Service S ince December 2010, Hellmann Vietnam has been entrusted with the domestic trucking, handling and management of all stock transfers between Levi’s factories in the North and South of Vietnam. Our dedicated team, which specializes in domestic distribution, is able to provide complete supply chain management to and from all major industrial zones within the country, even under very demanding conditions, as distances between various production plants can stretch over 2,000 km. Since starting this

dedicated service, Hellmann has handled an average of 10-15 FEUs monthly, while optimizing logistic costs through efficient management of cargo flows and capacity management, both inbound and outbound. The second phase of the project will include inter-factory stock transfers between North-South Vietnam and Cambodia. In addition, Levi’s has appointed Hellmann Vietnam for their exports to Canada, and more recently to the USA. Olivier Billieux Hellmann Ho Chi Minh City

hellmann partner 01/2011


Farewell, “Sir” Uwe R

udolph & Hellmann Automotive (RHA), today a highly successful joint venture in automotive logistics, would not have been possible without the strong leadership of our colleague and friend Uwe Roth from Rudolph Logistics. Under his professional guidance, RHA was able to acquire accounts from Rover, Land Rover, MINI, and Bentley in the UK, and Audi and Volkswagen in Dubai, all within the last thirteen years of cooperation. Thanks to his help, we have secured both AVME in Dubai for another five years and MINI for another six years, lasting until 2017. Uwe Roth and Bernd Oevermann

successor is Peter Weide – Managing Director, Rudolph Logistics Group, who has already contributed much to the success of the AVME project and the newly acquired Ford account. We wish Peter every success in his new role. Farewell, “Sir” Uwe and enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Bernd Oevermann Hellmann Osnabrueck From left: James Gootee, Uwe Roth, Bernd Oevermann, Dr. Torsten Rudolph, Madhav Kurup, Steven Gierich, and Peter Weide

With these two major successes under his belt, Uwe retired at the end of 2010 from both his position as Managing Director at Rudolph Logistics as well as Director for our joint ventures in England and Dubai. At the last RHA board meetings, we had the chance to thank him for his contributions to our mutual success and to wish him well in his future as a retiree. As he is a collector of old weapons, the Dubai Team, represented by Madhav Kurup, had the pleasure of presenting him with an Arabian knife, while the RHA UK team gifted him with a sword – both with a personal engraving, which he appreciated very much. Spontaneously, we used the sword to knight him on the spot and dubbed him “Sir” Uwe. “Sir” Uwe’s From left: Jeff Hyde, Uwe Roth, Mark Cranidge, Martin Rollings, Peter Weide and Bernd Oevermann

hellmann partner 01/2011


Cargo2000 (C2K) Jointly Following Worldwide Standards


argo2000 is a league of 78 large airlines, logistics companies, ground handling agents, forwarders and IT service providers, which is supported by the IATA. IATA is an international institution, which was founded over 60 years ago by a group of airlines. Today IATA represents 230 airlines with 93 percent of the international airfreight volume. Additionally it represents leads and serves the airline industry. All members of Cargo2000 have one goal: the implementation of a new consistent quality management system as an industry standard for the global airfreight industry. Processes that are secured by quality standards, measurable and proven through respective data will be implemented. This increases the efficiency in airfreight, the customer service is improved and the operating costs are reduced. The membership in this group is open to all airlines, logistics companies, ground handling agents, forwarders and IT service providers which are capable of implementing the requirements within the defined phases and the requested time. In order to develop standards, all members will meet three times a year. Additionally, individual members will meet in workgroups to work on special topics, which results are presented to the global C2K Forum as a recommendation and forwarded to the C2K Board for approval. As of December 2006, Hellmann is an official “associated member“ of the Cargo2000 Initiative.

The Cargo2000 Process In order to ensure a standardized planning, controlling and the quality reporting, a Master Operation Plan is required which dictates mandatory performance indicators for the entire transport process, from the consignor of the airfreight shipment to the consignee. Cargo2000 has succeeded in defining 19 out of

40 universal performance indicators for the airfreight process chain as a so-called “Master Operation Plan“ (MOP). This concentration makes the implementation of business rules and the provision of information for all participants more transparent and much easier. Based on this MOP, route maps are defined, to determine and log the quality of the transport at the various checkpoints (as regards contents and chronological timeline). The goal of Cargo2000 is to measure each item of a shipment - as with an integrator like UPS – from Door to Door at each defined milestone and to use these data for transport management and quality analyses. As this goal is very hard to achieve with heterogeneous participants in the transport chain, there are three phases of implementation. In the first phase, all checkpoints of the sub process from the shipment’s departure airport to the destination airport are measured. In this phase the airline plays the active role as it is responsible for the shipment’s transport till the destination airport. The second phase covers the entire transport process of a shipment from the sender’s house to the final recipient (Door to Door). The forwarder is responsible for the management of the entire process and thus plays the active role. The sub-process of phase 1 “Airport to Airport” is embedded into phase 2. The planning and measuring at the item level is scheduled for the third phase, whose implementation has not yet started. The communication between the airlines and the partners of the airfreight transport chain is done via the IATA EDI Standard “cargoIMP”, which already has highly normalized the electronic information exchange and simplified it enormously. Technically, this concept works very well, but the quality of information is often not satisfactory, where the freight carriers

Source: Cargo 2000

hellmann partner 01/2011


(forwarders and airlines) are responsible for the quality and a timely delivery. This is due to missing standards and delivery obligations for the information. Thus when introducing the standard, Cargo2000 developed a framework for the “Cargo2000 Data Management Platform (CDMP)“. The communication is held between the CDMP systems, in order to perform planning, controlling and reporting on a data basis that has been generated on the standardized framework.

This guarantees that the operative process from the handover of the cargo right up until the delivery will be Cargo2000 compliant and thus it becomes measurable. We expect to receive the shipment status milestones from the airlines for the confirmed flight plan; these will be constantly compared to the estimated plan. In this way any deviations can be automatically communicated to the customer as an alert. This is currently not possible due to the insufficient quality

Based on this, established Cargo Community System Providers such as Traxon, British Telecom, Descartes, and CHAMP etc. have developed their own CDMP systems. With a regularly held audit, these vendors are reviewed to ensure their adherence to the Cargo2000 Standards. The participating forwarders, airlines and ground handling agents in the Cargo2000 initiative are required to use a CDMP system of a Cargo2000 certified vendor. Alternatively, a self-developed CDMP may be used.

of the status information we receive from the airlines. Hellmann can now fulfill the constantly growing desire of our customers for key figure statistics with the de-facto industry standard Cargo2000. This is especially true for Phase 2 “Door to Door” where the forwarder is responsible for planning and controlling the entire transport. The regular participation in Cargo2000 Workgroup Meetings ensures that the latest enhancements and changes to the standard can be promptly implemented in hellogic. After receiving the approval of the global Air Cargo Board and the BPM Team, the global airfreight operations have to be trained. This task will be carried out by the regional BPM Teams, supported by the GSS Air & Sea TMS Solution Management. Airfreight product managers or other teams in the countries/regions will determine the routes that should be measured bilaterally with the Cargo2000 certified airlines. Solely for this purpose, Cargo2000 created a special portal called BRAVO (Bilateral Route Arrangement & Verification Online), in which all flights of a carrier with the so-called OFFSET times are preset and serve as a basis for the creation of the later flight plan. A detailed and unabridged interview with project head Hans Helmkamp will follow soon in the next IS newsletter!

Implementation of the Cargo2000 framework into hellogic As Hellmann is running a globally consistent sea and air freight transport management system with hellogic, which today is already “Cargo2000“ compatible in many functions, it seems reasonable to completely integrate the Cargo2000 standard- and process rules directly into hellogic. We have found a very competent consulting partner in Traxon, which already accompanies the development of the CDMP system. With the completion of the functional specifications in early January 2011, the first part of the project is already completed. The actual programming will be done in the coming months, so that with the next hellogic release at the end of 2011, the global air freight branch in the Hellmann network will work according to the Cargo2000 standard.

hellmann partner 01/2011

Hans Helmkamp & Katja Schüer Hellmann Osnabrueck


Juan Carlos Chaves running the 7th stage

The team arriving at the finish line

The Hellmann Service Center Runs Across Costa Rica T

Top row from left: Daniel Garcia, Federico Duran, Rodolfo Morales, Ronald Coto, Juan Carlos Chaves, Daniela Lawrence, Rebeca Ruiz, Carlos Alas, Alberto Diaz, Jimmy Fonseca, Miguel Espinoza, Daniela Fonseca. Bottom row from left: Jean Marie Roussel, Marvin Gonzalez, Jose Pizarro, Jose Pablo Araya and Bryan Noel

he Costa Rica Service Center is very proud of its athletes, and back in November 2010, thirteen Hellmann employees ran the Carrera de Relevos, a relay race between San Jose and Puntarenas (70 miles total). The cross country running competition consisted of a variety of terrains, including highways and mountains. The first runner started out on Saturday morning at midnight from the capital city. Eleven relays later, the whole team crossed the finish line at the Puntarenas beach after 9 hours and 40 minutes racing. The team ranked 128 out of 147 present. Congratulations and a big thank you to the runners, the technical staff, and the organization! For more information about the race:

Hellmann Poland: Logistics Operator of the Year 2010 O

n Friday, December 3, 2010, the ninth annual Transport & Logistics Gala was held in Warsaw, Poland. During the Gala, the results of the research program “Logistics Operator of the Year 2010” were announced, as well as the winners of the “Innovative Solutions for Logistics 2010” contest. This year, first place and the title of “Logistics Operator of the Year 2010” were awarded to Hellmann Poland. The main focus of the “Logistics Operator of the Year” research program is a customer satisfaction study, which uses market research to analyze how the current economic downturn has affected the health of logistics companies operating in Poland. Hellmann Poland has participated in the research project from the very beginning. Last year, the company was

awarded for its commitment to offering a wide range of logistics services to meet customer needs, in order to provide exceptional customer service. “We wish to offer the highest quality of service, hence, the opinions of our customers are very important to us. Our highest priority is meeting the needs of our clients. For many years, we have been performing internal customer satisfaction surveys to verify their needs and how satisfied they are with our services. By participating in the “Logistics Operator of the Year” research, we had another opportunity to listen to the opinions of our customers”, stated Juliusz Skurewicz, President of Hellmann Poland, who thanked all Hellmann Poland employees for their hard work and dedication, which enables them to provide the highest quality service possible. Aneta Paczka, Hellmann Raszyn

hellmann partner 01/2011



Dr. Suzann Kirschner-Brouns Dr. Suzann Kirschner-Brouns is the new face at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics for health issues both in the Hellmann inside and in the Hellmann partner. As a doctor and medical journalist, she has been writing about current health topics for almost 15 years in magazines and patient guidebooks. In this issue, the topic is work-related stress. What causes stress? How do you keep the worst at bay?


tress can be a life-saver – not only in the distant past, when our ancestors still hunted mammoths with nothing but a spear – but even still today in emergency situations. Our body must be completely alert within seconds and ready to react to the situation with a “fight or flight” response. Stress hormones, such as cortisol, speed up the heart, make the pulse race, increase the blood pressure, accelerate the respiratory rate, and tense up the muscles. Stress definitely has it uses. But as you could probably guess, or may know from personal experience, living with permanently elevated stress hormones, such as in a constant emergency situation or a life under constant stress, can cause serious illness. It can lead to problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, eating disorders, and depression. In 2010 alone, over nine million people in Germany suffered from Burnout Syndrome, a condition that occurs when people under constant stress reach their breaking point and can no longer cope with the overwhelmingly high demands of their daily life.

Examples for causes of stress: Deadline pressures, constantly ringing telephone, noise, conflicts at work, lack of recognition, too many responsibilities, daily traffic jams, marriage problems, double burden of work and family, difficulties with the kids and their school, debts

What can you do to combat stress? - Have the courage to speak with your boss, co-workers, significant other, or others to address the causes of your stress - Discuss your fears and worries (this is not a weakness, but a strength) - Work together to find a solution - Only attempt to achieve one goal at a time (tomorrow is another day) - Decide on a practical time management approach (at your own pace, not trying to match others)

hellmann partner 01/2011

Escape from Stress The main cause of stress today is an unhealthy combination of our modern working life with a lack of sufficient recovery time. Our lives are no longer as simple as a hunt for a mammoth once a month with long periods of downtime, but rather are consumed by multitasking: constantly pressed for time with stacks of files on your desk, 100 e-mails in your inbox, a continually ringing phone or stretches of thousands of miles on the highway to go with a fixed deadline. Other stress factors can also be: a lack of appreciation and recognition of your daily efforts, an annoying colleague or supervisor, the sudden sickness of a child, new construction on the way to work which causes a mile-long traffic jam… What can we do against this flood of demands? How can we protect ourselves? How can we escape the stress of everyday life, or at least keep it in check? It is important to remember that each person reacts differently to stress: what may be the final straw for some will have no affect on others. This is due to individual stress behavior, which is influenced by character, psyche, genetic characteristics, a positive or negative attitude, flexibility, and the ability to motivate yourself or to be easily motivated. In addition, men and women react differently to stress. Women are often anxious and depressed and tend to withdraw into themselves. Men are more prone to risky and aggressive behavior (esp. while driving) as well as to increased alcohol consumption. 

- Work with checklists and set priorities. Decide what must be done today, what can be tomorrow, and what could even wait until next week - Find tasks that you could give up that can be done as a team - Make sure to receive acknowledgement for good performance – even if you have to ask, and also make sure to praise yourself and others - Avoid distractions (time wasted lengthens your workday unnecessarily) - Have a definite end to your workday (straighten up your desk, do not take work home, and take a deep breath when you close the office or truck door behind you) - Create a counterbalance, something that you can look forward to after work: take a walk, play sports, take up a hobby, go to the movies, play with your kids, meet up with friends, etc. - For some, targeted anti-stress sports or classes such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, or breathing therapy may be useful


Even though the thought of an escape and subsequently a life without stress can be very tempting, sometimes in life it is more a matter of just identifying what keeps the “avalanche of stress” going – be it a few small things or one main concern, and then making the effort to address the cause. It is important to discover what really stresses you out, because once you are able to pinpoint the causes, you will be better able to take preventative measures. Specifically, this

means that you should take a moment to figure out what factors in your life create the most stress. It is finally time to put an end to stress and to actively resist the permanent overload. Although stress is necessary in some situations, it is essential to your long-term health to reduce excessive stress as much as possible – even if it only begins with one small step… your health will thank you! Dr. Suzann Kirschner-Brouns

2nd Annual German-Polish Business Forum in Bremen O

n December 2, 2010, leading representatives in the fields of politics and business from throughout Poland and Germany converged on Hellmann for the 2nd Annual Business Forum in Bremen. The focus of this year‘s forum was to discuss developments and opportunities in German-Polish economic relations. State Counselor Dr. Heiner Heseler and Karl Engelhard welcomed the guests to the forum with a short foreword. Following, Dr. Hans-Dietrich Paschmeyer, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Bremen, gave his opening remarks and had the honor of introducing the next speaker. After the welcome, Dr. Jacek Robak, Counselor of the Polish Embassy in Berlin, reported on the current development and opportunities of the expanding economic relationship between Germany and Poland. Hellmann executives Kai Hasenpusch and Markus Dodt were there to offer the perspective of an international logistics firm. They provided special insight into daily Kai Hasenpusch, Director of Land operations in both Transport, Germany

Germany and Poland, as well as the company‘s effective coordination between branches in the two countries. One of the highlights of the forum was the presentation by Duni GmbH Markus Dodt, Project Manager of Europe representative Horst Fink, Director of European Logistics. He discussed Poland as a strategic market for logistics from the perspective of the Duni Group, a Hellmann client, and offered illustrative real world examples of on-site implementation. Dr. Reinhard Klein brought the day to a close with a list of “Dos and Don‘ts” for daily German-Polish business interactions. After a final word from Karl Engelhard, the guests had the chance to mingle over coffee and further discuss the ideas presented. The event last year, which was the first of its kind, laid the foundation for an enduring dialog between participants and the ongoing exchange of ideas and experiences. This year‘s event sparked enthusiastic discussion on the topic of economic development and growth in both countries. Press Release

hellmann partner 01/2011



Hellmann Korea Receives Best Partner Award O

n May 19, 2008, Hellmann Korea began providing Airfreight services for LG Electronics, one of the largest leading electronics companies in the world.

C.S. Yoo (Hellmann Korea) and Hyo Joon Choi (CSCO, Senior VP of LG Electronics)

We are living FAMILY!

In the last three years, we have increased our business with LG Electronics from 18 lanes in 2008 to our current 42 lanes in 16 different countries. Whenever we faced critical moments, we were always able to

find and implement solutions to correct the situation, made possible by the devoted support of the Hellmann network. We have always striven to offer LG the best customer service possible and have made our staff available 24/7; these efforts have not gone unnoticed by LG Electronics. On February 7, 2011 of this year, C.S. Yoo, President & CEO of Hellmann Korea, and G.S. Kim, VP of the Airfreight Sales Team were invited to the LG Electronics headquarters and were presented with the Best LG Partner Award for 2010. Hyo Joon Choi, CSCO, Senior VP of LG Electronics stated that Hellmanns service quality and close attention to detail on every shipment is impressive and has contributed to LG Electronics’ SCM improvement. We would like to share this important recognition with the entire Hellmann Family and a very special thanks goes to the PR of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Austria, U.A.E., Egypt, Greece, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Latvia, Switzerland, Nigeria, Ireland, and Algeria. G.S.Kim Hellmann Seoul

Hellmann Mexico Takes 3rd Place in Soccer Tournament A

s in previous years, Hellmann Mexico participated in the 2010-11 soccer tournament in Mexico City, organized by steamshipping lines, co-loaders, and forwarders. We left some tough competition behind us, including teams from CSAV, Geodis Wilson, and NYK. Hellmann Mexico gave an outstanding performance in the finals against the French shipping line CMA-CGM in order to nab 3rd place. Placing in the tournament is not our only motivation; the commitment has created an extraordinary atmosphere – it is not only the players who have a role in the matches, the members on the sidelines also support the team at every game and cheer them on to victory. Our success comes through good communication, enthusiasm, teamwork, and friendship. Piotr Zaleski, Hellmann Mexico

hellmann partner 01/2011


Hellmann Turkey Surpasses Customer Expectations


nyone who bets against Hellmann is sure to find themselves on the losing end of the deal, as one of our clients at Hellmann Turkey recently discovered. Güven Yüksek (Overseas Manager, Hellmann Turkey) com-

mitted Hellmann to a delivery deadline which our client Pavo believed to be unattainable. Skeptical, the Istanbul firm bet our colleagues that Hellmann would not be able to meet the deadline. The terms of the bet were no mean feat: the loser had to climb Mt. Erciyes, which stands at 3,891 meters above sea level in the center of Turkey, about 25 kilometers south of the city of Kayseri. Well aware of the performance and abilities of Hellmann, Güven Yüksek gladly agreed to the bet....and won. Always dedicated to customer service, Yüksek was too good-natured to let our client make the trek on his own. Instead, he accompanied him on the climb – with the Hellmann flag in tow. Upon reaching the summit, Güven Yüksek and our Pavo client took the opportunity to celebrate a very close customer relationship by unrolling the Hellmann flag together, an experience which surely speaks to the dedication and service of our Hellmann Turkey employees. Cem Akgul Hellmann Istanbul

From left: Mark Hellmann. Dr. Joachim Scholz (Ligma) and Shannon Hellmann

hellmann partner 01/2011


Christkindlmarket in Chicago H

ellmann Chicago was appointed single forwarder for the 2010 “Christkindlmarket“ in Chicago. Hellmann has been a proud sponsor of the event since 2009 and has doubled the vendor base on imports from Germany for the 2010 “Christkindlmarket.“ In 2011, Hellmann will once again be a sponsor of the event and will be the only import forwarder for other markets such as Philadelphia and Texas. In addition, Hellmann Chicago will host the current negotiations with the German-American Chamber of Commerce, located in Chicago, for the second quarter of 2011. Christian Marz Hellmann Chicago FACTS & FIGURES:

History and Tradition Inspired by the Christkindlmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany, which began in 1545, the Christkindlmarket Chicago brings a cherished German and European tradition with international flair and local charm to Chicago. Chicago‘s largest open-air Christmas festival was first held on Pioneer Court in 1996. By special invitation of Mayor Richard M. Daley, Christkindlmarket Chicago moved to Daley Plaza in 1997, and has become a steady event on the plaza ever since. Together with the support of the Mayor’s Office of Special Events (MOSE), Christkindlmarket Chicago has grown to become one of the most popular winter attractions in the heart of the city. From left: Heiko Mueller (Hellmann Nuremberg), the original “Christkindl“ from Nuremberg, Germany, and Christian Marz

A Hellmann Halloween


ellmann Headquarters, HPL, and the Miami Branch celebrated Halloween on October 29, 2010 with a “spook-tacular” lunch party! The Hellmann Team voted with applause for the first, second, and third best costumes. And the winners were…1st Place went to Hector Dominguez, Driver Miami Branch (pictured right), 2nd to Luis Duran, CLC Miami Branch (pictured left), and 3rd to Yelida Alonso, Air Freight Export Miami Branch (pictured middle). Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami

hellmann partner 01/2011

For more info on the event, please visit:


Employee Christmas Party H

ellmann HQ hosted its annual Holiday Party for the 125 dedicated employees at our Miami facility on December 3, 2010. Executive Management was not only in attendance, but served up the Italian-style holiday dinner. Roger H채ussler (Global COO & CEO the Americas) alongside Ken Thibeault (VP of Human Resources) took a moment to recognize several HQ anniversaries. This year we had the pleasure of having Jost Hellmann take part in the festivities. Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami

Thanksgiving Luncheon H

ellmann kicked off the holiday season with a Thanksgiving Luncheon on Friday, November 19, 2010 at our US Headquarters facility in Miami, Florida. Headquarters, HPL, and the Miami Branch gathered together to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving lunch served up by who else but our Headquarters Executives! They happily served turkey, ham, and all the fixings to the 125 attendees. It was a wonderful way to demonstrate to our valued employees that we are so thankful each and every day for all that they do. Melissa Portunato Hellmann Miami

Hellmann Miami, HQ and HPL Teams

From left: t Ken Thibeaul as om Th d an Krusin

Hellmann Miami, HQ and HPL Teams

From left: Julian Rich es and Christian Finnern

From left: Jessica Madrid, Edie Travieso and Melissa Portunato

hellmann partner 01/2011


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a family run business with offices in more than 150 countries around the world. Our proximity to our customers is what allows us to build long-lasting partnerships and tailor made solutions for all your logistic needs.To learn more go to:

Hellmann Partner Magazine 1I2011  
Hellmann Partner Magazine 1I2011  

Hellmann Partner Magazine 1I2011 English