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FOCUS: Politically relevant shipment order: UN Transport vehicles for Syria (p. 14) The Winners of “Logistics Genius 2011” have been found (p. 18) The 18th Intermodal South America exhibition (p. 24) Introducing e-freight (p. 26) Who loves, doesn’t sleep (p. 28)



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Foreword................................................................................................................................... 03 Regulatory Compliance Training – US Branches ....................................................................... 04 Hellmann utilizes train connections between Bremen and Hamburg to reduce CO² emissions............................................................................................................ 05 A sound mind in a healthy body................................................................................................ 06 Hellmann UK announces partnership with Diehl Spedition....................................................... 09 Hellmann announces the opening of a new branch at the Airport of Vilnius, Lithuania............ 10 Hellmann transports Bolting Rig to Guatemala......................................................................... 11 Exciting variety within the HELIOS Program: Project boom in 2012.......................................... 12 All HELIOS Modules: Software Upgrade.................................................................................... 13 Politically relevant shipment order: UN transport vehicles for Syria ......................................... 14 Corporate Social Responsibility................................................................................................. 16 Customer Branch visit at Hellmann Columbus.......................................................................... 16 Hellmann increases efficiency with the longliner....................................................................... 17 The Winners of “Logistics Genius 2011” have been found......................................................  18 Becoming better acquainted and sharing new opportunities in Europe…............................... 20 Celebrating 60 years in the UK................................................................................................. 22 Hellmann Leadership Training in AMCS..................................................................................... 23 Hellmann awarded “Most Improved Customs Broker”............................................................. 23 Royal Caribbean 2012 Supplier Conference...............................................................................23 The 18th Intermodal South America exhibition.........................................................................  24 Introducing e-freight................................................................................................................. 26 Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS).......................................................................................27 Who loves, doesn’t sleep.............................................................................................................28 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach...............................................................................................30 Disney´s Princess Half Marathon................................................................................................30 Bring Your Child to Work Day.....................................................................................................30 Hellmann Miami gains shipment for State Department.............................................................30 Employer Branding.....................................................................................................................31 2012 West Regional Meeting.................................................................................................... 31 Hellmann Costa Rica Service Center gives back........................................................................ 31 Hellmann donates Locks Of Love...............................................................................................31

FOREWORD Dear Reader,

Summer in the northern hemisphere is usually a more quiet time, and so the economic and political news are few, with the exception of the still looming problems in Europe and the hope, globally, that this will not lead to just another global recession. In the UK we celebrated wonderful and peaceful Olympic Games with a fantastic atmosphere all visitors enjoyed. Well, many of you are also on vacation and we hope that you enjoyed them, that you could recharge your batteries and had some time for your families. But of course there is no stand-still in our company. We are about to open our own office in Tanzania, the 4th ‘Hellmann country’ on the African continent, after the previous

owners sold us 100 percent of their shares. Tanzania is important, it is a major gateway into the landlocked countries of Central Africa and it will have a positive impact on our development there. The German economy is still growing, but many countries in Europe are struggling. Some of our offices have to work hard to stay within budget and it will take a united effort of all of us to make ends meet. Nontraditional markets for us like Africa and also the Caspian region/Central Asia will play a major role in our future concept as many companies are investing there due to the abundance of oil and commodities. They are challenging markets but well worth for us to look closer into it.

As you will read in this latest edition of our Magazine there are very interesting developments in Germany as well. We are not only talking the talk but also walking the walk. We actively support green logistics in utilizing the rail not only for our long hauls but also on short distances, like now from our LCL hub in Bremen to Hamburg for our global consolidation business. In doing so we save on fuel and also reduce the CO² emission substantially, which is one of our declared goals. This is also true for the German Longliners, large trucks which some customers now use and which are still not accepted everywhere in Germany and Europe by the governments, but as you will read later, there are tremendous savings in fuel consumption, thus another benefit for the environment. You will read quite a number of interesting articles, as usual, in our Partner Magazine and we both encourage you to make use of it yourself. Write about interesting events, hobbies, happenings, and it does not need to be business related. This is a magazine from the Hellmann team for the Hellmann team and should continue to be interesting for everyone to read and enjoy. We are now well into the 2nd half of 2012 and we need to increase all our efforts, work hand in hand to achieve our goals for this year. Let’s move forward with an extra effort and both of us and the entire management appreciates your dedication and commitment for our companies worldwide. We thank you and remain with best regards and wishes, 

Jost Hellmann

Klaus Hellmann

partner 02/12


Regulatory Compliance Training – US Branches Phyllis Dearborn, Hellmann Miami

The Hellmann Boston, Massachusetts Brand with their Certificates Each year, the employees in the US branches receive one week of regulatory compliance training based on their tenure and responsibilities. For new employees hired since the training tour of last year, there is classroom training for the following: Automated Export Systems, Transportation Security Administration Federal Maritime Commission and Denied Parties and Embargoed countries.

For supervisors and managers, there is classroom training for export licensing requirements. For experienced export and domestic personnel there is a full day of shipment simulations. During this training, each person is given five sets of documents specific to their function of air or ocean. They then have to process those shipments completely ensuring that all information on the documents is correct or corrected and that all regulatory

The Hellmann San Francisco Brand with their Certificates


compliance requirements are met. In addition, there is also a general training for all personnel on Incoterms 2010. At the end of the day, there is a full review of each shipment in detail including discussions on changes that should be made. ďƒ§

Hellmann utilizes train connections between Bremen and Hamburg to reduce CO² emissions Max Siep, Hellmann Osnabrueck

Reduction of CO² emissions and optimization of transport chains – these are two goals that firms in the industry of logistics constantly strive to improve. To achieve these goals, Hellmann implemented a network termed “Rail Solutions” in 2004. The program is considered a great success since its inception in 2004. In May 2012, this process was developed further to transfer worldwide express cargo via rail transport from the

Hellmann HUB in Bremen to the Port of Hamburg. Hellmann operates this program in conjunction with its Bremen based partner, DCP, and has for a few weeks utilized the cargo railway system of the ACOS Group (also based in Bremen). With this comprehensive system, international groupage freight, whether sent from one of Hellmann’s various branch offices located throughout Germany or de-

partner 02/12

livered daily from a customer via direct truck transport to DCP, is packed into Hellmann containers designated for worldwide destinations and loaded directly onto the railway network. The packing division of DCP has a direct rail connection that conducts daily operations between Bremen and the Port of Hamburg. “For us, Green Logistics is not some form of lip service”, explains Karl Engelhard. “The new solution with our partner DCP clearly demonstrates how effectively we can reduce CO² emissions by optimizing our transport chain. With this solution we expect to reduce annual CO² emissions by approximately 200 tons.” With the “Rail Solutions” product, Hellmann connects Northern Germany’s centers with various destinations in Southern Germany by means of daily blocktrains. It is expected that with this system 240 truck trips will be replaced, saving approximately 36,000 liters of diesel fuel and nearly 86 tons of CO² carbon emissions each day. In this comparison, the train emissions (which account for approximately 20% of truck emissions) have been taken into account. 


A SOUND MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY Michael Claus, Hellmann Miami

Climb up to Zuikerbossie Although Winston Churchill once famously said ‘Sport is a Killer’, I beg to differentiate, and the fact he lived a long life has certainly to do more with his gene pool than the fact he did not do any sports …. Some of us in the Hellmann world are pretty active, running marathons, doing Ironman’s, running cross peninsulas or countries and some of us enjoying bicycling racing for the fun of it.


Every year the 2nd Sunday in March, Cape Town / South Africa is hosting the largest cycling event in the world, the Cape-Argus-Race with up to 35,000 (!) participants. This race has seen cycling greats like the Belgian superstar Eddy Merckx, the Spaniard Alberto Contador, the Italian Gilberto Simoni, the German Jan Ullrich and the US-Star Lance Armstrong, to name only a few in a long line, and lately the Hellmann colors show off proudly for the race as well.

For Team South Africa’s own Juan Enslin this is a ‘must-do’ event since many years. For Klaus Hrazdira from HPL, René Baumann from Team ATS-Hellmann Switzerland and myself this was the first time and we were accompanied by my Buddy Nickel Gösecke, a Realtor from Miami/Hamburg. The race is started right around sunrise at the Cape Town waterfront and despite the many racers, it is so excellently organized, there is no pushing, shoving, rushing or what

Juan Argus


Juan Argus

F. l.: Nickel Gösecke, Michael Claus and Klaus Hrazdira at the finish line

have you, very relaxed, very professional. Great job by the organizers. The distance is 110 kms and the route follows the Indian Ocean to almost the Cape of Good Hope, then crosses the Peninsular and down (and later up) the Atlantic ocean side. Stunning vistas, cheering folks over the entire distance and we all got the idea how the Tour de France must be for those super professionals. Of course, for Nickel and I from the flatlands of Hamburg and Miami, the hilly peninsula had its challenges, climbs like up Chapman’s Peak or Zuikerbossie right out of Hout Bay were tough. But, after every climb there is a

long and nice descent where we could catch our breath again, tell our burning legs to ‘shut up’ and think about the well-earned and deserved beers at the finish line. Some older sports/cycle enthusiasts may remember ‘The Look’, the famous ‘look’ Lance Armstrong gave to Jan Ullrich during one of the Tour de France, checking him out and then getting out of the saddle and accelerate forcefully, and Jan could not follow and consequently lost the Tour. Well I know how Jan Ullrich must have felt, because this is what Klaus Hrazdira did to me, checking me out, whether there is something left in the

tank going up Chapman’s Peak, and I had to let him go as well. These guys training every day in the mountains, how can I possibly get to that level of climbing, when living in the flatlands? The temperatures peaked at 41°C (106 F), but the medical support for those in trouble was phantastic. Service stations every 10-15 miles with drinks and energy bars to load up on those carbs, massage beds for those who needed it, everything well thought through. This was truly the greatest sports event I ever participated in, and my fellow colleagues agreed 100%. We did it in slightly more than

Climb up to Chapman's Peak

partner 02/12

COUNTRY-REPORT 4 hours, Juan in less than 3 (!), we never saw him … and the goal for next time will be less than 4 hours. Juan? Guess we will still not see him as he is speeding away … There are a number of candidates who consider joining next time and I herewith ask them to get going, start training, don’t give up, join us. Since at the exact same time of the 2013 Cape Argus Race we will have the 2013 Worldwide Meeting in Istanbul, I am afraid we will therefore not be able to come to Istanbul… Just kidding, but we prepare for the 2014 Cape-Argus and many more to come. I talked to the oldest participant after the race, 94 (ninety-four) years of age. He finished in unbelievable 5 ½ hours, wow. Hats up, that man got my respect. No excuses for us, get going. We should do this more often, in other parts of the world as well, and we can use the Worldwide Circular to distribute the ideas, running, cycling (mountain or road), triathlons/ ironmans all in the Hellmann colors, true to our slogan ‘the young company since 1871’.


One final thought and wish: Shortly after the race our cycle buddy René Baumann got diagnosed with cancer. I understand he is doing a lot better now and that the treatment works. Here is hoping René will be back in good health and shape very soon, and we can call him René ‘Lance’ Baumann in the next race. 

Get well soon, René Baumann

Hellmann UK announces partnership with Diehl Spedition Matthew Marriott, Hellmann Lichfield

Hellmann UK has announced a new partnership with Diehl Spedition in Stuttgart. The partnership, which will commence on June 01, 2012 will see Hellmann UK’s operation for European Land services working with Diehl Spedition on distribution on a cross continental level.

great potential in developing the market further with Hellmann UK due to the 1st class quality of both companies which will cement the market leading position of Diehl in the Stuttgart market. ďƒ§

partner 02/12

The new cooperation means that both companies will operate a daily groupage system between the Hellmann UK hub operations in Lichfield and Basildon to Stuttgart and back based on express trailers, allowing Hellmann to continue its development of the German market with key System Alliance Europe members. Diehl Spedition, which recently joined the GebrĂźder Weiss Family, will have

the key benefit of the complete Star Service structure. The Star Service structure is a newly launched Hellmann service offering that provides customers with special transit time options. Within the partnership with Diehl Spedition, both companies will be able to offer 48 hour door-to-door services with key features including pre 10am deliveries and allocated time slots. The daily system that Hellmann UK will run with Diehl will compliment our current structure and enhance the service and growth potential for the German market. Diehl Spedition is a well respected organisation and therefore the opportunity for both businesses to prosper is excellent. Dieter Alber, a member of the management board of Diehl Spedition, also comments that he sees


Hellmann announces the opening of a new branch at the Airport of Vilnius, Lithuania Patrick Nathe and Michael Mihm, Hellmann East Europe Maintal

In July 2012, Hellmann announced the opening of a new branch at the airport of Vilnius in Lithuania. Hellmann has been operating in Lithuania since 2007. Due to the rapid growth and development during the previous 5-year period, the expansion became a necessity as storage and aircraft activity reached peak capacities. However, with this new expansion, all employees in Vilnius have now been granted with 2,500 m² of space, with options of 10,000 m² of storage and 600 m² of available office space.

The new branch in Vilnius shines in new splendour

Hellmann currently has 33 active employees in Vilnius, 12 in Kaunas and two in Klaipeda, in 2011 they reported a turnover of 9.5 million Euros. In addition to its acquisition of additional real estate, Hellmann is also expanding its product portfolio in the region to include rail transport and 3PL services alongside its standard road, air and sea freight services. It is estimated that up to 3,000 packages are shipped monthly with regular line

services throughout Europe and are cleared for worldwide export with Hellmann’s sea and air network. The development of the past few years has been very positive. In the past year alone, we have had an increase of 200% in our sea freight operations and transit to Russia has also grown. Our target for 2012 is continuous growth at a minimum of 30% with the new location and with air freight in particular. 


Atlas Copco is supplying several mines in Guatemala with specialized machinery, parts and equipment and Hellmann has been providing most of the logistics services for these. Cargoes originate mainly from Sweden, Atlas Copco’s headquarters, with additional volumes

from South Africa and Belgium, among other countries. The successfully executed shipment of this bolting rig is the result of the combined professional efforts of Transmodal, S.A. in Guatemala, Greencarrier AB in Sweden and Hellmann in Italy. 

partner 02/12

Using a combination of RO/RO (roll on – roll of) carriers, Hellmann successfully transported an Atlas Copco bolting rig from Wallhamn, Sweden to Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala, with transshipment at Livorno, Italy.


Exciting variety within the HELIOS Program: Project boom in 2012 Britta Kemper, Hellmann Osnabrueck

For four years we have been live with HELIOS, and up until this point we have never been so busy working on so many modules at the same time. At the moment our HELIOS Team is supporting 10 projects in total, which involves planning, preparation and on-going support… The Worldwide “Classics“ At this stage, we are experienced with our “classic modules” (Customer Relationship Management, Master Data Management, Human Resources and Self Service) and as a result we are able to bring new countries on board quite quickly, provided of course that the countries have made sufficient preparation, in terms of data cleansing within the legacy systems and laying the groundwork for new roles and responsibilities. The roll-out of our Customer Relationship Management is almost complete in all Hellmann countries with an existing sales structure, and is at a much more advanced stage than the roll-out of other modules. Besides roll-out and support of the five modules, with which at least one country is working, many other different projects were started simultaneously…


The „New Ones“ in the Pipeline: Focus Germany In order to manage our land transport, we have found a solution for our future Hellmann Transport Management System (HTM). This means that the project will now really start to gather momentum and we can make preparation for the pilot branch Crivitz. By implementing the Purchasing module, our internal order process will be a lot

easier. We will create and maintain our purchase orders ourselves and, we will be able to track them in the system until the desired product (e.g. mobile phone, notebook,…) is delivered. The Travel Expense module is also coming up soon. This tool will help us to process our travel expense account easier and much faster. We are moving from a paper-based workflow to an automatic solution, therefore saving time,

Module Specific Adaptations

effort and enabling quicker repayment to the employee. Besides maintaining personal master data, the upstream recruitment process will be included in the integrated HELIOS system soon. In the future, we will be able to create and manage the whole process within this new HELIOS module - from the vacancy request, application arrival and selection process of internal and external applicants (e.g. interviews) to the recruitment.

Within our Customer Excellence project we are moving forward as well. Main target is to gather our customer contacts across all entry channels and contact points (e.g. telephone, email,…) within the Customer Service. Therefore, two pilot branches have been nominated (Bremen and Osnabrueck) and initial information events and process analyses are planned soon. You will hear from us regarding the implementation of the new modules in Germany. If

you want to get more information right now, please visit our HELIOS Wiki: or send us a message to: Best regards, Your HELIOS Team 

All HELIOS Modules: Software Upgrade Verena Marks, Hellmann Osnabrueck

First of all the overview of your assigned responsibilities has become more concise by changing the flat work list to a hierarchic structure.

Secondly, if you have set up certain favorites on the HELIOS homepage, you are now able to switch between your “Favorites” directly. Before the upgrade, this was only possible by navigating via the home button. Beyond these overall adjustments of the navigation you also find specific adaptions within each module (Picture on top). For further information about the update and the effects for the module(s) you are working with, check our HELIOS Wiki for updated training material. Just navigate through the legend on the left side and click on the respective mo-

dule to get access to the current training material. Also, feel free to contact your local key user. php?id=comm:keyuser 

partner 02/12

As you might have already noticed, we have updated our HELIOS system in order to provide you with a more stable system as well as enhanced functionality. Therefore, we are working with the new system version since the end of July 2012. You find major modifications within the overall navigation, which carry different advantages for you.


Politically relevant shipment order: UN Transport vehicles for Syria Markus Lingohr, Hellmann Dusseldorf

At the beginning of May our long-term, Berlin based partner in air freight “Flying Wheels” was given contract with very unique terms that put it in the middle of a political predicament. The contract was for the transportation of 25 armored Toyota Land Cruisers from Leipzig to the Syrian capital of Damascus. The SUV’s would then be utilized by United Nations (UN) soldiers and staff for the planned observing mission in the war-torn country. As in most cases of air freight, time was both the deciding and challenging factor. The contract was presented to Flying Wheels on 8th May, the decision on whether or not to accept the contract would have to be made by May 11, 2012 and in accordance with the specifications outlined by UN headquarters in New York, the SUV’s must arrive in Damascus by the following day on May 12, 2012. “We immediately worked feverishly to


purchase suitable cargo aircraft", explained Managing Director Rainer Landgraf.” At ACS Air Charter Service in Frankfurt, we finally found a solution." Two Airbus A300F and a McDonnell Douglas MD11 were commissioned for the assignment. Of course even with the acquisition of the necessary aircraft, there was still much to do. As is often the case with aircraft, it is necessary to acquire certain landing permits and in situations in which there is a crisis occurring this can be quite difficult, and Syria presented no exception. Despite the support and backing of the UN, permission to land was not granted in either Leipzig or Damascus until the last minute. On May 11, 2012, the two Airbus planes were loaded at the Leipzig airport. The transport utility vehicles were loaded into the cargo room of each aircraft in groups of 6, with each vehicle weighing 5.3 tons, the combined weight came up to about 31.8 tons per plane.

The next challenge Flying Wheels was faced with, was during the loading of the third airplane. The plane in question, an MD11 from Nairobi, finally arrived in Leipzig after a 4 hour delay. Our colleagues at Hellmann Damascus were kept informed about the status of the loading process in Leipzig and were able to make preparations for the offloading process in Damascus in an effort to make up for the delay. On Saturday morning, May 12, 2012, the final Airbus landed at Damascus, and the second arrived shortly thereafter at noon. The last plane, the MD11 landed at 6 PM and the last vehicle was delivered at exactly 11:45 that evening, thus fulfilling the UN’s contractual requirements: that all the vehicles are to be delivered by May 12, 2012. Congratulations on the perfect delivery! “Our thanks also go out to our colleagues at Hellmann Damascus, the loading crew Port-

ground in Leipzig, the chartering firm ACS in Frankfurt and the truck drivers who brought the armored vehicles to Leipzig”, said Rainer Landgraf on behalf of Flying Wheels. “All parties have worked with the precision of a Swiss timepiece in ensuring the success of the completion of the contract. Many thanks!” 

partner 02/12



Corporate Social Responsibility Ken Finneran, Hellmann Miami

On April 20, 2012, Hellmann hosted nearly 80 visitors, who had gathered in our training room for networking and to hear information about the Ultimate Life Entrepreneurship Camp. ULEC is a business camp led in partnership with the Casimiro Global Foundation for youth ages 13-20 highlighting entrepre-

neurship, leadership, and social responsibility, which were hosted at our facility from July 16-20, 2012. Hellmann has hosted and sponsored this fantastic initiative the past two years, thereby benefitting over 75 young entrepreneurs. Because the principles and mindsets taught in the ULEC are so closely

aligned to our DNA, Hellmann also offers partial scholarships to relatives of our employees, who wish to attend this life-changing event. ďƒ§ Picture: Master Trainer for the ULEC, Juan Casimiro, getting the crowd excited at Hellmann

Customer Branch Visit at Hellmann Columbus Steven Dullaghan, Hellmann Columbus

Cintas received a tour of the Columbus branch office and the warehouse facility that was opened for Cintas in September 2011. At their request, Ryan Murvine (Warehouse Supervisor) demonstrated loading and unloading trailers in the warehouse. He also walked them through the different types of load bars and equipment. After a lunch on the grill, the


Cintas crew was off to a presentation by Paul Goldsbrough (Hong Kong Sales at Hellmann Asia). To end their trip, Cintas received a hands-on tour of the Hong Kong charters by Sandy Spence of Kalitta. Nothing was off limits, they were able to speak with the charter crew and sit in the cockpit. ďƒ§

Group Picture from left: Andrea Huang (Advanced Management Partner, Cintas), Glynn Meeks (Global Logistics Specialist, Cintas), Joni Hathaway (BDE Hellmann, Columbus), Sandy Spence (Kalitta), Alex Pancorvoa (Global Logistics Manager, Cintas) and Michann Brown (Import/Export Specialist, Cintas)

Hellmann increases efficiency with the longLINER Hendrik Jansen, Hellmann Osnabrueck

After a long period of planning and approval procedures, Hellmann successfully started using the long truck since June 12, 2012. The nearly 20 kms distance between our customer Duni, located in Bramsche, and the company's head office in Osnabrueck will be covered by two longliners instead of the three long stretchers which have been driving on that route. At that time, 15 runs were needed in order to move the pallets which are distributed via the Hellmann transshipment hall. By using the longliner, the number of runs needed to pick-up the table covers and napkins could be rescued to 10. Due

to the permitted weight of 44 tons and the maximum length of 25.25 meters, the logistic operational sequence is optimized and the environmental pollution is minimized.

nized by the Lower Saxony. Back then, the vehicle covered over 130,000 kilometers. Aside from the CO² emissions, also the Diesel consumption could be reduced up to 21,000 liters. ďƒ§

After a tough process, we have managed to be more efficient for our customers and to relieve the road transport altogether. The recent field test in the extension of the route network shows that we are on the right track and that we will continue to utilize the saving potentials for our customer's sake and in order to preserve the environment. In 2006, Hellmann has already taken part in a longliner test which was orga-

partner 02/12


The Winners of “Logistics Genius 2011” have been found Vreni Mummenhoff, Hellmann Osnabrueck

Over a year ago, Hellmann launched the search for the “Logistics Genius 2011”. The contest gives primary pupils the opportunity to explore the world of logistics. These children were asked to present their ideas by sending in projects, art, concepts or by recording short videos. Klaus Hellmann said about the contest: “Our children grow up in a society in which everything is available: the fresh milk for breakfast, the magazines in the shop, or the bus which takes them safely to school everyday. How could we help children realize the extensive logistical processes which are involved every day? With this contest we would like to clarify how fun and exciting logistics is, because whether they are aware of it or not, they subconsciously solve logistical challenges in their daily lives. No sooner said than done: nearly 6,000 elementary schools in Germany have been informed about our contest. The children could participate with their class, alone or in small groups up to three members. A jury was selected to examine and evaluate the projects. The jury included Klaus Hellmann, Prof. Gerhard Lohmeier (our Environmental Officer), Stephan Wessolek (Chief Editor of “spielen und lernen”), Björn Helmke (Chief Editor of DVZ), Prof. Kai Hoffmann (Manager of the Logistics School of the European Fernhochschule Hamburg), Prof. Wolfgang Bode (Hochschule Osnabrück, and Head of the Institute of Traffic and Logistics, LOGIS.NET), and Christoph Biemann (Editor “Sendung mit der Maus”). The


winning team won a 10,000 euro voucher for computer equipment and the single winner received a family weekend at Disneyland®. The winners were awarded during the presentation ceremony at “Speicher III” in Osnabrueck. The Winners At the ceremony, the winners were announced. The winners in the category small groups are Pascal Heptner (10), Philipp Hollenberg (9) and Mariano Machado (9) with their idea for an online shop for second-hand children clothes. Hannes Neupauer (11) won second place with his self-built document transportation robot that he built to save the school secretary the trouble of having to move documents to the staff room. The third place was shared by two winners: Pia Hinrichs (9) and Lukas-Fabian Zange (8). In the group evaluations, the students of class 3c from the Diesterwegschule took the first prize. They developed a vehicle they called “Foxmobil”, a solar powered module of transportation that could adapt its size, depending on the number of passengers. Close runner-up was class 3b from the Grundschule Duesseldorfer Straße in Bremen with their project “Die Giraffen backen Apfelkuchen” (The giraffes bake apple-pie). The third place was split between class 2a from Grundschule Gesmold and class 4 of the Grundschule Proesen. Unfortunately, due to the distance, the class was not able to attend the award ceremony. However, the students still received their award as our colleague from Leipzig,

Gunter Marienfeld, visited them in person. The “Logistics Genius 2011” was a great success. “Many ideas which simplify our daily lives today, seemed to be impossible for a long time and today they are indispensable.”, Klaus Hellmann clarified. “The world of logistics benefits from the input of younger generations and the children have shown how innovative processes and procedures can be developed with new perspectives. Young people change the world.” After all, one thing is for sure: The project ”Logistics Genius” will continue in 2012. 

The happy tri

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ud winners of the Diesterweg

Klaus Hellmann and the pro

Lukas won third place

Christoph B

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The happy runner-up from Bremen

Happy Pia also won the third prize

partner 02/12


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Becoming better acquainted and sharing new opportunities in Europe… Eberhard Scholz, Hellmann Osnabrueck

This is a goal we have set ourselves together with our longtime European partners in land transport. In order to succeed, we have organized workshops in which representatives from various operating departments are involved. One goal of these workshops is to foster and develop personal relationships between the employees of the partner branches. Everyone should know who their colleagues “on the other side” are, how they work, and how it may be possible to bypass the obstacles normally associated with working partnerships. Other discussion points include: ƒƒ Cost optimization ƒƒ Improvement of services ƒƒ Transit time stabilization ƒƒ Customer satisfaction In November 2011, employees from eight of our branches have met with Gebrüder Weiss employees in Munich. Representatives from all Austrian Gebrüder Weiss branches which cooperate with Hellmann have attended the meeting. In the evening prior to the meeting, the participants were able to socialize on a more personal level allowing all participants to con-


centrate on the functional contents the next day. Some remaining open topics have been discussed in March 2012 during a second workshop which took place in Vienna. On March 16, 2012, a meeting with our partner Heppner in Strasbourg was held. Heppner sent representatives from 10 branch offices, while Hellmann employees from six branches participated. In the various working groups, opportunities in each of the mentioned discussion fields were listed and brought into a plan

of approach. Some decisions were implemented with immediate effect, others according to a schedule. A few other projects will be handled within smaller groups. All remaining topics will be covered during a workshop in Osnabrueck, planned to be held in October 2012. The meeting that Heppner had arranged in Strasbourg was very well organized. The meeting, which set no timely constraints to creativity and promoted the input of new ideas, has led to a slight delay of the

planned dinner event set to take place at a restaurant specializing in cultural cuisine, which included delicacies such as the famous Alsatian Flammkuchen. We have also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Essers, our Belgian partner. On November 11, 2011 our counterparts from Essers joined us in Osnabrueck where they were able to share experiences regarding cargo handling, fleet management and controlling. At the end of the visit, Essers returned the favor by inviting their Hellmann

counterparts to visit their facility in Genk/ Belgium on February 29, 2012 in order to demonstrate how their own organization is managed. As a result of the meeting, a second HUB in West Belgium has been established. Since April 1, 2012, the Osnabrueck branch has begun its initial phase with a second HUB in Ternat, with the other Hellmann offices following on June 1, 2012. One thing remains certain: each of these meetings has effectively improved cooperation

between employees who work together. The communication through unofficial channels seems to be effective as everyone is looking after each other’s needs – a positive outcome from which the customers will surely benefit. ďƒ§

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Celebrating 60 years in the UK Matthew Marriott, Hellmann Lichfield

It’s not often that a nation is lucky enough to celebrate its monarch reigning for sixty years but, here in the UK, that’s exactly what happened over a double bank holiday weekend in June. With river pageants, concerts, and street parties galore, the country was unified through its celebrations. To be honest the British don’t need much of an excuse to have a party and believe me we had a BIG party! London was at bursting point with tens of thousands of people lining up to watch the Thames River Pageant, while 14.7 million Brits tuned in to watch the Diamond Jubilee concert. However, while everyone was enjoying the four day long extended weekend, Hellmann European Operations opened up on the bank holiday Tuesday to make sure we continued distribution operations. Celebrating and still maintaining operations was no mean feat but, with some serious forward planning, it all ran like clockwork. Just as well considering Hellmann UK saw a 30% increase in volume on the Wednesday morning which continued through to Friday. So, just how did we do it? Well, we opened


our three European hubs in Bradford, Lichfield and Basildon on the bank holiday Tuesday from 8am until 4pm so we were still set up to receive shipments from partners. This meant that all continental trailers arriving in the UK could be unloaded and trunked across the network for delivery on Wednesday. We also operated a complete truck network on the Tuesday evening, which made sure we delivered a day quicker than our competitors’ transit times and removed the chance of bottlenecks in the distribution lines. And finally, we pre-organised an increase in the number of domestic vehicles to make sure we had plenty of capacity across the UK. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I can safely say that an extraordinary amount of forward planning went into that weekend – and not only from Buckingham Palace’s side! Without it, Hellmann UK would have had considerable distribution delays like many of our rivals but, thanks to all the management and staff involved, we were able to manage a challenging period. 

Jodi Raphael's (Regional Sales Manager) son also dressed for the occasion

Hellmann Leadership Training in AMcs Ken Finneran, Hellmann Miami Kenneth A. Finneran (Chief People Officer - Americas) and Johana Bohorquez (Regional HR Generalist) have led the Hellmann Leader training sessions for country management teams as well as Emerging Leader 1 & 2 sessions for Branch Managers, managerial and supervisory staff in branches throughout the AMCS organization. The highly interactive, informative, and action-oriented sessions were well received by all participants in the USA and Latin America. 

US Branch Managers following the Emerging Leader 2 training in Atlanta

Members of the Costa Rican Shared Service Center after their bridge-building exercise

Johana Bohorquez leading brand training in Latin America

Hellmann Awarded “Most Improved Customs Broker”

Royal Caribbean 2012 Supplier Conference

Mark M. Sola, Hellmann Miami

Jonathan Bales, Hellmann Miami

F. l.: Barry Baxter, Greg Davis, Mark M. Sola, Sandra Jaramillo, Alicia Aguado, Andrea Goldstein, Brent Demery and Kenny Rush

F. l.: Mike Jones (VP Supply Chain), Keith Washington (Director Newbuild Project Purchasing), Ijlal Torres (Global VP, Hellmann Cruise Logistics) and Jonathan Bales (Director, HCL Global Operations)

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Hellmann was awarded the "Most Improved Broker" award for 2011 at Walmart's Annual Broker Conference. Hellmann was able to achieve a double-digit improvement in its score over last year, a feat which Walmart was quick to note is very difficult to achieve! We increased our overall score 14.50 percent; the next highest score was an overall improvement of 6.50 percent. Based on our outstanding results Walmart has also decided to raise the bar for all brokers beginning with this year's new scorecard. The entire Hellmann Perishable Logistics and Miami Walmart team has offered the continuous support and dedication required in order to bring these results to fruition. This team includes Jerome Arzadon, Shirley Certain, Jairon Gonzales, Carlos Morejon, Sandra Jaramillo, Cedric Evans, Jessica Barrera, Andrea Goldstein and Walmart's Strategic Account Manager – Alicia Aguado.

Hellmann Cruise Logistics was well-represented during a recent twoday Supplier Conference hosted by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Ijlal Torres, Jonathan Bales and Christian Finnern attended the Conference along with more than 100 representatives of RCCL’s suppliers. The conference was focused on preparing for the cruise line’s multiple dry docks scheduled over the next year and a half. Recognizing our Hellmann Cruise Logistics’ hard working Project Team, Hellmann was the only full service logistics provider included in the conference. On the first day, after an introductory session with all participants, there were breakout sessions focusing on everything from legal and purchasing to logistics and fulfillment. The second day featured executive presentations from Chairman & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, the President of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as well as an interesting session with consultants hired by RCCL to evaluate and improve the entire dry dock process. The two days were both educational and productive with a lot of networking with both the RCCL Project Management Team as well as the variety of suppliers (who always need reliable logistics partners!). 


The 18th Intermodal South America exhibition Ary Chander, Hellmann S達o Paulo

The show is one of the largest and most important Latin America exhibitions bringing together business professionals and interactive discussions on the latest of the industry. The 18th fair was held from April 10-12, 2012, at the Transamerica Expo Center in S達o Paulo.

Over 550 exhibiting companies participated in the event. It was attended by more than 45,000 well targeted business visitors, from several different nations and the leading industries, like machine manufacturers, electronics, medical, automobile, textile, food, sea and air professionals. We had numerous meetings at our booth and we were able to

From left: Francisco Pruden (Linde), Angel Santana Ackermann and Ary Chander (Hellmann Brasil) and Lucas Mac Gaw (Hellmann Argentina)


talk to top market leaders and industry decision makers from this sector, besides, we welcomed about 50 of our major customers, such as Puma, SPX, P&G, Johnson Controls, CommScope/Andrew, Fresenius, Crocs, Fibria, Impsa Auto and others. It was a pleasure to have our Hellmann colleagues from abroad and for the upcoming

F. l.: Two colleagues from Rotta, Ariel Kraft (Hellmann Automotive Brasil), Katia Sampaio (Hellmann Brasil), Edson Orlando (Rieter / Automeum) and Ana Paula (Rotta)

F. l.: Jose Luis Moreano, General Manager Hellmann Peru, Gerhard Allgaeuer, Roger Haeussler, Global COO & CEO The Americas, Angel Santana Ackermann, President & CEO ( Hellmann Brasil)

years we hope to get together again. Thanks for attending the fair Roger Häussler, Gerhard Allgäuer, Jose Luis Moreano, Alex Delrue, Markus Fellmann, Lucas Mac Gaw, James Rinchiuso, Piotr Zaleski, Juan Jose Barahona and Antonio Jung. 

F. l.: Hector Rodriquez (Interteam - MEX), Piotr Zaleski (Branch Manager Hellmann Mexico), Susana Alvarez (Interteam), Kurt Giess (Interteam), unknown (Interteam's agent), unknown (Interteam's agent)

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F. l.: Rodrigo Maranzatto (All Quality), Susi Kornillo (Hellmann Healthcare Manager), Leonardo Nery (All Quality)


Introducing E-Freight Benno Nelles, Hellmann Dusseldorf

What is e-freight? The IATA e-freight project aims to take the paper out of the air cargo supply chain and replace it with a cheaper, more accurate and more reliable electronic messaging system, including an electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB). Today, the air cargo industry still relies heavily on paper-based processes to enable the movement of freight. The average airfreight shipment generates up to 30 different paper documents – increasing the cost of airfreight, lengthening transit times and supporting green logistics efforts. IATA e-freight replaces 20 of these documents with electronic messages. Facilitated by IATA, the project is an industry-wide initiative involving carriers, freight forwarders, ground handlers, shippers and customs authorities. As of January 2013, e-freight mandates an e-AWB. Key benefits include: ƒƒ Lower costs: eliminates paper handling and processing costs ƒƒ Faster service: a reduced cycle time of 24 hours on average


ƒƒ Greater reliability and accuracy: one-time electronic data entry at point of origin ƒƒ Better visibility: electronic documentation allows for online track and trace functionality ƒƒ Increased security: electronic documents are only made available to parties who require them for the completion of a shipment ƒƒ Environmentally friendly: e-freight will eliminate more than 7,800 tons of paper documents, the equivalent of 80 Boeing 747 freighters. This will also lead to weight reduction on board, which in its turn leads to less CO² emission How does it work and what is needed to be e-freight enabled? E-freight may sound difficult, but it is really easy. It fits within our existing tools and processes. Currently, every paper Air Waybill includes an agreement clause which can be found on the back side of the Air Waybill. However, the new electronic Air Waybill can only work if a single global agreement has been signed with our airline partners in advance. In the

cases where there is no signed agreement, the paper Air Waybill will be handed over as a transport document. Please note that the shipper of goods still needs to know the terms of conditions for air cargo shipments according to IATA resolution 600b (see Conditions of contract as per reverse side of the Air Waybill). Technical set-up, testing and rollout is being executed through our Global Business Process Management (BPM) and IS Team. So far, we are doing e-freight with: ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

American Airlines Air Canada Cathay Pacific Delta Emirates IAG (British Airways and Iberia) Lufthansa Cargo Swiss

Others, like Air France / KLM / Martinair and United are already approached. Current IATA project status for international and domestic e-freight (June 2012):

42 Live countries / administrative areas 430 Live airports 2,208 Live stakeholders (airlines & freight forwarders) 10,481 Live Trade lanes Here you will learn what the e-freight terms mean: ƒƒ EAW: new special handling code indicating shipment is full e-freight

ƒƒ EAP: new special handling code indicating partial e-freight shipment only, meaning that some documents, that cannot be sent with the e-pouch, are still with the shipment ƒƒ FWB: EDI message containing information on Master Air Waybill level ƒƒ FHL: EDI message containing information on House Air Waybill level ƒƒ E-pouch: electronic way of transmitting

documents (invoice, packing list etc.) to Destination Freight Forwarder (DFF) ƒƒ EFOP: E-Freight Operating Procedures ƒƒ e-AWB: electronic Air Waybill Thank you for supporting this initiative! 

Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami

The overall objective of the ACAS pilot program is to receive pre-departure cargo data globally, allowing CBP and TSA to conduct a joint security risk analysis in order to identify potential threats to aviation. Security concerns for identified shipments will be mitigated through host-country intervention or TSA implemented security screening protocols conducted by the carrier prior to landing. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is taking steps to position an entrance into the program by late fourth quarter 2012. We are working with several of our preferred air

carriers, origin offices, and service providers to ensure that adequate training along with data integration are completed to maintain the high level of excellence and reliability that our clients require. We will continue to monitor the ACAS program and keep you informed of any significant updates.

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On November 3, 2010, CBP and TSA began meeting with various trade partners to better understand business practices and develop a mechanism to collect cargo data as soon as possible in the supply chain, as a security type filing. This was in response to when the global counter-terrorism community disrupted a potential attack by individuals with ties to Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula/Yemen (AQAP). AQAP attempted to conceal and ship explosive devices in cargo on board aircraft ultimately destined for the United States.


Who loves, doesn’t sleep Dr. Suzann Schmiegel-Kirschner

One of the most successful novels, “Brother Sleep” from the author Robert Schneider, portrays a man who, out of love, loses his ability to sleep, and eventually his life as a result. One aspect that makes this book so unique and impressive is the detail used in the depiction of the mental and physical effects that sleep deprivation have on the human


body. To put this into context, a complete lack of sleep in a 24 hour period is roughly equivalent to having a .001 blood alcohol level. The film “Sleepless in Seattle” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan refers to this very subject to which many of us can certainly relate. The plot of the film is based on the concept of being sleepless in love, a “night without

sleep”, in which two people in a high spirits, sleep only for a few hours at a time and are able to lift the weight of the world off its hinges. Even so, many of us are familiar with the opposite problem: permanent lack of sleep or sleep disorders which influence ones sleeping or the falling into sleep. Our lives filled with

Below you will find a few tips on how to ensure a good nights rest… Sleeping Tips ƒƒ Avoid coffee, nicotine and black or green tea in the afternoon (these items can have an effect that can last up to 14 hours) ƒƒ Try not to eat too late at night and not in copious quantities. If the stomach and digestive system remain active in the evenings, it may be difficult for the body to achieve a relaxed state required for sleep ƒƒ Before going to bed, try not to engage in excessive sports (jogging, squash, fitnesscenter, etc.). Your body would need too much time to wind down ƒƒ It is recommended that your mind be equally at ease two hours before going to bed and all exciting activities be completed ƒƒ Take a warm foot bath ƒƒ Massage your feet with warm sesame oil. ƒƒ Wear wool socks to bed ƒƒ Ventilate the bedroom with fresh air before retiring ƒƒ Eliminate any sources of light; make sure the room is dark Tips on how to ensure a full nights rest… ƒƒ Do not sleep naked (if the temperature of your body decreases between the hours of 2 and 6 o’clock in the morning, your body will sense the change in temperature and will proceed to wake up). ƒƒ If possible wear pajamas with sleeves that cover your shoulders and reduce the likelihood of the body cooling down too quickly. ƒƒ Block out any potential sources of noise. That means sleep with the windows closed when your bedroom borders on a busy road or if your average sleep-time goes beyond the morning hours in which birds start singing. ƒƒ Avoid consuming any alcohol just before going to bed. Doing so will decrease the amount of time necessary for you to fall asleep and reduce the chances of any sleeping troubles in the later hours. ƒƒ Try to reduce the amount “evening rituals” that occur at night (such as the hourly trips to the refrigerator or bathroom. It is also

advised that you stop drinking 3 hours in advance of going to bed, no later. ƒƒ Avoid leaving lights on when you go to bed, as your body’s “internal clock” will assume that it is still daytime and will resist switching into a resting phase. ƒƒ Another suggested consideration, would be for you and your spouse to sleep in separate bedrooms if he/she snores or moves often while sleeping. Whether you are making this request to your spouse or receiving it, ensure that your spouse understands that this accommodation is in the interest, not due to a lack, of love and trust. 

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multimedia, active daily routines from morning to evening, stress, parenthood as well as being a few years older, provoke disruptions in our sleep rhythm. As a result, we feel dull, broken, depressed, ill-tempered, and maybe even depressed. The existence of these conditions have been confirmed by various scientific studies, in which results have shown that sleep plays a vital role in the body’s capacity to function and are not merely figments of imagination or sensitive feelings. In our sleep learning structures are established just as memories saved. A lack of sleep weakens the body´s (immune) system, as our (defense-nerve tissue) cells do not repair properly without sufficient rest. The body essentially becomes more vulnerable to bacterial infection and viruses (herpes, fever, stomach and intestinal infections, etc.) and even more dangerous diseases. And the potential consequences are not limited to just physical conditions. Psychological disorders that may occur include burn-out and depression, just to name a few examples. Unfortunately, it is still considered heroic to follow the strict sleeping schedule of only getting by with approximately three or four hours of sleep per night, a method that traces back to Napoleon who was infamous for working around the clock. People are entitled to speculate whether Napoleon’s death at the age of 52 may have been a result of his haphazard sleep schedule…either way, the amount of sleep required varies between individuals. Most people require approximately 6 to 8 hours of rest in order to function properly. Sleep is a dynamic process, its stages are divided into the following phases: sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and dream sleep. The last two phases, deep and dream sleep, are considered to be the most important considering that, after withdrawal, our body tries to catch up on these faces. Regardless of the reason, whether it is love, stress, a newborn baby, or because of old age, it is important to recognize the importance of sleep and the impact it has on your health and mood. Therefore it is important to ensure that every person gets enough rest and that a lack of sleep is regained on holidays, weekends, or in the afternoon.


Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Genevieve Corporan, Hellmann Miami

On April 13-15, 2012 our vendor JMKC Express invited Jose Montoya to the 38th Annual Toyota Grand Prix! As a guest, Jose was able to take our customer Living Textiles’ Harold Lee - President CEO.  Pictured to the right: Harold Lee and Jose Montoya

Bring Your Child to Work Day Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami

On April 26, 2012 our Hellmann US office in Newark, New Jersey participated in “National Bring Your Child to Work Day”. The children participating played games and drew pictures of what they think their par-ents do at work. After a pizza lunch for the kids, Angelo Calcavecchio and Dinah Thomas gave a mini demonstration of what freight forwarding is all about with maps, model boats, trucks, containers, and air planes. 10 child participants in the Miami, Hellmann Perishables and Hellmann Americas Headquarters were happy to learn more about their parents’ workplace and enjoyed various activities throughout the day. “National Bring Your Child to Work Day” was observed on May 3, 2012, in the South Florida community; due to state wide testing held the previous week. 


Amy Bernauer from Hellmann Miami ran in and sucessfully completed Disney’s Princess Half Marathon which took place on February 27, 2012. Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS), an organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancers.  Congratulations for this fantastic accomplishment!

Hellmann Miami Gains Shipment For State Department Ivette Valdes, Hellmann Miami US Despatch is a division of the State Department which handles the shipment of household goods, official vehicles, furniture, supplies, etc. for the US Embassies around the world. Each year Hellmann Miami gains a given lane by the bidding process. This year they were awarded all shipments to Venezuela. In addition, US Despatch has OTO - one time only shipments which are for destinations not covered under their bidding process. Several forwarders including Hellmann were requested to provide a rate, the most competitive gained the shipments. Hellmann gained a shipment to Vladivostok, Russia under the OTO quote concept for an armored vehicle which will be used during the coming visit in August by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton! 

Employer Branding Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami Ken Finneran promoted Hellmann's employer brand as he introduced and moderated the Keynote Panel Discussion on Talent Management at the HR Summit US held in mid-May in Atlanta. Along with a stellar group of Chief HR Officers from Coca-Cola, Rescare, and Lockheed Martin, Ken facilitated the best practice sharing and discussed about the most effective action steps to be taken in the crucial space of talent management. Marisa Roth, Summit Director, called the panel "fantastic" and stated that the delegates rated it "one of the top sessions of the entire event, esp. in terms of application in the workplace." 

2012 West Regional Meeting Todd L. Robbins, Hellmann Indianapolis

Hellmann Costa Rica Service Center Gives Back Genevieve Corporan, Hellmann Miami In August 2011, the Costa Rica Service Center partnered up with a local school in their community. Since then, they have not only been sponsoring three students, but their families as well. Every month they gather food for the three families. They provide the students with school supplies, clothing, and shoes. This past January, the Service Center gave the students and families a tour of the facility, and took the kids shoe shopping. 

The 2012 West Regional Meeting was held on May 30 - June 1, 2012 in Indianapolis. All branch managers from the West Region attended the three day meeting which included the following speakers: Bruce Barash, James Rinchiuso, Barbara Bender and Ken Zoller. During their time together the region discussed items such as sales initiatives, strategies, and best practices. The meeting was the perfect venue for the region to build relationships and offer support! 

Hellmann Donates Locks Of Love Melissa Portunato, Hellmann Miami Three very special Hellmann ladies took the time and effort to contribute to the Locks of Love Organization last month. After growing their hair to over 30 inches combined, they tied it and snipped it all off for a great cause! Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children

in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from longterm medical hair loss from any diagnosis. The hairpieces made for these children and young adults helps restore their self esteem and confidence during difficult times. 

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Manuela Barrera and Elizabeth Steck Glass donated more than 30 inches of hair to the "Locks of Love"


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a family run business with offices in more than 150 countries around the world. Our proximity to our customers is what allows us to build long-lasting partnerships and tailor made solutions for all your logistic needs.To learn more go to:

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