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Analysing Music Video Questionnaire Answers By Tobias Pugsley

Q1 .This question was the first question I asked in the survey. The

data collected clearly shows that the majority of people who answered where female (61.11%) whereas only 35.19% where males. As you can see this clearly doesn’t add up to 100% which is due to the fact I had two respondents not take this survey very seriously and therefore there results will be ruled out as they will be clear outliers. By clicking on ‘View respondents answers’, I can see the two individuals who didn’t take it very seriously answers and therefore will not include them in any other analysis.

Q2 .This question was used in the survey to understand the

respondents ages. Clearly I will not be taking any notice of the individual who answered between ‘0-10’ as this survey was only accessible through my Facebook post which has an age restriction of 13+. Therefore this was answered by someone who was clearly trying to be funny and also waste my time. From my results, I can gain the understanding that the majority of people who answered my survey where aged between 11-20.

Q3 .The main reason for this question was to find out if

people actually took any notice of the music video. From the data gathered, I know that around 46.30% of respondents do occasionally watch music videos (Once to Twice a week) and around 18.52% never watch them. Even though the data seems fairly realistic, I have to take note that it will not be 100% accurate as there where a few respondents who didn’t take this survey seriously and therefore made my data inaccurate.

Q4 .I asked this question in my survey to find out if

individuals only watch a specific artists music videos or if they tend to watch every song they listen to music video. From the data collected, It is clear to see that many individuals ‘Less frequently’ watch a specific artists music videos. Even if the individuals who answered my survey answered ‘Less frequently’ wouldn’t have effected this answer to badly as so many people answered it.

Q5 .To add variety in my survey, I decided to ask the respondents to

type some of there answers to mix it up between narrative and tick boxes. From the answers given, I carefully selected a variety of answers to add a bit of variety in my analysis. Majority of the answers are different meaning everyone who answered likes to see differing things from one another which makes it difficult when making the music video as everyone likes different things. To overcome this obstacle, I will try and find the most common and repeated answers to fit the target audience I want to appeal to.

Q6 .This question gave me some very sensitive answers and

clearly showed the attitudes today in society. Today, it seems people are striving away from ‘nudity’ and other sensitive topics used in previous music videos. Society may be moving away from the theory of Laura Mulvey’s ‘Male Gaze’ where women dress in a way that will appeal to men and would also attract them. It would seem that the harsh stereotypes previously used in society are slowly going and society is slowly beginning to change and become more equal. So In order to not seem controversial in our music video, I will avoid all sensitive topics and make sure every character used Is equal.

Q7 .I asked this question in my survey to find out the main reasons

why people actually watched music videos. Just like every other questions answers, there is a variety of answers meaning finding out what is liked by a wide range of people will be difficult. This leads to a struggle when making the music videos as we will have to try and cater to what the majority of people liked in order for it to be successful. To overcome this obstacle, as a group we will discuss what we believe needs to be included from the answers to appeal to our target audience.

Q8 .Throughout many music videos, lyrics have

often been imprinted onto the screen with the music videos in the background. This is done to help the viewers understand the lyrics and also the link between lyrics and video (Andrew Goodwin’s theory). I asked this question to find out whether people liked the lyrics being on the screen or not. It turns out 56.26% did like this so therefore me and my group will have to discuss how we could do this if we chose to do it in our final piece.

Q9 .The aim of this question in the survey was to find out

respondents opinions on whether they believe music videos are key to a songs success. This was to be followed by hopefully a short but detailed explanation. I had a variety of answers all covering both sides of the argument. Some of the respondents believed that music videos are key to a songs success for many differing reasons. ‘It provides another level to the song’ and ‘increases popularity’ are both reasons used by some of the respondents along side there ‘Yes’ answers. On the other hand, some respondents answered ‘No’ and backed up there answers with very strong reasons. One of these being ‘If it’s a terrible song, the music video isn’t going to save it’. This is a valid reason as it shows that no matter how good the music video is, it won’t be able to help make a song successful.

Q10 .For my final question, I asked my respondents

which media platform they watch music videos. Clearly YouTube was the most used platform as it is the most known video source online. Almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every single day so it was always going to be obvious that YouTube would be the main source for watching music videos.

Analysing music video questionnaire answers  
Analysing music video questionnaire answers  

Analysing music video questionnaire answers