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Bluetooth backup camera Brings You With Different Driving Experience Driving strictly prohibits taking any calls from your mobile phones as well as texts. The new technology of today allows you to actually talk to someone with the Bluetooth backup camera, and there are more features to it that makes your whole driving experience safer and fun.

GPS Navigation + Wired Back Up Camera The 4.3 Bluetooth Rear-view mirror with GPS Navigation Back up Camera (Model SJ4316B+RC05) is designed to revolutionize your driving experience. Almost all drivers now are buying the latest gadgets to fully accessorize their vehicle. The need to equip any vehicle with this particular product is necessary to avoid the risk of any road mishap caused by very lame reasons, such as poor estimation of the next vehicle or the pedestrian or worst using mobile phones while driving. The road accident that is related to poor judgment and careless estimations are now addressed

with this gadget. The whole mechanism this gear is to give the driver the right path to follow, hands free mobile communication and actual shots of the pedestrian and the next passing cars. Product Features at a Glance 

Equipped with denso gps navigation

Accurate and fast search

Voice guided

Multi language

With Bluetooth, FM transmitter

Accessories: calculator, calendar, currency converter, E-book

Built with AV-in

With speakers

Movie: MPEG4,2, 1, MP4, ASF, WMV, AVI, XVID

Music: MP3, WMA, WAV

Touch Screen

Car Charger: 12V, AC Adaptor charger: 5V/1.6A

Resolution:480 inch TFT, 16.9 wide touch screen

Dimension: 312 x 124 x 78 mm

Weight: 1070 gram

Benefits of Owning One

Road Safety is the number priority when you decide to have this device in your vehicle. As you drive you are given the peace of mind and safe travel. The accidents with this gear on will not be as high compared to those who rely only on the manual model of driving. No matter how defensive a driver you may be, but the vehicle next to you may be as keen as you are. With this gadget on your rear mirror, there is a great possibility that you can evade any incoming reckless drivers or avoid accidents relating to pedestrian crossing, over speeding and more. Cost Effective – this particular model is designed to give every driver a chance to come home safely. The price is made affordable for everyone to have. It does not carry a particular brand, but the materials and overall performance are at par with other leading brands.

Bluetooth backup camera Brings You With Different Driving Experience