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Christmas Wish List for guys

for girls

1. iPho n 2. Lap e 4S t 3. TV op

4S e n o iPh y 1. one M 2. Ds 3 3.

4. Games :M 5. Games odern Warfare 3 roducts Console (X 4. Beauty p 6. Money box 360) e 5. New phon 7. iPad 6. Clothes 8. Games s (Curlers, Console (P 7. Hair Tool S3) 9. Gam ers) es (Sky Straighten rim) 10. A C t card a 8. iTunes gif 11. Kinectr (For Xbo tickets x) 9. Concert ased films 12. DVDs e r le 13. Game 10. Newly CDs s (Saints eleased r Row The Third) 11. Newly 14. iPod (T 12. Shoes ouch, Na ag no) 13. New b rds 16. V 15. Mobile Phon a C e ouch 14. Gift ers llery 17. G e (iTu ew p/Mac 18. M ) ame J n e . 5 e 1 19. G s, H ters to usic s Co dis a MV ams a Lap nso n h . , 6 1 s a ) 20. mes ( (Album s le (W /p h pig s A C rc lon ii) Book (Guinea s 21. C oncert ssassi s) e . 7 a 1 ns C uff m s om /G orie on ets 22. st d oa n 18. P Access elevisi t Clot puter ig Ticke reed R f T 23. A hes t evel Ba ip t 19. cra atio ( 20. 21. . Tr at d 24. A Bike Dressin ns) n 22 . Co t a g Go te Sco wn, oter ola 23 . Ar c T o ops 25. K 24 ) Ch indle lists compiled by Jamie Goss and 5. Book 2 Stacey Carmichael Rea der

SARALA GIVES HER VERDICT ON THIS YEAR’S MUST-HAVE The new sleek iPhone 4s is the must-have smart phone this Christmas but you might be disappointed after un-boxing it. Not a single change to the handset, no one will even know you have the new version. I was expecting at least a size deduction a tummy tuck considering it’s an Apple product however the new phone is 3g lighter compared to its predecessor. Iphone 4s delivers up to twice the power and seven times faster graphics with an A5 dual core chip and the new phones had been bumped up with 8mp. It’s offering up to 64GB of internal storage. The ultimate change is Siri which is a new voice control system that helps users carry out tasks on the iPhone.


17. Books 18. Pets (Guine a pigs, hamst ers) 7. iPad 8. Games Console (PS3)9.Games (Skyrim) 10. A Car 11. Kinect (For Xbox) 12. DVDs 13. Gam...