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Irene Van Der Merwe “I am an outgoing and fun person who likes being creative and loves bringing life to things. I am always trying to make people laugh to lessen the seriousness and intensity of a situation.”

EDITOR Tarryn Dowsley Being the editor of the 2011 edition of Toast was an experience! I am hard working and diligent during office hours... I love laughing, reading and being in the sun! I believe that most things in the world can be solved with a glass of wine...and by ‘a glass’ I naturally mean ‘bottle’.

DEPUTY EDITOR Lauren Manuel I am an animal lover, a problem-solver, a designer at heart, a lover of pretty things and obsessed with the colour purple. I love nature and am as eco-conscious as can be.




ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER Sarah Lindbergh “I’ve loved photography ever since my brother gave me a camera when I was 16. If I’m not taking pictures I’m chillaxing, surfing, laughing and being with the people I care about most. I love my life and where it’s headed.”

EDITOR-AT-LARGE Stephanie Danieli “I am a professional photographer and an aspiring explorer. I really enjoyed working on TOAST this year. The highlight was definitely when Paula, Julien and I dashed to Parliment in the middle of a design session to go and protest against the Secrecy Bill. Ey, we’re journalists... what would you expect? I had a great team by my side.”

1st assistant DESIGNER

Chris Vermeulen

Paula Rabeling

I started out as a normal sub-editor but was promoted to Chief-sub partly due to my excellent work ethic and partly because Tarryn became our editor. I love football and ensured all the sports articles were accurate and naturally pro-Liverpool, not really, but a guy can dream!

“Hi there. I would just like to say that this year’s Issue of Toast has definitely been a successful one. From long hard-working hours to spontaneous protest adventures, it was a great experience. We really work well together as a team (Creative Look forward to seeing what next year’s journalism students come up with in the end. Make us proud.” 4 Toast

editorial team

1st assistant DESIGNER Julien Speyer “Toast was a terrifc opportunity to practice what we had learnt through the course of this journalism diploma. Numerous chicken wraps were consumed in the design stages of the magazine. I highly recommend next years design team to also fuel themselves with this nutitional delicacy.”

SUB-EDITOR Michael Smith After writing all of my articles about football, I can undoubtedly say that my passion lies in anything to do with the beautiful game. I endured hours of strenuous, tedious work subbing portions of the magazine. I trust you will enjoy the magazine which has everything from footy, to Dubstep to the benefits of Marijuana.

“If you are a student... Toast is a staple. A survival... Quick and Easy... Whether you dashing out the door for morning classes or chilling outside on the benches, TOAST is a free and easy way to reflect on student life.”

sub-editor Kristan Wood Aspiring editor, nail polish-collector and single mother of a boxer. My mission? Tightening and fixing stories for your reading pleasure.

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6 Toast

Letter from the Editor

n reflecting on this year’s edition of Toast I noticed a not-so subtle resemblance of our production to the history of France! First we experienced the ‘Dark Ages’ when we-the aspiring future journalists of 2013- couldn’t differentiate between our affects vs. effects. Like the French, we too experienced the plague!

Our plague, however, didn’t result in death but in something much, much worse... it made us come face-to-face with the enemy of all enemies: the semi-colon. In typical French style, we experienced our own Coup d’état which resulted in myself moving from my stickler job of Chief Sub-Editor to the daunting job of Editor. Needless to say, I no longer have friends-but we have a magazine! Finally, although I never truly believed that we’d get there, the renaissance came along and we were able to produce the content for this magazine! In this edition, there are stories on alcohol abuse, marijuana and hubbly bubbly-so perfect for students? No? We also have stories that are a touch more serious such as lipstick and highwaisted skirts and then light-hearted pieces on drug addiction and slavery. Now I am kidding...but seriously, it’s a good read! Hope you enjoy it!


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8 Toast


e as a class voted and decided that the theme of nature had to play a role in our Toast cover. I thought about various locations and settled on the Kirstenbosch Gardens. After a couple of brainstorming sessions we decided to do a picnic focused mainly on toast, showcasing our brand. Tarryn and I organised the technical “behind the scenes� part of the shoot, like who would be involved and what props we would use. Tarryn and I each toasted a couple of loaves of bread each for the models to use as props. Tarryn even brought her toaster along which helped to reinforce the brand in the photos. The picnic basket in the picture gives off the student picnic vibe which is exactly what we were going for. The photographer for the cover, Chantel McMillan, is currently a second year photography student. The models included: Chumani Galo, Zareena Khan, Sarah Lindbergh, Thulisa Sigwabe Masoka (our fellow Journalism students) , Helen Mc Currie, Nicole Links and Cheree Thompson.

(Deputy Editor)





By Irene van de Merwe

Amy Winehouse is dead at age 27. What is it about this age? Is it a curse placed on successful musicians? Or is it coincidence? Why have so many muso’s died at this age? What do they have in common other than their fame?

In our brains, there is a chemical called dopamine which is associated with pleasure. People with lower levels of dopamine are typically less satisfied and therefore feel the need to search for more intense experiences of pleasure.

The mystery dates back as far as 1908 – where 27-year -old ragtime musician Louis Chauvin died in March. American blues singer Robert Johnson also died at the age of 27 in 1938. And the list carries on even into the 60s and 70s where 27 year old music icons tragically passed.

As neuroscientist David Linden states that musicians and individuals such as Amy Winehouse would in turn “want feelings of success more than others” and accumulate fame and fortune to fulfil their desires. As a result, they would be more motivated to seek new experiences, challenge the status quo, and take bigger risks. Potentially resulting in career success and celebrity status, but also in substance abuse.

Icons such as Jesse Belvin, Rudy Lewis of The Drifters, Dickie Pride, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain of the American grunge band Nirvana. Looking into this phenomenon, scientists have come up with an explanation of these celebrity’s drugs and alcohol related deaths. And with a new understanding of the human brain and recent scientific discoveries, it is easy to explain.

Genetic testing may hold the key to preventing destructive addiction in both celebrities and other types of leaders, such as politicians and CEO’s says Melanie A. Greenberg in ‘The Mindful Self Express’. Scientists of the future could invent drugs or identify natural supplements to increase dopamine-related

pleasure sensation, making individuals less vulnerable to addiction. Psychologists in turn, could create cognitive and behavioural programs to “retrain the brain” to experience pleasure from ordinary events. As humans, we have the extraordinary ability both to create huge problems that shorten our life spans and to solve them.  While Amy may have said “no” to rehab, perhaps the next generation of rock stars will say “yes” to preventive testing and intervention to stop them from suffering her tragic fate. This does not answer the question as to why other musicians live longer lives. Some have lived well into their 70s. So is there a reason behind dying at 27 years of age? Maybe there isn’t one. We need to look at the lifestyle of the musicians. They perform predominantly at night, often partying with fans until the early morning, so their “body clocks” are out of synch with the rest of society. When most people are at work during the daytime hours, they are sleeping, waking up to perform at night. Their social lives revolve around their work and not what we would consider normal daytime activities, which help to stabilise and balance our lives. They have no stabilising factors and tend to mix with a crowd who are there for fun and entertainment. We, as ordinary people, can participate in this once in a while, but this is something they have to do all the time, which may lead to depression and drug abuse. Addiction is a result of trying to keep feeling good when our bodies are telling us to slow down. For a musician this could be a difficult task considering the hours they work. Also, their sense of reality is not the same as ours and the majority of

Toast 15

selves as with any famous artist that passed away at a young age, did Amy do this to herself so as to become a bigger icon, such as Tupac, Elvis Presley and many others? After all, she only released two albums in her life time. Was she looking to prolong and broaden her fame and felt that death was the only way to do so?

addictions can only be overcome once we learn to tolerate reality and face it on it’s own terms. How can a musician do that?

I have come to the conclusion that the lifestyles of these musicians are the cause of these deaths and they could not deal with the non-stop attention and fame. Did Amy Winehouse do this on purpose to keep the tradition going, or was her death a real tragedy and a curse of the 27?

Another question we should ask our-

16 Toast


Caught up in the mix, the hate, the lust, the crime; what a young man has to say about the life of drugs and manipulation. By Irene van der Merwe


drug addict of 15 years speaks out in a cry for help. In an interview with Dave* - a 23 year old from Cape Town – he openly tells the story of how he took the wrong path; following the dark road of drugs and alcohol when he was just 9 years old. “I came from a good background, growing up in Johannesburg with my parents and younger sister,” he starts. Yet Dave wasn’t coping well at school. He showed signs of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention; and was later diagnosed with dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This was where his addiction started. Doctors put him on prescription drugs, one of them being Ritalin, and Dave became addicted - struggling to function or feel normal without them. Ritalin is classified as a methylphenidate drug, all of which are required to have a “black box” warning on the packaging: “Ritalin is a controlled substance because it can be abused or lead to dependence. Keep Ritalin in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse.” Yet, so many families have not been informed of the harsh side effects this prescription drug may result in.

Tragically, Dave’s father committed suicide. Quickly, Dave decided Ritalin was not enough to harbour the pain. After associating himself with the wrong friends, Dave was introduced to the drug Heroin and became addicted; feeling as though it was the only method of relieving his suffering. His mother and sister found out and packed up to move to Cape Town, hoping to get him the help he needed. Yet, 13 year old Dave became too rebellious, not wanting anyone’s help, and even began stealing from his own family. He was kicked out a year later and spent his days with the homeless and gangsters, constantly being exposed to new and more powerful drugs. “The lowest point in my life was when I was 17. I tried to commit suicide. But luckily, my sister came into my room while I was lying on the floor, foaming from my mouth after I had taken a handful of Myprodol pills and inhaled methane gas. I thought it was my break through,” he said reluctantly. But after returning to school, a new group of friends steered him down the dark road yet again – following the path of Crystal Methamphetamine – more commonly known as “Tik”.

and behaves which is irrational to someone who has not been plagued with this disease. “We ask ourselves, is it normal for someone with a broken leg to be in pain? Yes. Is it normal for someone with a fever to feel ill? Yes. Is it normal for an addict to have irrational thoughts and behaviour? Yes. Addicts struggle for survival in a world that has no concept of the pain they are in because it is not visible. Addicts are unable to see their behavior as irrational, which is no fault of their own, and we need to understand that they need our understanding and help rather than our condemnation. Their reality may be very different to ours. Only an addict can really understand another addict.

Today, Dave feels as though his life is nothing more than a constant battle against himself. “I have a criminal record and no education because of my addiction.” Yet he felt purpose in sharing his story, looking at this is a warning, as well as a plea to teenagers who he fears have no idea of what they’re getting themselves into. Astrid Clements – professional drug counselor – has this to say about addiction: “Recovery from an addiction is a life long battle. It’s something the addict lives with on a daily basis. Medically, addiction is classified as a disease, but one from which there is no cure and no easy way out. Addicts tend to rationalise their insane behaviour to justify their addictive actions. Addiction evolves from a physical state to a mental state as it affects the way an addict thinks

Toast 17

18 Toast

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Chasing the

dragon By Luam Ackermann


women takes a packet of white powder out of her back pocket; she removes a small quantity with a knife and places it on a small mirror. As the powder lies on the mirror she scrapes it into a line and sniffs it. What follows is a burning sensation through her nose, into her brain, and an instant relief to her body. She starts to relax and it feels as if her mind has been wrapped by a warm blanket. Then her eyes begin to close as she starts to drift away. It’s almost like the feeling you get just before you fall asleep. Two hours pass, but to her it feels like minutes. All of a sudden she feels like she has to throw up. She runs to the nearest sink and begins to vomit. Her stomach starts to cramp, but she can handle it. The pain goes away and after 30 minutes her next trip kicks in. She lies down again and feels a calm all over her body, no worries, no care, no stress, only the feeling of being nurtured. This is how Linda Venter (24) describes the feeling of experiencing her first heroin high. She is a young adult whose drug use goes hand-in-hand with her desire to stay abreast of the demands in her career. Linda was a manager at a popular retail store before she discovered the drug. “I worked very long hours, which started to take its toll on my body. Especially my legs,” says Linda. That’s when she asked around to find out if her co-workers were having the same difficulties as she. A young male who worked as a salesman asked her if she ever tried heroin. Linda was taken aback. “I wondered why he didn’t recommend a muscle relaxant or a pain killer. Deep down I knew at the moment he asked I would end up trying it.” Two days later Linda went to the man and told him that she was desperate to get rid of the pain. He gave her a small plastic bag with white powder in it. After work she went home, took it out and used it. Linda’s story might not be uncommon in the working world, especially in industries or jobs that demand long hours and physical stamina. Sometimes marginal interest in drugs can develop into more full-blown addictions. “While studying I started to smoke pot, but only on occasions,” says Linda. “I never had that craving that is brought about from heroin from any drug I used in the past.”

Toast 19

Linda was soon addicted to heroin. Her drug use started to increase and soon the high didn’t give her the comfort she experienced the first time. “At first I only got high over weekends, but later on it became more often. I befriended my dealers and I started using it with them,” says Linda, looking disappointed as she recalls those days. Linda’s regular use of heroin cost her her job. She didn’t go to work, because she was more interested in shooting drugs up her veins. Her warnings piled up and she was fired. “I had it set in my head that I could stop any time if I wanted to, but I couldn’t. The night I didn’t use was the worst night of my life. I was tired but couldn’t sleep. My muscles all over my body started to hurt and the pain was unbearable. I was on the verge of tears and that’s when I realised I was a heroin addict.”

“I had it set in my head that I could stop any time if I wanted to, but I couldn’t...”

The drug use didn’t continue for much longer. Linda’s mother noticed a big difference in her behavior and caught her. Linda was sent to a rehab clinic in Cape Town where she did the 12 Step Treatment programme. Linda has been clean and sober for eight months now and is still going strong. According to the UN’s office on drugs and crime, Africa has emerged as an important channel for drugs to be spread all over the world. Drugs are being imported from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to West Africa and is distributed to Europe and Asia. Lots of it stays in Africa and ends up on our shore for people like Linda to experiment with. In 2009 the Afghan drug traffickers earned up to $2.2 billion, the Talliban $150 million and Afghan farmers

$440 million. These stats indicate that we are facing a massive drug-trade problem. Dr. Etienne Verwey, a specialist in the rehabilitation of drug users in South Africa, has worked with many addicts in his life and knows a thing or two about this problem. Fact is, heroin is scary. Verwey outlines how the drug influences the body and how he treats a person using heroin. Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs known to humans and isn’t easy to get out of the system. “There’s a range of treatments that exist for heroin addiction, which includes medications and behavioral therapies. The medication we use to treat patients is Methadone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone and Naloxone” says Verwey. He makes it evident that people using heroin aren’t treated the same way as patients with other addictions. What’s also shocking is the increase of users. According to Verwey, there has been a 22% climb in heroin users since 1996 to 2011. Not only is heroin the problem but other drugs as well. Those who need treatment increase by the day with “15% of South Africans have a drug problem” he adds. Verwey runs a successful rehab clinic in George. Like other doctors committed to this problem, he uses a very good method for his patients and he also strives to see them succeed. “We run Psychodynamic groups, individual group counseling, life skill groups, family groups, career groups and the 12 Step Group Programme.” The clinic has a one month programme as minimum, and a suggested three-month programme, which can be extended for up to six months. I asked him what happens when withdrawal symptoms accrue and it sounded like hell. “Heroin withdrawal symptoms include an irritable mood, nausea and vomiting. Muscles start to cramp and there is pain in the bones. Diarrhea, insomnia, sweating and shivering with goose bumps result through disruption of body temperature. It’s not nice. The use of drugs is increasing by the day. Linda has survived despite the job loss, but unfortunately walking away is not a frequent story. Whether drugs are the cure to cope with the demands of worklife is an ongoing question – not only for individuals but for employers too.

By Kelly Bredeveldt


he youngest, most drug-crazed, and trashiest fan base of any musical genre currently out there.”

These are the words of a teenage dubstep fan from Chicago who also adamantly believes that dubstep is the latest teen craze and music genre making waves on the national and international scene. Dubsteps inception as a musical force can be dated back to the late 90s when the genre’s first track was officially recorded. Dubstep, for the uninitiated, is a form of electronic dance music that originates from South East London and that has also gained immense popularity in South Africa over the last few years. A typical dubstep track consists of interspersed lyrics being weaved over an overwhelming base line. In my personal opinion, dubstep music is weird but incredibly addictive and is what I’ll listen to when I want to separate myself from the world and think about nothing at all. It’s the music to zone out on.

The young generation thrives on the gritty, unsterile and unadultered sounds that bombard the senses, and they have chosen dubstep because it offers a fresh and risky alternative to the disposable music so popular in the modern era. Because of dubstep’s dark and edgy sound, it’s not usually associated with dancing like hip hop or house music is. However, a dance style has been created especially – a style now known as “stomping”. The move requires you to stomp your feet and pump your fist in the air while zoning out to the strains of this garage music. Sounds rather silly, and looks rather silly too. But on the other hand, we’re all entitled to our own opinions and dubstep is what you make of it. I personally think it’s somewhat weird, but at the same time it’s different and new – society can’t live without change. So, whatever your style, happy stomping!

Some say dubstep can’t be classified as music, but I think it can. Isn’t music anything that gets your head swaying and gets your body moving to a rhythm? Just as the famous saying goes, “music can soothe even the most savage of beasts”. Dubstep is musical tonic for a new generation, a generation that has broken free from the shackles imposed on them by the past.

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20 Toast


Compulsive liars

wear the most revealing clothes in order to get the attention she needs from other people.

By Thuli Sigwabe

They are not reliable people, they will tell you that they will do something or that they have done something which they didn’t and by the time you realize that they won’t apologies about it they will ignore it.

We have all met different types of liars in our lives, from people who tell little white lies such as when you are planning a surprise party for your friend and lie to her about a particular venue in order to make her go there.


hose who lie to get out of trouble such as lying to your parents about losing track of time on working on a project with friends, but you actually went out to a party. Then we get those who lie all the time continuously for the smallest things that you do not find necessary for them to lie about, and when they lie, for them the lie seems to be the truth rather than the truth being the truth. It’s as though the truth is a lie to them and telling the truth would just be too much for them to handle. We call these kinds of people compulsive liars. The proper term for compulsive liars is defined as someone who lies for the sake of lying. Lying is their normal and automatic way of responding to someone whenever they are being asked a question or being spoken too. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, whether it is large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth for them is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying can develop in the early childhood years of a person, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary. ‘’I use to have a friend that use to lie about everything, she would compete with me all the time about having things that she did not have that I bought, for example when I told her I bought that dress that we saw at the other shop the other day, whenever I would ask to see the dress she would always have

Toast 21

When they lie, for them the lie seems to be the truth rather than the truth being the truth.

the most dumbest excuses ever that she gave her dress away to her cousin course she really wanted it,’’ Jane* says. Although she knew that she was lying she would just kept quiet. Usually when a person would repeatedly say they have things in which they don’t they are usually competing with you either because they have a low self-esteem or feel that

they don’t fit in or the most popular or noticed one. It is not easy to spot compulsive liar, but there are a few common symptoms you may seem to notice when you are with them:

Akhona Ketise, former psychologist student, who now practices nursing at Grey Hospital, King William’s Town says, ‘’ getting treatment for a compulsive liar can be very difficult because since it is hard for them to tell the truth in the first place.’’ Convincing a liar that they have a lying problem is like trying to get your cheating boyfriend’s password code for his phone. They must be willing to admit themselves that they do have a problem and that they do want help even though it is less likely to happen. ‘’People who have a compulsive liar disorder can put you in a lot of trouble and when you want them to help defend you they can lie about not being there or even having no clue about what you talking about in front of your face,’’ Akhona explains. They are the type of people who protect themselves rather than being an open and honest friend. Changing them yourself, would be an impossible task for the both of you.

They may seem like they are trying to compete with you about everything whether it is clothes, the things you have and friends. They are not reliable people, they will tell you that they will do something or that they have done something which they didn’t and by the time you realize that they won’t apologies about it they will ignore it. They will ignore you when they are caught lying or cover up the lie with another lie. They seem to forget their lies that they’ve said before and they can change the angle about their story more than three or four times. When telling a story they love adding extra information which did not happen and the extra information is usually the info that will make then look like they ‘’cool’’ in other people’s eyes. They have a low self-esteem that if you all were to go out to a party or a friends night out, they are the ones who will

22 Toast


By Sarah Lindbergh

We look at the horrific images, but do we then turn the page and forget what’s really going on? Not only do we ignore the issue, but it’s getting worse. If we don’t do something soon, our animals are going to disappear before our eyes: there will no longer be “The Big Five”. Does it take horrific pictures for us to take action?


t’s the saddest story: Rhino poaching. Not only are the poached animals left for dead, but often their babies are too, some orphaned and traumatised. In 2011, the media has exposed us to many stories like this one: Two female rhinos were found brutally murdered. A mother and her daughter, but they were not the only ones involved in this poach. Rangers found a blind, dehydrated male calf near his dead mother and sister. He had been scared and confused for 3 whole days. He was taken to safety in Gauteng, where he was named Vusi. Just a few short weeks later, after much care and love, Vusi passed away. Some may survive, but they remain orphans. People who are touched by stories like Vusis can help in a huge way to prevent other rhinos from being orphaned. A website was founded, in March 2010, to bring awareness to rhino poaching, which is quickly becoming more and more serious. This site is quickly bringing awareness to the public, by posting some of the most devastating pictures to grab our attention. These pictures are making a difference. Rhino poaching has become more and more organised over the years. A lot of these poachers have an ex-military background, or are armed robbers. They will talk to people in a community to locate these precious animals, and then plan their hunt. If the poachers are not experienced hunters, they will just shoot at the rhino and follow it, till it can no longer cope and falls. They then remove the horns roughly with an axe. The sad things is that rhino horn can grow back if removed correctly. Instead, they are removed roughly and left for dead. In a lot of cases, the rhino is still alive. The rhino horn is used as traditional medicine in Asia to cure diseases. But in South Africa many rangers are putting their lives in danger to protect these animals. Ted Riley, major conservationist and rhino owner from Swaziland, believes that these rangers need to know they’re appreciated. “Poaching must be taken seriously, the rangers are at the sharp end of the stick and need to know they are supported and their efforts are appreciated, because they risk their lives combating poachers. Rangers need to be protected by society for the dangerous work they do…poachers will take a chance, but without it the flood gates will open. It will take more than public opinion to scare poachers.” says Riley. Although the pictures that we see are

toast 23

Scared and alone: Rhinos and their calves are left vulnerable or for dead after poachers remove their horns.

“Poaching must be taken seriously, the rangers are at the sharp end of the stick and need to know they are supported and their efforts are appreciated...”

“As shocking as the pictures are, the public should see them so that awareness can be raised and so that action can be taken for it to stop...the American public could take it on as a cause...and raise enough awareness to slow the demand”

horrific, it’s the most effective way to get the public to take action. Actress and wildlife lover, Embeth Davitz agrees, “As shocking as the pictures are, the public should see them so that awareness can be raised. And so that action can be taken for it to stop.” Bringing more awareness - especially to other countries - about this cause may not stop rhino poaching, but certainly slow it down. “Probably because American culture has such a far reach, the American public (or some celebrities) could take it on as a cause, and they could probably raise enough awareness to at least attempt to slow the demand. So upsetting,” explains Embeth. The financial director of Media 24, Mark Sorour, agrees that these horrific pictures should be published, “They should publish them, but warn people that that will be in the papers so that they can choose whether they want to see them or not. They need to make people aware of what is happening like increase awareness and such.”
The pictures that we see, speak a thousand words. Nothing needs to be said about what is shown. The devastation is enough to look at, to take action. To know that some of the rhinos are still alive in these pictures, hornless and bloody, is devastating. Riley believes that showing these pictures do help. “The saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ is usually true. Although much of the public turn away from graphic pictures, there is still a punch of recognition before turning the page!” says Riley. “It would be good if the public came out en masse to support anti-poaching and condemn the criminality of poaching,” concludes Riley. South Africa is losing one of its most precious animals, and at a very alarming rate. We can’t just sit around and do nothing. We all need to take the action necessary to stop this trade in Asia. As horrific as these pictures are, people need to see them, to see the devastation. Other versions of this story were published on as well as on the writer’s blog.

24 Toast


By Kristan Wood He’s the disc jockey and party starter by trade. We find out about LuWayne’s ability to turn heads and tables, and how you, the aspiring DJ, can do the same…

By Lia Ackermann


LuWayne Wonder, known by close friends and family as Luwayne Bouwers, is a 26-year-old DJ living in Cape Town, South Africa. His career started by putting his need for money and a dream together, and he can now be found playing at gigs and clubs all over Cape Town. Goodhope FM also has a slot for him every Monday night, where LuWayne has the chance to wow listeners with his talent and ear for good music. After picking up his first vinyl at the age of four, “jamming to the beats of Elvis Presley”, there was no question that music would someday be a huge part of LuWayne’s life. “I think it’s safe to say that I love music more than most people”, says LuWayne. Did other careers ever come up? “Even if becoming a DJ wasn’t part of the plan, I’d still be involved with sound - like having a career in audio visuals.” Being one of the top DJs in the country can be quite a task, and the attention gets a little overwhelming. But from what I’ve heard from LuWayne, the job is not about you at all: “I love the excitement of pleasing a crowd. The most hair-raising experience is them responding to your music and I think that’s what every DJ chases after.” So if pleasing people and parties are your forte, you may well be on the right track. As long as you’ve got the right tracks to go with, of course.

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I also came across Rowan Davies – a 19-year-old from the mother city. Not only is Rowan a huge Wonder fan but an aspiring DJ himself who’s currently taking up sound engineering. Rowan said that LuWayne “doesn’t just go with the run of the mill routine”, and always manages to leave the audiences in “a state nothing short of ‘wow’. He’s just inspiring.” So now we know, fans play a huge part in the life of a DJ. They are your drive, your reason for being there in the first place. When I went around to ask people what their thoughts on LuWayne were, nothing negative was said. His presence and confidence came up a number of times. Spinning the tracks for nothing but “the crowd’s entertainment” with an awesome judgement: music that is simply good to listen and dance to. DJ Ready D, another Cape Town DJ to look out for, has a few words for DJ’s to keep in mind: “Never think you’re the best. There’s always somebody out there better than you, that’s reason enough to keep on upping your game.” So be original - make mistakes, and learn from them. Rock the crowd and turn up the volume. Just as LuWayne did. And even if DJ’ing isn’t really your thing, take this advice to heart and practise it in life: Be the best you can be; go on and be Wonder-ful.

get on the bus; I sit on my usual spot at the back. There is a strange feeling in my tummy this morning, and I don't know why. I get squashed in by three other people; the bus has more people on today. The people are loud, all the children are playing, people are talking over me. I keep looking outside the window. As we drive up the hill, my eye catches a flower; it’s beautiful. But it keeps getting smaller and smaller as we move backwards. Before I know it I am face down with people on top of me. I struggle, cry, scream! I am one of the first to make it out of the bus and swim to land. That’s how it was for one of the students from Rheenendal Primary School. One of the survivors from the terrible bus crash that occurred in Knysna on 24 August 2011. "I have never been more afraid; I really thought I was going to die, I just kept on praying to God," said Nathan* in a feeble voice. The newspapers reported on the story and according to Robin Carlisle, transport MEC in the Western Cape, the vehicle was put through a roadworthy test at TJ Motor Vehicle Testing on 14 April 2011. But later it was proven that the bus had a loose steering mechanism ten days prior to the crash and insufficient brake force. Rheenendal Primary is considered a poor school in the area. Which raises the question: is it fair towards the children to have unsafe transport to school? According to Anna Louw from Glenwood House, a school with affluent students in George, most of their students use their own private transport; none of the students use public transport. "Three quarters of

our matric class have their own cars," Anna said. When asked what her views on the Knysna bus crash were, her response was that she doesn't think that it's anybody's fault at this moment. "The bus was overloaded and it's the company's responsibility to get a more responsible driver and to make sure that something like that never happens.” She also adds that if there were problems with the bus, then the accident is the company's responsibility. What about transport systems at other schools? Linda Jackson is a teacher from a poorer school, George High School, and says that most of the students use public transport - like taxi or bus - to get to school. "We also have a 16-seater school bus," said Jackson. Another school in the industrial part of George, Pacaltsdorp Primary School, had a different story. They have a 32-seater school bus. Most of the children use the bus, because their parents do not have the money for private transport. They have had an accident before, but it wasn't serious and none of the children

were hurt. After going to the school and asking a few of the students how they feel about the transport and if they thought it was safe, all of them had the same answer: “we don't have a choice, we have to be happy with what we get”. Many poor schools in the country have to make use of public transport: yes, it's not always a bad thing, but you can imagine that most of the students would prefer to use their own private transport, not only because it’s more cool. It’s safer. Getting into any vehicle on any day is putting your life at risk. But to drive with someone you barely know is what's more frightening. The South African minibus, bus and coach industry drivers, in particular, have the reputation for the worst accidents in the world. And when it comes to the severity of our accidents, we appear to be second on the global list. So, would you let your children use public transport? Or is it just another stairway to heaven?

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By Thulisa Sigwabe

Depression... A word tormenting the lives of students, adults and even young children. The pressures of society have over-whelmed many individuals and have resulted in mass suicides around the world.

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p to 8 000 South Africans commit suicide annually and the youngest suicide fatality in 2001 was a 10-year-old, but more fatal suicides occurred in the ages of 15 - 19 years old. “Depression is one illness that can lead to death without a person having to think about it,” Zander says in a concerned manner, manager of Crescent Clinic. It is a common illness any human being could have. Depression can vary, although we may all suffer from it in some time in our lives, it can affect different people in different ways. Depression is common to patients who are currently sick and are trying to recover from a disease, an illness, or a disorder etc. who are not getting better and would rather die than go through the whole process of getting better when nothing seems to help. Jane*, 26, struggles to live her life as she has ‘atypical bipolar’ which is not the maniac phase, which is the typical bipolar we know that causes people to be short tempered and throw tantrums for no apparent reason since she was 12. Jane has got a degree in Psychology and journalism and now writes for a magazine. Her condition can either make her happy or just sad with no reason what so ever. She does not act like a typical bipolar person where she has mood swings that can change up to 10-15 times a day and this can last for days, months or years. These moods are so tense that they can mess up your ability to function. During the maniac phase a person might wake up the following day and decide to quit his or her job in a very vicious manner and spend all their money on random stuff that they not need and when they ‘’click’’ back to their normal phase they feel down and depressed about it. Nobody really knows what causes that but it just happens that they do something which cannot be explained. Jane is either in a state of depression or a mixed state which is characterized extreme anxiety and agitation. It was 6 weeks since she felt better and well even since her suicide attempt. ‘’I had found closure in some areas in my life and some old wounds had been healed. I was beginning to become more conscious of the things I have to be thankful for,’’ she said assertively. The next morning she woke up feeling very frustrated and more frustrated than the other time, it was as if she was a 6 year old trying to put the small puzzle piece in the spot that is not suppose to go into, yet forcing it. She started yelling, shouting, after which it looked as if an earthquake had taken place in her room. As she got to work there were more frustrations and more anxiety provoking triggers, if a person asked a normal question she would reply in a cheeky way or in some defensive manner like she is attacking the person. “I felt angry, hopeless, anxious and uncertain of how this day would end and where it would take me.’’ According to an article by Dr Ciaran Mulholland, clinical scientist, senior lecturer and honorary consultant psychiatrist, people suffering from depression feel restless, irritable, tense and anxious and often think about suicide. They feel helpless and hopeless about life that they feel like they don’t have a purpose in it, as if they are outcasts

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and are inadequate to others like some kind of extra luggage that’s wasting space in the back of the boot. One day a couple of years ago, Jane drove to work, typed a suicide letter, then left and checked into a Motel (hotel). There, I swallowed a bottle of anti-nausea medication, followed by a half-bottle each of Valium, Tylenol, Motrin and aspirin, and then I slit my wrists. ‘’ I expected to die immediately since I have always been deadly allergic to pain killers’’ as she thought to herself. As she laid there on the bed as her head felt dizzy like she was on some kind of a roller coaster ride, waiting for the reaper to come get her. The minutes turned into an hour and hours into minutes. A feeling had kicked in that she was not going to die so she called in her husband, who then later drove her into the emergency room. “I had been considering killing myself for a couple of months.’’ She did not do it because she wanted attention, nor felt like her family did not need her and even unloved- even though at times she felt they would be better off without them. ‘’it was the factors of being stressed of the issues I had to face in life.’’ It’s as if she had no control of nothing in her life or herself. Depression is that it’s treatable. There are many different types of treatment. These include medication and talking therapies (psychotherapy). Simply talking to somebody or your doctor about your problems is a form of psychotherapy and can help greatly. ‘’It’s far better to talk about your problems than ‘bottlingup’ your emotions.’’ Zander explains, manager of Cresent Clinic. ‘’Psychotherapies are as effective as medication for the treatment of mild depression.’’ Patients are also given antidepressants which can help to lower the mood. Depending on what type of depression you have your doctor will choose the best prescription for you and you got to take them regularly. Depression is a deadly illness amongst most people and if you are depressed you may feel like you want to kill yourself, or thinking of committing suicide or even trying to commit suicide. You may or may not succeed, but even if you don’t that does not mean that that person won’t try again. Depression is curable and there are many ways to cure it. People need to be more observant to others and people who are suffering from other major issues such as bipolar is at a higher risk of committing suicide than an average person that is depressed. “Talking is much better than taking the medication because you feel much better and you feel better when you have taken a load off your chest,” says Zander. Even if you are depressed it doesn’t mean you have to be on medication, you should always keep active because that helps to keep your mind off of things and helps you to think of something else. You should write down you thought and feelings down. Try not to lie in bed the whole day. It is curable but it can take a lot of time.

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The Fear And Confusion Of Lesbians in their own Communities Winter: a very cold yet enjoyable season for all - the time to cuddle. But is it enjoyable for all including Lesbians? June - 2010: 27 year old Kimera found dead in the bushes of Koelenhof near Stellenbosch where she lived. According to her aunt “ she was killed by her fellow community members as she was accused of being a bad influence.” By Mthwakazi Boyce

Not even her smile could save my niece from the attack on lesbians

evidence,” says her aunt.

that the death of Kimera is a great loss

The death of Kimera has left the

to her friends and family. According to

because she was also a lesbian. As I

family in pain till this day and they

Nolonwabo, the girl who use to hang

watched her growing up I knew she

are still in tears. Her aunt explains the

out with her, “Kimera was no trouble

would come across with problems such

trauma of Kimera’s death: “Kimera’s

maker, she had a sense of humour. It

as acceptance... but I never thought

body was found smelling, birds of prey

saddened us that people are so naive

her choice of living her life would bring

had gathered and flies led the police

and stubborn, they just don’t care who

death sentence to her.

dogs to her body”. The death of Kimera

gets hurts by their ignorance. They do

was reported at Kayamandi police

not want to accept that we are human

brutal attack, we went to the police

station. According to Captain Sandise,

just like them, they do not understand

station and reported the matter, but in

“Safety is very tight” though more and

what the word equal means.”

a few days the accused were walking

more bodies are being found. “You can’t

around the township. I strongly believe

even walk alone at night in your own

Kayamandi, Nokuthula Gugushe, they

that we were failed by the law. The

community.” says her aunt.

have decided to start a group that

As soon as we found out about her

accused are still amongst us, the case

“Safety is very tight...You can’t even walk alone at night in your own community.”

Rev Menziwarefers to Genesis 1:27,

According to community leader in

deals with safety in communities and a

was dropped as they denied everything

God created man in his own image; and

programme that deals with ignorance of

and there was no witness or enough

in his own image he created him; male

transgender. This will encourage people

and female he created

to be more open minded and accepting

them. “But,” adds the

of people who are different to them.

Reverend, “that

She also stated that, “The programme

doesn’t give us right to take the law in our own hands;

encourages people to report the crimes and get counseling”. Kimera lived her life mostly in fear

we must treat

not knowing how to make her fellow

each other with

community understand her and others.


All she ever wanted was to be accepted

It’s clear

Being attacked is a nightmare feared by any woman. Being a lesbian does not make them an exception for predators.

and respected like any other person. She died full of anger, she never got a chance to resolve her issues.

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t is the tri-nations epic-game… the last game before the Bokke leave for the Rugby World Cup. The crowd is packed, green and gold jerseys overwhelm the insignificant opponent supporters, rainbow nation flags stream proudly through the air, then you hear: “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (loud)… maluphakan… (virtually inaudible)… in South Africa our land” (very loud) as the fans “sing” our national anthem. Sadly this is not the FNB advertisement but the reality for a lot of South Africans who do not know our anthem.

Oh Ard…

Image courtesy of

At the announcement of the SA rugby team that played in the RWC 2011, singer Ard Matthews (from Just Jinger) “sang” the national anthem in front of the Springboks, the head of SARU (South African

If South Africans aren’t learning the anthem - the whole anthem then they are denying SA a chance to become unified. Public-school teacher Nicole Dowsley says that “when the kids sing together they are united! The national anthem is part of their and our identity”. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika is part of our new culture and is a huge symbol that our previous political agendas are exactly where they should be, which is in the past! “It makes me feel very happy when we sing it, because it represents my citizenship and my heritage,” says Petronella with a smile.

How can you learn the anthem? (If you’re one of “them”) Most schools nowadays enforce the singing of the anthem at public functions and important events. “It was a struggle to teach them the exact words, but after 2010 (World Cup) most of our learners knew the words,” beams Nicole, who is clearly proud. And she should be… her learners are aged between five and seven; that’s quite impressive for her and embarrassing for Ard. Music teacher, Yvette van der Weele, says that “by singing the tune of the anthem the learners were able to learn the words easily”.

Rugby Union) and over 60 million viewers. And by “sang” viewers If you are no longer in school, then the SA official tourism site has a witnessed what has been called a “massacre” of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika downloadable MP3 version of the anthem with pronunciation and when Ard, unapologetically, mumbled through the Sesotho verses translations (available at yet sang the English and Afrikaans without fault. According to SAPA, No more excuses! his rendition of our anthem is said to be as bad as Ras Dumasani’s reggae version of our anthem sung in 2007. SuperSport spokesperson, Why not take the opportunity to improve your own singing or teach someone who doesn’t know it? Let’s rid SA of all Ard-fiascos and Clinton van der Berg said that the channel was embarrassed of Ard’s singing, but it was “in no way a reflection of SA Rugby”. However, isn’t “FNB moments” and sing Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika loud enough to frighten away even the Haka! It’s not just about sport. You’ll be doing your the Ard-fiasco a reflection of SA society’s adoption (or abortion) of part in unifying SA if you do. our multi-cultural anthem?

History of our anthem Before 1994, SA had two national anthems. Officially, SA’s anthem was “Die Stem” (The Call of Africa), which was based on a poem written in 1918, but the unofficial anthem of SA was undoubtedly Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika. It was composed in 1897 by a Methodist school teacher and became popularised when sung as an anthem of defiance during apartheid. At the birth of our democracy both anthems merged (literally and figuratively) into one, which is the anthem that we sing today.

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (translated) Language




Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo,

God bless Africa Raise high its glory


Yizwa imithandazo yethu, Hear our prayers God bless us, her children Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.


Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso, O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho, O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso, Setjhaba sa, South Afrika — South Afrika.

God, we ask You to protect our nation Intervene and end all conflicts Protect us, protect our nation, our nation, South Africa — South Africa.


Uit die blou van onse hemel, Uit die diepte van ons see, Oor ons ewige gebergtes, Waar die kranse antwoord gee,

From the blue of our heaven, From the depth of our sea, Over our everlasting mountains, Where the echoing cliffs resound,


Sounds the call to come together, And united we shall stand, Let us live and strive for freedom In South Africa our land.

Why don’t people know it? Ard’s reasoning for not knowing the anthem was that he was nervous and “overwhelmed by the enormity of the occasion” and hence “flubbed most of his lines” (sounds more like an excuse than a reason). Yes, one can understand the pressure he was under to perform but, then again, he is a performer… this is his job! Would you be so forgiving if a surgeon took out your kidney during an appendectomy because the surgeon was “overwhelmed”? And what about his comments on Twitter? “I thought the team were going to join me like the Standard Bank [don’t you mean FNB, Ard?] ad. Haha” That does not seem as sorry as his “official apology” does. Most people learn the national anthem in school, but that should not excuse all the pre1995 Matriculants. How is it for other South Africans? Domestic worker, Petronella, said she also does not know all the words to the anthem. When she was asked why, she responded that she had never learnt it. She learnt it as a struggle song in apartheid, but if she had the resources she would learn it now. This is the attitude that all South Africans should have.

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By Tarryn Dowsley

Why should you learn the national anthem?

Research shows how an anthem can create national unity… but why do South Africans still not know the anthem after seventeen years?

Not only is it embarrassing at big events when South Africans mumble through their own anthem, but according to research in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, “national anthems provide possibly the strongest, clearest statement of national identity”.

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By Steph Minwalla

Mother Nature can be a Godsend and a nightmare especially when you are running for your life to escape the fury of an unpredictable weather system...

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s the dark clouds come rolling in and swallow the sun, an icy cold wind engulfs your house. You know something sinister is on its way. You do everything you can to fight it. It will destroy your home, your livelihood if you just pick up and run. You have to defend yourself and believe me it will be one of the toughest fights of your life. You put up your defence line of solid wood. You have to keep the enemy out. You enlarge your army and station them all over your house. The enemy is approaching and tries to throw you off the scent. Maybe it's not as bad as you think. The long watery fingers stroke the windows making you think it's not that bad. Then it hits. The sound is unbelievable, like hundreds of bass drums being bashed at the same time. It rocks against your house over and over again. You've done all you can. Now you sit and wait and hope the danger will pass.

Can you imagine that being your fight? Well for Brad Sharp it was. A regular American citizen did everything he could to protect his house from the destruction that Hurricane Irene would bring. Brad lives in North Carolina and the conditions have forced "the roads to be closed off as the wind is too strong for drivers to be on the road," he describes. The weather has also prevented Brad from being able to go to work. "The children have been kept out of school as no one can travel to get there and the school buildings aren't safe." The hurricane has caused huge destruction. "Roofs have been taken off by the strong winds...the trees themselves have been brought up by the roots and have taken out cars and completely ruined them." The citizens of North Carolina don't have much to stabilize their homes but Brad and his family "have gotten a lot of plywood

so we can board up the windows. The wind has been so strong that it has knocked out whole glass frames. We've purchased extra sheet metal so that we can secure our roof" explained Brad. Things like hurricanes happen all the time so the country does have evacuation centres if the conditions become unmanageable. Normally people prefer to stay at home but Brad and his family would stay in a centre for "as long as it was absolutely necessary that we be there. We would prefer to be in our own house but not if it is too dangerous We would prefer to be in our own house but not if it is too dangerous," says Brad. These centres are set up for children as well as "they have games and people available to entertain them."

Hurricanes are not things to be taken lightly and Brad’s advice to the States expecting Irene is to "be well prepared. This hurricane is fierce and vicious. If your houses aren't as protected as they can be, they will be taken apart. Don't mess with this hurricane." If a hurricane can ruin a state like North Carolina that is well prepared for such things, how do you think Cape Town would cope in comparison? UCT Architecture student, Natalie Kip, gave me some insight as to what sort of fight Cape Town would be able to put up. With a hurricane comes rain and Natalie explained that "the drainage around the buildings in Cape Town is not that great because there aren't big enough pipes to transport large amounts of water." The hurricane would not have to be that bad for a flooding problem to occur.

Hurricane Irene was dishing out winds at a speed of 135 km/h and although "most buildings are built to withstand strong winds but only because they are built with balancers and shock absorbers. Most buildings in Cape Town have some sort of shock absorbers but not to fight against 135 km/h winds," explains Natalie. The buildings would not last too long if hurricane Irene were to pay a visit. The winds don't even have to be that exact speed. Even if "the wind gets strong enough to break glass that would start a bit of a panic because once the windows start going and the frames around them, that allows the wind to pass through the whole building and make it less stable," describes Natalie. We all know that Cape Town gets a lot of rain but certainly not the amount that a hurricane brings in. The buildings are built to be able to handle the wet winters and these "winters can last long past when the season is supposed to change so the buildings have to be preserved," says Natalie. Finally! One positive piece of news. If there was a large amount of rain the buildings wouldn't crumble. In a way Cape Town’s infrastructure is built to handle weather to a degree. "Cape Town winds are relatively strong but not to the point where it would knock a building over. Should stronger winds occur, there might be damage to the buildings." So as it stands Hurricane Irene 1- 0 Cape Town. With the infrastructure not being 100% the Government needs to have some sort

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of preparation, should an event occur. Michelle Batshu, who works for the Cape Town Government admitted herself that if a natural disaster were to hit it would not go down well. "Cape Town isn't really built in a way that would make a natural disaster easy on the country. We have very low lying areas so any kind of disaster would cause huge problems." It is comforting to hear that thought has been put into the "What if" category and even though "we don't have set evacuation centres.... if we really needed somewhere to go we do have a lot of shelters that are in better areas on higher ground but nothing concrete enough to protect us from a hurricane." If facilities were a necessity, if everyone came together to help we could have blankets, clothes and food just so that people can survive." The Cape Town Government does have funds saved for an emergency as Ms Batshu explained "we do have emergency funds in general so if a natural disaster were to hit, those funds would immediately go to that." Ms Batshu closed by saying that if there was a known natural disaster to be on its way to Cape Town the thing to do is "to keep up to date with what the Government is saying and if they choose to leave their homes to make sure it is secure as possible." Natural disasters are not things to be taken lightly and they are happening more and more often every day. Every country should have some sort of plan in place in case something happens. It's always better to be prepared. As we know Hurricane Irene is ripping the East Coast of America apart just like a woman would do her husband if he told her she looked fine.

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Human Rights Awarness: Slavery in the Modern Era Do you think that modern slavery exists? Are you aware of your ancestral roots? Most people do not know. So don’t worry, you’re not alone. By Lauren Manuel


ucy is wearing a dark navy three-quarter sleeved shirt. I notice this, because it almost acts as a backdrop to her peppercoloured, waist-length dreadlocks. She wears a distinctive red headband. Her necklace consists of green, yellow and red beads.

Lucelle (Lucy) Campbell, 51, is actively involved in cultural heritage tourism. She conducts slave-route tours in the City of Cape Town. These tours involve Lucy taking tourists on a cultural journey focused on pre-apartheid slavery. “Not many people like to hear what I have to say, but most of them do,” she says while brushing her dreads off her shoulder.

How has slavery formed our identities? According to Lucy, slavery has played a monumental role in forming our identities. She says that slavery has created our unique cultures, influenced our cuisine, languages and even our names and surnames. So in essence slavery has formed and created our identities. We should all use our identities to our advantage. Lucy mentions that people do not use their voices enough. “We do not speak out, without fearing the consequences,” Lucy elaborates.

Cape-Malay (pre-apartheid) Slavery

Can we combat slavery?

The word ‘Cape-Malay’ was a stereotype given to a certain group of people, to create a divide and to distinguish between different groups. “The Bo-Kaap (group area) was home to the favoured slaves,” Lucy informs. The Cape-Malay slaves were the founders of the Afrikaans language according to Lucy. She says that they have often spoken out against the systems being used in those days.

Through her tours Lucy is able to bring pre-apartheid slavery into context today. On her tours you will be given the keys or tools to start your own journey of discovery. “We all have a role in assisting to bring about change,” Lucy exclaims. Creating awareness first of all is important. People are forced into becoming slaves, because of social economic circumstances. For example many women find themselves working as prostitutes, because they cannot earn money otherwise. Proper job creation could substantially reduce slavery.

Modern Day Slavery Lucy believes that slavery still exists to this day. “Slavery is a lucrative trade. Children are being trafficked for sex and women are being abused. Slavery still exists on farms too, where things like the Dop System are still in place,” Lucy explains while gesturing with her hands. Lucy says that even the power-struggle in your relationships are all forms modern day slavery. When asked about the events of apartheid, Lucy said that is important for people to not only know what took place during that time, but also how we landed up in that position and how exactly we got there. “In 1834 when slaves were emancipated, they still remained slaves. It is very similar to the events that have occurred in 1994,” Lucy explains.

How aware are people of slavery today? Lucy says that most people are not aware of slavery (both pre-apartheid and modern day). She says that there are not enough monuments illustrating our past. “Parents are too busy putting bread on the table. They do not talk to their children about their history,” she says while fiddling with her tobacco cigarette. Lucy says that the youth of today are our future and they simply aren’t informed, because it is not offered to them on an educational front. She is trying to have the history of slavery implemented as a subject at South African schools.

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We cannot combat modern day slavery if we are not aware that it exists. It all starts at home, inform your children about their history. If you, yourself are not informed make a conscience effort to find out more (by going on a cultural heritage tour for example). Making a conscience decision to go and find out where you came from could tell you a lot about yourself. “We are exposed to a polyglot of cultures. Once we see that our ancestors have crossed cultures, we can overcome cultural divides. We are all globally linked. This is what makes us such beautiful people,” Lucy explains enthusiastically. Lucy says that we do not realise that if we kill a man from the Congo, we are actually killing our own family. We are linked, because the Congolese were brought to South Africa as slaves. When we hear the word ‘slavery’ most of us have our own personal stereotypes that come to mind. Lucy challenges those stereotypes b showing us that we all share a similar background. It is clear that modern slavery still exists, but most of us are too absorbed in our own lives to notice that it’s all around us. Most of us don’t even know where we come from. When asked how she identified herself, Lucy simply said: “I am culturally coloured and black conscience.”

Lucelle Campbell (photograph) by Melissa Britz

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By Chumani Galo


tatistics show that after gospel music, hip hop has the largest amount of listeners in the world. In my opinion I find this fact false. Hip Hop music will never be the same again. In the beginning of the RAP era this element was at its highest peak, beats were simple, artistic and easy to bump your head to. Then the main focus wasn’t just on the beats, it was about being heard on the streets while young artistic lyricists spit a cipher for a buck. Words were being shared by the passionate, lovers of the music and messages were being spread across the globe. This was when the culture was something to live for, where RAP was rap, such as most listeners in this current generation aren’t even aware that RAP stands for Rhythm and Poetry. We used to have the best rappers alive such as Run DMC with their greasy jerry curls, we had MC Hammer telling us that we “can’t touch this” with his unique silk jumper and the craziest looking bop cut that the industry has ever seen. Those were the days when Hip Hop was alive! It was fresh. Unfortunately the faster time travelled, the faster this culture was dying out. This is because nowadays it’s not about the hard hitting electrifying lyrics, it’s about seeing who can be shot 9 times or more, it’s about fast cars and “Bling”, girls and greed. It’s about listening to rappers who are auto tuned, sounding unoriginal and sleeping with other rappers wives for revenge.

This isn’t the hip hop culture that we all fell in love with, it’s more like a zoo with wild crazy baboons ranting and raving. In the words of one of the greatest MC’s in the game “Nastrodamus” aka (also known as) Nas:

“Hip Hop is Dead.” Finally in the words of one of the greatest listeners, follower and fan, “Me” aka Chumani Galo “hip hop music lives in all of us, you might just not know it yet”.

Image courtesy of

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By Irene Van Der Merwe

The transition to manhood is a daunting prospect in its own right. Getting there with ADHD is something else entirely.

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hat are the affects of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as a child? The affects it has on your life as a whole if not treated or recognised? A young man tells us his story of ADHD and how his life has been anything but a walk in the park. Angry, depressed and feeling alone all the time; not understanding authority and feeling unable to communicate with others or to concentrate on anything; rejection. These are the feelings that a small boy had to go through his entire childhood and is still going through now. Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) refers to a range of problem behaviours associated with a poor attention span. These may include impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, as well as inattentiveness. It’s a condition that often prevents children from learning and socialising well. ADHD is sometimes referred to as hyperkinetic disorder. “You get different kinds of it and a lot of people in society have it who actually function very well; it becomes a problem when people can’t socialise and express how they feel about things. People think if they can’t sit still for a long period of time that they have ADHD, but it’s actually how one perceives certain stimuli and how you react.” says Dr Theresa Jordaan, a medical doctor from Cape Town. Allen Swart has been living with ADHD his entire life. His mother Dawn Swart says that they knew that Allen was different from other children from a young age, but they didn’t know that it was ADHD. “He hardly slept and was always running all over the place. He could never sit and play with a toy, he would always take it apart, and even the box it came in was dismantled,” says Dawn. As Allen got older things got worse. He was expelled from every school that he went to and was fearless. “In grade two I was sent to a reformatory school, because I got angry all the time and I used to fight with everyone.” Allen was extremely naughty as a child. He lit a fire under his teacher’s desk in grade 2, he pushed a boy off a balcony, and he shoved a boy’s head through the bars of a tuck shop. Before he was diagnosed, his mother didn’t know how to cope with his behaviour. She tried different means of punishment and took so much advice from everyone, but nothing seemed to work. “No one could help.” says Dawn, frustrated. No one knew what was wrong with him and no one seemed to know what to do with him. Eventually Allen was diagnosed with ADHD and he got treatment through occupational, speech, and play therapy. Even that didn’t seem to help. In laughter Dawn says “We even went as far as to take him to an eye specialist who said he could help by giving Allen special glasses to wear...” This led to the last option, which was to put him on medication such as Ritalin. “Which didn’t make much difference and, in hindsight, I feel did more damage than good,” says Dawn.

Dr Jordaan elaborates: “It’s not the tablet as such; it’s like any disease: if you don’t treat it with medication, then you don’t improve the person’s ability to manage the disease itself. Then you don’t do so much about perception emotional growth as well as physical and stress management of that child, so you don’t just treat it with the medication but a combination of treatment is better instead of just giving them tablets. They need to actually work with the therapist’s as well.” This of course did not relate to Allen’s situation, as Ritalin had a huge affect on him. “The medication that was given to me such as Ritalin: I used to smoke it with dagga and I used to sniff it,” says Allen who is now twenty-three years of age. Allen became a drug addict and was asked to leave every school that he attended. Allen doesn’t have a matric or a proper education, which affects him now. He struggles to find employment, and when he does get employed, it is just a matter of time till he is back on the unemployment line and jobless, since he doesn’t seem to be able to keep a job. This is due to his problem with authority and his inability to finish anything he starts. His mother says, “Life revolved around Allen. We couldn’t leave him with baby sitters or take him to many places as he always managed to cause trouble wherever we went. I spent many hours doing various exercises with Allen as well as trying to hold down a full time job and raise another child. We weren’t invited out to friends very much as Allen had to be watched constantly. I always wondered if it was something I did while I was pregnant with him that caused this problem and what I could have done differently.” This affected his mother

tremendously. Still to this day she has to constantly look after her adult son, as he is not capable sustaining a job and still has problems with drugs. Allen’s life will never be normal and everyday for him will be a struggle, from not having an education to him being a recovering drug addict to him being constantly depressed. Allen has failed suicide three times and his life living with ADHD will always interfere with his relationships and how he functions in the work place. Allen doesn’t know what a normal life is like and he never will. “ADHD has various degrees. Certain manifestations of ADHD can be recognised and treated correctly in earlier ages. In special schools the teachers concentrate on more written work than speech, because people have a problem with interpretation. For example, if the teacher tells a child to do their work they see it differently, and they get aggressive. When this happens to children that have problems socialising, they isolate themselves, and their self- esteem becomes very low. Teenagers usually turn to drugs and alcohol because they can’t socialise, and interpretation of language is wrong. So it’s not just the attention that’s the problem, but the interpretation of language. This is when you need to be treated, but now day’s people are picking it up a lot earlier.” says Dr Jordaan. “There should be more studies done on ADHD and better ways to treat it.” says Dawn. ADHD is a radical disorder and shouldn’t be taken so lightly. ADHD is not just about the concentration, but the behaviour that goes with it and the perception of the child, and how they perceive certain things.” says medical Dr Theresa Jordaan.

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Keeping up with the QUICKIES

“Different caterers have different pricing but the reasonable price would be from R65-R120 per person” said Carina, Function Advisor of Celebration House. Santa Barbara heirloom tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and basil. Hand-formed agnolotti pasta with sweet corn mascarpone and summer truffles Roasted chicken with Yukon gold potatoe puree, caramelized brussel sprouts and summer truffles was catered at the wedding which added up to 750 thousand dollars, R5 000 000. At the end, not only was this a waste of money, but it’s a sad situation when we think of how countries such as Somalia, and states such as New Orleans in America, are suffering due to poverty. We then have celebrity couples such as Kris and Kim that spends and wastes money extravagantly and does not have these people in mind who are suffering daily.

By Zareena Khan

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have joined the ranks of Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez in having one of the shortest marriages in celebville. Expect, the difference is that Kim and Kris made quite a hefty profit out of their quicky marriage and divorce.


es, R143 000 cakes exists! Thanks to Kim Kardashian for making us aware of it. This was the cost of Kim and soon-to-be-ex hubby Kris Humphries wedding cake that was shared amongst the guests at their wedding which took place on the 20th of August 2011. Who knew that a multi-tiered chocolate and vanilla swirl cake could be worth more than a Chery QQ car? We all saw this coming when the wedding invitations on its own were 10 thousand dollars, R72 000 00. Yes, R72 000 00 spent on invitations that would invite guests to a marriage that would last for only 72 days.

it could be was definitely the intention of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. The average cost of a wedding today would be from R75 000 to R120 000, thinks Erla. But Kim and Kris have access to much more money.

“The decor and setting up a wedding is the most expensive part and because it is generally the first time for a couple, they would like to include extra frills to make the day as perfect as it can be” says Erla Rabe, editor of Konfetti Bridal Magazine. Making the day as perfect as

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“I haven’t ever charged more than R20 000 for a bridal gown, I think 20 000 dollars is ridiculous for such a simply designed ivory dress that most dress makers can make,” wedding is about 300 to 500 people. The celebrity wedding had 500 guests but it was definitely not your average guests. The guest list included famous personalities such as Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne, Demi Lavato, Justin Bieber, Venus Williams, Lindsay Lohan, and the list goes on. The guests of the wedding went all out with their outfits that were over the top. Many question if Kim Kardashian’s divorce was a stunt to gain more fame? This being her second marriage. Kim was previously married to music producer Damon Thomas for four years and since then her fame has escalated. The divorce of Kim and Kris has been a topic all over the world and this has definitely increased her fame. Kim ticked the the box labled “irreconcilable differences” when filling out the divorce papers. A popular option for many celebrities.

A source told America’s OK! Magazine: “Kim is planning the wedding of the century. She doesn’t see why a royal wedding should get more attention than hers. She sees herself as a bigger celebrity than Kate Middleton.” Although, Kate Middleton’s extravagant wedding was followed by a longer lasting marriage than what Kim Kardashian’s wedding did. After just 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. From the decor to the reception to the menu and to the honeymoon, money was wasted for a marriage that only lasted for 72 days.

We then have celebrity couples like Kris and Kim that spends and wastes money extravagantly and doesn’t have these people in mind who are suffering daily.

The Kardashian’s wedding took place in a tent at a beautiful Spanish-style estate in Montecito, California, owned by Google exec Eric Schmidt. “Most people have IT’S MINE NOW BITCH! Reports say that Kim will weddings in halls these days but I doubt highly that a cesuch as Kim Kardashian would settle with a hall or not be giving back the 20.5 carat, 2million dollar lebrity even a marquee” says Carina with a smile. She was spot ring back to Kris. on. Carina laughs and says celebrities don’t pay for their photographs but if they were to pay for it in South Africa, a professional photographer would cost R350 per hour. The grand total of the celebrity couples wedding came to a To most people this would still be a hefty amount. Obviously whopping 20 million dollars, R143 000 000 00. Erla suggests not to the celebrity couple who was paid 1,5million dollars for that the amount of people that is generally invited to a having their photos taken and published.

SHAM: The wedding, the marriage; was to all just for fame and fortune?

Money that could have been used on charity, was used on immaterial things such as the cost of transport that was used to transport her guests and a top class menu that was served at the wedding. We are all used to going to weddings with our own transportation. But not at the Kardashian wedding! The Kardashians worked out a deal with Platinum Motorsports which customizes vehicles for celebrities like David Beckham. All the cars were chauffeur-driven, and the guests were driven around for minimal paparazzi exposure. Kim wanted her wedding to be perfect and exactly the way that she wanted it. She insisted that every vehicle be white and not matte black.

“20 000 dollars?!” said local Dress maker Jasmina, in shock. “I haven’t ever charged more than R20 000 for a bridal gown, I think 20 000 dollars is ridiculous for such a simply designed ivory dress that most dress makers can make but celebrities can afford anything and they can buy dresses and gowns from the best designers in the world”. This was the reaction of many people when they heard that Kim’s dress cost a huge amount of 20 000 dollars, R143 million. If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it. This must’ve been the exact thought going through Kris and Kim’s minds. With Kim’s engagement ring costing 2 million dollars, the extravagance of the wedding was no surprise to fans and people all over the world. The marriage and divorce of this couple has not only made Kim more famous, but it has definitely made Kris a more popular NBA basketball player. Was this mockery of a marriage their claim to more fame? After tying the knot, the couple jetted out to Romeo and Juliet chalet at the five-star Hotel Santa Caterina 3300 dollars per night. After just 72 days, Kim filed for divorce, reasons being that they didn’t know where they would make their home and that Kris was reluctant to join the Kardashian brand. Kim’s first marriage lasted for four years and her second marriage lasted for 72 days. It seems that marriage is taken too lightly in the celebrity world. Who knows how long her third marriage will last? A week?

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By Lauren Manuel By Nathan Jones



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What the hell did I get myself into?

High School must really be laughing at me right now. All this time I thought it was evil. Seven subjects a day followed by hours of homework. School was clearly teasing me. I realised this when the school’s big brother came along and revealed glimpses of 4-5 modules per semester and thought, “Yes, that’s it, I can slow down and enjoy the best years of my life,” but this was not the case. I learned the hard way that the world had other plans for me. I rock up for class most mornings with what ever happened the previous night on my mind and a dead expression on my face. On that illusive due date, 9 times out of 10 the first question is, “Have you finished your assignment?”… And 100% of the time the answer to that is “No”.

“Is getting up at the crack of dawn when even God himself is still hitting the snooze button not a sign?” But, believe it or not, this isn’t a rant. Credit must go where credit is due, which is to the lecturers. While we may be seeing this stuff for the first time, I can guarantee this is not their first rodeo. They try to get the information into our brains even though our faces look like we’d just been dropped on the Normandy beaches on D-Day. I’m sure even Churchill would have slapped me a few times to get the points across. Maybe my mind is more backward than Captain Jack Sparrow, but I was in it for the adventure first, libraries second. That’s what I get from applying my faith in what I’ve seen in teen flicks. Due to a bad case of narcissism, I can’t blame myself for assuming that College would be like this. So I’ll blame someone else.


hate Hollywood. Not because of those stars, drug problems and giant mansions. No, I hate Hollywood because they lied; they lied to me about something very important... College. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy furthering education and studying for my higher certification. I believe further education will lead to a better society. I was expecting huge parties, drunken people and copious amounts of beer that just magically appeared. Nowhere in my grand scheme of things, did the actual work side of college come into play. Sitting in high school I dreamed of going out and “finding my real self” but in reality, College is nothing like the party life we see on the teen movies that come out every odd year like American Pie or Superbad. Is getting up at the crack of dawn when even God himself is still hitting the snooze button not a sign? Very few of us are lucky enough to have the money for an apartment close to their institute; those who do work like sweatshop slaves to pay rent and even then it’s a squeeze. Most students still live with Mom and Dad (AKA the ball and chain) and they choose the suburbs to get away from the rat-race, where students need to be to everyday. Yes, the sunrise is beautiful but after six months, I’m sure most of us just wish that we could wake up when the sun is already high in the sky. Hopefully my new course’s timetable won’t involve an early start to the day.

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Thanks Hollywood!

Is it possible that using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook affect you negatively in the long run?


ocial networks help us to communicate and keep in touch with friends and loved ones. If you’re a journalist, social networks are a great tool. But what if you’re a student studying for exams? It can’t be denied that social networks are convenient, cheap, easy to use and good for the environment. Just think about it… You no longer have to make physical invitations for friends and family when it’s your birthday; just create an event on Facebook and invite them all. It certainly does leave less of a carbon footprint. I give that a like!

Most of my friends have profiles on at least three social networking sites. The most popular sites among them are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Mxit. But as a student and future employee you have to be careful of what you post on your Facebook profile. Many companies will screen your Facebook profile before doing an interview with you. Make sure everything that is posted on your profile is appropriate. You should not post things that might offend your future employer - it could cost you your career.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter keep us informed on current topics and events. It’s amazing how news like the earthquake in Japan or the death of a famous pop star spreads like wild fire on sites like Twitter. It all depends on who you follow. For journalists, it’s important to make sure that your sources are credible. In this year alone there have been a number of false tweets about celebs, like the supposed deaths of the king of martial arts Jackie Chan and of the DJ David Guetta. But what when it comes to studying? Have you ever been distracted by your phone or laptop (eager to check your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account) while studying or doing homework? This has definitely happened to me a few times. Social networks will definitely take away from your study or work time if you let it.

It’s amazing how news like the earthquake in Japan or the death of a famous pop star spreads like wild fire on sites like Twitter

LinkedIn is probably the most popular social network for professionals. You can build up a corporate network and stay in touch with colleagues and friends; it’s a really helpful tool for contacts. So, what network are you spending your time on and to do what? Are you putting time aside for studying more or even doing something small for your community? It’s important that we know how to use social networks. But just don’t get consumed by them.

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By Steph Minwalla I have always hated that feeling of knowing that someone is not being completely honest but not being able to tell what they are actually saying. Learning how to understand body language can be immensely useful in that you will be able to take more from the person than what is coming out of their mouths. In the same breathe do you really want to know more?


ave you ever wondered what someone is really trying to say without them actually saying it? You know they’re not telling you everything. You know there is something more... So how do you decipher what a person is truly saying? According to communications specialist Maggi Jutz, there are two ways in which people can communicate. The first way is through verbal communication. You say what you think or feel. That’s the easy one. Straight forward and simple. The other one is a little tricky. The non verbal way of communication. How can we figure out what someone thinks or feels if they don’t talk to us? Here’s how. Imagine yourself at a restaurant on a blind date. First impressions of this situation screams awkward! The both of you are nervous and probably very uncomfortable. The very fact that you find yourself on a blind date also begs the question, how did I get myself into this? There are some things to remember in this particular situation.

1) Learn to understand the importance of eye contact When you speak to someone and they look you right in the eye they are genuinely listening to what you’re saying. When someone is speaking to you and they lock onto a specific part of your face they are feeling nervous. Your date might be trying to impress you and pull out all the stops that lead you to stare all starry eyed. Eye contact is good.

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2) Facial features are very important when it comes to body language When people smile and close their eyes a bit they are showing signs of being extremely happy where as a frown can demonstrate unhappiness. A slight change in the eyes can make a huge difference. Look into your date’s eyes (without belting out in a fit of laughter). Do not scare them when looking in their eyes. This is a trick that needs to be learnt. You will probably have a few runaways before you perfect it.

3) Did you know that the movement Your head could say so much? Keeping your head up and proud shows the world that you are happy and confident with who you are. A dropped head that constantly faces the ground clearly shows a lack of confidence or that you don’t want to trip and fall. Be wary of what you do with your head. People think “hey it’s just my head”. It’s attached to my shoulders, so what? But it can say a lot. Make sure you’re facing your date. Tilt your head and listen to the person across from you. However, if the person is sending you on a one way trip to ‘la-la-land’ you might consider resting your hand on your chin but keep your head up. As painful as the conversation might be; it far surpasses the embarrassment of essentially falling asleep at the dinner table on a date.

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SLICE OF LIFE Jason Ray, a psychologist who works at BAMS surgery, describes how you can understand what people are saying to you in certain scenarios.

4) Interaction with people in different environments How about a professional environment? Imagine that you are sitting in a boardroom filled with people. Have you ever noticed when two people sit next to each other and cross their legs that they either face the person or face away? Crossing your legs towards the person says you are open to an interaction. Crossing your leg away from that person creates a barrier that says, “Leave me alone”. Boardrooms can get pretty heated with many disagreements. People sitting around a table have ample opportunity to shift position. If you don’t agree with what the person next to you has just said, swirl on your chair and face away. Easy as that? Not quite but you get the idea.

5) Know how to effectively bring your point across When you create a strong stance with your shoulders by having them back and open you are saying you are open to a social engagement. When someone’s shoulders are closed and hunched they would rather be left alone. Stand in front of the board and speak your mind. Know the content of your argument. Research and prepare so that you don’t embarrass yourself and return to your seat matching your red pants suit. Believe me, it does happen.

6) Physical contact is by no means something to overlook If someone touches your arm they are telling you they are fond of you and want to be close to you. When you touch someone on the waist, face or neck you are showing signs of attraction. When engaging with colleagues within the office, pay attention to their behaivour. If someone cracks a joke and suddenly a hand rests on your arm do not have a panic attack. Be professional and politely tell him or her that they are overstepping their boundaries.

8) the mirror Effect If someone copies, mimics or mirrors your movements this is a genuine sign that they are interested in what you have to say. Try change your body position and see if they follow. If they do, they are mirroring. So look out for that stalker at the gym. The one who follows you around copying your workout.

Tanya Clark, a drama teacher at Abbotts College describes how her students deal with body language and what they look at while dealing with characters. 9) Check their arm position People who have their arms crossed when speaking to you are closing themselves off, unless they are trying to appear tough. Most trainers at a gym have the whole marine core army vibe going for them and cross their arms to expose a rather large bicep. Normally when people cross their arms they are angry but sometimes this indicates that the person is either nervous or trying to hide something on their shirt. It also can indicate that the person is in deep concertration. If they rest their arms behind their head they are open to what is being discussed but if they place their hands on their hips they might be showing their impatience. The trainer is either saying “hey, look at me” or “dude just hurry up and get out of here”.

10) Check what their feet are doing, strange I know but it works A foot that is continuously tapping will often mean that the person is either excited or intimidated. Normally in a bar there are bar stools so your feet can hang. This allows for a lot of nervous movements to look out for. If the person is sitting and they cross their feet at the ankles this shows that they are at ease. If while standing, a person keeps their feet very close together this may indicate that they are trying to be proper.

Most trainers at a gym have the whole marine core army vibe going for them and cross their arms to expose a rather large bicep. 7)Body Language at the gym

“Hand gestures are a great way of demonstrating a person’s emotional state. It sets a mood for the interaction between the individuals.”

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After the hectic day at the office you might head off to the gym to unleash some pent up stress. The body language of the people around you never stops though. You pick-up a machine and begin your work-out and someone spots you across the room. They begin to move closer towards you in an attempt to grab your attention. As they approach, note how close the person is to you. The closer they are, the warmer their opinions are of you. The further away someone sits when interacting with you clearly shows they don’t actually care. Not that the gym is the perfect interaction spot but is possibly the most common for body language.

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B y S i n a y o Tw a n i

igh-waisted skirts have steadily made their way into some of the most fashionable closets this year as well as the everyday normal girl. They first become popular when several major fashion labels including Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Dolce&Gabana were seen sporting them on international runways.

trend in high waisted trousers and jeans, the waist is on the rise and its not getting lower!

Since then the high-waisted skirt has filtrated down the fashion industry so much so that you can now find them in any local clothing store!

They cinch the waist and take inches away from your upper body. The best options for this look are highheeled pumps, stilettos, or platform wedges. Since most high-waisted skirts are the focal point of the outfit, you’ll want to elongate the legs as much as possible.

The advantages of the high waisted skirt is that they help to shape a woman’s figure proportionally, making your legs look longer and slimmer all at once. Wear them to give off a sense of grace and elegance, while knowing that you look good as well! High waisted skirts are great for evening or formal looks as well as casual day-to-day looks when you just want to feel comfortable and presentable too. The high waisted skirt is not a trend, as trends generally go out of style each season. These skirts are timeless and have been popular since the 50’s! Just as popular as the current

Pair them with tank tops or frilly blouses and a cardigan. Don’t wear them if you have a short torso as the highwaisted skirt is best suited for women with a long torso.

Many celebrities have been spotted in the high waisted trend. Mary-Kate Olsen, Beyonce and Alexa Chung are just a few celebrities who are famously known for their style who love the high waisted skirt. These skirts are available in any fashionable clothing stores. Every woman should have at least one high waisted skirt in her wardrobe. So what are you waiting for ladies, go out and get ‘em!

How to wear the high waisted skirt

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GESTUZ Crop Top Motel Skirt Kylie ELIE SAAB Suede Wedge Slingbacks

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Miss Selfridge Floppy Hat Fairground Only Its Light Top Antipodium Plainsman sheer maxi skirt

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Acne Pink Sleeveless Blouse N° 21 Mini skirt Jeffrey Campbell Brogue Platform

• • •

Ursula Beanie Dream of the Crop Top Acne Grey Nico Milano Maxi Skirt

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SLICE OF LIFE Name: Wim De Villiers. What Course are you Studying? DSC, Maths and apired maths. Who are you wearing? Woolworths fits best. Who inspires you in the music scene? “One name”... Kid Cuddi.

I found myself sitting on the stairs of Marcels watching these elegantly dressed youngsters stroll along Rondebosch Main road and 101 questions were running through my mind. Who are they and why do they dress the way they do?

May you please give me your favorite quote? “Always take your diary on a train, its necessary to have something rivetting to read.

Name: Camille Darne

Name: Ngawo Taliwe

What Course are you Studying? BA, Film and Media.

What Course are you Studying? Well im currently on a gap year, but planning to study at UCT next year, so this is me checking the vibe out.

Who are you wearing? Camille Darne’, by Camille Darne’

Who are you wearing? Im wearing “Me” setting my own trend.

Who inspires you in the music scene? Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, because their Dirtty... (laughing out loud).

Who inspires you in the music Scene? Inspired by Pherall Williams May you please give me your favorite quote? “You’ll lose a lot of money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women chasing money”

May you please give me your favorite quote? Camille: “Think low or think high” Name: Joe Phyfer What Course are you Studying? Physcology and Politics. Who are you wearing? Its just a Mr Price mashup - a lot of random clothes from Mr Price Who inspires you in the music scene? Inspired by Lady Gaga, she is on the process of changing pop music, and she is doing it in the right way. May you please give me your favorite quote? “Go big or go home.”

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Name: Zinhle Mqadi What Course are you Studying? BA, environmental Science. Who are you wearing? Im wearing UCT, with a tint of my own Swag. Who inspires you in the music Scene? Tumi from the Volume (local musician). May you please give me your favorite quote? “Putting out someones candle does not make yours shine any brighter.”

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By Luqman Ahmed

Is Hubbly Bubbly Smoking healthier than cigarette smoking? Or is it much more harmful?


t has become a worldwide phenomenon, and maybe you’ve heard about it; or have even seen it. It’s warm, sweet preservative smell is the first thing that attracts you to it. If its “mmm... smells like strawberry” or “mmm...smells like chocolate”, then you’ve definitely fell prey to it’s seduction. After much temptation you eventually grab it’s hand and begin inhaling from it passionately hearing it’s stomach growl. Your tongue begins to taste the sweet smell, which begins to taste exactly like your first smell of it, but after a few seconds, the taste becomes more potent than before. As clouds begin to pour out from your mouth, your head begins to spin, but you still want more because according to you, you have not tasted it’s divine flavour properly. You begin to see it quite often, but never seem to get bored of it because during every different visit, it tastes different. It’s like a stalker because no matter where you go you’ll somehow find it sitting right in front of you growling. Now won’t that just burst your bubble?

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Hubbly Bubbly, (a.k.a. Hookah or Water Pipe) as you all know is a funny looking glass instrument containing water with many pipes attached to it. People use it to smoke tobacco. Hubbly Bubbly smoking originated in the Middle East centuries ago, and has become a common yet popular worldwide trend today, especially among the youth. When hubbly bubbly smashed into popularity, many rumours suggested that hubbly bubbly smoking is much healthier than cigarette smoking because it filters through water, and because one puff of hubbly bubbly smoke feels less potent than a cigarette smoke. Whaleed Isaacs, a hubbly bubbly smoker, as well as a cigarette smoker seems to agree with this statement. “Cigarette smoking feels and tastes much stronger than hubbly bubbly smoking, and it’s effects kicks in immediately” exclaims Whaleed. “Hubbly bubbly also contains less nicotine (a chemical which makes

because according him, “it tastes bad, strong and disgusting compared to hubbly bubbly which still has a nice, sweet and tasteful flavour.” According to Doctor Jackoet, a medical doctor, hubbly bubbly contains the exact same chemicals that a cigarette contains, but the amount of chemicals is much less in a hubbly bubbly, than in a cigarette. “Hubbly bubbly’s nicotine content is extremely low” exclaims the doctor. If hubbly bubbly smoke contains less nicotine than a cigarette, then why have people claimed that hubbly bubbly is so addictive? Whaleed and Mohammad have claimed that they are both addicted to hubbly bubbly. “Hubbly bubbly is my stress reliever and I can’t live without it.” exclaims Mohammad. “I get these heavy cravings, and all I can think about is just smoking some hubbly bubbly and what flavour I feel like smoking. This basically makes me impatient and it drives me absolutely mad.” Whaleed

When the question: how many minutes or hours do you smoke in one session of hubbly bubbly came up, both Mohammad and Whaleed stated that they usually smoke over an hour for one session. But Mohammad went on to say that sometimes he smokes the minimum in one session “which is around 50 minutes.” Whaleed, who smokes both hubbly bubbly and cigarettes says that “one cigarette only takes me 2 minutes to smoke” It’s a fact; hubbly bubbly smoking is far more harmful than cigarette smoking. The reason is because hubbly bubbly smoking lasts much longer than a single cigarette or two. One hubbly bubbly session lasts between 45 minutes to over an hour, so people are inhaling more smoke via a hubbly bubbly compared to cigarette. According to health 24, “In an hourlong smoking session of hubbly bubbly, users consume about 100 to 200 times the smoke of a single cigarette. ”Shocking isn’t it, but there’s worse to come. The coal that is used to

It’s a fact; hubbly bubbly smoking is far more harmful than cigarette smoking. you addicted smoking) than cigarette smoke, and the water basically filters some of the harmful chemicals, which makes each puff feel light,” says Whaleed diplomatically based on his experiences with smoking both substances. This statement seems to make sense, but is it really a fact? Or is it just a so called myth that people have been telling themselves over the years? Mohammad Ebrahim, a regular hubbly bubbly smoker, who started smoking hubbly bubbly because of peer pressure, but now smokes it as a stress reliever. “When I smoked hubbly bubbly for the very first time, many people told me that it is much healthier than cigarette smoke, and I believed them because of the water in the hubbly bubbly and the healthy fruity flavours.” Mohammad goes on by saying that he didn’t bother to find out if his peer’s statements were true because one puff from a hubbly bubbly felt less potent than a puff from a cigarette. He still believes that hubbly bubbly is much healthier than cigarettes because of his experiences of experimenting with both substances. Today, Mohammad only smokes hubbly bubbly and not cigarettes

feels exactly the same, even though he smokes five cigarettes a day, he still feels more addicted to hubbly bubbly. He even prefers hubbly bubbly over cigarettes because according him, hubbly bubbly has many great tastes and flavours. “For a hubbly bubbly, you can choose many great tasting flavours, and you can even mix different flavours together to make your own flavour. It’s a very fun taste for your mouth. A cigarette however just tastes like charcoal all the time. There are no flavours.” Based on these two statements, do you think that the doctor’s information is incorrect? Or is there just something missing? To find the missing the answer, research is always a good option. The net is full of information and shocking facts on hubby bubbly. Once the lightning stroke, there was no turning back.Health experts have stated that hubbly bubbly smoking is more harmful than cigarette smoking. “This is absurd, because how can hubbly bubbly be more harmful as it filters the tobacco through water making it lighter, and because one puff of hubbly bubbly smoke feels less potent than cigarette smoke” exclaims Whaleed and Mohammad surprisingly.

activate the hubbly bubbly contains a huge amount of carbon (an element), and when its inhaled in large quantities, it may cause lung irritations, lung cancer or any other lung diseases. “Carbon also remains longer in your body once inhaled” explains Dr. Jakoet firmly. “The coal also contains a little bit of oxygen” exclaims the doctor, and of course we know that oxygen and carbon combines together to form carbon dioxide which can be harmful to your body. Coal also contains Carbon Monoxide, a toxic chemical that’s very toxic to humans. With the shocking truth finally revealed, this just proves that bubbles can also be dangerous. Mohammad and Whaleed have both fallen prey to the hubbly bubbly’s side effects such as: shortness of breath, tight chest and weak stamina, but according to both of them, “We won’t ever quit because we are both in love with the hubbly bubbly.” Both Mohammad and Whaleed originally smoked hubbly bubbly only at social gatherings, but now, they have become slaves to the hubbly bubbly. “Hubbly bubbly smoking is basically our stress reliever, as it helps us deal with the pressures of everyday life that we face now a days.”

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ways to keep the peace with flat mates

By Kristan Wood

By Tarryn Dowsley


hen breaking up with someone or being broken up with, you can feel as if your whole world has come crumbling down. Even though the pain may be inevitable, I’ve learnt that there are some things a broken-hearted person can do to slowly help overcome the sadness and move on.


o, you’ve moved into a flat with your BFF. You think that nothing could go wrong.You gossip with her, you party with her and you talk to her almost constantly. How hard could living with her be? But no one ever tells you how hard it can actually be. When problems arise within your flat, it’s crucial to sort them out soon.It may not be just a flat mate that you’ll lose, but it could be a friend too.

Before you move in, make sure that both you and your BFF are both financially capable of paying the rent consistently throughout the year. It is not fair to your flat mate, and to your friend, to be irresponsible with rent money.


Many arguments arise in flats over who pays for what groceries. Instead of sharing the cost each shop, open a house account in which you both put money that you both use just for household products. This will erase tension and make shopping together easier and make shopping alone possible!


Make a roster of weekly cooking, cleaning and laundry and divide these chores equally between housemates. This way if she or you do not do the chores, you won’t need to fuss your BFF to take out the rubbish.


Have a night for just the two of you! It is important to remember the reasons why you moved in with your friend. Have a flat mate night once a week that just you and her spend together painting toe nails, watching series and old movies. This way you both remember how important you are to each other.


Do ‘arts and crafts’ together for things in the flat. When my friend and I moved in together, we had a table that was an unpainted hand-me-down that we called the ‘scaffolding’. One day we painted it and made it our own. Not only did our table look better, but we bonded in the process.



Always get ready together, even if you aren’t going out together. It’s important to include your BFF in your plans so they don’t feel left out. Do each other’s hair and makeup, it is important to sometimes just be girls together and to remember that she’s your BFF and not only a tenant!


Be experimental in the flat! If you keep things exciting, it will ease any tension that you and your BFF might run into. Try an ‘adventurous cooking week’ when you both cook together. Once you’ve achieved in creating a great meal, you’ll bond in your success.


Little things go a long way! Buy Post-its and write her a letter if you leave the flat first in the morning, make her tea when she is sad. Celebrate successes and birthdays and support each other through the hard times. You two are BFF’s after all!

If things are simply not working out in the 10 Beflat,realistic. face up to it! If you two can’t work things out, after constant trying, sit down and have a talk; just because you don’t live with her doesn’t mean you aren’t best friends. Just remember, the friendship should always come first!

It’s the only way to start getting over it. Until you’re sure you’re ready to converse with your ex on a platonic level. Source:



#2 REMOVE MEMORY TRIGGERS This may be hard at first, but will save you plenty of tears in the long run.

#3 CRY. AND DON’T THINK IT’S NOT OKAY It’s all part of the healing process and you’ll feel better once you’re finished.

#4 HAVE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AROUND TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER And remember: Don’t dwell in your own sorrow. These people will help keep up your self-esteem, because being alone too much may emphasise the break up and cause depression.

#5 DON’T JUMP STRAIGHT INTO A NEW RELATIONSHIP Give yourself time to heal and be your happy self again. You don’t want to dump excess baggage and issues on to the next person. You want them to discover and explore the real you; not one that’s still wounded and hurt.

#6 DEAL WITH HATE AND LET IT GO! Anger makes the mouth work faster than the mind. So scream in your pillow, go for a run, anything SAFE to get it all out.

#6 FIND THINGS TO KEEP YOU BUSY Go out, find a new hobby, and find happiness in other areas of life. Realise that a break up signifies a new beginning. Do things you couldn’t do because you may have been restricted while in the relationship.



... and that everything does have a reason for happening. There will come a day when you start to feel happy within yourself again.


Be considerate if you have a boyfriend and she does not, because, lets’ face it, nothing sucks more than being ditched on Friday night series-night for the boyfriend. Set boundaries with your boyfriend for nights that you can and cannot see each other. If your BFF and your BF don’t get along then keep him away from the flat as much as possible. You cannot make your flat mate uncomfortable in her own home!



get a life

Once you’ve stopped smoking, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms will kick in. You will feel dizzy, restless, and even obtain strong headaches because you’re lacking the immediate release of sugar that comes from the nicotine. You may also have a bigger appetite. It is then necessary to implement step two, which is the following:

By Luqmaan Ahmed Has smoking become a bad habit for you? Is it affecting you negatively? Are you trying to quit, but seem to be struggling? Well, here are a few easy steps on how to quit smoking, and throw this bad habit into the dustbin where it belongs.


’m sure you all aware of the negative effects of smoking, (Effects include: Shortness of breath, Yellow teeth, tight chest, smelling badly all the time and many more) as well as the health risks (such as: Lung Cancer and heart problems etc.) To quit smoking can be extremely difficult because it’s a bad habit, and many human beings find it hard to get rid of these habits that they have been doing for so many years. Also, the nicotine in the cigarette makes you addicted to it. I know, it all seems challenging, but it is possible to learn how to replace your smoking habits, manage your cravings, and join the millions of people who have kicked this habit for good.

To increase your chances of success, you will need to implement the following measures: • Be motivated, as you will need to have a driving force that will help you achieve your goal of quitting.

• Drink lots of water, as this flushes down the smoking toxins from your body and it minimizes the withdrawal symptoms and helps cravings pass faster. • Eat or drink sweet things such as: Fruit, sugar sweets, juices, cool drinks etc. to get rid of your cravings. These sugar-related cravings should only last a few days until your body adjusts, so keep your sugar levels a bit higher than usual on those days by drinking plenty of juice (unless you’re a diabetic). It will help prevent the craving symptoms and help your body re-adjust back to normal. • Drink less alcohol because many people have a habit of smoking when they have an alcoholic drink. TIP: Try non-alcoholic drinks or something else. • Try snacking on nuts, chips, gum when you get heavy cravings. • Stay away from other smokers as this may pull you back into the habit. To help you deal with withdrawal symptoms such as: moods, depression or anxiety etc. Try to implement the following: • Exercise on a regular basis because it gets rid of stress and anxiety by relaxing you. It also keeps you fit and makes you feel healthy and good inside. • Keep yourself distracted and occupied all the times.

• Have social support from family and friends, because they can encourage you to keep on trying, and their support will make you feel that you’re not alone in this whole thing.

• Keep your hands and fingers busy: Squeezing balls, pencils, or paper clips are good substitutes to satisfy that need for tactile stimulation.

• An understanding of what to expect will help you manage the heavy withdrawl symptoms that will arise when trying to quit smoking. If you go through heavy withdrawal symptoms, (which you will.) then you won’t know what to do expect and immediately go back to the old habit. But if you know exactly what to expect, then you will most likely come up with many ideas and solutions to get rid your withdrawal symptoms.

• Keep your mind busy: Read a book or magazine, listen to some music that you love.

• A positive attitude. If you strongly believe that it’s possible for you to quit, then it will happen. As they say: “A positive mind breeds realities.”

• Look for new ways to relax and to cope with depression or anxiety: you could exercise or even speak to someone.

Step one to quitting is to implement the START method, which is the following:

• Get support from others such as: family and friends.

S = Set a quit date. T = Tell family, friends, and co-workers that you plan to quit.

A = Anticipate and plan for the challenges you’ll face while quitting.

R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco

products from your home, car, and work.

T = Talk to your doctor about getting help to quit.

Toast 69

• Find an oral substitute: Keep other things around you to pop in your mouth when you’re craving a cigarette, such as: sweets, water, juice, fruit, snacks, chocolate etc.

The final step would be to continue with step 2 until you no longer crave a cigarette. What to do if you have a relapse or quitting smoking didn’t work, now what? Having a small setback doesn’t mean you’re a smoker again. Most people try to quit smoking several times before they kick the habit for good. Identify the triggers or trouble spots you ran into and learn from your mistakes. You’re not a failure if you slip up. It doesn't mean you can't quit for good. Don’t let a slip become a mudslide. Throw out the rest of the pack. It's important to get back on the non-smoking track now. Look back at your quit log and feel good about the time you went without smoking. Find the trigger. Exactly what was it that made you smoke again? Decide how you will cope with that issue the next time it comes up. Learn from your experience. What has been most helpful? What didn’t work? Are you using any medicines to help you quit? Call your doctor if you start smoking again. Some medicines cannot be used if you are smoking at the same time.

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get a life

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get a life

By Mthwakazi Boyce Additional text by Nicole Cloete


very girl needs a lifesaver, a pick-me-up something to brighten her darkest day. Ladies have been wearing lipstick since Ancient Greek times when the Greek women would dye their lips with pigments, plant roots, pencils and rouge. Back then, flushed lips indicated sexual arousal, which is why lipstick, and other lip colourings, remain popular to this day. Lipstick, nowadays, is used to do more than ignite sexual sparks. It can do so much more, even promote self-esteem. We look at one person’s story.

In our modern society, lipstick still plays a big role in the lives of women and their identity in a world dominated by men. Tonya Leigh, a nurse from New York who writes a blog in her spare time, talks about the power of lipstick and uses a story to demonstrate what a powerful impact lipstick can have on a woman, and how she sees herself and her role in society. In her blog, she tells the story of a 63-year-old woman and her fight with cancer, and how lipstick gave Mary Anne hope for another day: “Mary Anne was a beautiful, vibrant 63-year-old woman whom I had the gift of being with during her journey with breast cancer. I was her nurse in the intensive care unit as she went through battles with infections and other complications.” Tonya and Mary Anne spent many hours talking about life, death ... and lipstick. Yes. Every day Tonya walked into Mary Anne’s room, and Mary Anne would have her lips lined and adorned with her lipstick du jour.  One day, her son asked, “Mom, why are you putting on lipstick?” Mary answered, “Well, son, I may be dying, but that doesn’t mean I have to look like hell while doing it. Plus, when I check out of this world into my next, I want to be looking good,” she replied. Tonya goes on: “She is not the only one who deemed her lipstick as a lifesaver and part of who she is as a woman. My friend Tasha*came out of an abusive home and because of what she saw her mom go through, she had the impression that women were slaves to their husbands and that they had no

Toast 73

sense of pride or dignity. She often did not care about her appearance and had a very low self-esteem. One morning I went to her and helped her get dressed. At first she did not like the idea of using make-up and lipstick but as the day progressed, I could see people starting to look at her twice, and slowly but surely, she started to open up and speak more confidently. This was all because of a little lipstick.

So what makes lipstick so special? Tonya Leigh explains that a good lipstick says to the Universe: I care; I embrace being a woman; I have style; I pay attention to details; I welcome beauty and miracles into my life. Lauren Manuel, a student at Varsity College (VC) Rondebosch, says she would wear lipstick for all the above reasons, but she wears it mostly when going out. Paula Rabeling, a final-year journalism student, thinks it adds glamour. Irene van der Merwe, another VC student, says that she thinks lipstick is out of fashion but lipgloss is the in thing. “I think lipstick is too bold. It’s too vintage. If you’re in your twenties and are styling yourself vintage, then it works. It’s hard to wear red lipstick well, because the connotation of promiscuity still stands. Personally, I think lipgloss is more suitable for when you’re in your twenties

and lipstick is for older women.” However you love your lips, the way you draw attention to your lips says a lot about you. Tonya says that “when I desire to feel a certain way, I co-create with my lipstick.” Here are her faves: M.A.C. Russian red: what I pull out of my purse when I want to feel like a goddess. M.A.C. Angel:  perfect for those days when I desire to feel like, well… an angel. M.A.C. Pink Noveau:  this is my go-to when I want to bring out my inner punk rocker.” Some good advice from Tonya is that, if you want to set yourself up for a successful day, get up, spend some time with yourself, sit and dine on something delicious, move your body for at least thirty minutes, shower, find an outfit that looks great on your body the way it is right now, and please, put on some lipstick. She also goes on to say that ‘’putting on lipstick takes 10 seconds. Not a lot of time for the benifits it brings. There’s no excuse for not taking some time to look and feel your best. If Mary Anne who was dying can do it, so can you. It’s powerful. It will change the way you act in your world, and as a result, your world will become very different.’’ So why not buy lipstick for yourself or surprise a friend and see if your confidence increases or if you become instantly irresistible? Surely there must be a reason that lipstick has been around since the Greeks…

What is your favourite lipstick? You can follow Tonya on:

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opinion pieces

and the promotion of Satanic principles is just going to add more fear to the mix. But there is a market for Satanic rap; this group has filled a vacuum. So perhaps the problem is with capitalism’s hunt for profit. In a communist system these young rappers would be working full days for the state. Not that either extreme is the answer, but even parents are desperate for their children to get ahead in life and earn some loot. What is disturbing is that Tyler’s mother supports all of his doings and couldn’t be more proud of her son. It would seem like fame and fortune is the only thing that matters to people these days. But kids who choose not to answer exam questions in this manner are only letting themselves down in the end.

By Kelly Bredeveldt OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) also known as Odd Future is the latest underground rap phenomenon. This group of teenagers is known worldwide for their “different” music style. Different? Is that what we call it these days? It was only a matter of time that a musical act would arise and become a full fledged satanic movement.


e are all well aware of the Illuminati and other secret societies that are apparently out to control our thoughts. Some believe that these secret groups are taking hold of all our musicians in a bid to steer their audiences’ perceptions . Forums online discuss how the Illuminati perform satanic rituals: what better way to farm people than through popular music. This is not something that is new to us at all. In my opinion, Lady Gaga, JayZ, Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, even sports star Lebron James are all, not so secretly, part of the Illuminati, and this is showing more and more in their music. But the American West Coast rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) is making the Illuminati look like small fry. As the real leader Earl Sweatshirt is absent from online media, Tyler, The Creator, seems to be the leader of this teenage Hip-Hop group. Tyler’s music is filled with rape, violence, heavy drug use, anti-education and lastly Satanism. Tyler has no intention of hiding his Satanism at all. In his song ‘Bastard’ he speaks about his relationship with the devil in the same way a Christian speaks about a relationship with Christ.

Toast 79

In the music video of this song he is possessed and acknowledges the devil as his spiritual father. Tyler also has no respect for the Christian religion at all and he is constantly mocking Christians in his music. In the picture included he is wearing his trademark ski mask with an inverted cross on the front. The ironic fact remains: many Satanists wear this symbol as a denouncement of Christianity, but one of Christ’s most loyal disciples, Saint Peter, was crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be killed in the same manner as the Son of God.

We need to take caution these days. What are we exposing ourselves to? Songs have a way of sticking to us, the tunes are catchy. We sing along to songs, but do we know what or who we are singing to? Eminem was the father of one such hate generation; OFWGKTA’s dark-spirituality input to popular music adds fuel to the disadvantaged youth’s passion for contempt.

THE CROSS OF ST PETER: Being used as the OFWGKTA logo

going to stimulate constructive reform in the modern age. Riots and looting across Britain, Occupy Wall Street protest movements across the globe: 2011 has been a tough year for civil society

Tyler also promotes a no-education philosophy. One of Tyler’s pre-teen fans had drawn pictures on his school test instead of answering it, and had consequently secured himself zero marks. The fan sent Tyler an image of this school test, and in admiration of this Tyler posted it on Twitter. Could it be that Tyler enjoys people admiring his “uniqueness”? It’s likely that he’s taking pleasure from the chaos he is causing. People say that he is just against the American system; one can understand how these disadvantaged kids are the product of falling through society’s safety net. But a life of drugs, crime and demonic hate is not

ZERO PERCENT: The exam script posted online idolizing the group, profanities have been censored

FRANK OCEAN: member of OFWGKTA wearing his signature kit

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opinion pieces



omeone once said to me enlightenment is peace. It has taken me a long time to understand what they meant by this. Buddhists meditate to find peace and from that become enlightened. Why am I talking about meditation and how does it relate to weed you may ask? Well I think that Marijuana, or more commonly known as weed, is linked to much more than enlightenment and making people relaxed. I believe it could be the solution to the economic problems South Africa finds itself in today. The real question that needs

by weed? The answer is zero! There has never been a Cannabis induced death in recorded history. The reason for this is that to cause death from weed, the smoker “would theoretically have to consume nearly 1 500 pounds or 680 kilograms of Marijuana within 15 minutes to cause a lethal response.”(Drug Enforcement administration, United States of America)

has to be chemically modified before they can be used as drugs. Cannabis however, does not need to be chemically altered in anyway to be used, you simply dry it and smoke it. According to the SAPS, roughly 14 000 people are charged for either possession or dealing of drugs. Out of that 14 000 plus minus 50% will be charged and face either a fine or 15 to 25 years in prison.

Records show a staggering increase in drug usage in South Africa between the years 2000 and 2010. In 2000 there were 5250 drug related cases in South Africa. By 20062007 we were up to 14 689 drug related cases and in 2010 we were dealing with 137 000 drug related cases. The most shocking statistic was that weed had no fatalities, but like alcohol there are deaths that can be linked to substance abuse such as drinking

Weed is used for medical purposes such as the relief from chronic pain in Arthritic and cancer patients. There are also a number of other uses and products that the Cannabis plant can be used for such as Biofuel, which would help to reduce our oil crisis Hemp clothing and simple Cannabis incense products. All of this money could be used for things we are in desperate need of such as housing, schools and jobs for the

“Marijuana ... the solution to the economic problems South Africa finds itself in today” answering is whether South Africa should legalize weed. Cannabis, the scientific name for weed, has been used by humans for over 5000 years. For some it has become a religion, like Rastafarians for example. For others a way to rebel against the system; a good example of this would be to look at the 60s and what took place during that era. America during that time was in Vietnam and a lot of people were against the war. These ‘rebels’ became known as Hippies and were associated with events like Woodstock which was a massive music festival. This era started the rise of drugs in society and with it came the popularity of weed. Estimates from the US Department of Justice show that between twenty and fifty million Americans routinely use weed illegally. This is just one country, which, I might add, does not even have the highest drug usage in the world. Out of all those millions of people how many do you think will be killed directly

Toast 81

and driving. Research done by the American Drug Abuse Warning Network suggested that an average of 10 deaths a year can be linked to Marijuana. However Cornel Naicker from the SAPS says: “Alcohol poses a much greater problem when it comes to the abuse thereof ... the damage caused both socially and criminally by far exceeds that of cannabis; Assaults, domestic violence, vehicle accidents, culpable homicides, murders, rape etc.” The drug world is a multi-billion rand business. All the money that comes from the illegal selling of drugs goes straight back into the pockets of the drug lords such as Brett Kebble. The economy of countries like Columbia and Mexico only see the violence and destruction that drugs have brought to their countries. A drug like cocaine or heroine

unemployed. It would be a big boost for South Africa’s economy. If South Africa did happen to legalize weed do you think that we would go the way of the Netherlands or would the drug lords end up running our country like in Mexico? Currently the Western Cape has the highest drug related arrests in the country followed by KZN and then Gauteng. We have a problem with drugs and clearly our methods for getting rid of them are not working. Maybe it is time to try a different approach.

By Sinayo Twani

What is trust? “I believe trust is the most important thing in any relationship. Without it the relationship is as good as dead.” Sinayo


relationship without trust is “like Twitter without Tweets – useless.” This was the comment from someone responding to my Facebook research. And he’s right. All relationships require trust - whether its between friends, family or lovers. Relying on a person and having full confidence in them is a pretty big step to take; a person can easily betray you and leave you with a shattered heart. And once trust is lost, it’s a monumental task to work on the relationship and to restore what you lost. All ten people in my casual research agreed that trust is earned. You have to work for it; it’s not just there for the taking. And to give trust is just as hard as trying to get it. We’ve all been in situations where it was hard to trust people because of their past actions. Trust cannot be borrowed or bought. Without it, you have nothing. In a romantic relationship, trust can be like an elastic band, stretched out by two people for as long as they hold it, but the moment one lets go, the other person is the one who gets hurt. Trust is strongly related to loyalty. These are big words with big responsibilties. And maybe that’s why some people take the “easier” option and say “love them all but trust no one“. I can understand this, as some people are simply not to be trusted – it’s so easy for them to turn their backs on you. What can you do to trust people more? Your hopes can get shattered if you have made up your own ideas about people. The key is to get to know people, because then you can trust them for who they really are. In matters of trust, follow your heart, ask questions and then feel the answers. Learn to trust your own instincts first. Trust is the ability to depend on someone and know completely that what you believe to be true is really true. Trust is when you can put your hands on someone else’s hands and feel safe. I believe it’s hard to trust, but one of my friends put it this way: “It’s up to you to open up to another person. If we stop believing, we stop living.” It’s such a pity that there are people who don’t value trust anymore, but it seems like my friends do.

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he console wars continue to rage on, as two of the biggest gaming devices battle it out to see which console is more superior. I’m talking about the Playstation 3 (PS3) and the Xbox 360. This article should give you an insight on which console is preferred by many gamers. It all started when Microsoft came out with the Xbox 360 back in 2006, and this immediately put Sony Playstation into a frenzy. They then decided that they aren’t going to be run over by a computer company, as Playstation has been the most successful gaming company over the years. However since the Xbox 360 has emerged, Sony has finally found a competitor. When comparing the two I decided to interview two gamers, an Xbox 360 owner and Playstation 3 owner. So we started off with the Xbox 360 owner Chris Vermeulen. I asked him why he chose the Xbox over the PS3 and he responded by saying that he chose the Xbox because he previously had the Playstation 2 and wanted to try something different and new. Chris goes on by saying that the layout of the console and the controllers are more comfortable. He says that it has more to offer even though you purchase certain content of the internet, but says that “it just ensures that you get the very best and it’s a small price to pay.”

Our gamer and journalist finds out which gaming device is better, because this debate has been going on for a while now. By Dwaine Whiting

Now the Xbox has a lot of good qualities and one of the main qualities would be online gaming. Xbox live enables you to play online against or alongside other gamers from all over the world, you can also download demos and extra game content. Even though there is a price to pay you will get the best quality of gaming for your Xbox 360 console and interact with other gamers around the world. So that would be the one advantage that the Xbox 360 has over the Playstation 3 and its quite a good thing to have over your rivals.

“Xbox Live enables you to play online against or alongside other gamers from all over the world. You can also download demos and extra game content.” Now we get to the famous and very expensive Playstation 3, this console is meant to be the best gaming device in the world and some might say that it is. With a 320 GB hard drive compared to the Xbox’s which is only 250 GB. You can basically save lots of multimedia such as: music, pictures and videos. The next gamer I interviewed was Michael Smith, the owner of a Playstation 3. I asked him why he chose the Playstation 3 over the Xbox 360 and he said “I’ve always been a supporter of the Playstation console and it’s not faulty like the Xbox” he exclaims. However, this is his personal opinion, but that’s what most people have done as they have bought the Playstation 1 and 2, so they would automatically want continue with Playstation. Another thing that’s different is the games, majority of the games will be exclusive for the respective consoles, for example, you get games that are made exclusively for the Xbox and not for the Playstation and vice versa, such as Gran Turismo. However, you still get games which both brands sell like Need 4 Speed, Call of Duty, FIFA and many more. As we know many people have different opinions on which console is better, so no matter what this article says or what any article says, this ongoing debate will continue for a long time. Microsoft and Sony will continue to compete for the best gaming device. One thing we do know is that no matter which console you buy, you will get a great gaming experience.

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All photos co

urtesy of RAM


By Lia Ackermann

It was a very hot day in Worcester, Nekkies Holiday Resort was getting busier and busier. Stages were being set up, bands were getting ready to perform and people were getting ready to party for three days straight. This was my first Ramfest, but definitely not my last.


he first day just wasn’t exciting! It’s true. The stages were still being set up, people were chilled, saving their energy for the big shows on Friday. Then overnight the main stage was roaring with crazy fans enjoying live acts from Zebra and Giraffe, Desmond and The Tutu’s, Ashtray Electric and my personal favorite performance by Die Antwoord. That’s Ramfest for you. You could see by the looks on people’s faces that they were satisfied. If you walked a few metres away from the main stage to the Electronic stage, it was absolutely amazing how you couldn’t hear anything from the other stages anymore. Just the lovely sounds coming from the electronic pyramid. This was more for the dubstep lovers, live acts from P.H. Fat, Jam Jar, Double Adapter and Haezer, just to name a few. The music never stopped. In the Metal4africa tent some of the hardest and most talented metal and hard rock bands gave some of the best performances. It was extreme and hardcore, by far the best line up any hard rocking metal head could’ve asked for. The alternative stage had live performances from Down on First, The Broken Result, Mind Assault, a Walk with the Wicked, and many more. Friday night took us on an emotional rollercoaster with a feeling of anticipation and angst hanging in the air. It was definitely the highlight of Ramfest. To see so many amazing bands and DJ’s in one night is the best.

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People were a bit bummed that there wasn’t an air guitar competition this year, but the music and weird-looking people made up for it. You could literally just sit in the Mercury beer tent and watch everybody walking by with funny, unique, beautiful and crazy outfits. The only thing I would have wanted differently was the weather, and I think everybody would agree with me. To get woken up by the sun in a hot tent, most people with a hangover from the night before, is not the nicest feeling in the world. Luckily the river came to our rescue. Most of the people were in the river for the whole day, chilling on lilo’s, drinking and meeting new people. Saturday was probably the hottest day, the live acts on the main stage were surrounded by fans of Van Coke Kartel, The Pretty Blue Guns, Not My Dog, etc. And two international bands, Alkaline Trio and Funeral For a Friend. I’m proud to say that the South African bands gave the international bands a run for their money. Everybody expected a bit more from the overseas peeps, and I was kind of disappointed. But they still made the crowd jump up and down. Ramfest gave me chills, it gave me thrills, and I saw some of the best performances of my life. I will never regret paying 450 bucks; it was worth the heat, worth a broken tent and worth my sore feet at the end of the weekend. Sadly Ramfest is not going to be a full weekend in 2012.... Guess there’ll be no chilling on the first day, but rather straight into the action.

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By Buhle Khoza

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“Mother of all Carnivals hits Long Street.” T

he Cape Town Carnival rocked the Mother City on the 19th of March. Fans say that the carnival was the biggest event to rock the City of Cape Town since the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The thrill and excitement had everyone jumping up for joy, laughing, cheering, and even dancing.

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City. Various communities all came together to put on an exciting and very entertaining show. The place was packed, hosting hundreds of people. There were a few big screen TV’s for those who couldn’t make their way to the front row.

This was the second annual event since 2009 and it was most definitely bigger, brighter and better! The theme this year was ‘Dream the Future’ and that brought fun, light and a total vibe to Long Street.

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The city came to a standstill and brought unity amongst everyone there. It was unfortunate that everything had to end at twelve, but this didn’t stop people from continuing with the after party where 5fm’s DJ Fresh rocked-on until the morning. The festivities included musicians, dancers, giant puppets, a Next year’s carnival plans are already being made and fans can drag of Harley Davidson motorbikes as well as out-of-this-world expect the same kind of excellence that the fans were treated performances such as: The sounds of the Trumpets, brass bands to this year. Cape Town Carnival 2012 promises that it’ll be an and music that left endless echoes to the streets of the Mother even bigger success than it was this year.

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indicative of a hospital. The set was rearranged frequently so that the audience could see the different settings. The students also made use of the auditorium, which paid off very well. Romeo and Juliet’s journey has always been tragic - ever since Shakespeare wrote it. But what made it worse this time is that the relationship is contextualised in a psychiatric hospital. Luckily the audience didn’t have to focus on the serious side for too long. There was much humour. The chef and the strange Balthazar played by Rudi White and Gerry van Rensburg made sure for a lighter side in this drama. 

How Stellenbosch University produced this classic piece of theatre By Luam Ackermann

Stellenbosch University’s drama production, Juliet + Romeo + Romeo + Juliet, showed on 19 August 2011 at the well-known HB Thom Theatre, and I was so glad to catch it, since this one is surely one of the most unique productions of the classic. The play is a version of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, with this version being set in South Africa. The work was in good hands. The playwright, Christiaan Olwagen, has worked on numerous famous Shakespeare pieces in the past, and is known for Woza Andries, which showed in 2010. Christiaan won himself a Fleur de Cap Award for New Director earlier in 2011. Martinus Basson, well-known for many productions, with Cabaret being one of the best-known, produced Juliet + Romeo + Romeo + Juliet. The dual talent showed in the piece. Years of talent: Basson started his theatrical career in the 1970s at the Cape Performing Arts Board. Since 1985 he has established himself as a director. Some of his more recent work includes Waarom is die wat altyd voor toyi-toyi so vet and Johnny Cockroach. Olwagen’s version of Romeo and Juliet is set at the “Verona Medical Institute” where Shakespeare’s original House of Capulet and House of Montague is represented by two doctors with different opinions on how to treat patients. As tension between the doctors reaches a high, they decide to separate the male and female patients. This is how Romeo and Juliet end up in the care of Dr Montechhi and Dr Capuletti. The roles of Romeo and Juliet are played by JC van Schalkwyk and Nina Conradie. JC is a second-year drama student and Nina is busy with her Honours at the Drama Department. With the rest of the crew they made sure of an exceptional emotional impact on the audience. The stage and the lighting was also very creative, giving the story life. Bright lights were

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Added to this, a funny sub-plot enhanced the humour. One of Dr Capuletti’s patients strongly believes that Twilight’s Edward Cullen is coming to fetch her to turn her into a Vampire. The way things go, Romeo meets Juliet at a party held for the female patients. Their love affair starts to get stronger during the play, but they still can’t see each other. Romeo ends up quitting the programme at the clinic and saves Juliet from getting raped. They run away and commit suicide in the end. A plausible ending, considering their psychiatric context. As a viewer, you have to wonder whether the madness of love isn’t perhaps well highlighted with the chosen madhouse context. Not only did the show attract students but also older people, who seemed to enjoy it the most. An age restriction of 16 prevented younger people seeing the show, but the seven shows were still well attended. After all, it’s a story that has been told through the ages, and still you feel every time that it’s a story that has to be told.

Romeo and Juliet Film Adaptions You might want to see other versions on DVD: Romeo and Juliet (1936) - Directed by George Cukor Romeo and Juliet (1968) - Directed by Franco Zeffirelli Romeo + Juliet (1996) - Directed by Baz Luhrmann Shakespeare in Love (1999) - Directed by John Madden

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By Steph Minwalla

The horses’ hooves splashing through the mud as the rider frantically tries to line him up for the next jump is an incredible sight. In all the years this event has been run never has it been so wet. As soon as you enter the gates of the Kyalami equestrian park and you see the red and white Nissan banners combined with over 50 horse boxes you know you’re in for a huge event. The park is a venue normally booked for horse shows and the Nissan Easter Festival is just that. In fact it is the biggest horse show of the year and has people travelling here to compete from all over Africa. This year the Festival was held from the 22nd to the 25th of April. There were three sections; Show Jumping, Dressage and Equitation. Each section had teams from all over; these included two teams from South Africa, one from Botswana, one from Namibia, one from Congo, one from Senegal, one from Swaziland and one from Zimbabwe. On the first day the weather was kind to everyone and the sky was clear, allowing the opening ceremony to take place in the main arena known at the Bob Charter Arena. All teams were dressed in their attire and each Chef De Keep and team were introduced. Unfortunately the great weather didn’t last and the Dressage participants - team members and horses - got absolutely soaked. What a way to start the event. The Dressage section consisted of each team member and their horse riding a set test in the arena and was judged by four judges. The first two judges sat at the top of the arena for the typical salute at the beginning of the test and the second two sat on the side of the arena so no errors were missed. In this section South Africa placed first, Namibia was second and Zimbabwe came third.

Overnight the rain was vicious, making the ground very slippery and sloppy. The InterAfrica show jumping section began at 8:00am in the Bob Charter Arena. If you think about grassy ground or muddy ground; which would be better after a long night of rain? Neither sounds too appealing, but the riders were faced with having to manoeuvre around a course of one metre high jumps and wet slippery grass. The bell went for the first Zimbabwean rider and she was the unfortunate victim of the events’ first accident. The rider guided her horse around the corner to line herself up for the line of three jumps one after the other. The horse was having trouble finding his feet and jumped over the first one awkwardly resulting in him crashing through the next one; knocking the rider straight off. She was fine but shaken, as were all the other riders that had to follow her. Luckily there was no further drama and once again South Africa came first, Namibia placed second and Botswana placed third. Coming into the third day of the event the rain eased up a little. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the final section of Equitation. You need solid ground for this event as Equitation is all about having technique and being specific. No slopping around allowed! This was a very precise course which consisted of jumping over barrels, speeding through poles, coming to a complete stop then taking off again and finishing off with some good jumps. All of this would be impossible in a muddy, slippery arena. All teams went through the course and came out without a scratch. The results were surprising

as Botswana came first, Swaziland second and South Africa third. With the stress of the competition side being over, the teams got to relax a bit and visit the other events taking place on the grounds. There were so many stalls selling horsey stuff, with the horses much better catered for than the riders. The whole event ended with a fantastic dog show with Border Collies doing a jumping course in the Bob Charter Arena, at a much lower height of course. Nissan was a very good sponsor for the show and kindly provided various vehicles at the closing ceremony for test drives. They also provided Nissan branded clothing as part of the winners’ package.

“... the riders were faced with having to manoeuvre around a course of one metre high jumps and wet slippery grass...” So all in all it was a great event. There was great team spirit in all the camps and the event was very competitive with everyone doing well This show is a great platform for every country involved in horse riding to come together and showcase their skills. Luckily there were no fatal accidents this time around as we all know how dangerous this sport can be.

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T H AT G UY By Chu mani G alo By Buhle Khoza


hirty years on from the first Golf and the technology for one of the cars most often driven by students is much improved. The Golf R's performance is notably keener than that of a Golf GTI. What do the students of today have to look forward to? A standard six speed manual gearbox, and blue needles are a clue to the Golf R’s greater performance. The cabin is classic Golf and bound to make you feel right at home real fast as you explore your hood in style. And the cool stuff? The Golf R comes with eight speakers, has bi-xenon headlights and dynamic cornering lights, and the fuel type is simply Premium Unleaded. One of the most exciting optional extras is Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) that continually adapts suspension dampening to drive conditions and also allows the driver to choose between a normal, sport or comfort mode. Volkswagen (VW) has made us proud once again, creating its best and most powerful car yet. What gives it the sporty feel? The new Golf R has a lowered height. But it’s got room for all your gear

too: 350 litres of hatchback luggage capacity. So load it in, because with specially calibrated shock absorbers and dual central exhaust springs, it can take it. The top speed has been limited to 250km/h. Your parents might want it even lower. That’s if you or they can afford it: The Golf R goes for a neat R408 930 for the manual and R423 430 for the direct shift gearbox.

Am I just that guy? Yeah, that guy. Rocks up on the scene from nowhere and says, “Hi.” The one you meet at a party who is never shy, Always says what you want to hear, but in a way it’s a lie, Never scared to show emotions, never afraid to cry. When you’re stranded, he gives you support to be kind. The one you fall in love with, but cheats on you because love is blind. This guy has no name with first class game, Playing monopoly with your heart, Unlike the rest, he cannot be tamed. Feeds on your insides, wears your heart as a necklace chain, You mention the words, “I love you,” He looks at you as if you’re insane. “Watch your back!” they say, be alert, Every guy out there can put on a good flirt. Keeping cool, calm and collected, While your heart is sadly affected, Shamefully to say your soul is the one being injected. So if I’m That Guy, you better believe. I’m not the only guy telling you that I wear my heart on my sleeve. There are many more who act the same, That Guy you call your boyfriend is playing the exact same game.

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Most Impressive team of the season Has to be both Real Madrid and Barcelona. This will make some unhappy but it’s hard to put anything between the two as they both had fantastic seasons, even though Barcelona won the league. Least Impressive team of the season This has to be Almeria. Not only were they relegated in last place, they only managed 9 wins and 12 draws. Their goal difference was a dismal -34, clearly they did not want to stay in the Primera Division enough. Best Player of the Season Again this is a tough choice between Lionel Messi(Barcelona) and Christiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid) the two best players in the world. In my opinion Messi pips Ronaldo, but I’ll leave the choice up to you. Worst Player of the Season Henok Goitom, the Swedish centre-forward could only manage one league goal the entire season for Almeria. However he is only one of a whole Almeria squad who performed dismally the entire season. Best Signing of the Season David Villa for Barcelona from Valencia, with a €40 million fee. Spain’s top goal scorer of all time definitely bolstered Barcelona’s fearsome attack and proved his worth in the Champions league final against Manchester United. Worst Signing of the Season Pedro Leon signed for Real Madrid in the off season after a brilliant season at Getafe. This promising move came crashing down when Pedro failed to follow Real Madrid manager José Mourinho’s tactical instructions, angering the manager and subsequently only featuring off the bench for the rest of the season. Best Manager Luís Garcia the manager of Levante. He kept Levante up in the Spanish Primera division even though his team had the smallest budget in the league. His team amassed enough points early in the season to avoid a genuine relegation battle. Worst Manager Juan Manuel Lillo manager of Almeria until November of 2010, he was sacked after an 8-0 thrashing by Barcelona. And José Luis Oltra who was Lillo’s successor but was also sacked in April 2011 after the team’s exit from the Copa del Rey.

By Chris Vermeulen

Sides relegated from this league 1. Deportivo La Coruña 2. Hercules 3. U.D Almeria

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a Liga or Spanish Primera Division has been known as a two team league for many, many seasons. The reason for this is that the other 18 teams can’t keep up with Barcelona or Real Madrid’s talent, size or spending power. This season was no different as the two powerhouse teams finished with a 21 point difference to third placed Valencia. The rivalry between these two teams reached new heights this season, especially towards the end where they faced each other in 4 el clasico matches in close succession with the 2 league games of the season ending 5-0 and 1-1 respectively. Competition for third and fourth place was really hot this year with Valencia, Villareal, Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid all vying for the 2 remaining Champions league places. Villareal started the season well but their progress slowed in the second half of the season due to injury and fatigue, Villareal were competing in La liga, Copa del Rey and Europa league with a small squad. This allowed Valencia, who also started out well, to overtake Villareal to the third place spot. Atletico Madrid and Sevilla had good runs in the Copa del Rey but had really inconsistent seasons in the league. The surprise of the season was Athletic Bilbao who made a good run to finish between Sevilla and Atletico. All three of these teams finished level on points and had to be separated by goal difference. As for the rest of the league, only Espanyol had a noteworthy season, getting as high as fourth place on the table. But they had a severe drop of form towards the end of the season and only managed to finish 8th. The rest of the teams were all in the relegation battle with as many as 10 teams dropping into the three relegation spots throughout the season. Even Osasuna who finished 9th wasn’t guaranteed safety going into the last match of the season Levante and Málaga staged impressive comebacks during the second half of the season to finish 15th and 12th respectively. Sporting de Gijón also made an impressive showing towards the end of the season, doing enough to secure the 10th spot. The biggest surprise of the season is the relegation of Deportivo La Coruña who spent 20 years in the Spanish Primera Division. Getafe had a lucky final day; they would’ve been relegated had Deportivo scored a goal. In the end Deportivo, Hercules and Almeria ended up relegated after extremely disappointed seasons.

sports Sides promoted to this league for next season 1. Real Betis 2. Rayo Vallecano 3. Granada Expectations for the next season My expectations for this season are that it is going to be very entertaining and exciting. The gap between Barcelona and Real Madrid is getting smaller and the encounters between the two are going to make for some cracking football. I still expect the gap between 2nd and 3rd to remain but it will be a bit closer this time around. Villareal and Valencia will be up there again depending on how well they can recover from losing some of their 1st team players. Expect Sevilla and Atletico Madrid to come back stronger this season, if they can be more consistent throughout the season then both of the teams will be competing for Champions league spaces. Malaga will also have a real go this time, with them bringing in some big name players thanks to a huge cash injection into the team. The teams most likely to get relegated are Rayo Vallecano, Granada and Real Sociedad. For other league reviews check out FourThreeThreeFootballBlog.wordpress. com

Fabregas’ return to Camp Nou after being an Arsenal man since 2003 Image courtesy of

Barcelona’s infamous Camp Nou Stadium: the opening ceremony at begining of a Champions League game against Arsenal Image courtesy of

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Focus on Captain Courageous


By Zareena Khan

Graeme Smith ended his One Day International (ODI) captaincy after the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. Graeme was not always the winning captain, but he sure was one of the best there is. He became the youngest cricket captain in South Africa at the age of 22 when he took over from Shaun Pollock. Smith was born on the 1st of February 1981 in Johannesburg, to parents Graham and Janet, and he attended King Edward VII School . Smith was very determined as a youngster, as quoted by his father Graham Smith: “His goals were very important to him, and it showed us just how determined he was. They changed from time to time, but one thing that was always there was that he wanted to captain the South African cricket team”. With his determination, he played three Under-19s tests and seven one-day internationals for South Africa Under19s. He is a 1.93m tall left handed batsman and has a right-arm off break bowling style. The major teams that the talented cricketer is part of are South Africa, Africa XI, Cape Cobras, Gauteng, Hampshire Cricket Board, ICC World XI, Rajasthan Royals, Somerset and Western Province.

ToasT 107

Graeme Smith Captained South Africa to their first Test series win in England since readmission and then led his team to a famous 2-1 win in Australia, which was the first home series defeat for the Aussies since 1992. Smith has some impressive statistics as a South African captain. From 2002-2011, he has played 172 matches and 170 innings. He has scored a total of 6280 runs having (141 as his highest score), averaging at 39.25. Smith has achieved 43 50’s and 8 100’s during one day international games. Graeme Smith has taken 18 wickets throughout his ODI career with a bowling economy rate of 5.57 and who can forget when he batted for SA against Aus with a broken finger-deservingly adopting the name “Captain Courageous”. It is clear that Smith has had great achievements whilst being captain of South Africa. One of these achievements is topping the late Hansie Cronje’s record of leading South Africa in most number of One day Internationals ODI’s. Smith achieved the record when he led the side for the 139th time in the second of the five ODI’s against India.

In 2009, he was named both SA Cricketer of the Year and Castle Test Cricketer of the Year at the Glittering 2009 SA Cricket Awards Gala Dinner held at the Sandton Convention Centre. Graeme Smith led the Proteas to the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and thereafter stepped down from captaincy. Graeme Smith has an enormous amount of talent which he has proven to South Africa over time. He was an excellent captain and known to be one of the best. He has strengthened the team and he has proved to be an excellent example of a great captain. He is a huge role model to young cricketers. Graeme Smith will continue to be a role model to future generations. Graeme Smith married Irish singer, Morgan Deane in August 2011. He has ended his captaincy but he still has exciting events to look forward to. The future might hold a Graeme Smith junior who could one day follow in his father’s footsteps. South Africa could be blessed with a Graeme Smith replica in the future and maybe he could lead the Proteas to a World Cup victory which his father tried (and sadly failed) to succeed.

By Zareena Khan


eemed the “Chokers,” fans country-wide are still prone to asking “Why?” The Proteas, our team - one of the leading nations in the cricketing field - unfortunately have a bad reputation when it comes to the ICC Cricket World Cup. Never progressing to a further stage than the semi-finals, our boys have been known to slip up and “choke” on the last ball and come home empty handed. In 1999, South Africa played against Australia in a semi-final match at Edgbaston in England. It was crucial for both teams to win the match as they were fighting for a place in the finals. South Africa was trying to reach their first final but unfortunately they did not succeed. Just one more run was all they needed to win, and you’d think they could do so easily with four balls left to go. Yet the grasping hands sat firmly around the necks of the Proteas (a much firmer grip on Alan Donald especially) – giving the Aussies a place in the final and South Africa: nothing. Yet another semi-final occurrence happened in 2003 when South Africa played against Sri Lanka in Durban. This time, the team knew that it was crucial not to draw. Unfortunately, Mark Boucher did not take the run which resulted in, well, exactly that. And South Africa failed to deliver in their own country, causing a lasting upset amongst fans.

Prior to the 2007, South Africa took over Australia’s title as being number one in the world One Day rankings held in the West Indies. Yet in the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, South Africa bravely faced their rivals in yet another semi-final show down. But, a show down it was not; the boys suffered a loss of 7 excruciating wickets and scored a mere 149 runs all out.

Losing in the semi-final stage became habitual to the Proteas and South African fans all over the world still had hope for the team. Most believed that there were still many opportunities to come and South Africa would not choke this time around. Unfortunately, South Africa carried their “choker” title right up till the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. The Proteas lost their quarter final match against New Zealand on the 25th of March 2011 which was held at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Bangladesh.

New Zealand won the toss and captain, Daniel Vettori, elected to bat first. The Black Caps scored 221 runs after 50 overs. Unable to chase down the New Zealand score, South Africa faced yet another disappointment and let down not only their fans, but their team as well. South Africa’s loss restricted the team from going further in the competition which would have been the semi final. It was a huge upset for South Africa, especially for the dedicated players that worked extremely diligently throughout the world cup. But on the bright side, they were the only team in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup to have beaten India – the reigning cricket champions. Who knows, with new coaches Gary Kirsten and Alan Donald, South Africa may well be able to shake their “choking” reputation and delight their beloved fans. It may not be winning the world cup, but is making it passed the semi-finals too much to ask for? We can only hope.

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Football Boots

By Chris Vermeulen


he recent London riots saw a lot of young people on the streets looting and stealing. The reason for this behaviour, according to them, was that they couldn’t find any jobs and had to live in poverty. So with the youth of today having to deal with a lot of problems in their daily lives, can sport be the cure?

Leather or Synthetic: Which is better?


ecent times have seen a drastic change in traditional football boots, and it has developed into an area of the game that is dominated by advancements in technology. Football boots are traditionally made of leather, all through the 1900s footballers had worn boots with leather uppers and solid soles made

of either plastic or wood. In modern times, there has been a significant rise in the prevalence of synthetic football boots, with more and more professionals opting for the synthetic alternative. But which is better?The argument is that synthetic boots offer a lighter frame and superior control of the ball when compared to the much heavier, traditional leather uppers worn by legends like Pele and Maradona. Synthetic boots are also practical; they are easy to clean and maintain their

Adidas F50 Adizero TRX Firm Ground Synthetic Football Boots

shape throughout. Purists argue that these traditional leather boots offer a better feel for the ball and a better fit than the newer synthetic models. Leather boots do however have a tendency to lose their shape when exposed to water and excessive wear and tear. The popularization of synthetic boots can no doubt be credited to the professionals who endorse them as well as the ad vancements in technology that allow manufacturers the freedom and flexibility to design boots that would be impossible to make out of traditional materials. Popular synthetic boots include the Adidas F50 AdiZero, worn by Pro’s like Lionel Messi and David Villa and the Nike mercurial Vapour worn by Cristiano Ronaldo. The AdiZero, which is the lightest football boot ever made weighing in at only 145g comes in a variety of different and somewhat outrageous colour schemes.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III Football Boot (Orange and Gray)

By Michael Smith

Although it may seem that synthetic boots are enjoying a significantly larger market share in modern times, the big companies such as Nike and Adidas still produce various leather boots in the traditional mould for those who still stay true to the games origins. Purists of the game such as Kaka and Bastian Scweinsteiger still enjoy the feel and comfort that leather boots offer and therefore choose the Adipure’s from Adidas. They both have their pro’s and con’s, but in conclusion the type of football boot you choose will always come down to a matter of preference and opinion, some will go for the lightweight and more durable synthetic option and some will choose the traditional leather alternative for increased feel and comfort. Which will you choose?

Messi - Adidas F50 TRX Firm Ground Leather Football Boots

Sport is a great thing with many benefits, but can it be the ultimate cure for society’s ills? In many aspects sport can be a cure for the troubled youths, as sport can provide them with a positive influence, appreciation and healthy social interaction amongst other things, which can sometimes be all a youngster needs to inspire them to better and bigger things. “Sports would help trouble youths, because this then gets the youths minds off negativity and instead keeps their mind focused on being the best and living well by implementing practise into their lives.” says director and owner of Football Academy Plus, Sebastian Ribic, who has been involved in football his entire life. The thought of inspiring youths through sport is one thing, but getting them involved is another thing all together. One answer may be football academies. The problem with these academies is that they usually only take in youths at a certain age and through trials, which means that it’s inaccessible for a vast majority of youths. The solution then may be as simple as changing the system in which academies work, to one where they not only nurture talent but create it as well by teaching youngsters of all ages – maybe even adults – the game, as well as a healthy lifestyle. “Yes no doubt about it. If more kids have access to football academies where they can learn and improve in the game then it could help give them the focus needed to make a better future for themselves.” said Ribic when quizzed on the accessibility of football academies in South Africa. He added, “Perhaps combining the two would lead to an ultimate academy, where both nurturing talent as well teaching children the game and to live a ‘better’ lifestyle would become some of the main focuses,” on changing the academy system. Getting youths involved would then seem simple, but the biggest task would be to change their mindsets, to get them to choose sport and a better lifestyle. Their mindset would of course be changed once involved. The thing is that if life knocks you down repeatedly it’s hard to choose to get back up. “... Maybe if someone gave me a chance you know. But I think I’m better off this way, no one expects anything from me, so I can’t disappoint anyone that way...” says disillusioned youth Wayne Seymour who is unemployed and not planning on getting a job soon. Wayne is the perfect example of the mindset of some of the youth today. He has been knocked down by life so many times that he believes that he doesn’t deserve anything more in life. The problem is now that Wayne will not choose to take up sport and you’ll need something big to change his mind. Maybe some sort of incentive will coax him into signing up. Time will tell if such a ‘program’ will work. There are others, however, who believe sport is a gateway to something better. “Yes definitely, I think sport can change many lives. If you look at footballers in South Africa, some of them used

to live in areas where there were drugs and violence and they could easily get pulled in if it wasn’t for sport.” says Calvin Smith, a football analyst for a newly established blog thanks to a choice he made long ago. It was a choice between football and a life of turmoil. I believe that if Calvin could make the decision then he and others like him should act as inspiration for those who are yet to make the choice. If the youth like Wayne can see how well people are doing because of one choice then they are sure to make the choice themselves. For more inspiration, professional footballers and athletes can give their support to making a choice to get involved. “They are more likely to pay attention to healthy lifestyle messages if it is linked to sport than say if a head teacher or politician says ‘don’t do this, do that’.” says Sean Hillier, schools liaison officer for Colchester United who is involved in a programme where Colchester United’s footballers give the positive message to schools in Colchester, “When the footballers come into the schools they explain how they stay fit, what they eat and, of course, what it’s like to be a footballer.” So it becomes clear then that troubled youths can be rehabilitated through sport and there are examples of it throughout the world. If you take a look at UNICEF’s football campaign on their website, it’s clear how they’ve helped children across the world. On the website they give various examples of how football has helped in troubled countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, Liberia and Sudan. In Afghanistan, aid workers had set up recreational areas for children and they say that football has become a favourite. Afghanistan is the perfect example of how sport can give troubled youngsters a sense of normality in their life. In their country normality is desperately needed to ensure the children can go on to live normal lives after the atrocities that took place there. If the children of Afghanistan can be rehabilitated through sport, then surely there is hope for the troubled youth of London, South Africa and everywhere else in the world.

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Love it or Hate it: The vuvuzela is causing a stir By Hendrik Niehaus By Tarryn Dowsley

Ever wondered what you can do when your man watches sport? Ladies, we’ve found the answer! Follow these easy steps so that you’re never bored again while he watches sport!


have learnt that in the period from February to July not to expect much from any man. The following things will simply not happen while a rugby game is on: any lunch or dinner dates, any household chores, heavy lifting and talking…

1. Tag Along

In short, it can be said that while a Super rugby game is on anything that will cause his eyes to leave the TV screen, even for a second, will not be available for the next five months and sadly this applies to all men watching all sport! VC student, Helen, was once even kept waiting for her man because he was watching the ‘Spelling-Bee’ on ESPN! Like that is even a sport!

2. Find a Hobby

Sport-watching would be somewhat bearable if your man would simply watch his team for the 80 or 90 minute game once a week. However for my dear man, like most rugby watching South African men, this is not merely enough. It is apparently necessary for men to watch all of the superfreaking fifteen teams’ play each weekend… that is seven games of rugby a weekend. Seven. Along with the soccer, tennis, motorsport, cricket… the list is endless! However, I have devised fun activities to entertain you while the zombie (and his zombie friends) inhabit your couch.

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When he has a sport-watching day, invite the better halves too! This can lead to pampering parties, wine tasting, a joint dinner, mass tanning sessions or even a girls poker night!

If you and the ‘better halves’ do not get along, then you can create your own hobby such as scrapbooking. Samantha, a VC student, comments “my friends and I all joined a Zumba class and when Mike* and his friends would watch soccer we’d go dance! It was so hilarious and good for us too!” While he gets fatter (with all the beer drinking and biltong eating which, by the way, you will supply) you get thinner. Join a gym or walk the dogs because then by the end of the sport season it will not be those cheerleaders that he is eyeing out!

3. Wave the ‘White Flag’ There is little you can do while the game is on, so why not sit with him and watch. Now, I’m sure that you know that I’m not talking about watching the game, but rather the players. Picture Jean de Villiers tackling Dan Cater… Not a bad way to spend the weekend if you ask me!

4. Play Games Another fun way to join in on the sport-watching madness is when he watches a game, ask who he is supporting and then deliberately support the other team! Place bets, such as: chores, cooking or bedroom activities, on who will win the match, this way even if you have little/no knowledge of the sport or which team belongs to which country you can come out on top. Literally! So ladies, I hope that these tips will help you endure the cult that is sport-watching... Get involved because as SuperSport gets

“Picture Jean de Villiers tackling Dan Cater… Not a bad way to spend the weekend if you ask me!” more and more channels and the haunting aspect that is PVR’d recorded games becomes ever present it means that we’ll be competing for more of their time! For me, I’ll just sit, eat biltong and pretend that Victor Matfield and Schkalk Burger are tackling each other over the prospect of taking me to dinner!

New Zealand’s decision to ban the vuvuzela at the 2011 Rugby World Cup presents some debate about how hated or loved this hard-to-ignore horn really is. How important is this tool culturally? And can it be a dangerous hazard to society?


t was initially made from kudu horn, in comparison to today’s plastic replicas, and first appeared among South African soccer fans in the early 1990s. Although the origins of the vuvuzela are shrouded in mystery and we have no way of calculating exactly how long it’s been around, the new dilemma or pleasure – whichever you prefer – is that it may not be around for much longer. Two victims of the vuvuzela has been identified, one a woman from Cape Town and a German man. Yvonne Mayer, 29 ruptured her throat after letting her excitement overwhelm her and overdoing it on the vuvuzela. She was unable to speak or eat for about two days. Sven Wipperfurth, 27, was diagnosed with tinnitus (a symptom that can result from abnormally loud sounds in the ear canal for even the briefest period) after somebody blew a vuvuzela too close to him. “It was so loud that I passed out,” Sven recalls. Numerous studies have been carried out to determine if the vuvuzela is hazardous to health - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of Pretoria and the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health all have conducted tests to determine how safe the Vuvuzela is. Globally, there has been a cry to ban the instrument completely. Athletes and sports stars have complained about not being able to concentrate or communicate with other players on the field. Many fans outside of South Africa have similar opinions – complaining that it’s simply too loud, monotonous, and just unpleasant to listen to. During the 2010 Soccer World Cup, even the presenters were distressed – unable to do their job without the constant competition of the vuvuzela’s sound. There seems to be more negative associations with vuvuzelas than positive. You can argue that the vuvuzela is part of tradition and culture but its use in soccer only stems from the 1990s. Traditionally it was used to call villagers from far away, so who are these soccer fans calling to join them? In the end, it can only come down to individual experiences, some feel uplifted in spirit and see the vuvuzela as a symbol for unity.

Fixtures where the Vuvuzela is banned Wimbledon Melbourne Cricket Ground Yankee Stadium Fuji Rock Festival 2011 Rugby World Cup The Southeastern Conference of US College Sports Ultimate Fighting Championship events 2010 Little League World Series PGE Park UEFA - including all Champions Leagues Europa League and Euro 2012 events Kontinental Hockey League 2014 FIFA World Championship

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By Sarah Lindberg By Sarah Lindbergh

“Why should I learn to surf?” you might ask yourself... well, the answer is simple: because it pure, clean fun! It’s a feel good activity that you can do on your own, or surrounded by friends... and with these four steps to help you get started, it won’t be long until you’re slicing the back break! When you’re out on the water alone, with no reminders of your day-to-day life, you really begin to have an all round good feeling. All your stress fades away, and when you step back onto the beach that relaxation remains... and this leads to a healthier life! Some surfers even call themselves ‘soul surfers’ because they feel at peace with themselves. “It’s not just an activity, it’s a lifestyle” is the motto a lot of surfers live by. The surfing community is so diverse - accountants, businessmen, hippies, and teachers - there’s no discrimination, so meeting new people and making friends is a definite. One of the best things about surfing is going on surf trips to find that perfect spot: it’s just you, your friends, and the waves.

Surfing takes time and practise, but once you catch that perfect set, it’s all worth it. Here are four easy steps to help you get started:


Start by strapping the leash around one of your ankles. Make sure it’s on the leg that you will put at the back of the board when surfing. Your stronger leg needs to be at the front because that’s the leg you will use to manoeuvre your board.

STEP 2: Make sure to stretch a bit, and then grab your board and hit the ocean! Lay down against the board with your feet together at the bottom. Try to balance yourself so that your board doesn’t tip to either side. When you see a good wave, position your board facing the beach and start paddling. This is one of the most important things to do, it is key to catching the right wave at the right time. Make sure that your fingers are together and cup your hands. Keeping your arms close to the board, start paddling. And don’t stop until you can feel the wave’s momentum has your board. When this happens you are going to pop up (stand up).

Step two

Step four

Surfing is the only thing that ’s always been there . Day in , day out. Surfing always makes you feel better. No matter what when I’m in the water, even if I don’t catch a wave and just swim in the ocean , I always come out a better person

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Do you compete? I used to be a competitive surfer in the SA circuit, but now I free surf and do the odd comp here and there for fun.

What was your favourite surf experience? We were surfing this spot on the west coast, close to Namibia, just 3 guys out, when one of the biggest school of dolphins that I have ever seen came through the bay. They played in the waves for about half an hour as we were surfing and it was just incredible how comfortable they were around us seeing that we were the first people surfing this break in a long time. Another favourite experience was when I landed my first air reverse.

Growing up surfing at one of the highest shark infested spots in the world, you would think that my scariest experience would be a shark attack. [laughs] We did a trip to a secret spot on a mission to surf one of the heaviest waves in South Africa. It took us a while to get there and we got lost countless times. The spot is about a 100ks from any people with no cell phone reception, so you’re in a spot of trouble if someone gets injured badly. As we finally made it to the spot there was thick fog everywhere. So, we couldn’t see the wave. All we could

hear were these load gun/cannon shot noises. We suited up and decided to paddle out through the channel. We could only see a few metres in front of us as we made our way to where we thought the peak was where the sounds were coming from. We finally saw the waves breaking, bone crushing amounts of water making this intense hollow tube. As the water falls over and hits the reef below, it makes the most intimidating, horrifying sound. That first wave I caught there was the scariest wave of my life. An unknown spot, one wrong move and you’re on the reef with an intense amount of weight crushing down on you.

Who is your favourite pro surfer and why? Chippa Wilson, of course! He’s a 22 year old carpenter from a small town in OZ. A year ago the world didn’t even know about him, now he is one of the best ariel surfers in the world. Sponsors are realising that competition surfing is not the only place that they can create hype, and Chippa is on the front line when it comes to this. Be it in the surf industry, out on the water or in the media. I admire him because of his innovation. He invents moves that aren’t around rather than perfecting moves that everyone is already doing. (Info taken from:

What’s your favourite thing about surfing? Proving yourself wrong every time that you’re out in the water. We all have that little voice in our heads that governs what you can and can’t do. The best thing is when you’re so deep in a barrel and that little voice says, “Kick out! You won’t make it!” Or you do a ridiculously high air and you feel as if you might not land it, yet you make it against all odds. That feeling is the best feeling surfing can bring about conquering the things you thought you couldn’t.

What was your best surf trip and why? We did a trip sailing from the Maldives to Madagascar. Approaching Madagascar, there was a huge storm that lasted 3 days. There were countless times we thought we weren’t going to make it. But when all cleared we hit the water. Even though the waves were tiny, it was the best small surf session I’ve ever had, simply because we were just so happy to be off the boat and surfing after a month of being out at sea.

What advice can you give to young surfers?

Step three

Once you have learned how to keep your balance, there is very little you need to worry about- so long as you stick to simple surfer etiquette such as not dropping in or stealing waves! Other difficulties such as weather, currents and sharks are out of your control, but don’t let that stop you!

I surf because whether or not you’re in a competition or free surfing you are always competing against yourself. I enjoy it because it’s physically and mentally challenging, especially in big surf when you have to make quick decisions in tough conditions.

Shaun van Tonder chilling with two of his friends between rounds during a surfing competition

STEP 4: To pop up, put your hands flat on your board and push yourself to get up, swing your strong leg forward. Don’t place your feet facing forward, rather horizontally, and keep your legs about a shoulder width apart. Keep your knees bent at all times and try to evenly distribute your weight. Don’t keep your arms at your side, but rather put them out a bit to help with balance. Standing up and keeping yourself on the board will probably be tricky the first few times you try, but keep at it and soon you will be catching waves smoothly!

Why do you surf?

What was your scariest?

Step one


Shaun van Tonder, aged 23, talks with us about his passion for the waves and his experiences in surfing around the world.

Andy Irons

Trends come and go. And this is imminent in the surf industry as well. So whether you’re keen to be a pro or just want to surf because it’s fun, don’t adapt your unique surf style to what the current hot style is. You might be the most talked about surfer the one day and the next you’ll just be another surfer. So if a move feels natural to you, do it. It might just make you the next big thing, if you are into that kind of thing.

What is your favourite board? My Davey 5.8 Micro Chip. It’s the best all round board and it’s small and skatey when it comes to airs. Your favourite surf spot? Yoyo’s, Lamberts Bay.

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sports still a very loyal supporter of this club to this day. On Twitter

itself on & off pitch, its unity in JFT96.” For those who don’t

*James said the following “I love LFC (Liverpool Football Club)

know JFT96 stands for Justice for the 96. The 96 were football

because although we are strangers to each other, we are one big

supporters who died in a stampede while entering Hillsborough

family and the unity is mind blowing.” One Chelsea supporter

stadium to watch their team play in the FA Cup Semi-Final

from London says that he has supported his team from his

between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on 15th of April

youth and will continue to support them through thick and

1989. This event has unified not only Liverpool supporters but


football supporters around the world.

Supporter loyalty is not only bound to the football world, avid

By Chris Vermeulen

No matter where in the world you are; there are fans cheering on their team. What drives these supporters?

rugby supporter Marcel Gerber an Accounting student also

Fans come in many forms: hooliganism, fake fans...but clearly,

from Cape Town said that he supports the Stormers because

the loyal fans are the fans that we should aspire to be. Which

they play exciting rugby and have a strong tradition. While

one are you?

Estian Cruywagen a student of Pretoria’sflying said he supHave you ever wondered why certain people support certain

allegiances change according to the same criteria. For me, this

teams? And why people are so passionate about their teams?

is disrespectful towards loyal supporters to the club, for instance

Well sport is something that is in everyone’s lives, whether you

ever since FC Barcelona won the UEFA Champion League final

watch it yourself, or a loved one, or have friends who watch it...

against Manchester United in 2009 there have been an increase

With so many different sports around and many different teams

in the number of supporters. This gives the illusion that all

participating in that sport there are always supporters for every

Barcelona fans are only supporters because of the quality of the

team. What are the reasons for supporting a team? Is it because

players and because they’re winning and for me... it’s a disgrace.

they’re winning, their history, the players, the manager/coach,

Fans should support a club because it means something to

their location or is it something deeper??

them, not because they’re winning matches and championships

ported the Blue Bulls because of a sense of loyalty towards his hometown team. Elsewhere in the United States, support for College football teams (American football) come from attendants of the Universities and residents of the local town or city. The same counts for teams and fans of the National Football League. Unification is another reason loyalty to teams occur, Liverpool supporter and twitter user @joanneLFC ”For me it’s not just about football, it’s what your club stands for, the way it conducts

but because of family or the history or even the location of the The ‘Hooligans”


All over the world you see people supporting their teams with extreme passion, these diehard fans will do anything do support

The Loyal Fan

their teams and sometimes, unfortunately, this may also lead

When asked about the reason people support teams, renowned

to violence and so-called “hooliganism”. These people usually

Merseyside journalist Jim Boardman said the following; “All

have a hatred towards not only rival teams’ players but also to

kinds of reasons! In many cases it probably starts in childhood

their fans and clashes between the teams can be very intense

and is influenced by family. If the family aren’t football fans it

and sometimes violent. Hooligans are often responsible for

probably comes from the playground and/or friends. What’s

stabbings and severe harassment long before the game has even

unique is that most people stick to that team for life. You don’t

been set and this hatred will reside long after the final whistle.

have the same situation with, say, music.” “It starts with the history and how big the club is, but for me

The “Fake Fans”

it was my family. Half are Tottenham Hotspurs supporters

Unfortunately there are also fans who decide to support teams

and the other half Manchester United supporters, so I chose

because of the fact that the specific team is on winning streak

United” said Dwaine Whiting a 19 year old student from Cape

or they have a very popular player on their team and usually

Town when asked about what team he supports and why. You

when the team starts losing or a player leaves the supporter’s

see even though Manchester United lost the Final in 2009 he is

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Player of the season

Flop of the season

Best transfer

Worst transfer

Best Manager

Worst Manager

Relegated Clubs:

Promoted Clubs:

Eden Hazard was definitely the most impressive player in France this season. The young Belgian has it all, from goalscoring and technical ability to speed and strength. Having been a consistently good player for the past couple of years, this is the season he finally announced himself as one of the best midfielders in the world.

Moussa Sow’s move from Rennes to Lille proved to be the best transfer of the season after the Senegalese international racked up 25 goals in 36 games for Les Dongues, becoming Ligue 1’s top scorer - including a final day hat-trick against his former club. It has got to be Lille’s manager Rudi Garcia. Garcia guided Lille to the double for the first time since 1946 in a season in which his team dominated Ligue 1.

By Michael Smith


his past season in France was arguably the most exciting in Europe. It saw the regular juggernauts of French football continue to dominate its top league as well as a few surprise packages that threatened to spoil the party.

Virtually the entire season though, belonged to Lille. Les Dogues dominated both the Ligue 1 and Cup, winning the top flight of French football for the first time since 1954 along with their first Coupe de France trophy since 1955. Rudi Garcia’s side were truly a cut above the rest and never looked like being stopped, all the while playing some of the most attractive football in Europe. The attacking trio of Eden Hazard, Gervinho and Moussa Sow carried the team for much of the season often torturing the opposition with their speed and technical ability. The entire team was effective in all areas of the pitch and displayed all the characteristics of a strong and cohesive unit. Their regular competitors, Marseille and Lyon, failed to find the form that has made them so dominant in recent years but still played well enough to push Lille right to the end and earn the right to play in the Champions League next season. Marseille, although they did win the Coupe de la Ligue, will be disappointed with this seasons showing. Having dominated Ligue 1 last campaign and winning the title, they were only good enough for second this time round. I expect them to challenge right from the start next season with their immensely talented squad. Lyon will be keen to put this season behind them and focus on rebuilding an aging squad. They finished third behind Lille and Marseille, and while they still qualified for Champions league football next season, the fans will still reminisce to only a couple of years back where they were virtually untouchable, winning seven Ligue 1 titles in a row.

Toast 117

AS Monaco Lens Arles Avignon

Joann Gourcuff. Having cost Lyon 22 million euros and already proven that he is one of France’s best playmakers, this past season was one to forget as he offered little to Lyon’s play. Much blame can however be placed on Caude Puel and his managing style as well as his inability to get the most out of his talented squad, Gourcuff in particular.

The worst transfer of the season, getting the award to match his ‘flop of the season’ honour, was once again Yoann Gourcuff. Having moved from Bordeaux to Lyon for 22 million euros, he struggled to find the form that made him so effective at Bordeaux. Arles Avignon manager Faruk Hadzibegic has got to be the worst manager of the season. The Bosnian only saw his side win three times and as a result finish bottom of Ligue 1.

Evian TG Ajaccio Dijon

Paris Saint Germain enjoyed a much improved season and finished fourth in a Europa League place. With new owners and a heap of new summer signings, already including Argentine wonderkid Javier Pastore, their future looks bright. At the wrong end of the table, the big story was the relegation of Monaco, who suffered their first relegation since 1976. The 2000 League 1 champions simply lacked the fighting spirit to stay up while their fellow strugglers engaged in a relegation scrap. Having had two consecutive promotion seasons, Arles Avingnon struggled all season long and with only three wins in their whole campaign saw them return to Ligue 2 after only one season in France’s top flight. Joining them will be Lens who also lacked the necessary quality to survive in the top tier of French football.

Expectations for next season It will be interesting to see how Lille do next season, having already lost Younis Cabaye to Newcastle and Ivorian superstar Gervinho to Arsenal. And with PSG’s new found deep pockets; expect a four horse scrap for the title with Lille, Lyon, Marseille and PSG challenging. If it was anything like the last, I don’t expect any complaints.

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PSL 2011: Serious Bang for your buck

Most Impressive team:

Would have to be Ajax Cape Town, they were unlucky not to win the title but they still played a distinguished brand of football with star players such as Thulani Serero, George Maluleka, Clayton Daniels and Khamma Billiat.


ABOVE: Some of the most popular colours in the legue

Gama, Amazulu and Mpumalanga Black Aces, all fighting to stay up.

Before this year Supersport United had won a hat-trick of PSL championships, however the 2010/2011 season proved to be more of a challenge for them. Kaizer Chiefs, Mamelodi Sundowns, Ajax Cape Town and Orlando Pirates all came into this season with one goal in mind; to end Supersport United’s dominance and usher in a new era of South African football.

Vasco started the first half of the season in great form, but after the Christmas break they began to fall apart and were eventually condemned to the relegation play-offs. They eventually lost to Black Leopards in the play-offs and were relegated to the National First Division. As the season came to an end the title race began to heat up. The main contender for the top spot was Ajax Cape Town , followed closely by Pirates and Chiefs.

This began to happen as the mighty Supersport lost 3-0 to an improving Bidvest Wits and a week later lost 2-1 to title rivals Mamelodi Sundowns. This meant other teams could now challenge realistically and the three teams putting their hands up were Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns. Chiefs looked more like a title winning team by beating their Soweto rivals 3-1 and getting a 2-0 away win to struggling Supersport. However both Soweto Giants and Mamelodi Sundowns had inconsistent results that helped see Ajax Cape Town rise to the top of the log with a three point buffer heading into the Christmas break. After the break we returned to more exciting and brilliant football with Ajax Cape Town leading the way and Chiefs and Pirates not far behind. At the other end of the table things weren’t looking good for Moroka Swallows, Vasco Da

Toast 119

Player of the season:

Best Manger:

Flop of the season: his season has had one of the most exciting conclusions to Premier Soccer League in years. From a nail-biting title race, to the scrap for survival at the bottom of the table; everything came down to the last day. And let us not forget those epic individual battles between Orlando Pirates mid fielder Andile Jali and Ajax Cape Town star Thulani Serero.

For Black Aces, who had already gone through four different managers, it was asking too much. They won 4 matches drew 3 and lost a staggering 23 games during the year. It’s for that reason that they ended up dead last and were relegated.

Worst transfer:

Has to be Moroka Swallows a team that really let their supporters down this season, they were lucky to escape relegation but only managed 8 wins and 8 draws. Has to be ThulaniSerero who had an outstanding season helping Ajax Cape Town to 2nd place in the league, with some great performances against Orland Pirates and Kaizer Chief. His great performances earned him a call up to the national team and was also rewarded with a trial for Ajax Amsterdam and is now officially a Ajax Amsterdam.

The South African Premier Soccer League has once again come to an end, and we review exactly how it happened.

Isaac Chansa after joining Orlando Pirates in February 2010, he scored some crucial goals and helped them to the treble. Siyabongo Nkosi from playing in Germany for Armina Bielefeld to former champions Supersport united and now Golden Arrows the former KaizerCheifs star is now warming the bench for Arrows and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the player he was a few years ago.

Least Impressive team:

By Dwaine Whiting

Best transfer:

Kaizer Chief Jose Teorrellba has to be the flop of the season.Now he is the highest earning footballer in the PSL and he’s only scored one goal this season, in any league that would be considered a flop.

Ruud Krol the Master Mind behind Orlando Pirates winning the treble last season, Pirates haven’t been dominant in the league for a while but Krol’s introduction changed all that, it’s just a pity they sacked him which confused a lot of people.

Worst Manager:

Relegated Clubs: 1. 2.

Mpumalanga Black Aces Vasco Da Gama.

Promoted Clubs: 1. 2.

NFD champions Jomo Cosmo Black Leopards.

Expectations for next season

South African soccer can only get better and more exciting from here with more teams hoping to challenge for the league title and seeing if Orlando Pirates can defend their title, what we do know it will be entertaining.

Take your pick from any of the Mpumalanga Black Aces managers, there were four different managers who failed.The worst was Paul Dolezar who came to the club with a fake CV and when results never went his way they sacked him.

Things started to go the way of Ajax as they beat Orlando Pirates 3-0 at Newlands to keep their lead. However, Chiefs later outplayed Ajax, destroying them 4-0 and damaging their goal difference, which cost them dearly in the end. On the last day of the season Ajax were top of the log, two points ahead of 2nd place Pirates, with Ajax needing a win to secure the title; but they couldn’t deliver and only managed a disappointing 2-2 draw. Meanwhile Orlando Pirates beat Golden Arrows to secure the ABSA Premiership title but only on goal difference thanks to Chiefs beating Ajax 4-0 a few weeks earlier. This will surely go down as one of the most entertaining seasons of PSL football to date.

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thank you

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Learn How to Surf, Nissan Easter Festival 2011 A Ramfest Experience Body Language Lingo (Redesign: Stephanie Danieli), Big Bad Addiction (Redesign: Kristin Mento) Amy Winehouse - The 27 Club’s Newest Member (Redesign: Kristin Mento) Dubstep (Additional designs: Kristin Mento), ADHD (Redesign: Kristin Mento)

Cover, Contents, Behind the Scenes, Fillers, Designer and Thank You Pages (Editor-at-large) 8 Ways to Heal a Broken Heart, 10 Ways to Keep the Peace with your flat mates (Redesign: Kristin Mento) Marijuana: Problem or Solution? Keeping up with the Quickies, What to do when he watches Sport? First Year: Welcom to Reality Chasing the Dragon,

Liliane Bilogho

Hip Hop: A Dying Culture (Redesign: Kristin Mento), High Hills of Fashion in Rondies (Redesign: Kristin Mento)

Kevin Mercuur

Dying of Depression (Redesign: Stephanie Danieli), What Kind of Fan are You? (Redesign: Kristin Mento)

Nametso Mosimaneotsile Frankie Stromberg

How to make a Paper Lamp (Redesign: Kristin Mento) PSL: More Bang for your Buck (Redesign: Kristin Mento and Julien Speyer), How to stop smoking (Redesign: Kris Mento)

Nicole Cloete

Compulsive Liars, The Magic Lipstick (Redesign: Kristin Mento)

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Save the Rhinos (Redesign: Stephanie Danieli), The Odd Future Generation (Rewritten and Redesigned: Julien Speyer)

Rob Ewart Jack de Jong Julien Speyer Nontokozo Mbanjwa Ashleigh-Jane Denton

Trust, Hubble Bubble: Toil and Trouble DJ’s Exposed (Redesign: Kristin Mento), That Guy ( Poem) La Liga Ligue Review (Redesign: Kristin Mento), Effects of Social Media on Students (Redesign: Kristin Mento) Cape Town Carnival (Redesign: Stephanie Danieli), Love or Hate it: The Vuvuzela is causing a stir... (Redesign: Kristin Mento) Romeo & Juliet, High-waisted Skirts (Redesign: Kristin Mento)

Jade Lotriet

Graham Smith, Human Rights Awareness: Slavery in the Modern Era (Redesign: Julien Speyer)

Sean Bloom

Ligue One Season Review, Battle of the Gamers: XBOX vs PS3

Lorin Henri

Free Surfing with Shaun van Tonder, Sport: A Cure for All? (Redesig: Kristin Mento)

Dane Curry

Introducing Volkswagen’s Best Car Yet (Additional designs: Kristin Mento)

Chavonne Sadie Ashley Stoos

Don’t Choke, United We Shall Stand? (Additional designs: Kristin Mento) Football Boots (Redesign: Stephanie Danieli & Julien Speyer)

Photograph: Stephanie Danieli

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Hurricane Take Over (Redesign: Stephanie Danieli), Public transport: A stairway to Heaven? (Additional designs: Kristin Mento)

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