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8 Designers’ Circle

We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.

From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers’ circle.

Design & Life Design & Life | non-fat minizine | issue 02 Mar.13 / 07


18 The Moment There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment.


1/2 Recipe Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook.

D&L Lifestyle Only enjoy the life can make a difference.

D&L News | Design & Life minizine

D&L News We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.

01. And the winner goes to -- Helvetica! Helvetica is a typeface, developed by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 for the Haas Type Foundry in M端nchenstein, Switzerland. Since then, it has been used worldwide. It is all around us. The award-winning director, Gary Hustwit, decided to make a documentary film about Helvetica, that has interviewed illustrious people in the design world, including Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, Massimo Vignelli, Wim Crouwel, Hermann Zapf, Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, David Carson, Paula Scher, and many more. Helvetica will have its World Premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, on March 13.

D&L News | Design & Life minizine

02. Kaleidoscopic experience Emperor Moth, a new Russian fashion label designed by Katia Gomashvili, had commissioned famous designer Ab Rogers to create a new store, including all the branding and packaging, in Mayfair, London. The store is fully mirrored and creates an unusual shopping experience. With colorful clothes, dresses, and decoration, shopping here is just like shopping in a kaleidoscope.

03. A 9000-years-old beer A 9000-years-old mixed fermented beverage of rice, honey and fruit was revealed in a dig scene in the Neolithic villiage of Jiahu, in Henan province, Northern China. Archeologist Dr. Patrick MaGovern contacted the winery, Dogfish Head, and re-create the ancient beverage, Chateau Jiahu. With the label designed by artist Tara McPherson, it is truly a unique beer. Want a taste from 9000 years ago? Try it.

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

Designers’ Circle From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers’ circle.

s u i c i v e r u J n a h t a N issue 02

 Please introduce yourself. I'm a 33 year old Australian artist based in Canada with my wife and 3 kids. I'm addicted to green tea and dark chocolate and like to stay up late.


Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

Where do you live & what is your favorite cafe or restaurant in the city? Toronto, Canada. I like to eat at Terroni's on Queen street (Italian restaurant) - it has beautiful wood fired pizzas, great service and they like kids.

All the characters you designed are so unique and dreamy! Each one has their own story. What inspires you the most? Traveling. I'm a bit of a gypsy and get to see the lives of many people and the places they inhabit. The diversity is inspiring.

How did you start Scarygirl? Could you introduce her a little bit? She's had a mixed up sort of early life. Kind of inspired by an illustration i did for a magazine years ago combined with the attitude of my 2nd child (Arkie). She's sort of odd looking (Scarygirl that is) and has a keen sense of adventure and a stubborn attitude (more so as she ages in my head).

Do you collect figures yourself? Who is your favorite figure designer? Many people have been kind enough to send me gifts which make up most of my collection. I'm a huge fan of Barbara Hepworth's figures though they are too expensive for me to purchase at the moment.



Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

What kind of music do you like? Who is your favorite singer or band? I don't have any one favorite but have been listening to Air and The Knife a lot lately - really lovely.

Do you cook? What is your comfort food? I cook nearly every night for the family. I do all kinds of stuff (mostly suggested by Liz)...probably my best comfort food would be Guinness stew with mashed potato or homemade hummus with warmed pitta bread and raw carrots.

Do you travel a lot? Which city do you like the most? Why? Yes, all the time. I felt very happy in Tokyo and Berlin and of course my old hangout Melbourne...but probably I felt the most excited and totally out of my depth in Fez, Morocco (the oldest Medieval city in the world). The people, the smells and the atmosphere are wonderful.bread and raw carrots.

If you have 1 month vacation, where do you want to spend? Why ? If I was by myself I'd like to do a road trip across Canada - camping and exploring. With my family I'd like to go to an excluded resort somewhere with a private beach...or back to Australia (sort of the same thing :)



Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

If you are going to open up a shop, what kind of shop would that be? How are you going to decorate it? Either a tea shop with a gallery in the back (It would be decorated with original sketches) or a Scarygirl concept store - designed to look like the inside of her treehouse.

What do you usually do in your leisure time? I like to watch dvd's, listen to book's on CD - and of course draw. I don't get a lot of leisure time to do anything major.

What does design & life mean to you? Purpose.



Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

What project are you working on right now? Quite a number. Working on my next solo show that opens March 23rd at , creating some spots for MTV's summer campaign, doing character concepts for a Spanish tv series and working on the next line of Scarygirl mini figures.

I think it will be great if there is furniture in your dreamy style. Do you think about to design or create in different fields? I'd love to do this. Industrial design was something I was thinking of pursuing around the same time as a career in illustration. It would be great to design an entire environment.

This chapter is designer's circle. We hope you can introduce one of your friends who is a designer, and will be interviewed in the next issue! Could you introduce him(her) a little bit ? Do you want to contact my friends Mike and Katie (TADO)?

next on Designers' Circle : TADO



The Moment | Design & Life minizine

The Moment There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment.






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19 and maybe, if lucky enough Chet Baker from the small live house ,

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The Moment | Design & Life minizine

MAXIM Roasted Intant Coffee 80g

21 Marc Johnson, Shades of Jade Marc Johnson, born in Omaha, Nebraska on 21 October 1953, is an American jazz bassist, composer and bandleader.



D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine

D&L Lifestyle Only enjoy the life can make a difference.

23 Modern Japanese apparel


D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine



Good marketing is also a key. Uniqlo targets young generation, and offers casual wear with style and personality.

Uniqlo, the most popular casual apparel retailer in Japan, is best known for two key attributes: quality and basics.

A good assortment of T-shirt is a strong brand image. They also know how to extinguish themselves from

Their mission is to provide fashionable, high quality, basic casual wear at affordable prices in the market. It be-

common T-shirt shop. The affordable price is to distinguish Beams T, another famous T-shirts retailer in Japan.

came the leading clothing retailer chain in Japan and the 2nd large ready-to-wear company in the world. The

Cooperating with young designers to make trendy wear, and holding T-shirt design campaigns build brand loyalty.

success develops upon great-controlled strategy of good quality, low cost, from product planning, throughout

From T-shirts, sweaters to denim, outerwear to trendy accessories, all of them come in astonishing variety colors

manufacture, distribute, and sales.

and styles.


D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine

27 The flagship of UNIQLO The well-known designer, Kashiwa Sato was invited to be Uniqlo’s creative director for the global flagship in SOHO, NYC. The concept of this shop, which opened up in 2006, is “Japanese Modern”. Designed by renowned architect Masamichi Katayama, the shop creates a unique and pleasant experience of modern Japanese retailer culture that is wonderful, bright and organized. The completion of SOHO flagship is a good start to transform Uniqlo into a global chain store. It’s good to hear that SOHO flagship will offer impressive, fashion-forward trendy pieces along with basic lines. In the capital of fashion, Uniqlo knows the best way to survive is to be “Unique”. Mr. Sato also redesigned the logo of Uniqlo for recognition of its nationality. This new logo also reflects the project concept of SOHO flagship: “Japanese modern”. Kashiwa Sato PHOTOGRAPHY / MARTIN HOLTKAMP COPYRIGHT © TOKION MAGAZINE, JAPAN. All rights reserved.

D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine



Container store in NYC The Uniqlo container store is a fun marketing idea to announce the arrival of Uniqlo. Imagining that blue and yellow container loaded on the street that you can walk in and shop; how amazing shopping experience it is! Container stores represent the theme of Uniqlo, fresh and unique. There are lots of T-shirt shops in the world and Uniqlo makes itself outshine others.

1/2 Recipe | Design & Life minizine

1/2 Recipe Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook.


Mashed Potato


Text, Recipe / Small Photography / Shibo

I love to cook and collect recipes, but I never exactly follow the steps. For me, cooking should be playful. I always put my imagination to someone’s recipe and bring it to my vision. My cooking rules are easy and healthy. Modern people are always busy, and I believe, with 1/2 effort, 1/2 steps, 1/2 fat, 1/2 time of cooking, will also bring you to a lovely cooking experience and healthier dish. That’s why I called this chapter “1/2 Recipe”. Cooking is art. Let’s play.

1/2 Recip | Design & Life minizine

Hint ! It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t like potato. There are lots of classic potato dishes, such as French fries, baked potato, potato wedges, and mashed potato. One of the most popular side dish in the dinner is mashed potato. It’s perfect to go with grilled sirloin steak; the smoky flavor is a perfect match for smooth buttery mashed potato. If you cook it at home on Friday night, a big bowl of mashed potato will be a great companion to movies all the night.


3 X Idaho potatoes

10g of butter stick

1/2 mug of milk Pitch salt and pepper




r. wate g n i l boi nder. into e s t l e i o t lk. un otat utes, ith fo n Put p w i o m t 5 ta 1. for 1 sh po . a m Cook , utter b ter a d n w r, a of re. eppe extu n out p i t d a e r n h D t lt a ooth th sa 2. m i s w o o t at es p pot l tim u a r x i e v M se milk 3. Add It's that easy! & enjoy yor dinner!


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n desig . w ww subscribe for free : INFO@PHTAIPEI.COM


Design & Life | non-fat minizine | issue 02 Mar.13

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