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Treasurer’s Update ~ SPRING District Treasurer Foster Hillis | Texas-Oklahoma District

AS OF: February 7th, 2018

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15,566 District Membership


222 Active Clubs


Total Clubs in the District



Suspended Clubs

Inactive Clubs


Once your club has elected your new Club Treasurer, one of your duties is to train them. Training is the essential basis of any good Key Club year. Below are some key points that you should make sure to teach your successor about. Also, make sure that they know about the Jolly Book of Intelligence (JBOI). The JBOI is a manual for all Club Treasurers, it has tons of information for their year of service. Finally, please make sure to instruct them to get familiar with the new District Treasurer (after DCON), because they are there to serve you! General Duties

Dues Collection

– Control the Club’s money (both collection and disbursement).

– Transact all business in a professional manner.

– Understand Adults/ Advisers roles when it comes to club finances.

– Attend all Club and Board meetings and projects.

– Collect all Member Dues. – Update the Membership Update Center (with Advisor’s permission).

– Send all dues in before the deadline: December


– Process all new member dues after the initial dues deposit.

Club Budget – Create a Club Budget at the beginning of your term.

– With your Board of Directors, adopt your Club’s Budget.

– Send your budget to all applicable officers (Kiwanis Club, District TreasurThe JBOI can be found on er, etc).

– Keep your club on budget!

the District Website under Treasurer Resources.


As of February 1st, 2018, if your club has not sent in Key Club International and Texas-Oklahoma District dues, your club is Suspended. Suspended Clubs cannot enjoy any International or District benefits like registering for DCON/ ICON, voting delegates at conventions, membership items (member pins, cards, flyers, etc), and cannot apply for Key Club Scholarships. To regain Active Status: Update the Membership Update Center (MUC), generate the payment invoice, and either send the dues in (check or money order only) to the address on the invoice or use the credit card system to pay.


Whether you would like to run for District Governor, Secretary, or Treasurer or even apply to be appointed as District Editor, Convention Liaison, or Technology Producer, I highly recommend that you run for district office! Running at DCON is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only get more involved in Key Club but also to serve your homes, schools, and communities. Although campaigning is not allowed, it is a good idea to talk to the Staff Member in the position that you are seeking to make sure you have the time and abilities of that job. Also, ensure that the office you are seeking is what you really want to do— there are tons of other positions that are available. All candidacy forms can be found on the TO Website under Resources > Candidacy and Application Forms. Elected position forms are due March 9th, and appointed position forms are due April 2nd.

Treasurer’s Update ~ SPRING District Treasurer Foster Hillis | Texas-Oklahoma District


Our 69th Annual DCON is almost here and Early Bird Registration is closing soon! Make sure you book your hotel rooms through the hotel website or over the phone and then go to our registration website to get registered. Here is the required information you need to register. – – – – –

Hotel Confirmation # Club Name Member Name T-Shirt Size Position

– – – – –

Delegate Information Dietary Needs Cell Phone Number Gender Advisor Information

Early Bird Registration Ends on March 9th!

To Contact the Convention Liaison: For more DCON Information Email: For Hotel Reservations Call: 1(888)627-8191 or (214)922-8000 For Additional Help Call: 405-923-0318 (Kelly Poland, Asst. Admin of Events)


FAREWELL TO Key Clubbers,

Kiss a Senior Goodbye: Take pre-orders and prepayments for bags of chocolate kisses with messages purchasers may write for graduating seniors (also advertise to parents). Create cute, little, bags containing chocolate kisses, the message, and perhaps a cookie or two. Make sure to deliver them before the last week where senior attendance tends to be higher.

Hard Finals Survival Kits: Sell final exam survival kits for students (also advertise to parents). The kits can include a soda, energy bar, pens/pencils, gum, jokes, inspirational messages/quotes, coupons, etc. Deliver these in school during homeroom, lunch periods, or study halls and sell them during lunch and before and after school.

Although our service year is not over until DCON, this will be the last District Treasurer’s Update. It has been a distinct pleasure to service each and every one of you this year, and I won’t forget a minute of it! I hope you all continue to follow your quest for service and join Circle K International if you are a senior, or continue servicing your homes, schools, and communities if you will remain in Key Club. My biggest tip for you is to always remember why you are serving when you are feeling low. Without every Key Club member, we would not be able to raise over $6.3 million dollars for MNT, or provide over 13.5 million hours of service. Yours in Friendship and Service, Foster Hillis 2017– 2018 District Treasurer

CONTACT ME Foster Hillis

District Treasurer Email: Remind 101: Text @TXOKtreas to 81010 District Website:

Spring Newsletter  

Club Treasurer's Winter Newsletter. Contact Foster Hillis at, if you have any questions!

Spring Newsletter  

Club Treasurer's Winter Newsletter. Contact Foster Hillis at, if you have any questions!