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The TN Visa Border Interview – An Important Step so Avoid Making Mistakes

You may think that just because you’ve received a job offer, and meet the criteria for a TN Visa, you would not have any problem at the Border Interview. Some people do not realize there is an informal border interview because it is rarely spoken about. This is where a lot of applicants make mistakes, and get rejected. They take the interview too lightly and are not prepared for it. The TN Visa Border Interview is in fact one of the most important aspects of your application. Underestimating it could cause you an entry into the United States. Things to Be Aware of During Your Border Interview Interview is Subjective This is a simple fact that is most often ignored. Interviews are subjective, because they are conducted by a person. No matter how logical an immigration officer is, he is still a human being, and therefore the impression you create will play a role in how the officer perceives you. Interviews are becoming difficult. Particularly after 9/11 and various other terrorism threats, immigration officers have been scrutinizing TN Visa Applications more closely. Even if you meet all the requirements, if the officer deems you a risk to the nation’s security or suspects your application is not correctly showing how you and the job meet the requirements, then you may be denied the visa. Treat it like a formal interview This is not just a casual chat. Make sure you understand that. This is a formal interview, and the immigration officer conducting it has the power to grant or deny you the entry. The way you behave, the way you dress, the way you talk to the officer – all of it will have an impact on the impression you make. Ensure You Have Correct Documentation The letter of employment which entitles you to apply for the TN Visa is a key document. You will also need correctly completed application, and any other documentation (affidavits etc.) based on your circumstances. Ensure everything is prepared accurately and completely. Understand Your Status under NAFTA and TN VISA Being informed of the current NAFTA and TN Visa rules and regulations is essential. Make sure that the job on the basis of which you are applying for the TN Visa is included in the NAFTA’s TN Visa Categories. Variations in job descriptions, such as a computer programmer position versus a systems analyst position could make a difference between an acceptance and a denial. Consider your job carefully, and ensure that it is described correctly. Our TN Visa Application Kit can help you with it as it provides step by step instructions, sample letters and border interview preparation details. Prepare In Advance for the Interview

Know the questions you will be asked in advance, and rehearse them. Be consistent with your answers. Don’t get nervous, or you will make mistakes. Don’t get caught out by not being able to answer any of the questions. Prepare thoroughly and well. Create a TN Visa Application Letter for your NAFTA job, and be informed of the TN Visa, the TN Application Process and your legal rights, which will prepare you for your border interview. Our TN Visa Application Kit has been verified by lawyers, so that you can prepare your application with accurate and precise guidance. Contact us at for more information.

Tn visa border interview an important step so av  

You may think that just because you’ve received a job offer, and meet the criteria for a TN Visa, you would not have any problem at the Bord...

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