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Same Sex Marriage: Adjustment of Status Interview Tips The approval of your Adjustment of Status depends largely on the success of your Adjustment of Status interview. While these interviews are always subjective, they can be particularly difficult for applicants in the same sex marriage. A key issue that U.S. government faces with any marriage visa application is whether or not the relationship is fraudulent. This applies to gay marriage too and is a known red flag. If not correctly addressed in your application and during the interview, it can lead to delays and a possible denial. The U.S. Government does not want you marrying a same sex friend just to get a green card. Below tips will aid you in giving a successful interview for your Adjustment of Status application: 1. Family and Friends Involvement If your family and friends are an active part of your life, it will prove advantageous in proving that your relationship is genuine. You can provide photos of your wedding, with friends and family present, as evidence of your marriage. These people can eradicate one of the strongest concerns the U.S. Immigration has: that your relationship is not fraudulent.

2. Joint Assets and/or Finances Shared assets and finances are also a good indicator of a genuine and strong relationship. In particular providing specific documents showing proof of joint assets or finances shows that your intention to be together is based on a solid foundation and that it is not merely for the visa application.

3. Be Prepared Ensure you take all required forms, a copy of your already submitted application, and originals of any copies you have submitted with you to the interview. Incomplete or insufficient documentation is one of the key reasons for delays with visa applications. Make sure all your documents are prepared well, and organised in a way that would make your interviewing officer’s life easier, and it will avoid you a lot of hassle and aggravation.

4. Follow Basic Interview Protocol When it comes to an interview of any kind, some things are standard. Be on time, or better yet early. Look clean and respectable. Be organised, and answer all questions with politeness. Any visa interview can be an intimidating experience, but if you follow these tips, you will be better prepared to handle the situation. As you are applying for Adjustment of Status, you would be already living in the U.S., and therefore hopefully are better used to dealing with the language and culture of the country, which will help you in the

interview. However, if there is a particularly complicated situation in your case then contact us at to see how we can help. Take the free qualification quiz to identify all your red flags. Using the Visa Streamline Service can assist you in affordably and quickly completing your adjustment of status application while avoiding delays or denials. For more detail log on:

Same sex marriage adjustment of status interview tips  

The approval of your Adjustment of Status depends largely on the success of your Adjustment of Status interview.