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October 29-November 4 2012 Issue 705



IT’S A SCREAM The best ghost tours in Oz

DOUBLE OR NOTHING Rolling the dice in Las Vegas


pportunity! o e m ti fe li a once in se festival – a p li c e r la o s l tota Cairns for the to p u e c ra e W + NEWS & SPORT WHAT’S ON FILM REVIEWS TRAVELLERS’ TIPS


EDITOR’S LETTER We’re an open-minded bunch here at TNT, so a feature on the country’s ghost tours thrilled us no end. After all, we only had to contact our convict relatives. We got to know another higher being for the Eclipse Festival in far north Queensland which will boggle the mind, and the eyes (pg26). Then got deep and meaningful with Paul Dempsey (pg16) and completely lost our minds in Vegas (pg34).









































TNT puts on its most absorbent nappy and checks out the best Oz ghost tours



We talk the meaning of life, existential crises and rock’n’roll with Paul Dempsey



We go to a sun worship festival and generally party hard in Oz’s far north



Gambling, eating and the Grand Canyon. You know, the usual in Vegas




OZDIARY EDITORIAL Editor Alex Harmon Staff writer Hugh Radojev Contributors Craig Sheather, Joanna Tilley Interns James Beasenvalle, Amelia Gray, Caitlin Stanway

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Sam Sparro celebrates Movember year round

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[EVERYWHERE HAIR GROWS] There was a time long ago when November was nothing more than the second last month of the year. In the last few years, however, it has been transformed into Movember, one of Australia’s most popular charity events. It’s 30 days of hairy fun where men nationwide wax, trim and mold their facial hair into moustaches and raise needed funds to help fight male health problems including prostate cancer and depression. “Mo Bros” should register online and get growing. Register your soup strainer or donate money at the website below. Nov 1-30. Your face




Having suffered through cyclone Yasi last year, the Mission Beach Film Festival is back in 2012. Focusing on the themes of sustainability and community, feature films, shorts and documentaries from Australia and around the world will be shown.

Lose yourself in the intricate alleyways and historic buildings of the Rocks all through November and December. With the coolest new pop-up bars, cabarets and a host of weird and wonderful things to get up to, the Rocks will come alive this summer.

While you may not be carving pumpkins like they do in The States, it’s still probably the only chance you’ll get all year to dress up like a zombie in fake blood and get into clubs. Halloween themed parties and nights will be held anywhere there’s a bar.

Nov 2-4 Mission Beach, Qld

Every Fri in Nov and Dec Sydney Harbour

Oct 31 Nationwide

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Things that make you go “ooooooooooh”

Ghost mortem Forget pumpkins, Australia has a dark past and (they say) ghosts on every corner. With a flashlight, we go looking for higher beings WORDS HUGH RADOJEV

It’s the thing that goes bump in the night. The odd chill you get running down your spine when you walk into a room alone. It’s a sudden movement, a shadow flickering in the corner of your eye, at the very edge of your vision. We’ve all experienced something like this in our lives and, for most of us, we shrug it off as nothing, a coincidence, even a trick of the light. But there are a core of believers out there; the ghost hunters, the mediums and the paranormal investigators who are (in some cases literally dying) to make you believe too. Seeing as it’s nearly Halloween we at TNT have decided to pick 10 of the 6


scariest, creepiest, most frightening ghost tours from all around Australia. Much of Oz’s ghoulish activity seems to stretch back to its violent convict past. Convict settlements like The Rocks and Battery Point and penal institutions like Fremantle and Port Arthur constitute some of the most haunted spots in the country. With their grim tales of forced labour, terrible living conditions and bloody executions, these places have their fair share of tales about strange, supernatural activities. Some of Australia’s younger cities and towns have their own frightening past; Canberra may not have the same convict past of cities like Sydney,

Melbourne or Tasmania but its long history of military service and it’s numerous parliamentary buildings have proven a hotspot for ghostly hauntings and apparitions. The east end of old steel town Newcastle, too, has a thriving community of poltergeists, shades, spirits and ectoplasmy tinged ghouls of all sorts. So bring a good flashlight, a stout heart, the open-mindedness of John Edwards and a good pair of running shoes (and perhaps a fresh pair of pants) as we plunge into the heart of darkness and try and catch us a few ghosts. And try to make it through ›› without wetting ourselves.

THE ROCKS: SYDNEY, NSW One of the very first suburbs in all of Australia, The Rocks is now a tourist hotspot and features some of the swankiest bars and eateries to be found anywhere along the harbour. This, however, was not always the case. Indeed, The Rocks originally housed some of the poorest and roughest of Britain’s convicted criminals in 1788. By the early 19th century, armed gangs of men roamed it’s narrow, cramped streets, while deadly diseases including the frightful Bubonic Plague cut a swathe of misery and death through its inhabitants. The Rocks Ghost Tours can still show you where the restless souls of former convicts haunt the grimy, rat-infested alleyways where they lived, worked and died. COST: Two hours, $42pp. FRIGHTENING FACT: The Sydney Harbour Trust was established in 1901 in response to an outbreak of Bubonic Plague. In its first few months it wound up fishing 2,225 rats out of the Harbour alone. Imagine how many there must have been scurrying around.

LANTERN GHOST TOURS: MELBOURNE, VIC The historic old settlement of Williamstown located about eight kilometres out of Melbourne’s CBD was once a thriving, 19th Century town, one of most populist sites in all of Victoria heaving with sailors, soldiers and convicts. Nowadays much of the old town is still the same as it was and Lantern Ghost Tours offer a terrifying trip through Victoria’s original capital. On this tour you will visit the historic old seaport, the haunted Steampacket pub, the abandoned morgue and the cemetery. Creepy shivers, odd occurrences and a genuine fright or two are all but guaranteed. COST: $30pp for a two hour tour. A pre-tour dinner option costs an extra $35. FRIGHTENING FACT: In 1856 there were 6,000 prisoners being held on prison hulks off the coast of Williamstown, the youngest of which was a boy just nine years of age.

DESTINY TOURS: CANBERRA, ACT Despite, perhaps, lacking some of the bloody convict history of the other, slightly older cities and towns in Australia, the national capital is definitely not short of truly frightening inhabitants (both living and dead). Destiny Tours, fronted by charismatic ghost hunter and Canberra personality Tim “the Yowie Man” will show you the seedy underbelly of a city riddled with stories of terrible crimes, murders and hauntings. Try and catch a glimpse of the Poltergeist who causes havoc nightly at the War Memorial or the former Australian Prime Minister who reportedly wanders the halls of his favourite hotel in his Sunday best. COST: $89 will get you a three hour tour as well as some food. FRIGHTENING FACT: Employees at Canberra’s National Film and Sound Archive have reported being pinned against walls by invisible hands while working alone at nights in the basement.



WOODMAN POINT QUARANTINE STATION: PERTH, WA Originally established in the 1880s as a site to treat sailors and immigrants climbing off the boats from Europe and the Americas who were afflicted with all sorts of gruesome, debilitating and often disfiguring diseases like small pox, plague and Scarlett Fever. The doctors and nurses toiled ceaselessly to cure their charges and stop the spread of the diseases into the wider population of Perth but many of their patients as well as a number of the staff themselves lost their lives. Accompany much respected local medium Rebecca Millman as she leads you through this eerie, abandoned station where so many people suffered and died. Rebecca will demonstrate her much vaunted abilities by communicating with the spirits you come across and explaining away the strange sensations you will be feeling. COST: $68 for two hours. FRIGHTEING FACT: The HMAT Boonah, a troop carrier ferrying 1200 AIF soldiers back from World War I found itself stricken with a Spanish Flu epidemic whilst docked off Woodman’s Point. 27 soldiers and four nurses ended up dying.



FREMANTLE PRISON TUNNEL TOUR You better not be dressed up for this tour because you’re heading 20 meters underground to the sewers below Fremantle prison. Get your overalls, hardhat, boots and torchlights ready because this freaky ghost tour will take you on a journey through the lives of convicts from the past. You’ll go through tunnels on foot and then hop into a boat and explore the submerged passageways. Oil lamps will light the walls in front of you as you see blast holes, bores and artefacts from years and years ago. This tour is extreme so only go if you’re up for an adventure over tree roots and protruding objects. COST: $60pp for two and a half hours of tunnelling. FRIGHTENING FACT:: Convicts worked down in the tunnels and the ghosts of those who died there are rumoured to still haunt people. JB


TOWNSVILLE GHOST TOURS All are welcome aboard the ‘Ghost Bus’ for an eerie trip through Townsville’s oldest and most notoriously scary locations. Boarding at the West End Cemetery on Church Street, the Ghost Bus travels around various local attractions that have a tonne of freaky tales. There are countless ghost stories shared during the tour and each tour may be slightly different from the rest. People are encouraged to take photos whilst on the tour – you never know, you might snap something ghostly! Children are welcome (as long as they don’t scare easily) and group bookings sometimes even allow alcohol to liven up the trip. And if you plan on kicking on in the city, the Ghost Bus can make a stop at the end to continue your ghostly experience. COST: $69pp for two and a half hours. FRIGHTENING FACT: : In 1972, there was an inquest to a report where staff got the shock of their life, when a body bag sat up and fell on the floor, after it was wheeled into the old Townsville morgue. JB

NEWCASTLE GHOST TOURS (EAST END) If stories about gruesome murders and untimely deaths are your thing, you’ll love the ghost tours held in Newcastle’s East End. The oldest cemetery in Newcastle is one of the freakiest things you’ll experience and the whole tour is bound to have a huge array of stories to go with it. The walls of the oldest building in Newcastle – where they used to keep prisoners – have countless stories to tell. Torches and cameras are encouraged because this haunting night is one that never disappoints. It’s encouraged that you wear enclosed shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. COST: $45pp for three hours. FRIGHTENING FACT: In one of the cells in the old lock up, one inmate took his own life and his ghost is believed to still be haunting unsuspecting visitors. JB

The area around St John’s Cemetery has been such a historical hotspot for ghostly goings on that the town of Kapunda has come to be known as “the most haunted place in Australia” and has been the subject of a documentary film and numerous investigations. These have focused mainly on reports of a former Reverend, Father Martin, who stalks the grounds of his former parish pushing at intruders and old tales of sacrifice and witchcraft happening around the graveyard. All the furor surrounding the release of the documentary and the strange results that have come from various investigations into the area have made Kapunda one of the more popular ghost tours in Australia, and one of the most terrifying. COST: $59pp for three hour tour. FRIGHTENING FACT: In 1909 18 year old Ruby Bland allegedly died after an attempted abortion was performed on her by the deranged Reverend Martin on the church grounds.



HOBART AND BATTERY POINT GHOST TOURS All kinds of freaky folk have been through Hobart and Battery Point – including convicts and bushrangers, whalers and sailors, barmaids and prostitutes and cannibals and criminals! Departing from the Bakehouse, you’ll leave on a two-hour tour for an intimate experience of the local area. All the tour guides believe whole-heartedly in ghosts so you know you’re getting an authentic and passionate experience when you sign up for this tour. Cameras are encouraged and you can even share your photos with the tour guides afterwards. If you haven’t heard about ‘Ghost Photography’, you will after this unique experience. COST: $25pp for two hours. FRIGHTENING FACT: Strange lights and apparitions have been spotted throughout the tour. JB

PORT ARTHUR, TASMANIA Port Arthur ghost tour guide, Todd Darling, said he believed “there are places in the world where the walls between our world and the spirit world are thinner, and Port Arthur’s one of them.” With a dark history dating back to 1830, Port Arthur was made infamous more recently in 1996 when a local gunman killed 35 people and wounded 23 more. There are bound to be stories about ghosts that haven’t fully crossed over as a result. Black-cloaked tour guides vividly recount real people’s documented stories of sightings and unexplained occurrences of the past. COST: $25pp for one and a half hours. FRIGHTENING FACT: Todd Darling claims to have seen 3 ghosts and experienced “hearing noises” and even “being followed down corridors”! JB



BLUE MOUNTAINS MYSTERY TOUR Jump aboard the Ghost Bus and let Paranormal Pete show you the hidden, haunted past of the beautiful Blue Mountains. All the stories are here – brutal murders, innocent convicts hung for crimes they didn’t commit, rapes and... did I mention murders? This is one of the longer tours available and takes in a number of historically significant sites in and around the Blue Mountains area including an abandoned cemetery, a convict stockade and the old Hartley Gaol and Courthouse. Keep an eye peeled especially for the ghost of Mt Victoria – the Lady in Black who purports to be seen hanging around old, dried up wells on the mountain. COST: Adult $75 for four to five hour tour. FRIGHTENING FACT: The Albert Hotel on Mt Victoria acted as a convalescence hospital for badly wounded soldiers in World War II and a number of men who died of their wounds supposedly wander its halls still calling out to one another in a horrible, ghoulish wail.

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Alison Wonderland The multi-talented Sydney DJ and producer caught up with us to discuss Katy Perry at the Grammys, the cello, New York City, and the do’s and dont’s of eating on flights INTERVIEW HUGH RADOJEV

start to feel really unfresh. Drink lots of water, keep yourself warm on the flight, watch as many movies as you can and here’s a tip that not many people know about, I’m not even vegetarian but I always order the vegetarian meal on flights because you come out feeling less ill. I always feel better if I eat the vegetarian meal. Plus your food comes out first.

“I’m not even vegetarian but I always order the vegetarian meal on flights”

Really? I usually avoid the meal entirely No! You know how they usually serve you that really weird meat? I always feel a lot cleaner if I’ve eaten vegetarian, they tend to put in quite healthy food and simple ingredients.

How long have you been DJing for? Quite a few years actually, the first gig I think I did in 2007, so it’s been quite a while now. Had you been involved in music before then? Yes, I’m actually a classically trained cellist and I was at the Conservatorium high school and then I went over to Europe for a year after that to continue studying, so yes. I read somewhere that you also used to play bass in a band, is this true? Yeah that’s true. A couple of bands I think. How does a classically trained cellist get into DJing? I love every kind of music and I was never really a person who was inclined to just one genre or style. When I came back too Australia I was hanging around clubs anyway because of the bands I was in and started doing it a bit casually for fun. Then one day I figured I really liked it and that I have a really strange work ethic with something that I love. So I sat in a room for a number of months and practiced. I really wanted to be able to play all the songs that I love and put them together coherently.



How do you go about putting together a set for a show? Look, to be honest I just get to know every song that I have in my library, nothing is really that planned when I play and I just kind of vibe off the crowd. So that’s how I tend to put sets together. Are you one of those purist DJs who only use vinyl? No, I don’t. Although I don’t use a computer either, so everything I do is live. Favourite place that you’ve been to on your recent travels? I loved New York. I loved playing in New York. I was only supposed to play for an hour at this little, literally underground club and I ended up playing for like four hours. Everyone was very open minded and you could just play whatever you wanted and there’s no one giving you weird looks. You could just take everyone on a journey and they wanted to go on a journey with you. So yeah, I loved New York. Any tips for surviving all the flying? Yes. Okay, make-up – even if you’re a dude, it is a saviour because if you’re travelling heaps, you

Do you have any plans for making music outside of your DJing? I actually produce. I do a lot of writing and producing, which keeps me busy during the day. And they’re two very different things. Like when I’m writing I find I need to feel selfish to do it, yet when you’re on stage you can’t be selfish at all. So yeah I find it quite hard sometimes to switch between the two, it takes some talent. Do you produce for other bands and musicians? No, at the moment I’m producing for myself. I’m kind of writing my own album in my bedroom. Oh, cool. When will that be ready? We’re working that out now. I’m just finishing a few things off, but yeah I’m excited. How was playing the Grammy’s after party? Yeah and the Brit Awards’ after party. They were really different but I loved the Grammy’s, because ever since I was a little kid I’ve watched the Grammy’s so it was a really crazy thing for me. That really struck a chord with me. It was like I thought it was going to be. I kind of had my head down because I was DJing, I didn’t really walk around looking for stars but Katy Perry came up to me a few times, which was wild. Alison Wonderland will support Arrested Development in Melbourne (Nov 2) and The Knocks in Coolangatta (Nov 22) + Sydney (Nov 30).

:MEADG:G+ 6 days and 5 nights Explore the whole island with local guides who will show you the very best Tasmania has to offer!

>C8AJ9:H/ ™ Wildlife Sanctuary entry fee ™ 5 nights accommodation using inc Tasmanian Devil feeding Hostels with shared facilities ™ Meals as indicated (5 Breakfasts ™ Entry to Port Arthur Historic Site inc Guided Walk and Harbour Cruise & 1 West Coast BBQ Dinner) ™ Hotel and Hostel pickups ™ All National Park entry fees and drop offs ™ Entry to “The Ship That Never Was�


&-%%%+),'+ Visit or email



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Why does all night vision footage remind me of Paris Hilton?

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 FILM review by James Besanvalle STARRING: Katheryn Newton, Katie Featherstone | MA | 88min

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER FILM preview. Released 29 November Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller | PG-13 | 103mins

Adapted from Stephen Chbosky’s novel of the same name, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is narrated from the perspective of an introverted freshman. This coming-of-age drama follows the life of Charlie (Logan Lerman) through the awkward times of adolescence. Two senior students take this unconventional thinker under their wing to break him out of his shell. 14


The Paranormal Activity movies have always had notoriously uneventful storylines for the first three quarters of each movie, leading to a dramatic and abrupt ending… and this one is no exception. The storyline follows Alex (Katheryn Newton) and her family as the possessed Katie (Katie Featherstone from the previous movies) moves in across the road with her son. After a webcam chat with Alex’s friend Ben (Matt Shively) that conveniently automatically records conversations, it is revealed there’s something sinister about the new neighbours. Die-hard fans of the series will probably enjoy this instalment as it is arguably the most action-packed of the four, but first-time viewers may not have the same reaction. The storyline makes numerous references to parts of previous movies so the big reveal in the middle will go straight over the heads of first-time viewers. Frustratingly, Alex and Ben set up webcams all around the house, but they’re never shown reviewing the footage. There are also parts of the movie where there are great opportunities to set up for a dramatic scare – like opening the fridge door from a certain angle – and it never happens. The ending seemed rushed and the unbelievable stupidity of the characters will reaffirm your belief that all victims in horror films brought it on themselves for being so naive. If you can sit through the credits, you’ll see that a fifth movie is on the way, but in a different context... hopefully it steers clear of this tired storyline. GOOD FOR: People who want to stay awake but don’t like coffee


THE EARLIER YOU GET IN, THE CHEAPER THE PIZZA Cnr George St & Rawson Pl Sydney Central |



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The science of souls With yet another album, Something for Kate are one of Oz’s most consistent and successful bands, we find out what makes them tick WORDS CAITLIN STANWAY

Photos: Getty Images, EMI Music

After six years of bars, babies and solo careers Australia’s pioneering indie rock trio, Something for Kate, have regrouped and are back better than ever (so they claim). Having locked up the tour bus in 2008 after almost 14 years at the top of the Australian music industry, the Melbourne three piece decided it was about time to dust of the drum kit, tune the guitars and see what musical juice half a decade apart would squeeze out. With 11 ARIA nominations under their belt you’d almost expect the trio to stick to a clearly tried and tested recording routine. But, according to lead singer Paul Dempsey, when it came to recording their new album Leave Your Soul to Science, playing it safe was never on the cards. “I think the biggest risk was not worrying so much, not over thinking everything and just having a bit of trust, you know, that you didn’t have to play every single note absolutely perfectly and it will still sound okay.” And sound okay it does. While there’s no denying they’ve stuck true to their roots (anyone who has ever heard the group's previous offerings will recognise the melancholic rock holding down the record), the new electronic overtones and synth heavy guitar give Leave Your Soul to Science a raw energy we’ve yet to encounter. The new sounds were no accident either, as Dempsey explains, they approached the new project with a no holds barred attitude. “Sound wise we just went for something, you know, some really strange sounding guitar sounds… and we were sort of willing to say yes to anything that was strange or different.” Giving them a firm push in the right direction was producer John Congleton who, according to drummer Clint Hyndman “pretty much works in a completely different way to what we’re used to.” Joining the band in Dallas, Texas, to record the record, Congleton took a look at their back catalogue and decided something needed to change. “He kind of went through our back catalogue and was like, 'right I don’t think you guys have taken enough risks, here’s what I think'.” Hyndman recalls, explaining that although it was new, it definitely worked. “We were just doing things that we would never do. He

I have something of an existential dilemma going on

would just be like ‘try it this way’ and we were just like yeah fine, we’ll do it and we’ve never done that before. But we did and it worked really well. We came out with a really different sounding record”. And it’s not just the sound that has gone in a new direction. Dig your way through the sonic tunes and you’ll realise the lyrics have joined the instrumentals on the slightly psychedelic path. While Dempsey’s never been one to shy away from a little introspection, the singer has turned it up, proving he’s one part songwriter, one part philosopher. Floating between mysticism and reality, Dempsey’s venture into big bang territory is enough to leave your head spinning with seemingly unanswerable questions, the least of which will be the state of your sanity. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the scope of the lyrics, I ask Dempsey where this universal exploration stems from. “I’m fascinated by our very existence," he admits. "I guess I have something of an existential dilemma going on, you know, I just sort of, several times a day find myself kind of pausing to consider the fact that we exist and it’s not enough for me. It’s not a satisfying answer to say that we were just put here by a higher power and that there is some sort of energy permeating the universe that affects human lives”. Deciding that, without an acid trip, existentialism was probably going to be out of my reach that afternoon, I move on to easier territory – their upcoming Australian tour. After almost 14 years touring the globe you’d be forgiven for thinking the rush of travelling may have given way to a loathing of airport lines, fast food and paisley hotel beds. But alas, Dempsey say’s he can’t wait to get back on the



Cool band shot, or post-baby Christening shot? We can't be sure...

bandwagon and experience ence something, well, different. “I’m looking forward to just getting up and playing every night in a different nt place, to a different audience with a different set list. I’m just excited to be going back out on tour and playing a whole bunch of different, new songs.” Although Dempsey’s had an incredible amount of success with his solo ventures ntures over the past five years, Hyndman took a completely etely different route, opening up a couple of saloon inspired d bars in Melbourne. So how does he feel trading in the in Boston glass for drumsticks? “It was kind of a little e bit nerving getting back round the kit after doing g hospitality for so long…but obviously we’re really close ose friends so it should be fun going out and playing aying those songs that we’ve spent a fair bit of time writing.” With all three band members becoming parents during g their break, (Dempsey and wife, bassist sist Stephine Ashworth, had a son in early 2011) I have to ask, is the tour really just a guise to o down the nappy bag, break out the leathers hers and indulge in a little nostalgic party time? me? According to Hyndman – apparently not. “It’s pretty funny because ause both babies are really close. It’s t’s a good chance to have a break. It’s kind of weird that we’re going to be going on tour to actually get some ome sleep as opposed to what it used d to be like” So, apart from bucking ng the



fundamenta of touring and using it as respite, fundamentals what’s their thei favourite part about travelling? Exotic hotels? hote Hidden beaches? The wide open road? Nope, Nope it’s finding junk. Well, for Hyndman anyway. “I like those outer suburban regional areas t of Australia. They’re good for finding old Austr junk. II’m obsessed with collecting old stuff. A lot of it is to go into the two bars I have. They’re They’ filled with junk. Anything old and rusty I love.” Uh huh. So no collecting shot glasses or teaspoons? How about Dempsey? “I sort teasp of collect books, or books collect me. I just co can’t stop buying books even though my house hous is almost constructed entirely out of stacks stack of books.” With so much travelling to come in the W next few months (Something For Kate will play Homebake after their sell-out national tour) I can understand the need nati for a bit of light entertainment to pass the time. So what’s wha on the reading list for this modern existentialist? “Mostly science stuff," says Dempsey. "Basically sc astronomy and an astrophysics. It’s fascinating.” Well now, what would you expect? ❚

Catch So Something For Kate at the Homebake F Music, Film & Arts Festival in Sydney, Decem December 8th. See:



Email us at tom@ with ‘Spotted’ in the subject line, email must include a photo of yourself! You’ve won yourself a $100 bar tab at Birdee Num Nums!





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WEEKLY WINNER #CHAIR #FLOWERS: Yueh-hsin Chang, 30, Taiwan YUEH-HSIN SAYS: “I took this photo during my time working on a farm in Caboolture in Queensalnd. The flowers that grew around were so pretty.” WE SAY: “This is a very lovely photograph to look at. It’s beautifully put together, composed if you like. It’s definitely got a kind of Instagram quality to it but that works in its favour. We love the juxtaposition between the red of the dust, the dusty green of the chair and the beautiful natural colours of the flowers and natural brush that grows in the wild.”

HOT TIPS: On the road If you are planning to photograph as you travel, it can be helpful to be prepared before you go. Research your destination and study existing images to give you an idea of what to expect. You want to travel light so keep your equipment to a DSLR body and a spare (just in case). A few lenses that can be used for more than just one situation, flash, tripod, cleaning equipment and a durable carry case or bag. Carry spare memory cards, a card reader and a portable hard drive for backing up your images. if the worst should happen on holiday you want to be prepared with your equipment.





Send high-res (300 dpi) jpegs with name, age, nationality and a description to: Photos are judged by the TNT team at their own discretion. Photos will also be placed on TNT’s Facebook page. For terms and conditions, see Weekly winner Yueh-Hsin wins a free night’s stay at the award-winning Sydney Central YHA ( The monthly winner gets three days’ campervan hire from Mighty Campers Australia (


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To climb or not to climb?





After I worked in Sydney I travelled for almost two-and-a-half months. I have been on the road with the Greyhound bus and did a roadtrip with two friends of mine down south and went to Tasmania. YOUR MOST MEMORABLE DAY IN OZ?


I’m going to Uluru – is it true that it’s offensive to climb? Sarah Walsh, UK


What are Queensland’s best islands? Aurelie Blanc, France

you’ve travelled large distances to see A So an oversized red rock, and when you get

Sunshine State has an embarrassment A The of riches when it comes to island loving.

there you want to climb it. That’s fine, however, before you set off there are some issues you should be aware of. Uluru is sacred to its Aboriginal owners (the Anangu), who don’t want people climb it. The climbing route is of huge cultural significance, being a pathway of their spiritual ancestors and undertaken by Aboriginal men only on certain ceremonial occasions. Also, some people have died while doing the climb (mostly heart attacks), and as these people are essentially guests, the Anangu feel responsible. Many people don’t do the climb, but until a majority of tourists refuse to do so, the Aussie government will not close the route, regardless of local protests. Put simply, don’t do it if you want to respect the local Aboriginal people.

There’s not space to mention all the great ones, so here are some of our favourites... Fraser Island is a given: plunging freshwater lakes, subtropical rainforest and driving up the beach make it a must-do. The other classic is clearly the Whitsundays. Okay, there’s 74 of them, but sailing through their turquoise waters and strolling along one of the world’s most beautiful beaches (Whitehaven) is as good as it gets. But if you want somewhere truly unspoilt and quiet, then give Hinchinbrook a go. It’s home to the famed Thorsborne walking trail. If you prefer a party then Magnetic or Great Keppel might be better options. Diving enthusiasts should explore Lizard or Lady Elliot which are some of the best places for spotting turtles.

Located on the arty side of Launceston (read: near the art gallery) is this recently refurbished hostel. Very clean and modern with a cute coutryard complete with herb garden and OVERVIEW




Fraser Island because there’s a lot of amazing stuff to see and also the people I met were pretty cool. WHAT DO YOU MISS THE MOST?

Of course my friends and family, but I also miss basketball because Aussies aren’t really into basketball. ANY RUN-INS WITH WILDLIFE?

On our dive we saw a lot of grey nurse sharks, 2-3 metres long. And in the jungle there were lots of leeches on my whole body. ADVICE FOR OTHER TRAVELLERS?

Never travel alone. It’s more fun to have people around you. You’ll enjoy your time together.


I did a night dive on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns, one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

a free BBQ. Common room for watching DVDs too. ROOMS Eight share dorms or privates in this carbon neutral heritage building. BILL PLEASE Dorms start from $23/ night for an eight-share. 20 Lindsay Street, Launceston, TAS



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Central City Arthouse Hostel backpackers me et great people

h o me away f ro m

h o me & FREE WiFi


www.centralcit yhobar FREECALL 1800 811 507 FREECALL 1800 04 11 35






Dutch traveller Yvette van den Brand thought she was going to miss out on a Kimberley adventure, only to have the time of her life... “Sorry, your trip through the Kimberley is cancelled because there are no vehicles available.” I listen to these words a few days before I was supposed to go on a trip from Broome to Darwin. I had to be in Darwin in 10 days and now I had to figure out how to get there. I could take an airplane or bus, but both of these options wouldn’t bring me to the beautiful Kimberley region. What do people do when their trips get cancelled? They look for a lift. So I posted a message on Gumtree that said I was looking for a 4WD lift to Darwin the coming weekend. The next few days I received five calls from people willing to take me, and one of them was exactly what I was looking for: a 4WD roadtrip via the Gibb River Road. I caught up with the driver Fabien to arrange our plans and to meet the other person joining us. It turned out to work out pretty well and I decided to go with them. On Saturday Fabien picked myself and Julia up and after organising the groceries and all the camping gear,



it was time to hit the road. We drove straight to Derby and then onto the Gibb River Road. We camped at Windjana Gorge and had our first meal together. Everybody got along really well. The next day we wandered around Windjana Gorge where many fresh water crocodiles were present. Then we drove to Tunnel Creek where we had to walk 700 meters through a completely dark tunnel in the water, where it’s known fact that ‘freshies’ inhabit the area. With just one torch for three people, this was quite the adventure. When we drove further on the Gibb River Road the car started to make a weird noise. It was already getting dark so we decided to stop at the first camping spot we found at Dog Chain Creek. Fabien checked the car while we set up the tent. It didn’t look good: the belt was loose and the tensioner pulley was broken. There was no way we could drive any further with the car so the next day Fabien hitchhiked to the closest town to call the insurance. It appeared that towing the car out would cost more than $1,000 so Fabien decided to order the part and fix it himself. We had to wait three days for the pulley and then somebody had to

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pick it up in Derby. Fortunately there was a woman driving to Derby who brought the part to us. Fabien fixed it in 10 minutes and we continued with our journey. In total we were in Dog Chain Creek for five days, but looking back on it we were pretty lucky the car broke down there, because we could go for a swim in the creek, make campfires at night, relax, fish and hunt for bush turkeys. It was five days of waiting, reading books, having conversations, eating tinned food, watching out for snakes and taking showers in the creek. When we finally left Dog Chain Creek we only had three days left to see the rest of Kimberley, but I think we were all really happy to be on the road again in the same car and with the same people. On the way we saw the stunning Manning Gorge and enjoyed the beautiful landscape of the Kimberley. We camped at Halls Creek and finished the Gibb River Road sound and safe. In Kununurra we checked our phones after six days without reception and in Katherine we got drunk with some Aussies around a campfire. I went swimming with crocodiles in Katherine Gorge (although I didn’t realise this when I was in the water) and on the day I was supposed to be in Darwin, we arrived in Darwin. We had one last meal together and looked back on the awesome time we had in the Kimberley. And although I loved the camping, a real bed and shower never felt so good as it did that night.



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m* Fro



4 $30

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a $1


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Party central One of the best ways to get into the spirit of the east coast’s backpacker party capital is to get the spirits into yourself WORDS JOANNA TILLEY

All I’d really wanted to do in Cairns was party. But with my feet bound together by a weathered towel and two men threatening me from either side, it appeared that would have to wait. No, I had not been kidnapped (although thanks for the concern), but was about to join the exclusive bungy jumping club (a club of sorts, but not really the club I had in mind). Just 20 minutes ago I’d flippantly mentioned to a new friend in my hostel that I wouldn’t mind doing a bungy jump. Now here we were... If only I’d known we were so close to one of the biggest bungy jumping sites in Oz I would have kept my big mouth shut. But it turns out that in Cairns you are never too far from the action. Whether you’re looking for adrenalin activities, retail therapy or just pure unadulterated drinking, Cairns will not let you down. Instead, it will insist you jump down. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuungyyyyyy...

Mission: men Fortunately, it turns out there is nothing better to get you into the party spirit than a bungy jump. Driving back into Cairns, the bars and restaurants along the Esplanade were already full of people. The small, compact town of Cairns has been designed with the traveller in mind, which means it is very easy to get around... from bar to bar that is. The thriving nightlife, high quality hostels and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef has made Cairns the fourth most visited place in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne and Bris-Vegas. Another great thing about Cairns is how quickly a night can turn from civilised to civil disorder. My bungy jumping friend Anna and I started our evening in the sophisticated and upmarket setting of the Salt House. Listening to the calming sound of water features, we praised each other for our daredevil antics whilst sipping cocktails and gazing out at the boats bobbing in the Marina. This was the calm before the storm. The refined part of the night was over and we were now women (okay, sluts) on a mission. One of the best places to drink (and hook up) in Cairns is Gilligan’s. It’s one of the biggest hostels in Australia and is always rammed with backpackers.

Feeling tip-topless Luckily, our visit coincided with a live band and a foam party (one of those delightful gimmicks invented solely to see hard nipples poking through wet material). However, as we weren’t yet ready to sacrifice our make-up to the foam, we skirted past the shenanigans and headed for the bar. A couple of Jager Bombs later, it was time to assess our surroundings (okay, fine, the boys).

I often wonder where my new Wonderbra ended up that night

It’s amazing how the buzz of a hostel in Cairns and blurred vision can make a girl feel spoilt for choice. We sat down and started talking to a group of guys from Wales who were on their way to the Woolshed. Now, the general rule goes: If you’ve been to Cairns, you’ve been to the Woolshed. This is the club where everyone clambers when the bars and pubs close. It is everything you’d expect from a backpackerdominated establishment; cheap, filthy and fun. I became an instant fan when I noticed that dancing on the tables wasn’t only allowed but seemed compulsory. The boys became fans as the Miss Backpacker competition entered its final stage (yes, another delightful gimmick invented solely to see hard nipples poking through wet material.) Cairns appeared to love hard nipples. After hours of table dancing, slippery nipple swallowing and tonsil tennis with... hmmm (let me get back to you on this one), we were all in need of a relaxing bubble bath. But come on, it’s Cairns! So instead we opted for a filthy foam party. Even hangovers are good in Cairns. Behind every corner lurks a café or restaurant ready to ply you with a big, greasedripping breakfast. The year-round sunshine also helps you to sweat out excess alcohol. And if food and sun doesn’t do TNTDOWNUNDER.COM



Bra crawl I busied myself in Bra N Things in pursuit of the ultimate cleavage. Looking busty, I was on my way to look at some Aboriginal Art. With a large population of Aboriginal people in Cairns, the town proudly displays native, dotted masterpieces in a number of shops. In Orchid Plaza, I stumbled upon a small shop called Yaram Arts run by George and his beautiful wife Yaram. After talking to them about my trip around Oz (minus some details), I bought a couple of pieces for my family back home. In Cairns, there can be a thin line between ending a night in the arms of a tall, handsome stranger or at the bottom of the lagoon. This thin line, for me, is quite often a pizza. So in an attempt to line our stomachs, we headed to Bella Vista at the Marina. It turned out to be a great choice as the pizzas were huge and very, very cheap. We enjoyed slice after slice whilst gazing at the views of Trinity Bay. After a couple of sambuca shots, I was ready for my second installment of Gilligan’s and Woolshed action. I often wonder where my new Wonderbra ended up that night. ❚ 28


Photos: Tourism Queensland

the trick, the lagoon will. Arriving at the lagoon, we quickly realised this was the day-time social hub of Cairns. If you didn’t get the boy or girl you fancied the night before, they will more than likely be topless around the pool. In fact, Cairns values a person’s right to be topless so highly that in 2003 Mayor Kevin Byrne declared that topless sunbathing was to be permitted by the lagoon, “as the area is a gathering point for people from around the world who may wish to do so”. Finally, a sensible politician. Following a refreshing dip in the water, I was reenergised and ready for some retail therapy. Obviously I needed to find some “razzle-dazzle” to outshine my rivals on my return to the Woolshed. The best place to purchase “razzle-dazzle” in Cairns is in the Cairns Central shopping complex.

Cairns is the most renowned access point to the Great Barrier Reef and as a result, the bulk of the town’s tourist dollars are generated through it, writes Chris Stevens. And rightly so. If you’re up this end of Australia (or in Oz full stop for that matter), no trip would be complete without exploring the vast expanse of coral reef that dominates the ocean in this World Heritage-listed site. And there’s a few different ways to get involved in finding Nemo too. For those on a tight budget, a day trip snorkelling is a great way to get a taster, or for those who fancy a bit more depth to their visit, a taster day of scuba diving isn’t going to break the bank either. There are numerous companies and boats who will happily take you there for around $120. For those who have planned ahead a bit more, are feeling a bit more flush or who want to pack out their CV with some more shiny bits of paper, you can go all out and do a PADI dive course which allows you to hire kit and dive all over the globe. I went one better and did the liveaboard option – same qualification but with heaps more dives (including some night ones) whilst living on the dive boat. Plus, you generally get to visit more pristine sections of the reef as those nearer the shore tend to be more damaged. It’s far from slumming it – these boats are floating hotels – but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made while travelling. If you are looking for a new career or a backpacking job, you could take the course right through to instructor level (although your wallet will take a serious hit), or you can earn free dives simply by volunteering on the boat as a cook or cleaner. And if you’re super keen and fancy a big cash splurge, why not check out a trip to Cod Hole – a truly memorable and unique diving experience on some beautifully pristine dive sites on the Outer Reef. Whatever you choose to do, the Barrier Reef is one of those bucket list items that needs to be ticked off. And swimming amongst the shoals of fish, cruising alongside some turtles or meeting an inquisitive Maori wrasse is the essence of travelling Australia. And once back on dry land, it’ll be time to dust of your drinking hat for some goon times!

A total eclipse It’s a pretty rare experience to see an actual solar eclipse, but we think it’s even rarer to see one at a music festival WORDS HUGH RADOJEV

A total eclipse of the sun will pass across the far north coast of Australia in November. Lying right in the Shadow Path (a great name for a punk band) will be the beautiful resort town of Cairns in far north Queensland where the nearby Lunar Eclipse festival will be held. A solar eclipse is considered to be one of the rarest and most awe inspiring of sights and the far north of Australia is being blessed with the spectacle this November. Forget for a minute the fact that some of Australia and the worlds biggest and best roots, blues and experimental bands will all be playing over seven days (which is reason enough to go) but just think how awesome an idea this really is; a festival to celebrate a solar eclipse. It’s practically the closest thing you’re going to get (other than maybe Burning Man) to an age old, pagan worship experience. In a day and age of science and knowledge there’s something strangely appealing about the idea of celebrating a solar event like our ancestor’s would have thousands of years ago. Chances are though that stone aged Druids didn’t celebrate the winter solstice rocking out at Stonehenge to the chilled grooves of indomitable Kiwi outfit Fat Freddy’s Drop and about 100 other acts from all over the world. A special, purpose built village area has also been built specifically for the festival and offers experiences unique in terms of festivals anywhere else in Australia. The village will feature yoga and dance workshops, a healing and massage 30


sanctuary and any number of areas to chill out and commune with the cosmic forces of the great beyond and ponder the ceaseless majesty and unfathomable vastness of space. Ponder your own role in the story of the universe however large or small it may seem... Or, if introspection isn’t your thing you could always just talk to your mates. A whole host of weird and wonderful performance art installations and pieces will also be featured around the festival grounds. Local, interstate and international artistic talent will be on show throughout the seven day festival, with works chosen to challenge and inspire in equal measure. Opening the eyes as well as Blake’s metaphorical “doors of perception” to the possibilities of what unburdened creativity and talent can achieve when working in perfect unison. Cooky cabarets and mesmerizing fire dancers are definitely not to be missed on the Luminosity Stage. The Eclipse festival has been in the works now for several years and has brought together the organisational talents of people from Australia, the UK and the United States of America. Early on the morning of the 14th of the festival will rise together as one to watch the sun disappear behind the moon and cloak the world in darkness. What an experience. For tickets to the Eclipse 2012 Festival at Palmer River Roadhouse, see: Tickets from $250



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UNLEASH THE ADVENTURE! WIN A SOUTH AUSTRALIAN EXPERIENCE SEE ALL THAT SA HAS TO OFFER! Even though South Australia doesn’t have an iconic Harbour Bridge, or a mystical Uluru to put it on the map, the unassuming state doesn’t lack in things to do. Winning in the beauty department, similarly in the adventure stakes, the state boasts some of the country’s best wildlife experiences, tastiest wines and spellbinding landscapes. You’d be crazy to skip on past South Australia while you’re here. Luckily for you, even if your bank account is dwindling, that need not be an option. We have teamed up with some of the state’s best adventure travel providers to offer three lucky readers this massive series of prizes, worth a whopping $5,600 We’re offering one lucky reader and a friend the following prizes: 32


GRAND PRIZE WORTH $3,028 Return flights from your nearest capital city to Adelaide by the South Australia Tourism Commission – $1,000 value. Calypso Star Charters Port Lincoln, two shark cage dives – $990 value. Sealink Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island adventure tour for two – value $778. Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide. Two nights free of charge - $260 value. RUNNER UP PRIZE WORTH $1,600 Nullarbor Traveller. Three day southern wildlife encounter package for two - all meals and accommodation, four of the top wildlife encounters in Australia: get up close with the local sealions, dolphins, tuna, great white sharks, koalas, kangaroos and emus (activities at additional cost) – value $1,430 value.

Groovy Grape Getaways Barossa Valley tour for two – $170 value. THIRD PRIZE WORTH $990 Groovy Grape Getaways Two day Kangaroo Island wildlife adventure for two – $790 value. Adelaide’s Shakespeare Backpackers International Hostel. Two nights in a private room or a week in a dorm –$200 value. Terms & conditions apply. Visit for all entry details. Voting closes on Sunday November 18th 2012

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Total prizes over WILDLIFE worth SOUTHERN OCEAN


ADVENTURE - 3 DAY TOUR Tour Highlights Include:


CJAA6G7DGIG6K:AA:G Adventures between Adelaide





Photos: Nevada Tourism, Craig Sheather



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Everyone’s a winner In Las Vegas it doesn’t matter if the chips are down, there’s always something around the corner to keep you grinning WORDS CRAIG SHEATHER

I’m sitting at a roulette table in the famous Golden Nugget Casino. There are four tall towers of chips rising off the table like sky scrapers. A small crowd has gathered to watch the result. The croupier spins the wheel and then rolls the ball around the track. All I need is black. The anticipation is unbearable. The ball loses momentum and falls onto the wheel. It bounces around and then eventually settles in its final resting pocket. There is a gasp from the onlookers. My heart sinks. It is red! It all happened so quickly. Before I knew it Las Vegas had seduced me, sucked me in and bled me dry. I had won and lost my fortune in the blink of an eye. One moment I was on top of the world and the next I was crying in my beer. Like many punters before me, greed was my downfall. Damn you Vegas! From underground illegal gambling dens to the recent boom of the glitzy mega-resorts, gamblers have always been attracted to Vegas like a moth to light. (And there are plenty of bright lights to be dazzled by.) Even when Nevada outlawed gambling in 1910 it only lasted three weeks. Gamblers quickly set up underground games where patrons who knew the proper password jousted day and night with Lady Luck. Illegal but accepted gambling flourished until 1931 when it was legalised again. Today, tourists flock to the city not just to gamble, but also for the fantastic entertainment, great restaurants and the chance to drop in on one of the wonders of the natural world. It’s one heck of an adult playground.

length of five football fields. The screen contains 12.5 million synchronized LED lamps making its projection surface the largest screen in the world. Each night on the hour the show features tributes to Bon Jovi, Queen, Kiss and other rock legends. Thrill seekers can breeze right beneath the Viva Vision canopy on a thrilling zip line ride. Before take off, I’m strapped into a harness which is suspended from cable wires. After the count down I launch from the platform and soar underneath the colourful laser light show. At the bottom of the zip line, I bump into an Elvis busker singing “Viva Las Vegas”. Impersonators are a dime a dozen in the city but this guy had the voice, hair, costume, dance moves and even real side burns to match it with the original Elvis. After his song I flip him a few coins hoping karma may bring some winnings my way. In an authentic Elvis accent he replies, “thank you. Thank you very much. I hope you win your jackpot”. “Thank you. Thank you very much” I respond. “I need all the luck I can get”.

Even old Vegas still shines bright

Ye old Vegas

Photos: Nevada Tourism, Craig Sheather

Disappointed with my loss, I reluctantly exit the Golden Nugget and stroll onto Freemont Street. My mood instantly changes. The atmosphere is electric! Freemont Street is home to legendary casinos, free entertainment, old-fashioned gambling hospitality and a great party atmosphere. On any given night you may see famous bands, strolling showgirls, impersonators or amazing street performers. The most obvious and largest part of the Fremont Street Experience is the Viva Vision canopy and light show. The canopy towers 90 feet above the ground and spans the



The Grand Canyon: what a hole A grand flight For those (like me) who gamble away their life savings and need to escape the crowds and bright lights, the Grand Canyon is the perfect place to regain your mojo. And best of all there is not a casino in sight. It’s easy to see why the Canyon is the most popular natural attraction near Vegas. Over 450km long and measuring over a mile deep and almost 30km across in some places, this natural wonder of the world will impress even the most worn-out of travellers. The rising of the Colorado Plateau combined with six million years of erosion has created one of the planet’s deepest gorges which can be admired from the air (plane and helicopter) or a long drive from ‘the strip’.

If your eyes are “ bigger than your belly, just loosen your belt ” Sitting in the comfort of an air-conditioned chopper I enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, extinct volcanoes and the Grand Canyon. The sight is difficult to describe without using typical clichés such as spectacular, amazing, stunning, breath taking etc. However, to put it plainly the canyon is simply …well….grand! I’m sure if Mike Tyson visited this wonder during his day he would have easily converted to yoga. During the flight, the effects of sleep deprivation were taking its toll and I slipped into a number of micro sleeps. 36


I continually nodded off but was awoken each time I head butted the window beside me (much to the amusement of the other passengers). As we disembarked the chopper the pilot reassured me that I was not the first person visiting Vegas to fall asleep during world’s most amazing flight. Sin City was taking its toll.

Entertainment galore The choice can be overwhelming: magicians, singers, comedians, strippers, live bands, dancers, musicals, circuses. The list of quality performers and entertainers is endless. In the end I decide on a Vegas institution – the celebrated Burlesque show over one of the all time great comedians: Jerry Seinfeld. It wasn’t an easy choice. The setting for “X Burlesque” is the intimate 180-seat theatre at the Flamingo Casino. Edgy choreography, creative props and six beautiful dancers combine to form one of the sexiest shows on the strip. The show allows for a lot of upclose and personal interaction with the dancers, who venture out into the crowd and perform on a stripper pole in the centre of the room. There is nearly a riot when the girls, dressed as flirty flight attendants, invite one lucky “passenger” to go on stage and join their “Mile High Club”. Every male in the audience instinctively jumped off their seats hoping to be chosen. To the tune of Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away,” the leggy dancers provide the strip tease of the century to the lucky man. The smile on his face said it all – he didn’t need slot machines to win today’s jackpot. However, when Nancy Ryan the mid-show comic takes to the stage I stop drooling and sink back into my chair, eager not to be targeted by the comedian. Although, not everybody was going to escape the wrath of Nancy’s jokes. Straight away she began heckling a couple of young men

This is not a mirage

sitting together in the front row. The verbal onslaught on her targets is brutal and hilarious. I’m glad it was not me.

Food, glorious food Vegas is more than just gambling, shotgun weddings, neon lights and glamorous showgirls. Believe it or not, it also houses some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world. A Vegas buffet is a great culinary experience for food lovers, so don’t spoil your appetite beforehand. For others it’s a great way to cure a hangover and generally make a pig of yourself. Whatever cuisine you love, you’ll be able to satisfy your hunger at a variety of award-winning restaurants. Seafood? Yep! Italian? Check! Steak? Indeed! Mexican? Sure! Indian? Of course! You get the picture; there is enough food to feed the US army. Don’t worry if you eyes are bigger than your stomach, just loosen your belt a little. You can basically eat as much as you like at the very best eateries such as The Spice Market in Planet Hollywood, The Bellagio Buffet and Rio’s World Carnival Buffet. Even if you have just one meal per day a Vegas buffet will get you through the night. Everything about Vegas is excessive, so it’s totally acceptable leave the buffet feeling like a beached whale. On my final morning I literally roll out of bed and land on the floor. Vegas had lived up to every expectation but I was exhausted and I had little memory of the night before. I peer under the bed and see stacks of casino chips scattered about on the floor. Cha-Ching! After spending days on the tables trying to pile up the pennies I was ultimately in the black. I couldn’t help myself. I dance around and scream the words I had been longing to shout “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” I was finally content to leave Vegas. ❚

Don’t lose yourself at the Golden Nugget




Rocky road This is the Great Ocean Road in 48 hours WORDS AMELIA GRAY

DAY 1:xSummer is fast approaching which means it's time to plan your ultimate road trip. Grab some mates, get your hands on a car, a surfboard, your bathers, a bunch of sugar filled snacks, get familiar with Instagram and hit the open road. If you are keen to discover one of the world’s most scenic coastal routes, then head to the Great Ocean Road. This diverse drive spans 243 kilometers along the stunning coastline of Victoria’s south west. 8:00: Spend the morning at one of Geelong’s Farmer markets – the Queenscliff Market is the most renowned with stalls selling high quality handcrafts and baked goods. 10:00: Make your way to Torquay, a small town rich in surf culture. It's the home of Bells Beach and the birthplace of iconic Australian surf brands Rip Curl and Quicksilver. Head to Surf City Plaza on the Surf coast Highway where the top surf brands dominate. 12:00: Enjoy a surf lesson in Torquay. Go Ride a Wave ( will get you out in the water for two hours with a surf instructor to suit your skill level. 14:00: After a morning of surfing, food will definitely be on the brain so head to Chris’s Restaurant ( au) for a late lunch. This well known eatery is perched atop Beason Point which looks over Apollo Bay. The stretch between Lorne and Apollo Bay is considered to be the most picturesque section. The highway is carved into sheer cliffs that drop away into the ocean 15:00: Needing to walk off that indulgent lunch, head to



the Great Ocean Walk, which stretches 91kms from the idyllic resort town of Apollo Bay to Glenample Homestead – adjacent to the famous 12 Apostles. It passes through the National Park and overlooks the Marine National Park. The walk has been designed so that walkers can walk at a number of paces, completing short, day or overnight hikes. 19:00: Feast like a king at Thai House where the food is delicious and the atmosphere fantastc. After such an action-packed day, check into Apollo Bay Backpackers ( which is perfectly located halfway along the Great Ocean Road. This small and cozy home away from home hostel is the perfect place to relax. Rest that driving foot ready for a jam-packed day two. DAY 2: 9:00: After a good night’s sleep, spend the majority of day two in Great Otway National Park. Put on your history hat and visit the Split Point Lighthouse also known as the White Queen which was built in 1891. You can wander down to the tip of the tiny spit and look out on Australia’s Shipwreck Coast. Over 700 ships are thought to litter the ocean floor off the coast of Victoria. If you really want to immerse yourself in the history of the lighthouse you can stay at the lighthouse keeper’s quarters… Spooky! 12:00: See the infamous Loch Ard Wreck near Port Campbell. The ship was carrying passengers to Melbourne from England when it struck Mutton Bird Island. Today it's a magnificent dive and you can still see general cargo, tiles, bottles and crockery, even a marble headstone. Access is by

A road trip to remember

The waves of your life in Torquay

charter boat. ( 13:00: The foodie is spoiled for choice here, sample delicious local cheese from selected producers such as Apostle Whey, Timboon and Meredith cheese. Along with visiting the G.O.R.G.E Chocolate Factory. If you are a cheeseaholic then head to Cheese World just outside Warranbool, or the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery to pick up local cheeses and other regionally produced food. 15:00: An absolute must-do is a stop off at the 12 Apostles, the magnificent rock stacks that rise up majestically from the ocean. Take 86 steps down to the beach below to be dwarfed by the 70 meter high vertical cliff line. While youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re down there you can see the London Bridge, a natural archway and tunnel in an offshore rock formation (before it collapsed in 1990). Now it's a bridge without middle and a couple of offshore rock stacks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gog and MaGog. 17:00: Logan Beach Whale Nursery is located near Warrnambool and is one of the finest whale viewing experiences in the world. This area has been the favoured breeding location for the southern right whales who make their annual pilgrimage to the Logans Beach site to give birth and prepare their young to the long journey back to southern Antarctic waters. 19:00: When it comes to a drink, it seems as though Port Fairy has an old pub on every corner. The Caledonian Inn or "the Stump" as the locals call it, is perfect for unwinding after your long and winding journey.

Meet the White Queen




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High life: the jumpers


A 74-year-old Queensland man and 12 other seniors leapt out of a plane in an Australian skydiving first. The group accomplished the first sequential formation skydive by people over 60, jumping from 14,000ft above Toogoolawah, northwest of Brisbane. The oldest, Gordon Turner, 74, said: “It went very smoothly. There’s some debate on whether we should all have a nap this afternoon! It’s a good advertisement for old people not to sit on the lounge chair, get out there.” It was the first time a group of over 60s had performed the feat in Australia..


A hunter survived getting lost in the remote area of Mount Allan for 24 hours by cuddling up to his dogs. Douglas McGhie, 31, was found in the forestry block area in Dunedin after he went hunting for pigs with friends. After catching one, the dog ran off, so McGhie went to look for it, taking a wrong turn and losing his pals. When it got dark, he burrowed into a hill, cuddled his dogs and covered himself with baby pines. He started walking again at dawn, drank puddle water to quench his thirst, and eventually happened upon some rescue workers. He said he was overwhelmed 90 people had searched for him by foot, 4WD, river, rail and air. McGhie added he would take a survival kit, food and water on pig hunts.



Phone home?: BMX rider Lachlan Stewart re-enacts the iconic scene from Steven Spielberg movie ET during an unveiling of the ET waxwork at Madame Tussauds in Sydney. Berlin, Hollywood, London and Tokyo will all stage re-enactments to mark the 30th anniversary of the classic film


It’s enough to make your blood run cold: a developer is considering turning an old morgue into a hotel. Guests could be spending the night on cold slabs once used for autopisies if plans to redevelop Willow Court in Tasmania get the green light. The 1950s morgue, on a site which also housed a convict hospital from 1830, served psychiatric patients as well as the wider community before it was closed down 12 years ago.

Hadyn Pearce, the owner, said he hoped the hotel, which would use the pull-out fridges used to store bodies as beds, would “attract the unusual” and described the dissection table as “our main suite”.

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Number of mourners that gathered at Berlin Zoo for the memorial to Knut the polar bear who died aged four

Weight, in stone, of 15ft thresher shark caught by skipper Chris Glaves 100 yards off the coast of Cornwall

Cutting edge: Wilby’s protest message




Amount of time, in years, skeleton of a man lay undiscovered in a house in France. He was still wearing his pyjamas


Forget petitions, a South African artist is fighting the rhino-poaching epidemic by sending toenail clippings to the Chinese embassy. In a YouTube clip, Mark Wilby lashes out at the “brutal ignorance and inhumanity being inflicted on the rhinoceros”. Wilby highlights the killing of the beasts for their horns, which in some Asian countries are believed to have medicinal value as fever reducers and cancer cures. A record 455 rhinos have been killed illegally in South Africa so far this year. Wilby stuffed the clippings in an envelope and mailed them to the embassy in Pretoria. “


Photos: AAP; Thinkstock; Getty


It was just like transporting goldfish to a new fish bowl, except these customers weighed 300kg each and had rows of sharp teeth. In a six-hour operation involving two teams of divers, a crane and some giant plastic bags, three of Sydney Aquarium’s grey nurse sharks have been relocated to a new home. “It was a very big operation, but it all went according to plan,” Aquarist Amy Wilkes said. “We had one team to catch the sharks, and one to receive them.” The

Sets of twins at one secondary school in Lincolnshire, breaking the previous British record of eight pairs

three sharks, up to 3.2 metres long and weighing 300kg each, moved into their new 1.5 million-litre oceanarium with the help of 20 aquarists.


A couple caught doing the deed in a stranger’s flat were shamed when they were caught on camera. Residents living in the apartment filmed the man and woman – who sneaked into an empty bedroom for a quickie – and put the clip on YouTube. It was an awkward moment for the couple who had to do the walk of shame past five people after they had sex. The residents returned home from a party to find the strangers going at it. The video has gone viral (and has now been taken down) and made it on the front page of That’s embarrassing.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK Hey haters. Every min u are harassing me is another min u are distracted from spewing hate at people who are less resolute. Haha. God bless Russell Crowe takes aim at those attacking him on Twitter following his reported marriage split and endorsement of US president Barack Obama





What’s seven minus seven again?

Let he who is without sin cast the first Lance He might be a liar and a drug cheat, but who are you to judge?

» Lance Armstrong; sinner, saint or do you not care either way?



A Facebook photo of a young woman in New York City has sparked something of a body image debate on the internet. Student Stella Boonshoft posted a photograph of herself posing in her underwear, ostensibly to make a point about how obsessed popular culture is with weight. A quasi-famous photographer reposted said photo (without permission) on his website and needless to say it has all gone viral. You’ve got to love the internet.

to say it “hasNeedless all gone viral ” Whilst young Stella might be a tad on the heavy side I think it’s great that this whole thing has been met with overwhelming positivity. What could have been a seriously embarrassing situation for this young woman has worked out for the best. More power to her, I say! Now, where’s my donut...

Photos: Thinkstock

He’s been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, lost millions of dollars worth of sponsors, been kicked out of the charity that he set up and basically ensured that his name – which was once associated with courage, persistence and a never say die attitude – will forever be tarnished. Yet, all things being considered, I refuse to judge Lance Armstrong because I’ve ridden a bike up a hill before and it was seriously hard work. It doesn’t surprise me that the majority of people who take part in the Tour de France need to synthetically oxygenate their blood every other day, these people are machines and machines occasionally need an oil change. No human being is supposed to cycle over a thousand kilometers in less than two weeks, it’s not natural, it flies in the face of rational thinking and common sense. Lance Armstrong is not the first professional cyclist to be done for drug cheating. You don’t have to look that far back into Le Tour’s seedy history to find a once lauded “champion” who was found to be operating on more drugs than all the past and present members of the Rolling Stones combined. Spaniard Alberto Contador was stripped of his 2010 Tour de France title after failing a urine test in 2011 and yet they still allowed him to race the following year. That makes no sense at all! And besides, partaking in the tour is a waste of time anyway. I mean what’s the point of going to the south of France to do exercise? Think of all the delicious food and wine these people aren’t eating and drinking. In that part of the world the locals start every morning with chocolate stuffed pastry, the possibilities for weight gain and general lethargy are almost boundless. Lance Armstrong may have let the world of cycling down, but he’s surely done enough outside of the sport for us to stop dragging him over the coals and give the guy a break.


Ph t

Thi k t k


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Tour de France champ Cadel Evans has told fans cycling is in its “best years”, despite the negativity coming from the Lance Armstrong scandal. “The events being uncovered mostly occurred seven or more years ago, among a minority of those involved in a sport which has already changed and moved on,” he said, adding the high-profile stripping of titles from drug cheats, such as Armstrong, were “driving forces behind major changes in cycling”. Evans says cycling now rewards hard work, preparation and ability: “For those who are disappointed, do not despair, do not abandon us, we are in our best years.”


French-trained Dunaden is favourite to win back-to-back Melbourne Cups even though he’ll now carry 58kg after last week’s stellar Caulfield Cup victory. The next leading contender for the AU$6.2m, 3200m race on Nov 6 is 2010 winner Americain, also from France. “At the moment I think the French have the upper hand,” said legendary Englandbased Italian trainer Luca Cumani, whose Mount Athos will also run in the Cup.


The most popular sports person in Oz for the third year running is Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer. He topped the gemba Asset Study poll, which was filled with world beaters who do their talking on the field, court and track. Retired Test bowler Glenn McGrath was second, ahead of Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, former Test skipper Ricky Ponting,



A glimpse of the future: Aussie Casey Stoner, 27, will retire from MotoGP after the final race of the season in Valencia, Spain, on November 11. Ahead of his home Phillip Island Grand Prix at the weekend, where a turn on the track was named in his honour, the two-time world champ went fishing at the Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm cyclist Cadel Evans and current Test skipper Michael Clarke. The list’s top woman was US Open winner Sam Stosur.


Trainer Tony Mundine has dumped All Black Sonny Bill Williams on the eve of his Nov 24 fight against 44-year-old South African Francois Botha. Mundine said he couldn’t train Williams due to a dispute between his son Anthony and Khoder Nasser, Williams’ promoter and Anthony’s former manager: “My son had a blue with Khoder so that’s the end to it.” What exactly the stoush between Mundine’s son and Nasser was about remains something of a mystery although it must have been fairly severe to force “The Man” to sever ties with his former protege.

BIG WEEK FOR ... Western Bulldogs skipper Matthew Boyd is about as good an ambassador for Aussie Rules footy as you’ll get. The on-baller is his team’s leader and best and fairest for last season, in which he remarkably played every brutal match and topped the league’s disposals count for the second year running. His side takes on Port Adelaide Power at Kia Oval on Saturday, bringing AFL back to London for the first time since 2006. If anyone is going to show the world what makes the sport a beauty, it’s this bloke.

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QUOTES OF THE WEEK It iis the most boring moment. Races are y quite bad and it is very e difficult to stay awake MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi – maybe he’d ’d have more fun if he won a race this year

Robin van Persie, left, is finding form for Fergie

PREVIEW Van Persie takes on Gunners EPL: MAN UTD V ARSENAL: SAT, 23:45 FOX SPORTS It’s early doors but it looks like Robin van Persie made the right choice, ditching Arsenal for the Red Devils. The Gunners are in strife, languishing not just below the top clubs they expect to be matching but behind Fulham, West Ham and West Brom, too. A low point was their 1-0 loss to lowly Norwich City at home. While Arsene Wenger’s search for a proper striker to replace the Dutch wizard continues in vain, van Persie is starting to look like a kid in the playground up front with Wayne Rooney – it’ll be scary when

they actually click. Neither team is setting Europe alight, though, with Arsenal losing to FC Schalke and Man U doing their best to lose before the 3-2 comeback win against Portuguese SC Braga in the Champions League. It all makes this weekend’s clash the more enticing – Arsenal need to start a big run now to have the slightest chance of making Europe next year, while Alex Ferguson’s Man U can’t let Roberto Di Matteo’s Chelsea slip any further away at the top of the table.

THE CHAT | Kiwi wants to be a Wallaby

Photos: Getty Images

Is Mike Harris, the Wallabies fullback who’s Q been a star with the boot, Australian or what? the 24-year-old kicked five from five in a draw with A After the All Blacks, NZ coach Steve Hansen fired up: “It’s time you developed your own players in your own country,” he said. He had a point as Harris is basically a Kiwi, except he qualifies for Oz through his grandmother. But after moving to the Qld Reds because he couldn’t get a run in his former home, he got picked for Australia. ARU boss John O’Neill was less diplomatic, saying Hansen spoke “without reviewing New Zealand’s history for fielding players born outside their borders”. Harris said he’s comfortable with his choice: “If New Zealand had offered me a Super Rugby jersey things might have been different.”

It’s a shame cycling is being dragged through this, not a shame that he’s been caught… when you get older you start to realise Father Christmas doesn’t exist ith and it is the same with Lance [Armstrong] Brit Bradley Wiggins again tells it like it is better and more entertainingly than most

Iff E English [Premier League] clubs ever had ook a salary cap, I’d look at buying one Robert Kraft, whose New England Patriots NFL team played in London on Sunday

TV HIGHLIGHTS BASEBALL World Series Game four and five (of seven, if needed) Mon and Tues, 11am. ESPN

FOOTBALL Capital One Cup Man U v Chelsea round four action Thur, 6am. Fox Sports 1

CRICKET Hong Kong Sixes Six-on-six hit and giggle highlights Thur, 6:30am. Fox Sports 3



OZLISTINGS TRAVEL AGENTS Adventure Travel Bugs 07 3236 3266, Backpackers World Travel 1800 997 325 Peter Pans Adventure Travel 1800 669 424, Travellers Contact Point 1800 647 640, Tribal Adventure Travel 1800 984 484, YHA Travel 02 9261 111,


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Ocean Rafting Whitsundays tours 07 4946 6848,

Groovy Grape Getaways Tours linking Adelaide, Alice Springs & Melbourne 1800 661 177, Heading Bush Adelaide to Alice Springs outback tours 1800 639 933,

Oz Experience Hop on-hop off Australia-wide tours 1300 300 028, Surfcamp Sydney to Byron surfing tours 1800 888 732, The Rock Tour Red centre tours 1800 246 345,

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RENTAL FIRMS Apollo Motorhomes 1800 777 779, Mighty Cars and Campers (Formerly Backpacker Campervan Rentals) 1800 809 944 Boomerang Cars 0414 882 559, Hippie Camper 1800 777 779, Kings Cross Car Market For buying and selling vehicles. 110 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo. 02 9358 5000,


TRANSPORT CO Greyhound Australia Buses around Australia. 13 20 30, Jetstar Airline. 131 538, Premier Transport Group Buses along the east coast. 13 34 10, Qantas Airline. 13 13 13, Regional Express Airline. 13 17 13, Spirit of Tasmania Ferries to Tasmania. 03 6336 1446,

Adventure Tours Australia-wide tours 1800 068 886,

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Redline Coaches For getting around Tasmania. 03 6336 1446,

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Virgin Australia Airline. 13 67 89,

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Big Hostel 212 Elizabeth St. CBD. 02 9281 6030 Bounce Budget Hotel 28 Chalmers St. CBD. 02 9281 2222 Easy Go Backpackers 752 George St. CBD. 02 9211 0505,


City Resort Hostel 103-105 Palmer St. Woolloomooloo 02 9357 3333

The Beresford Hotel, Sydney. Until March. Free Now the nights are warm, The Beresford Hotel is screening free films every Monday in the courtyard. From classics to cult to horror.

Surry Hills

Sydney Central YHA 11 Rawson Place. CBD. 02 9218 9000 Sydney Harbour YHA 110 Cumberland Street. The Rocks. 02 9261 1111 Westend Backpackers 412 Pitt St. CBD. 1800 013 186

Boomerang Backpackers 141 William Street, Kings Cross.02 8354 0488, Dlux Hostel 30 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross. 1800 236 213 Kangaroo Bak Pak

665 South Dowling St. Surry Hills. 02 9261 1111 Avalon Beach Hostel 59 Avalon Pde, Avalon Beach. 02 9918 9709, Bondi YHA 63 Fletcher Street.

Tamarama. 02 9365 2088,

Rear 63, The Corso, Manly. 02 9977 3411

Lamrock Lodge 19 Lamrock Ave. Bondi. 02 9130 5063,

The Bunkhouse 35 Pine St, Manly. 1800 657 122,

Lochner’s Guesthouse 8 Gowrae Ave. Bondi. 02 9387 2162,

Manly Backpackers 24-28 Raglan St. Manly. 02 9977 3411

Aegean Coogee Lodge 40 Coogee Bay Rd. Coogee. 04 0817 6634,

Cammeray Gardens 66 Palmer St, North Sydney. 02 9954 9371

Coogee Beach House 171 Arden St. Coogee. 02 9665 1162,

Wake Up! 509 Pitt St, CBD. 02 9288 7888,

Coogee Beachside 178 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee. 02 9315 8511, Surfside Backpackers 186 Arden Street. Coogee. 02 9315 7888, Glebe Point YHA 262-264 Glebe Point Road. Glebe. 02 9692 8418, Boardrider Backpacker

SYDNEY DO Manly Surf School Manly Beach. 02 9977 6977, Maritime Museum Darling Harbour. My Sydney Detour Unique city tours. Oceanworld Manly West Esplanade.


35 $105 AU






*Van price based on a Lowball Camper, 3+ day rate, for travel 21/10/2012 – 27/10/2012. Prices correct at time of print, rates change weekly so contact our Reservations team for the best daily rate. Minimum hire applies, offer subject to availability and liability reduction cover is additional. For full terms and conditions contact Mighty Campers.






Terrigal Beach YHA 9 Ocean View Dr, Terrigal. 02 4384 1919,

Skydive the Beach Wollongong.

The Entrance Backpackers 2/56 The Entrance Road, The Entrance, 2261 02 4334 5005

Sydney Olympic Park Darling Harbour.




Powerhouse Museum Darling Harbour.

Sydney Tower and Skytour 100 Market St, CBD.

Skydive Central Coast Warnervale.

Sydney Harbour Bridge The Rocks.


Sydney Aquarium Darling Harbour.

Backpackers Holiday Village 116 Jonson St 1800 350 388,

Sydney Wildlife World Darling Harbour. Taronga Zoo Mosman.


Backpackers Inn 29 Shirley St 1800 817 696

Waves Surf School

SYDNEYMUSIC Hordern Pavillion

Byron Bay Accom 02 6680 8666, The Arts Factory 1 Skinners Shoot Rd. 02 6685 7709,

Oxford Art Factory Sydney Opera House

Nomads Byron Bay Lawson Lane. 1800 666 237,

The Annandale The Enmore

Byron Bay YHA 7 Carlyle St. 1800 678 195,

The Metro


Skydive the Beach Byron Bay Kingsford Smith Park, Ballina 1800 302 005

Blue Mountains YHA 207 Katoomba St, Katoomba. 02 4782 1416,


COFFS HARB Coffs Harbour YHA 51 Collingwood St. 02 6652 6462,

Newcastle Beach YHA 30 Pacific St, Newcastle. 02 4925 3544,




Then come sleep with us! The place to stay in the Sydney Suburbs. Double room - $240 p/week Twin room - $240 p/week Single room - $200 p/week Ensuite room - $300 p/week

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100 metres to bus and train. 5kms from city centre. 23 Brighton St, Petersham.

0414 450 273

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BRISBANE STAY Aussie Way Backpackers 34 Cricket St. 07 3369 0711,

XXXX Ale House Brewery tours. Cnr Black & Paten St, Milton. 07 3361 7597,

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Banana Bender Backpackers 118 Petrie Terrace. 07 3367 1157,

GOLD COAST Aquarius Backpackers 44 Queen St, Surfers Paradise. 1800 22 99 55,

Base Brisbane Embassy 214 Elizabeth St. 07 3166 8000,

Backpackers in Paradise 40 Peninsula Drive, Surfers Paradise. 1800 268 621,

Base Brisbane Central 308 Edward St. 07 3211 2433, Brisbane Backpackers Resort 110 Vulture St, West End. 1800 626 452, Brisbane City Backpackers 380 Upper Roma St 1800 062 572, Bunk Backpackers Cnr Ann & Gipps Sts, 1800 682 865,

Coolangatta Kirra Beach YHA Pl, 230 Coolangatta Rd, Bilinga. 07 5536 76442,

PRIMAL SCREAM The Tivoli, Brisbane. Dec 3. $84.50 Legendary alt-rock Scots Primal Scream are headed to Brisbane playing hits from their modern classic Screamadelicia and more.


Coolangatta Sands Hostel Cnr Griffiths & McLean Sts, Coolangatta. 07 5536 7472,


The Deck 117 Harcourt Street, New Farm. 04 3377 7061

Australia Zoo Glasshouse Mountains, Tourist Drive, Beerwah. 07 5436 2000,

Tinbilly Travellers Cnr George and Herschel Sts. 1800 446 646.

Gallery of Modern Art 07 3840 7303,

Riverlife Adventure Centre Kayaking & rock climbing. Lower River Terrace, Kangaroo Point. 07 3891 5766,

Gold Coast International BP 28 Hamilton Ave, Surfers. 1800 816 300,

Story Bridge Adventure Climb 170 Main St, Kangaroo Point. 1300 254 627,





Islander Backpackers Resort 6 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise. 1800 074 393, Sleeping Inn Surfers

26 Peninsular Dr, Surfers Paradise. 1800 817 832, Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort 2837 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers. 1800 282 800, Surfers Paradise YHA Mariners Cove, 70 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise. 07 5571 1776, Trekkers Backpackers 22 White St, Southport. 1800 100 004,

GC DO Dreamworld Theme park. Get Wet Surf School 07 5532 9907 Seaworld Wet â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Wild Water World Warener Bros Movie World Zorb 07 5547 6300

SUNSHINE CST Mooloolaba Backpackers 75-77 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba. 1800 020 120


Backpacker Resort

Innisfail North Queensland 50 fruit pickers wanted NOW! Guys & girls s#ABLETELEVISION GAMESROOM SPORTINGOVAL s!LL4RANSPORTPROVIDED 30%#)!,)3).').!33)34).'7)4(3%#/.$9%!26)3!7/2+

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AYR BACKPACKERS stay at Wilmington House Working Hostel of the Burdekin District


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MOVIE WORLD As one of the three big amusement parks on the Gold Coast, Warner Bros. Movie World is Australia’s premier movie-themed amusement park. This “Hollywood on the Gold Coast” park is Australia’s little slice of stardom on our very own shores! With the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Batman, Austin Powers and Scooby Doo walking around the theme park, your brush with Hollywood’s faux royalty will leave you star struck. Movie World is unique because it boasts a number of active movie sets alongside its 20-year history. With rides like the Superman Escape (one of Australia’s fastest roller coaster rides) or the gravity defying Space Shot ride, make sure you don’t have your lunch too soon before you go on these rides. Stunt shows and street parades fill the rest of the day, as you sit back, relax and wave to the host of entertainment in the palm of your hands. Nomads Noosa 44 Noosa Dr, Noosa Heads. 1800 666 237,


Halse Lodge YHA 2 Halse Lane, Noosa. 1800 242 567,

Federal Backpackers 221 Bourbong St. 07 4153 3711


Northside Backpackers 12 Queen St. 07 4154 1166

Dingos Backpacker Adventure Resort 20 Spectrum St. 1800 111126, Pippies Beach House 22 Spectrum St. 1800 425 356, Skydive Rainbow Beach 0418 218 358,

HERVEY BAY Aussie Woolshed 181 Torquay Rd 07 4124 0677 Next at Hervey Bay 10 Bideford St. 1800 102 989, Nomads Hervey Bay 408 The Esplanade. 1800 666 237, Palace Backpackers 184 Torquay, 1800 063 168,

FRASER ISLAND Eurong Beach Resort 07 4120 1600, Palace Adventures


184 Torquay St, Hervey Bay, 1800 063 168

Bundaberg Bondstore Distillery tours. 07 4131 2999

TOWN OF 1770 1770 Backpackers 6 Captain Cook Dr. 1800 121 770, 1770 Undersea Adventures 1300 553 889,

AIRLIE BEACH 259 Shute Harbour Rd. 1800 677 119 Airlie Beach YHA 394 Shute Harbour Rd. 1800 247 251, Backpackers by the Bay 12 Hermitage Dr. 1800 646 994, Base Airlie Beach Resort 336 Shute Harbour Rd 1800 242 273, Magnums Whitsunday Village Resort 366 Shute Harbour Rd.


1800 624 634

BOWEN Bowen Backpackers Beach end of Herbert St. 07 4786 3433

TOWNSVILLE Adventurers Resort 79 Palmer St. 1800 211 522, Adrenalin Dive. 07 4724 0600, Yongala Dive Yongala diving. 07 4783 1519,

MAGNETIC ISL Base Magnetic Island 1 Nelly Bay Rd. 1800 24 22 73, Bungalow Bay Backpackers Horseshow Bay. 1800 285 577, Hotel Arcadia 7 MArine Parade, Arcadia Bay. 07 4778 5177, Pleasure Divers 07 4778 5788

MISSION BEACH Absolute Backpackers 28 Wongaling Beach Road. 07 4068 8317,

Scotty’s Beach House 167 Reid Rd. 07 4068 8676,

CAIRNS STAY Bohemia Central Cairns 100 Sheridan St. 1800 558 589, Bohemia Resort Cairns 231 McLeod St. 1800 155 353, bohemiaresort. Calypso Backpackers 5 Digger St. 1800 815 628, JJ’s Backpackers Hostel 11 Charles St. 07 4051 7642, NJoy Backpackers Hostel Harbour 141 Sheridan St. 1800 807 055, Nomads Beach House 239 Sheridan St. 1800 229 228,

CAIRNS DO AJ Hackett Bungy jumping & canyon swinging. 1800 622 888 Pro Dive 07 4031 5255 Raging Thunder Adventures Whitewater rafting. 07 4030 7990, Skydive Cairns POBOX 105N Cairns07 4052 1822,

CAPE TRIB Crocodylus Village Lot 5, Buchanan Creek Rd, Cow Bay. 07 4098 9166, PK’s Jungle Village Cnr Avalon & Cape Trib Rd. 1800 232 333,

INNISFAIL IInnisfail Budget Backpackers Worker’s Hostel 125 Edith St. 07 4061 78337 Walkabout Motel & Backpackers 07 4061 2311

ATHERTON Kuranda Rainforest Park 88 Kuranda Heaights Rd, Kuranda. 07 4093 7316,

PORT DOUGLAS Parrotfish Backpackers Resort 37 Warner St, Kuranda. 07 4099 5011,

GULF SAVANNAH Emu Creek Cattle Station 07 4094 8313

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Plunging dramatically over basalt columns, Trentham Falls is Victoria’s longest singledrop waterfall. It’s an ideal mini-hike and picnic location situated a quick 40 minute drive northwest of Gisborne. The town of Trentham itself has gold rush ruins to explore and the heritage listed Trentham railway station that begins the Domino Trail walking track into the nearby Wombat Forest.

VICLISTINGS MELBOURNE STAY All Nations Backpackers Hotel & Bar 2 Spencer St. 1800 222 238, Base Melbourne 17 Carlisle St, St. Kilda. 1800 242 273, Central Melbourne Accommodation 21 Bromham Place, Richmond. 03 9427 9826, Exford Hotel 199 Russell St. 03 9663 2697,

Nomads Melbourne 198 A’beckett St. 1800 447 762, Space Hotel 380 Russell St. 1800 670 611, The Spencer 475 Spencer St. 1800 638 108,




MELBOURNE DO Australian Centre for the Moving Image Federation Square. 03 8663 2200,

Flinders Station Hotel 35 Elizabeth St. 03 9620 5100,

Melbourne Aquarium Cnr of Flinders St & King St. 03 9923 5999,

The Greenhouse Backpacker Level 6, 228 Flinders Lane. 1800 249 207,

Melbourne Cricket Ground Brunton Av. 03 9657 8888

Habitat HQ 333 St Kilda Road, St Kilda. 1800 202 500,

Melbourne Museum 11 Nicholson St, Carlton. 13 11 02

Home at the Mansion 66 Victoria Parade. 03 9663 4212,

National Gallery of Victoria Federation Square.

Home Travellers Motel 32 Carlisle St, St Kilda. 1800 008 718,

Old Melbourne Gaol 377 Russell St. 03 8663 7228,

Hotel Bakpak Melbourne 167 Franklin St. 1800 645 200,

Official Neighbours Tours 570 Flinders St. 03 9629 5866,

Melbourne Central YHA 562 Flinders St. 03 9621 2523,

Skydive the Beach Melbourne 1300 798 843

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FREECALL: 1800 249 207

Central location 24 hour reception Kitchen & laundry Keycard access Luggage Storage Lockers


Level 6, 228 Flinders Lne Melbourne, VIC 3000


Walking tour, Pub crawl, Bingo night, Pasta night, Sunday pancakes and much more! THE GRAMPIANS These sandstone mountains, about 230km west of Melbourne, have got everything an outdoors enthusiast could want – whether it’s abseiling, bushwalking, rock climbing, canoeing or horse riding. Named after a range of Scottish peaks, the Grampians made Australia’s National Heritage List recently, thanks in part to being the home of Aboriginal rock art dating back over 5,000 years. Drop by during spring when the park is at its best, with the waterfalls flowing and wild flowers in bloom. Don’t miss the view from the Balconies, also known as “the Jaws of Death”.






Cherry Bar

Surfside Backpackers Cnr Great Ocean Rd & Gambier St, Apollo Bay. 1800 357 263,

Corner Hotel East Brunswick Club

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Esplanade Hotel

Bayplay Lodge 46 Canterbury Jetty Rd, Blairgowrie. 03 5988 0188,

Northcote Social Club Palace Theatre

Sorrento Foreshore Reserve Nepean Hwy. 1800 850 600,

The Hi-Fi The Tote

Sorrento YHA 3 Miranda St, Sorrento. 03 5984 4323,

GREAT OCEAN RD Anglesea Backpackers 40 Noble St, Anglesea. 03 5263 2664,

Tortoise Head Lodge French Island. 03 5980 1234,

Eco Beach YHA 5 Pascoe St. 03 5237 7899, Great Ocean Road Backpackers YHA 10 Erskine Av, Lorne. 03 5289 2508,

DANDENONG Emerald Backpackers 03 5968 4086

THE BEARDS ‘END OF THE WORLD FOR BEARDLESS PEOPLE’ TOUR The Hifi. Nov 3. $24 Embarking upon their biggest Australian tour to date, in an attempt to convince as many cleanchins as possible to repent, The Beards will play new songs from their album Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard. Melbourne 103 Av, Mitchell St, Echuca. 03 5480 6522, Mildura City Backpackers 50 Lemon Ave, Mildura. 03 5022 7922, Oasis Backpackers 230 Deakin Av, Mildura. 04 0734 4251,


Port Campbell Hostel 18 Tregea St, Port Campbell. 03 5598 6305,


Echuca Gardens YHA

Prom Country Backpackers 03 5682 2614 Cambrai Hostel Maffra 117 Johnson St, Maffra. 1800 101 113

PHILLIP ISLAND Amaroo Park YHA 97 Church St, Cowes. 03 5952 3620, The Island Accommodation 10-12 Phillip Island Tourist

Road. 03 5956 6123

GRAMPIANS Grampians YHA Eco Hostel Cnr Grampians & Buckler Rds, Halls Gap. 03 5356 4543, Tim’s Place 44 Grampians Road, Halls Gap. 03 5356 4288,

Stay. Play. Melbourne.


Accommodation from $22 a night (subject to availability)

Maximum 4 bed dormitories with linen and towel FREE all you can eat breakfast (cereal, toast and juice), weekly meal, rice and pasta, tea and coffee FREE in room oversized locker with personal power point 5 minute walk to city Large bar with big screen (all major sporting events shown) Drink specials at the bar Public transport on doorstep


Unique value tour packages


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631 288



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Central City Backpackers 138 Collins St. 1800 811 507,

Cataract Gorge Centre for Beer Lovers Boag’s Brewery, 39 William St. 03 6332 6300,

Hobart Hostel 41 Barrack St. 1300 252 192, Montgomery’s YHA 9 Argyle St. 03 6231 2660,

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery 2 Invermay Rd & 2 Wellington St. 03 6323 3777,

Narrara Backpackers 88 Goulburn St. 03 6234 8801, Pickled Frog 281 Liverpool St. 03 6234 7977, Transit Backpackers 251 Liverpool St. 03 6231 2400,



Republic Bar. Nov 11. $28 The dancefloor at this Hobart institution is sure to turn into a bassheavy-frenzy when these boys hit the stage.


PORT ARTHUR Port Arthur Historic Ghost Tours 1800 659 101,

Salamanca Markets Every Saturday, Salamanca Place. Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery 5 Argyle St.



Cascade Brewery 140 Cascade Rd. 03 6224 1117 Mt Wellington Descent Bike tours. 03 6274 1880

Tasmania Zoo 1166 Ecclestone Rd. 03 6396 6100,

LAUNCESTON Arthouse Backpacker Hostel 20 Lindsay St. 1800 041 135,

Launceston Backpackers 103 Canning St. 03 6334 2327, Lloyds Hotel 23 George St. 03 6331 9906,


Tasman Backpackers 114 Tasman St. 03 6423 2335,

Mt Roland Budget Backpacker Rooms 1447 Claude Rd, Gowrie Park. 03 6491 1385

CRADLE DO Devils at Cradle Tassie devil sanctuary. 3950 Cradle Mountain Rd. 03 6492 1491. Overland Track Six-day walk

FREYCINET Iluka Backpackers YHA Reserve Rd. 03 6257 0115, Freycinet National Park Brewery, Wineglass Bay camping. 03 6256 7000,

BICHENO Bicheno Backpackers 11 Morrison St. 03 6375 1651, Bicheno Penguin Tours 03 6375 1333,

CRADLE MTN Discovery Holiday Parks Cradle Mountain Rd. 1800 068 574,

STRAHAN, Strahan YHA 43 Harvey St. 03 6471 7255,

STRAHAN DO Four Wheelers Henty Sand Dunes quadbike tours. 04 1950 8175, Water by Nature Extreme multiday whitewater rafting. 1800 111 142,


Photo: Tourism Tasmania

Gus from the United States

SALAMANCA MARKETS There’s only one place to be come Saturday morning in Hobart and that’s amongst the throngs of people checking out the arty stalls and tasty titbits of the Salamanca markets. Kicking off under the glorious shadow of Mt Wellington at 7am, the Georgian building-lined Salamanca Place is busy until mid-afternoon.

FAVOURITE DAY SPOT? The beautiful Lake St. Claire! It’s surrounded by mountains and stunning nature. FAVOURITE NIGHT SPOT? Stay in a hostel, meet the people and slap the goon together! HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP? We climbed the Cradle Mountain and enjoyed wonderful views of the National Park and the Lake! BEST TRAVEL TIP? Spend time in the Western part of Tasmania, it is beuatifuk! And watch out for snakes!




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1 Oliver St. 1800 633 891,

Adelaide Backpackers Inn 112 Carrington St. 1800 24 77 25,

Riba’s Underground 1811 William Creek Rd. 08 8672 5614,

Adelaide Central YHA 135 Waymouth St. 08 8414 3010,


Adelaide Travellers Inn 220 Hutt St. 08 8224 0753, Annie’s Place 239 Franklin St. 1800 818 011, Backpack Oz 144 Wakefield St. 1800 633 307,


Blue Galah Backpackers Lvl 1, 52-62, King William St. 08) 8231 9295,

ANGUS STONE The Gov. Nov 28. $40 One half of the Stone empire from Sydney’s northern beaches will roll into Adelaide playing new tracks from his album Broken Brights.

Glenelg Beach Hostel 5-7 Moseley St. Glenelg. 1800 359 181,


Hostel 109 109 Carrington St. 1800 099 318, My Place 257 Waymouth St. 1800 221 529,

Adelaide Zoo Frome Rd. 08 8267 3255,

Shakespeare Hostel 123 Waymouth St. 1800 556 889,

Haigh’s Chocolates Factory tours. 153 Greenhill Rd, Parkside 1800 819 757,

ADELAIDE DO Adelaide Oval Home to the Donald Bradman collection. War Memorial Drive. 08 8300 3800

Temptation Sailing Dolphin swimming, Glenelg. 04 1281 1838

BAROSSA VAL Barossa Backpackers 9 Basedow Road Tanunda. 08 8563 0198,

COOBER PEDY Opal Cave Coober Pedy Hutchinson St. 08 8672 5028, Radeka Down Under

@tnt_downunder 13 The Strand, Port Elliot. 08 8554 2785

EYRE PENINSULA Coodlie Park Farmstay Flinders Highway, Port Kenny. 08 8687 0411

Kangaroo Island YHA 33 Middle Terrace, Penneshaw. 08 8553 1344

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience Sea lion and dolphin swims. 08 8626 5017

Vivonne Bay Lodge 66 Knofel Drive, Vivonne Bay 13 13 01

Calypso Star Charters Great white shark cage diving. 08 8682 3939,

RIVERLAND Berri Backpackers Sturt Highway, Berri. 08 8582 3144, Harvest Trail Lodge Loxton. 08 8584 5646, Nomads on Murray Sturt Highway, Kingston on Murray. 1800 665 166, Riverland Backpackers Labour Hire Services 08 8583 0211

FLEURIEU PENIN Port Elliot Beach House YHA

Nullarbor Traveller Tours across to Perth. 1800 816 858 Port Lincoln Tourist Park 11 Hindmarsh St. 08 8621 4444, Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions Great white shark cage diving. 08 8363 1788

FLINDERS RANGES Angorichina Tourist Village 08 8648 4842, Wilpena Pound Resort Wilpena Rd. 08 8648 0004,


Photo: SATC

MUSGRAVE RANGES The Musgrave Ranges are one of Australia’s longest mountain ranges, stretching from the tip of South Australia into the Northern Territory and Western Australia. With a length of 210 kilometres, and mountains as high as almost 1,500 metres, the Musgrave Ranges will be the long trail you’ve been waiting to explore. Inhabited by the Pitjantjatjara Aborigines, the mountain ranges are known to be rich in minerals as well as amazingly breathtaking panoramic views.



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DARWIN STAY Banyan View Lodge Darwin 119 Mitchell St. 08 8981 8644,



BIG4 Katherine Holiday Park 20 Shadforth Road. 1800 501 984,

Elkes Backpackers 112 Mitchell St. 1800 808 365,


Gecko Lodge 146 Mitchell St. 1800 811 250,

Youth Shack 69 Mitchell St. 1300 793 302,

DARWIN DO Crocosaurus Cove Crocodile park and cage of death. 58 Mitchell St. 08 8981 7522, Deckchair Cinema Jervois Rd, Darwin Waterfront. 08 8981 0700,

ALICE DO Alice Springs Desert Park Larapinta Drive. 08 8951 8788,

Airborne Solutions Scenic helicopter flights. 08 8972 2345

Frogshollow Backpackers 27 Lindsay St. 1800 068 686,

Melaleuca on Mitchell 52 Mitchell St. 1300 723 437,

Toddy’s Resort 41 Gap Rd. 1800 027 027,

Palm Court Kookaburra Backpackers Giles St. 1800 626 722

Darwin YHA 97 Mitchell St. 08 8981 5385,

Alice Springs Reptile Centre Meet and hold lizards. 9 Stuart Terrace. 08 8952 8900,

Nitmiluk Tours Gorge cruises and kayak hire. 1300 146 743

TINPAN ORANGE Darwin Railway Club. Nov 18. $30 Melbourne band Tinpan Orange return to Darwin to launch their ambitious new album, Over The Sun.


Fannie Bay Gaol Heritage prison. East Point Road, Fannie Bay. 08 8941 2260, Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory 19 Conacher St, Bullocky Point. 08 8999 8264,

Oz Jet Boating Stokes Hill Wharf. 1300 135 595, Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise Adelaide River. 08 8978 9077, Wave Lagoon Waterfront Precinct.

TENNANT CREEK Tourist Rest Leichardt St. 08 8962 2719,

Outback Ballooning Hot air balloon rides. 1800 809 790, Royal Flying Doctor Service Base Museum and operations room. Stuart Terrace. 08 8952 1129,

ALICE SPRINGS Alice Lodge 4 Mueller St. 08 8953 1975, Alice Springs YHA Cnr Parsons St & Leichhardt Tce. 08 8952 8855, Annie’s Place 4 Traeger Ave. 1800 359 089,

Haven Resort 3 Larapinta Drive. 1800 794 663,

School of the Air Long-distance schooling museum. 80 Head St. 08 8951 6834, The Rock Tour Uluru tours. 78 Todd St. 1800 246 345,


Vanessa Kaubisch, Germany WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IN OZ? Only the Northern Territory. WHERE DID YOU STAY? Melaleuca on Mitchell FAVOURITE DAY SPOT? Kakadu National Park. There was heaps to see, great wildlife on the way and I had an awesome time with my tour group. FAVOURITE NIGHT SPOT? Mindil Beach Market because it has a great atmosphere and the sunsets are just unbelievable (I slept on the beach – not alone) WHERE TO NEXT? New Zealand here I come!




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Perth City YHA 300 Wellington St. 08 9287 3333, The Old Swan Barracks 6 Francis St. 08 9428 0000, Underground Backpackers 268 Newcastle St, Northbridge. 08 9228 3755,

MEXICAN FILM FESTIVAL Cinema Paradiso, Northbridge. Nov 15-21. From $13.50 Hola Amigo! The Mexican Film Festival is travelling around Oz landing in Perth for a week of festivity that reflects modern Mexican cinema.


PERTH STAY Billabong Backpackers Resort 381 Beaufort St. 08 9328 7720, Britannia on William 253 William St, Northbridge. 08 9227 6000, Emperor’s Crown 85 Stirling St, Northbridge. 1800 991 553, Globe Backpackers & City Oasis Resort 561 Wellington St. 08 9321 4080, Ocean Beach Backpackers 1 Eric St, Cottlesloe. 08 9384 5111, One World Backpackers 162 Aberdeen St, Northbridge.

The Witch’s Hat 148 Palmerston St. 08 9228 4228,

MIKE TYSON’S ‘DAY OF THE CHAMPIONS’ Perth Arena. Nov 21. From $69 World heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson will be in Perth, but he won’t be fighting, he’ll be talking about his life. Still keen?

PERTH DO Aquarium of Western Australia 91 Southside Drive, Hillarys. 08 9447 7500, Kings Park & Botanic Garden Perth Mint 310 Hay St. 08 9421 7223,

PERTH MUSIC Amplifier Astor

Perth Zoo 20 Labouchere Road, South Perth. 08 9474 3551,



Mojo’s Bar The Bakery The Rosemount Hotel

FREO STAY Backpackers Inn Freo 11 Pakenham St. 08 9431 7065, Old Firestation Backpackers 18 Phillimore St.


Karin Leesmann, Estonia WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IN WA? The Nullarbor Plain, Perth, Broome and The Kimberley. FAVOURITE DAY SPOT? The Ningaloo Reef. First time snorkelling! It was an amazing experience and great location. FAVOURITE NIGHTSPOT? Northbridge. There’s places for every taste in music and free BBQs every night.



WAVE ROCK Some 150km south of the Perth-Kalgoorlie Hwy, in the WA outback, is the spectacular vision of Wave Rock in Hyden. This 15m high rock formation, striped with coloured bands, is in the shape of the surfer’s ultimate wave. Nearby are other curious natural formations such as Hippo’s Yawn, some ancient Aboriginal rock paintings and a wildlife sanctuary.



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08 9430 5454,

Albany Bayview Backpackers YHA 49 Duke St 08 9842 3388,

Sundancer Backpackers Resort 80 High St. 08 9336 6080,


Cruize-Inn 122 Middleton Rd. 08 9842 9599,



Fremantle Markets Henderson Street Fremantle 08 9335 2515, Fremantle Prison 1 The Terrace. 08 9336 9200,


Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Monkey Mia Road Monkey Mia 1800 653 611,


Rottnest Island YHA Kingstown Barracks. 08 9372 9780,

Blue Reef Backpackers 3 Truscott Crescent, Exmouth 1800 621 101,

Rottnest Express 1 Emma Place North Fremantle 1300 Go Rotto

Ningaloo Club Coral Bay 08 9948 5100,

MARGARET RIV Margaret River Lodge YHA 220 Railway Tce. 08 9757 9532,

Excape Backpackers YHA Murat Rd, Exmouth. 08 9949 1200,

BROOME STAY Cable Beach Backpackers 12 Sanctuary Road. 1800 655 011,

Surfpoint 12 Riedle Drive Prevally 08 9757

Kimberley Club 62 Fredrick St 08 9192 3233,


DIRK HARTOG ISLAND As Western Australia’s largest and most western island, Dirk Hartog Island is about 80km long and about 3-15km wide. Named after a Dutch sea captain who first encountered the coastline, it is one of many islands in the Shark Bay area. This area is classified as a World Heritage area for the many historical artefacts and geographical landscapes in the area. The island consists of mostly shrub-covered sand dunes and is known for fantastic recreational fishing opportunities. The turtle population of Dirk Hartog Island is one of the many pride and joys of this amazing island getaway and will offer any tourist amazing photos of nature.

Aspen Parks Begin your re today... Darwin

u t n e v d A n e Asp





Sa Perth

Nsw Sydney


Vic Melbourne Hobart


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Holiday Parks with a difference Australia Wide Western Australia Woodman Point Holiday Park Coogee Beach Holiday Park Perth Vineyards Holiday Park Exmouth Cape Holiday Park Blue Reef Backpackers Pilbara Holiday Park Cooke Point Holiday Park

1800 244 133 1800 817 016 1800 679 992 1800 621 101 1800 621 101 1800 451 855 1800 459 999

South Australia Port Augusta BIG4 Holiday Park 1800 833 444 Myall Grove Holiday Park 1800 356 103 Victoria Boathaven Holiday Park Geelong Riverview Tourist Park Golden River Holiday Park Yarraby Holiday Park Ashley Gardens BIG4 Holiday Village

1800 352 982 1800 336 225 1800 621 262 1800 222 052 1800 061 444

New South Wales A Shady River Holiday Park Maiden’s Inn Holiday Park Magic Murray Houseboats Murray River Holiday Park Wymah Valley Holiday Park Twofold Bay Beach Resort Wallamba River Holiday Park

1800 674 239 1800 356 801 1800 356 483 1800 357 215 1800 776 523 1800 631 006 1800 268 176

Queensland Island Gateway Holiday Park



Fed up of carrying around heavy guidebooks? Then TNT has the answer We’ve published our 2012 Independent Traveller’s Guide to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It’s free, it’s online and it’s full of tips on where to go, what to do and how to find work. FIJI W ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA NE

It’s also got listings for all the best hostels, tour companies and job agencies for all three countries, complete with links that will take you straight to their websites.



If you’re travelling on, there’s also sections on Papua New Guinea and Samoa.


To check it out, just head to and click the link on the right hand side.


A Product UK £9.95 WHERE SOLD

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BUS TOURS Kiwi Experience +64 9366 9830 Magic Travellers Network +64 9358 5600, 0900 62533,

Nomads Auckland 16-20 Fort St. +64 9300 9999,

Spaceships 1300 139 091,


RENTAL FIRMS Ace Rental Cars 1800 140 026, Backpacker Campervan & Car Rentals +800 200 80 801, Bargain Rental Cars 0800 001 122, Darn Cheap Rentals 0800 447 363, Econo Campers +64 9275 9919,

Jucy Rentals 0800 399 736,

Rental Car Village +64 9376 9935,

Wicked Campers 1800 246 869,

Stray +64 9309 8772,

Explore More 1800 800 327,

38 Fort St. +64 9307 0181,

Standby Cars 1300 789 059,

NZ Travelpass 0800 339 966,

Escape Rentals 1800 456 272,

Rent-A-Dent 0800 736 823,

Airport Skyway Lodge Backpackers (BBH) 30 Kirkbride Road, Mangere. +64 9275 4443, Auckland International Backpackers (BBH) 2 Churton St, Parnell. +64358 4584, Base Auckland 229 Queen St. 0800 227 369, Bamber House (BBH) 22 View Rd, Mt Eden. +64 9623 4267, Central City Backpackers 26 Lorne St. +64 9358 5685, City Garden Lodge 25 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell. +64 9302 0880 The Fat Camel (Nomads)

Oaklands Lodge (BBH) St. +64 5A Oaklands Rd, Mt Eden. +64 9638 6545, Queen Street Backpackers (VIP) 4 Fort St. +64 9373 3471,

Bungi Backpackers (VIP, BBH) 15 Sydney St. 0800 728 286,

Rosemere Backpackers (BBH) 6 McDonald Cres. +64 4384 3041, Rowena’s Backpackers (VIP) 115 Brougham St. 0800 80 1414 YHA Wellington City 292 Wakefield St. +64 4801 7280


Cardrona Alpine Resort Between Queenstown and Wanaka. +64 3443 7341, Flaming Kiwi Backpackers (BBH) 39 Robins Rd. +64 3442 5494,

Surf ‘n’ Snow Backpackers 102 Albert St. +64 9363 8889,

Chester Street Backpackers (BBH) 148 Chester St East. +64 3377 1897,

Hippo Lodge (BBH) 4 Anderson Hts. +64 3442 5785,

YHA Auckland City Cnr City Rd & Liverpool St. +64 9309 2802,

Foley Towers (BBH) 208 Kilmore St. +64 3366 9720,

Nomads Queenstown 5-11 Church St. +64 3441 3922,

YHA Auckland International 5 Turner St. +64 9302 8200,

Jailhouse Accommodation (BBH) 338 Lincoln Rd. 0800 524 546,

WELLINGTON Base Wellington 21-23 Cambridge Tce. +64 4801 5666 Downtown Wellington Backpackers (BBH) 1 Bunny St. +64 4473 8482 Lodge in the City (VIP) 152 Taranaki St. +64 4385 8560 Nomads Capital 118 Wakefield St. 0508 666 237,

Less clicking and more member savings on the new, faster

Backpacking just got easy as.

The Old Countryhouse (BBH) 437 Gloucester St. +64 3381 5504, Tranquil Lodge (BBH) 440 Manchester St. +64 3366 6500, Rucksacker Backpacker Hostel (BBH) 70 Bealey Ave. +64 3377 7931,

QUEENSTOWN Base Discovery Lodge St. +64 Queenstown 49 Shotover St. +64 3441 1185,



Peterpans Adventure Travel 27 Shotover St Queenstown. Pinewood Lodge (VIP) 48 Hamilton Rd. 0800 7463 9663, Southern Laughter (BBH, VIP) 4 Isle St. 0800 728 448, YHA Queenstown Central 48A Shotover Street. +64 3442 7400, YHA Queenstown Lakefront 8890 Lake Esplanade. +64 3442 8413, TNTDOWNUNDER.COM


FIJILISTINGS Aquarius Pacific Hotel +679 672 6000 Beach Escape Villas +679 672 4442, beachscape@ Cathay Hotel +679 666 0566, Horizon Backpackers +679 672 2832, Nadi Bay Resort Hotel +679 672 3599, Nadi Down Town Backpackers Inn +679 670 0600, Nadi Hotel +679 670 0000, Nomads Skylodge Hotel +679 672 2200 Saweni Beach Apartment Hotel +679 666 1777, Smugglers Cove +679 672 6578, smugglers Travellers Beach Resort +679 672 3322,


Mango Bay Resort +679 653 00690,

@tnt @t @tnt_downunder ntt_dow _d dow ownu nund nder


Pacific Safaris Club +679 345 0498, Rendezvous Dive Resort +679 628 4427, Robinson Crusoe +679 629 1999, Seashell Cove Resort +679 670 6100, Tabukula Beach Bungalows +679 650 0097, The Uprising Beach Resort +679 345 2200, Tsulu Luxury Backpackers & Apartments +679 345 0065, Vakaviti Motel & Dorm +679 650 0526, Vilisite Place +679 650 1030

SUVA Colonial Lodge +679 92 75248,

mote re. Visit the re ds, Fiji. it s all the n la Is a w , explore k a Yasa ay k , e el div Chill, snork


dve Awesome A


for backpacketravellers tive and alterna perience the o ex

who want t


Awesome Adventures Fiji +679 675 0499,

Lami Lodge Backpackers +679 336 2240,

Coconut Bay Resort +679 666 6644

Leleuvia Island Resort +679 331 9567,

Complete freedom to explore the Yasawa Islands, including Beachcomber. Choose from a 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 or 21 day pass. Passes from $217

Korovou Eco Tour Resort +679 666 6644

Raintree Lodge +679 332 0562,


Kuata Resort +679 666 6644

Royal Hotel +679 344 0024

Long Beach Backpackers Resort +679 666 6644

South Seas Private Hotel +679 331 2296,

Explore the real Fiji. From 5 to 11 nights. Includes vessel transfers, accommodation, meals and activities. Packages from $586

Manta Ray Island +679 672 6351

Tailevu Hotel +679 343 0028

Nabua Lodge +679 666 9173 Oarsmans Bay Lodge +679 672 2921, Octopus Resort +679 666 6337 Sunrise Lagoon Resort +679 666 6644 Wayalailai Island Resort +679 672 1377 White Sandy Beach Dive Resort +679 666 4066

MAMANUCA ISL Beachcomber Island Resort +679 666 1500, Bounty Island Resort +679 666 6999, Rau Kini’s Hostel +679 672 1959, The Funky Fish Beach Resort +679 628 2333, The Resort Walu Beach +679 665 1777,

CORAL COAST Beachouse +679 653 0500,


ffollow fo foll ollllow ow u us s on on


NORTH VITI LEVU Bethams Cottage +679 669 4132, Macdonalds Beach Cottages +679 669 4633 Morrison’s Beach Cottagess +679 669 4516, Safari Lodge Fijis +679 669 3333 Volivoli Beach Resort +679 669 4511,

VANUA LEVU Bayside Backpacker Cottage +679 885 3154, Hidden Paradise Guest House +678 885 0106

ISLAND ESCAPES A bit like survivor but a lot more fun! Strand yourself on one island for 2, 4 or 6 nights. If you can stand nd the pain of coral lagoons and coconut palms then stay longer. Packages from $224

GREAT PAIRS 5 days 4 nights 2 islands Straight out of your tropical Island Fantasy. Two island stays have always been extremely popular so we ve made it really easy for you with a matching of islands that we think make a great pair. Packages from $421

Naveria Heights Lodge +679 851 0157,

Daily departures for all packages and passes from Denarau Marina

Savusavu Hot Springs +679 885 0195,

For info and bookings see your travel centre or contact us: phone1800 007 129 or SKYPE awesomefiji

TAVEUNI Albert’s Sunrise +679 333 7555 Matava Resort +679 330 5222,

Prices are ex Denarau, Fiji, in Australian dollars and valid for travel to 31 March 2013.

AAF3373 - Issue 674



Legal Temping Legal Secretaries â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all areas of law Paralegals / litigation support Legal Receptionists With a reputation for quality assignments & provision of quality temp staff, we are regularly briefed on a wide variety of legal roles with law ďŹ rms & in-house departments. Enjoy working with our approachable temp consultant Samantha to secure both short and long term assignments, to suit your lifestyle.  18+ months relevant legal experience essential 60+ wpm typing speed and strong computer skills Receive your pay the same week you work Enjoy the variety and ďŹ&#x201A;exibility of temping. Contact us today to join our leading temp team!

Samantha Cox 02 9235 3399

registered nurses required in Australia Randstad Care is seeking qualiďŹ ed registered nurses for various positions in metropolitan and rural and remote areas across Australia. Full-time business sponsorship is available for international qualiďŹ ed nurses whom hold current Australian or New Zealand Nursing Registration. Work with Randstad Care and enjoy the beneďŹ ts of: t OBUJPOBMPQQPSUVOJUJFT t nFYJCMFBTTJHONFOUT t GVMMUJNFQPTJUJPOT t POHPJOHTVQQPSUGSPNPVS dedicated consultants Contact Randstad Care today.

Exciting oppportunity to earn $25.00 plus per hour Are you great at setting appointments over the phone? GREAT MEANSâ&#x20AC;Ś Â&#x2039;  Â&#x2039; Â&#x2039; Â&#x2039; Â&#x2039;



Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talkâ&#x20AC;Śbut donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t delay!

Australia: +61 7 4031 8755 E:

Training You Can TRUST

Ring Bill immediately on 02 8915 1798 TNTDOWNUNDER.COM



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Trading places Skilled or unskilled, there are plenty of jobs in Oz for those in the trades industry. We look at the options for you travelling tradies

Whether it’s skyscrapers in Sydney or townhouses in Tully, qualified tradespeople are almost certain to land a job while in the land Down Under. You don’t have to walk the streets of any Aussie city for long to realise how many building sites there are. As a result, qualified tradesmen are in high demand in Oz. But you’ll want to know what qualifications are required... “Most of our positions don’t require any formal qualifications, but there are some that require trades qualifications such as carpentry apprenticeships,” says Roger Johnson, company director at Infront Staffing. If you are considering work on a construction site you’ll need to get a White Card. But don’t despair as most agencies will explain how to go about it. “We currently conduct the OHS White Cards (also known



as the OHS Green Card) which enables individuals to work on building and construction sites in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria,” says Johnson. To get the card you must attend a one day course in your nearest city. This will normally set you back around $110. But what other qualities do you need to secure that dream job? Hays regional director of construction Shane Little tells us that if you are “reliable, efficient, hard-working and loyal,” you can’t go wrong. Last, but certainly not least, what income can you expect? “Skilled individuals with good experience can earn over $26/hr. Individuals with lesser skill and experience may earn around $18,“ says Johnson. Not too bad. So perhaps it’s time to jump off that builder’s bum of yours and secure a job. If nothing else, at least you’ll be working on your tan...

MASSEUSES HAVING FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES? YOUR SOLUTION IS SOLVED!!! Come and earn BIG DOLLARS in Sydney’s Western Suburbs busiest Gentleman’s Club. All nationalities welcome,18+, training provided. Requirements: Friendly,well presented.Secure private car parking & accommodation provided. Only drug free to apply.




Looking for work? Tired of eating one minute noodles on a goon hangover? Look no further, TNT has jobs just for backpackers - ranging from fruit picking to bar work!


Try us just once and you will not be disappointed! Call us now on

02 9212 1195

Tiffany’s has Sydney’s largest selection of immaculately groomed, stunning girls who are specialists in the art of making a man feel totally at ease and relaxed. Easily found in a peaceful central location, spread over five large terraces, Tiffany’s boasts a number of beautifully appointed self-contained spas, double bedrooms and private waiting lounges.

Work with us:

˜Unlimited earning potential˜ Shifts to suit ˜ Full training provided ˜ Quality accommodation provided 99 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW




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(Russell Crowe’s beard)


(Rich uncle skeleton)


(A fishing rod)

AUSSIE RULES FESTIVAL QUIZFOOTBALL Who directed the seminal horror film Q Q 1.Psycho ? a) Cecil B. DeMille b) William Wyler c) Billy Wilder d) Alfred Hitchcock


(Jessica Rabbit)

On which date is Halloween usually Q 2.celebrated? a) Oct 31 c) Oct 1


(Julia Gillard)





(A ghost)




a) Candy b) Winter c) Witches d) Saint

3. What gets carved into lanterns? a) Oranges b) Clay c) Pumpkins d) Squash

Treating” which is used in the UK? a) Begging b) Guising c) Slying d) Skulking


(Jimmy Saville)

does the ‘hallow’ refer to in Q 7.theWhat word Halloween?

b) Oct 5 d) Oct 11

Q 4. What is another word for “Trick or



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3 8 2 4

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9 2


a) Burn apples b) Dress up in costumes c) Sing songs d) None of the above

luck to see this on Halloween? a) Black Cat b) Spider c) Red Dog d) Ghost


What did the Ancient Celts do to Q 8.protect themselves from evil spirits?

Q 9. Traditionally it’s considered good

Q 5. Which actor has potrayed Freddie Krueger most since 1984? a) Robert Englund b) Matt le Blanc c) Patrick Swayze d) Rivers Phoenix


6. Who wrote the 19th century novel Dracula? a) Robert Louis Stevenson b) Edgar Allan Poe c) Mark Lewis d) Bram Stoker



ANSWERS: 1. d 2. a 3. c 4. b 5. a 6. d 7. d 8. b 9. b


AUSSIE-ISM “A BREW” For the English it’s a cup of tea, but in Australia it’s a beer. “Chuck us a brew, will ya?” Possibly derived from the Yank word “Brewski”, not from the Kiwi word for Bro.


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