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introDuction TNT Magazine was established in 1983 as a travel and news weekly – pioneering free distribution in the UK. The magazine originally had a huge backpacker following, with ‘fresh of the boaters’ from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa making a beeline for it as soon as they hit the UK. However, as the travelling market has become increasingly sophisticated – now more ‘flashpacker’ than backpacker – the magazine has seen its reader demographic change to incorporate an older, higher-earning, longer-staying and more career-orientated market. Regardless of these changes, the TNT brand continues to attract huge loyalty and trust among Antipodeans and South Africans, and 25 years later is still regarded as ‘The Bible’ for travellers living and working in the UK.

tnt portFolio The TNT portfolio has developed over the years from a simple printed magazine to a multi-dimensional platform to embrace the digital age. Our portfolio enables advertisers to connect with our audience through our printed products, to then interact with them through a variety of digital offerings, and to meet with them through our schedule of events.

ÓTNT Magazine – the flagship

product and still regarded as the bible for all the Antipodeans and South Africans living and working in the UK. With an audited distribution of 55,000 copies every week, TNT is the only place to reach this uniquely affluent bunch.

ÓTNT Guides – With our knowledge

Ó – A highly

interactive site enables advertisers to position their messages in a variety of different applications and to interact with them through a number of forums, blogs and message boards. With more than 100,000 visitors and more than 300,000 page impressions per month this gives advertisers a real opportunity to gain visible ROI.

and expertise of our audience we know what they need and at strategic points throughout the year we produce relevant specialist guides for them. This gives advertisers the opportunity to engage directly in a targeted and focused way around a specific topic.

ÓTNT Jobs – lists more than 10,000 jobs and offers recruiters the potential to reach professionally qualified candidates from all industry sectors. The site attracts more than 50,000 unique visitors every month – a valuable audience to engage with. Banners and MPU positions are available across the site.

ÓTNT Events – With two of London’s

biggest free travel exhibitions hosted in March and October every year, TNT gives exhibitors and sponsors a unique opportunity to interact and meet its audience. With more than 15,000 people visiting the shows each year, they give exhibitors and sponsors the chance to raise their brand profile and get these affluent individuals to part with their cash on clothing, travel, insurance and anything else they can get their hands on.

Distribution and Demographics With 48,491* copies distributed every week and a circulation fully audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, TNT is a leader in its field. TNT Magazine is distributed at 461* locations primarily throughout London, but also in Edinburgh and Manchester. The locations are specifically chosen to maximise exposure to the relevant target audience of 18-35 year-olds with travel and lifestyle at the top of their agenda. TNT Magazine is distributed in the Arrivals Halls at Gatwick, Heathrow & Stansted Airports, the major train stations in London, tube stations as well as Hotels/ Hostels, Retail Outlets, Bars/Restaurants & Leisure Centres. The audience is a mix of nationalities and ages and covers many key demographics. Irrespective of their age or qualifications, this audience typically has a disposable income which they like to spend on going out and visiting places both near and far. This audience is a unique bunch of individuals and, with our extensive range of products, TNT gives advertisers a variety of platforms to influence, integrate and meet them. *ABC approved figures Jul-Dec 2010

Editorial Content ÓUnique and trusted source of information

Through a combination of independent writing and user contribution, TNT Magazine has become a trusted source for anyone looking for information about travel, insurance and brands associated with all aspects of travel. With more than 26 years of expertise in this field we are very much still pioneers in what we and our readers write about. The above combination is truly unique and this is one of the main reasons TNT has become such a trusted source for readers and as such gives advertisers the benefit of being known as trusted brands.

ÓInteresting and engaging content With readers who want everything in one place, TNT Magazine is designed to keep them engaged from the front to the back cover. Covering news and sport from back home; gig, theatre and music listings; the best places to eat and drink; and, of course, the best places to visit. The editorial is fiercely independent and the overall content gives the readers what they want, when they want it.

ÓLoyal and dedicated readers

The TNT brand is synonomous with Antipodeans travelling to the UK. It is their source for travel information, job and accommodation tips and ideas and the continually use it during the time they spend here. “With so many changes in my seven years in the UK, there has, however, been one constant – TNT. I have been reading it since I arrived from South Africa and it is as much part of my life in London as anything else. I found a flat through TNT, and a job in the careers section, went to gigs recommended in the entertainment section, and lapped up the travel articles. Thanks for a truly fab mag, keep up the good work.” Trish, Acton Town

advertising rates TNT Magazine TNT Magazine 1 Issue 2-9 Issues 10-19 Issues 20-29 Issues 30-39 Issues 40-52 Issues

¼ Page £700 £630 £560 £490 £420 £350

½ Page £1170 £1055 £935 £820 £700 £585

Full Page £1950 £1755 £1560 £1365 £1170 £975

Double Page £3510 £3160 £2800 £2460 £2100 £1755

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