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Intro The New TNT Directory will be launched in January 2012. Following the success of the 2011 edition and the continued demand from readers, this new volume will provide all of the useful and much needed information for those who are living, working and travelling around the UK.

Content A variety of useful need to know and must have telephone numbers and websites of local NHS services, transport options and important information about the local area. It will also contain key information about travelling and provide key tips and advice. There will be full and detailed listings of all companies and service providers that will be useful for anyone living in or around the London area. Areas, such as accommodation providers, bars, restaurants, removal and shipping firms, foreign exchange, finance and tax companies, travel tour operators and agents and recruitment agencies....effectively everything anyone will need to live and survive in London.


Distribution The 2012 Directory will be distributed with two editions of TNT during February (peak time for arriving Antipodeans), meaning over 60,000 printed copies will be distributed with TNT Magazine. It will also be available for digital download via www. The directory will be further distributed throughout the year at TNT exhibitions and events, giving the total distribution of around 100,000 copies.

Who Reads it? The TNT Directory is an unrivalled product for anyone who is moving or has moved to London. The audience will be primarily Australian, New Zealander and South African nationals, although it will be just as relevant to all other nationalities who are living in and around London. Every year over 25,000 antipodeans arrive in London to work and travel around Europe, there is also an increasing amount of Canadian, American and European arrivals to London.


Who Should advertise? The TNT Directory has a unique 12 month shelf life and has the benefit of being distributed in the key areas of this community. It is an ideal product for any company looking to put their brand or business in front of an audience of thousands of new arrivals to London. Anyone involved in any of the following industries should be involved:

■ Airlines, tour and travel agents ■ Tour & travel companies ■ Recruitment & training agencies ■ Tax, visa and financial companies ■ Banks ■ International telephone service providers ■ Shippers and freight companies ■ Foreign exchange ■ Tourist attractions ■ Accommodation providers (hostels, hotels and B&Bs) ■ Restaurants, bars and clubs ■ Theatre, music and entertainment venues

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Contact: Stephen Warman Tel: 01603 343267

TNT Directory 2012 Media Pack  

TNT Directory 2012 Media Pack