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Success Brokers (Pty) Limited is the heartbeat of the Success Financial Services Group. By Ian Armitage


Success Brokers FOCUS finance


imon Geffroy is a driven man, a visionary. His goal is simple: growth. It’s probably important to tell you that he is the CEO of the Success Group, an insurance brokerage specialising in short-term insurance, medical aid, pension, investment, and life assurance. He was appointed to the role in 2010 after working at the company for 10 years. “We have the infrastructure for growth,” Mr Geffroy explains. “I have an open door policy and commission sharing arrangement that empowers our staff to succeed. Where are we looking to grow? Well in the shortterm sphere, we’re looking to take a bigger share in the market. We don’t necessarily want to be the biggest but rather the best. Moving to life, that division has recently been awarded Gold Status with Discovery Life and Bronze Status with Liberty Life. I feel that if we market the current short-term base for life business, the company will grow from strength to strength. In other areas of operation, we need to reinvigorate the medical aid department and aggressively cross-sell, which will enable this company to once again become a force it was prior to change in regulation which impacted all brokers selling medical aid. Our BEE company Success Khumo Insurance Brokers (Pty) Limited is also gearing for growth. We have achieved a BEE rating of Level 4 per Verification Certificate from Smith & Smith. We believe that we can grow into this emerging market as this is the future of South Africa.” Mr Geffroy is passionate and committed to the cause and leads by example. He has implemented many new systems to cater for growth and those systems are starting to pay dividends.

I have an open door policy and commission sharing arrangement that empowers our staff to succeed. Where are we looking to grow? Well in the short-term sphere, we’re looking to take a bigger share in the market


Success Brokers FOCUS finance

“Success Brokers is the heartbeat of the group and that business is one of the leading short-term independent insurance brokerages, offering a one stop shopping experience. We have a long and proud history of providing excellent service to our customers. We understand that the client does not care how much we know, until he knows how much we care. We care and this belief and attitude is reflected in everything we do for our clients.” Founded in 1973, the Success Financial Services Group is renowned industry-wide for innovative ideas and dedication to providing outstanding service to its clients. “We will find solutions to all our current and future clients and go the extra mile. Our 4

experienced and productive personnel play a major role in that,” Geffroy explains. “Our successful growth is due to offering our clients the type of policies that best suit their needs, a quick turnaround time in the handling of claims, knowledgeable staff and ensuring that our clients insurance is only placed with the most reputable insurance companies.” The majority of Success Group’s personnel work in the Success Brokers division and most of them have been with the company for over 15 years, providing a wealth of experience, Geffroy says. Success Group offers a wide variety of services, from “short term insurance, medical aid, life assurance and investment/ retirement planning.

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It also partners with national and international agencies to ensure that it offers “the best service and products available to meet our client’s needs”. Geffroy explains, “Are we happy with performance? Yes, we have achieved good results, however I believe we can always improve. In the last three years we have bought out a minority shareholder who owned 30 percent of the business. The Geff Geffroy Family Trust now owns 100 percent of the business. We’ve also invested heavily in our staff, our greatest asset, and we have worked extremely hard on fais training/regulation knowledge, insurance technical knowledge, self-development and leadership training, cross selling opportunities, identifying new potential clients, sales techniques, teamwork and the responsibility individuals have within the team. We believe in teams and the meaning of a team, which states

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Success Brokers FOCUS finance

Success Group’s subsidiaries at a glance Success Brokers (Pty) Limited Success Khumo Insurance Brokers (Pty) Limited Success Healthcare Consultants (Pty) Limited Success Employee Benefits (Pty) Limited

‘TEAM – TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE’. Our staff has responded excellently and I have no doubt that we will see the results in our next financial year end.” All of this is geared towards maintaining outstanding service levels and satisfied clients. “I have to stress how important our people are,” Geffroy says. “We have great people and when hiring new staff we have to make sure that not only do they have the right qualifications but have the personality that suits the environment. Most of our employees are women and we find it is a recipe for success, although we didn’t set out to employ mainly women 6

– it happened by coincidence. But it is a happy coincidence. “As brokers we are problem solvers and we have a can do attitude. We are loyal to our clients and will fight for what’s right when it comes to settlement. “The key to our success has been our continued commitment to the principles of exceptional client services, individually tailored insurance solutions, value for money and a caring attitude. We act with honesty and integrity, and that is the foundation of our commitment to our clients.” This is an exciting time for the Success Group, whose growth strategy remains on track. To learn more visit END

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Success Brokers Business Brochure - South Africa Magazine Issue 31

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Success Brokers Business Brochure - South Africa Magazine Issue 31