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South Africa’s high crime rate offers opportunity for the huge number of security firms operating in the country. Don’t be fooled by the cheap rates. This is one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on. By Ian Armitage


s the global economy tightens jobs will likely be lost in South Africa’s mining, steel and construction industries. This will potentially have a “negative impact” on crime levels. After all, “High unemployment in any society leads to an increase in crime because people need to live and feed families.” Those are the views of Sim de Wet, managing director of Stallion Security, a well-known personality and contributor in 2

the security industry. Mr de Wet understands risk and knows that security is vital. His firm provides South Africans with top security services including guards and guarding, alarms and reaction, high-end electronic security solutions, personal protection and much more. It success has been based on two core principles: service excellence and a happy, motivated and disciplined work force.

Stallion Security focus security

“Security cannot replace short-term insurance and this must be carried over and above the presence of security in whatever form,” de Wet says. “In terms of the security industry today, there remains a big swing in the use of technology to reduce the reliance on manpower and in many instances to increase effectiveness of deployed manpower. The global economy has not yet had a direct adverse effect on crime levels but as jobs are lost in several sectors it will likely lead to an increase in crime. South Africans also live in a society in which the culture of entitlement is rife – we have an ‘I deserve’ culture. When this is not realised the temptation is to turn to crime in order to get what you want.” Johannesburg-based Stallion provides safety and security services to the likes of Sasol, First National Bank, Standard Bank and Anglo American. The last financial year was its best yet. “We’ve performed very well over the last few years with the 2011/12 financial year being our best to date since we were founded 14 years ago,” de Wet says. “As crime continues to be a problem we continue to grow. Unfortunately it means that our services are considered a grudge purchase and clients are forced to acquire them in order to secure their premises and let their space. If our police services, justice system and correctional services system were able to operate as they should, then the need for security would start to diminish. As it is, many criminals assess the risk versus return to weigh heavily in their favour. They think, what’s the chance of being caught? What will happen if I am caught? If I am prosecuted, what are the chances of a successful conviction? And then they think, if I am convicted what are the chances of getting a heavy sentence? So, in short, it is worth taking the chance of committing a crime. You have to remember though that prison is full of people who never thought they’d be caught!”

We strive for excellence, build good relationships with our clients, look after our staff

Sim De Wet


Stallion Security focus security

The net result is that Stallion’s future is bright. “We strive for excellence, build good relationships with our clients, look after our staff, motivate them and give recognition wherever it is deserved,” de Wet says. “We have two wonderful quotes at the office: first, never look down on anyone, unless you are busy helping them up; second, respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained and loyalty is returned.” The proliferation of security companies across the country is a concern, however. “Last count, there were 6,000 registered security companies in South Africa. Naturally all the newcomers want a bit of market share and the easiest way to do that is to commence a price war and undercut prices. I have no problem with good healthy competition as long as all the players play by all the rules and the playing field are level for all.

Altech Autopage Altech Autopage Cellular and Altech Technology Concepts have merged to form a dynamic new service provider in the Telecommunications & ICT sector, providing converged mobile and fixed line voice & data solutions to consumers, SMMEs and corporates. We are the largest independent service provider. Stallion Security is one of our valued clients. Our relationship spans almost six years, in which we provide them with mobile voice and data lines, as well as Managed Network services such as APN’s (secure Access Point Network) and an MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) set up. One of their challenges was that they have various branches and a head office, and they all needed to be connected. They required access to a number of systems at head office including a centralised exchange email server. Breakout to the internet and the management thereof was also required. Employees needed to be able to access office information remotely. Altech Autopage proposed the creation of a private MPLS network for Stallion Security, within our own network. The head office would be linked into this private network using a wireless circuit solution, with the branches connecting into the MPLS using ADSL links. This also included a Mail archiving solution, and a VPN solution to give employees remote access to company information. We are able help companies reduce costs and improve performance of inter-branch networking. The solution is to switch to a virtual private network (VPN) using our own network backbone. Cutting-edge technologies like MPLS help ensure a solution that is fast and secure. This service is available to any company no matter where their infrastructure is hosted. For more information, visit:


For a free analysis on your current communication solutions and costs, call (011) 650 8899 or email and one of our key account managers will contact you.

Stallion Security focus security

Sim’s top security tips… 1. Security is always your concern. Don’t leave it to someone else 2. Be mindful of your surroundings, at all times 3. Become security conscious 4. Target hardening is a vital deterrent. Use whatever means you can 5. Use appropriate technology 6. Don’t think technology can replace manpower 7. When using security officers always weigh up quantity vs quality 8. Install suitable alarm systems and have them linked to armed response in the area 9. Confront strangers in your working environment 10. Report suspicious activities/persons to security 11. After hour lighting is a must especially perimeter lighting 12. Select your security company based on capability and not price!

“Sadly the playing field is not level. Besides bribery and corruption, which I wont embellish on, there is a lack of legal compliance by many of these companies. In this way they can afford to undercut those that are legally compliant. “However, these businesses all have limited lifespan as it is not commercially viable or sustainable to run operations of this nature for any extended period. The damage they do the industry however is immeasurable.” The industry is regulated by PSIRA. “One of the big challenges in our industry is the ability of PSIRA to properly police. This body is there to ensure that the industry conforms to and maintains certain prescribed standards and procedures. These amongst others relate to minimum wages and set working hours.” De Wet says security is both “perception and a reality.” “People want to see security and feel safe and that feeling is often just their perception. “Our vision is to become the preferred supplier of security services within the corporate and retail sectors because this is where we focus our energies, resources and attention. We realised that we cannot be all things to all people so we have specialised in these two spheres where we provide a very high level of service based on our understanding of these sectors. “What makes us different is our quality, our integrity, our transparency and our total honesty. We have a good reputation in the market in the way we run our business.” END To learn more about Stallion visit


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