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South Africa Magazine revisits Century City, Cape town’s premier mixed use development. By Ian Armitage


Century City FoCus property


The first completed building in Quayside when 52 of the 63 homes have been sold since its launch late last year

hris Blackshaw, CEO of the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA), has every reason to celebrate. Why? Well have you been to Century City, the 250-hectare precinct that the CCPOA is responsible for running, lately? Blackshaw says it has truly become a city within a city, with the built form more than tripling in the past eight years. “I think it now stands at something like 850,000 square metres with total investment to date totalling about R17 billion,” he says proudly. It is a remarkable feat. In 2004 when the Rabie Property Group acquired the remaining undeveloped land and associated rights, the built form on site had been just over 280,000 square metres. “There has been a massive surge,” Blackshaw says. The CCPOA essentially acts like a mini-municipality (a very good one at that) and is responsible for a host of things including public transport, access and traffic control, maintenance of all infrastructure and common areas, landscaping of all public areas, conservation and management of Intaka Island nature reserve (something we’ll talk about later) and storm water management. Blackshaw says there are an estimated 50,000 people now living and/or working there. “It’s safe to say Century City has bucked the trend,” he says. “Okay, so the pace of development since the dizzy heights of 2005/6 has slowed but it never stopped. And now things are really moving again. Property World – our official on-site residential


Century City Focus property

sales office – says that levels are now getting back to those we saw in 2005. It is exciting.” “There’s been a tremendous rise in demand for residential units at Century City,” Blackshaw says. “I was in a meeting this morning with the developers (Rabie) and their latest residential development – Quayside – which they launched late last year, has already sold 52 of its 63 residential opportunities so they’re actually bringing forward a new neighbouring development – Quaynorth – which they will launch later this month. “On the commercial side, things have never stopped at Century City either, but they did slow down,” he adds. “This sector is now also picking up. We’ve got Chevron relocating their regional head office here and their new 9,000 square metre (about 30,000 square feet) building is under construction. We’ve also got a number of other new office blocks being built as well as a new private school catering for 800 learners that’s been signed and sealed and they’ll be breaking ground later this month to open in January next year when the school year starts.” A central location, wellmaintained infrastructure and a safe and secure environment are the major 4

draw cards for those who have relocated to Century City. “We have a 24/7 control centre with rapid response to deal with any emergency, around 100 CCTV cameras, 30 access control rooms and five response vehicles,” says Blackshaw. “There are 83 security officers who are deployed at key locations and undertake foot, bicycle and vehicle patrols. In addition we have two dedicated Metro Law Enforcement officers and, since the beginning of March this year, a full-time City Traffic Officer.” Remarkably, Century City, which has development rights of 1.4 million square metres, is still growing.

There’s been a tremendous rise in demand for residential units at Century City

An architectural perspective of the Business Centre building due to come on stream in late 2013

To create an engineering masterpiece, who do you turn to?

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Johannesburg +27 21 425 2870

East London


Century City Focus property

Artist perspectives of Quaynorth residential development

“A further 550,000 or so square metres remains to be developed and the CCPOA will continue to grow and expand its services in line with future development,” Blackshaw says. “I think what is exciting is that Century City has more than got that critical mass. So it’s not a question of ‘is it going to succeed?’ or ’who’s it competing with?’ anymore. The major infrastructure is in place and is now starting to mature so in a sense now it’s really going forward. We’re in a fortunate position as we have already got the building development 6

I think what is exciting is that Century City has more than got that critical mass

rights for 1.4 million bulk square metres so in terms of planning approvals, there’s no applications needed for developments rights – one has a basket of rights and one draws down from that. So in terms of going forward, Century City is flexible enough to accommodate a range of people who want to come here. For example – if you’re a large insurance company looking to have your national or regional offices here and require a 40000 square metre bulk building – we can accommodate you on the site without having to go

HHO AFRICA When the developers of Century City needed civil engineering consultants with whom to partner to realise the potential of the site, HHO Africa were an obvious choice. We have the full range of civil engineering expertise required and have a proven track record. Since the establishment of the firm in 1926, we have prided ourselves in the quality our work, technical excellence and the ability to find optimal solutions to engineering challenges.

and water-borne sanitation. HHO Africa have extensive experience in the planning, design and implementation of the essential components which make up any city.

At Century City we have had the privilege of working alongside a visionary client and being part of a professional team who are creating a mixed-use precinct that is very special. We value teamwork and good relations.

“Innovating infrastructure for life� is the phrase that perhaps best summarises the underlying philosophy at HHO Africa. We have assisted numerous satisfied clients to realise their development potential by the successful unlocking of parcels of land. We create innovative and appropriate solutions to the many technical challenges that land developers face and have forged strong relationships with clients and professionals within the built environment.

At Century City we have conceptualised major transportation infrastructure, ranging from integrated rapid transit systems and public transport interchanges to roads and non-motorised transport networks. HHO Africa are experienced in all facets of transportation and modeling. Out of view is a facet of any city which is seldom seen. Beneath the surface are important municipal services that supply all consumers in Century City with electricity, potable water, irrigation water, broadband infrastructure

We have also extended several kilometers of canals and waterways, which have created a very special environment, with opportunities for water sports and recreation. Perhaps more importantly, the waterbody receives stormwater, which it attenuates and cleans.

Century City Focus property

through a major and lengthy planning approval processes. Within six-months you can be building and creating your new office. On the other side, if you’re a smaller person wanting a 100 square metre office, we can accommodate that too. The possibilities are endless and it is really exciting because as the economy improves and as the demand comes, we can amend and adjust our offering to meet the different needs of people who are looking for a place to stay and to work.” Blackshaw says building work has started on a new R85 million Business Centre which will provide furnished serviced offices to businesses of various sizes. “We are at the heart of the greater Cape Town metropole and the city within a city combines office, residential, retail and leisure opportunities on a scale unlike anything else in South Africa or indeed the African continent,” he says. “This is an integrated environment that is perfectly tailored to the leisure, work and lifestyle demands of today’s society. When Century City is fully developed it will be almost as large as the Cape Town CBD. It is already home to numerous multi-nationals including IBM, Liberty Life, Aurecon, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Mazars and Vodacom, to name just a few.” 8

Gorrie & Findlay

We are at the heart of the greater Cape Town metropole and the city combines office, residential, retail and leisure opportunities

Gorrie & Findlay was established in 1968 and has been a member of the Masters Builders Association from 1972, specialising in turnkey projects and dealing directly with their clients. Recently, in Century City, six office blocks were constructed for Growth Point Properties, which are all fully tenanted, as well as completing the Softline Regional Head Office. Park Lane As a result of the recession there has been a complete lack of office space being developed within Century City, Cape Town’s prime office development. It has been confidently predicted that, as a result of this lack of current development, there will be a critical shortage of office space over the next 12 to 24 months, during which time Gorrie & Findlay’s Park Lane development will become available for occupation.

A group of school children leaving the recently completed Intaka Island Environmental Education Centre at Century City

park lane:




his development consists of an attractive, architecturally designed 3344 bulk m² (which could be increased to 3754 m²) A-Grade office building, which includes:

● 98 basement parking bays ● 5 ground floor open parking bays

● 23 off-street visitors parking bays and storage areas ● Large ground floor terrace/piazza area, with first floor balconies overlooking this area

Q U A L I T Y · Q U A L I T Y · Q U A L I T Y All located within the heart of Century City, with a restaurant and coffee shop also planned directly opposite this development The Park Lane plans have already been approved by the Century City Property Owners Association and the Site Development plans have been approved by the Blaauwberg Municipality which means construction can commence immediately. Full drawings, elevations and a 3-D model can be viewed on our website

(Click onto Park Lane under Current/Future Developments on the menu)

PHONE JAMES GORRIE 083 - 675 5365

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Orbis Security Solutions In 2011, Orbis Security Solutions became part of the Securitas South Africa family. Securitas is the recognised global knowledge leader in the security industry, where knowledge is not only the cornerstone in the business philosophy, but it is also the key success component. We apply this philosophy to Century City through a multi -layered and multi-faceted approach to safety, security and crime prevention. With a zero tolerance approach to crime our highly trained personnel monitor the vast network of cameras, patrol, and with highly visible vehicles, ready to respond to any situation on a 24 hour basis.

An aerial photograph of the burgeoning Century City development in Cape Town

What South Africa Magazine likes most about Century City is its green lung which lies smack bang in the middle of the concrete jungle. It’s an ‘environmental oasis’ with some 16 hectares of wetland and bird sanctuary. “It’s in the midst of all of the high-rise buildings and you’re hardly aware that it’s there,” says Blackshaw. Intaka Island comprises eight hectares of seasonal pans and eight hectares of reconstructed wetlands which serve as a natural purification system for the 8 kilometres of canals. The reserve is rich in birdlife and indigenous flora. “It has proven very successful with 140 bird species and 177 10

indigenous plant species,” Blackshaw adds. “The Intaka Island reserve is something we are very proud of and in fact, last year, we opened an environmental education centre which has been very well received and successful. In 2011 we had 77 school groups through the centre and over 13,000 visitors. We have partnerships with the Western Cape Education Department and a range of other organisations. Often environmental centres don’t have a lot of money and are housed in temporary buildings and run by organisations that mean very well, but don’t have the resources at their disposal. What we managed to do with

We are proud to partner the Century City Property Owners Association and congratulate them on their achievements thus far.

the Intaka Island reserve is something we are very proud of



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Artist perspectives of Quaynorth residential development

the Intaka Island Environmental Education Centre was to harness a professional team from land surveyors and architects and a range of other professionals who work here in Century City, to give of their time and energy pro bono. In addition many of the contractors and suppliers who work here have given us materials and we have received donations of over R2 million. The net result is that we have a very modern, very attractive and very functional environmental educational centre which is fully paid for. It’s been a really exciting project to see how our residential and business communities were prepared to put their hands in their pockets or do some hard work and help us realise this project.” His aim going forward is to ensure Century City remains at the cutting edge and he is optimistically looking forward to further growth in the precinct. To learn more visit

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