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Established in 1951, Staalmeester manufacturers a wide range of products typically used by customers in the agricultural industry.


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number of family businesses have featured in this month’s magazine. Staalmeester is another name to add to the list. As we’ve seen, there are many advantages to running a family business. Working with people you love, sharing a long term definition of success, being your own boss, having flexibility and security, and building a financial legacy for retirement and future generations are just a few of the benefits that family businesses boast. Staalmeester was established in 1951 and it has been in business ever since. It manufactures a wide range of products like hammer mills and forage processing machines – there are some great videos of these wonderful machines on video sharing site Youtube. “As early as 1950 Mr PML Coetzee designed and manufactured the first mobile harvester and ground nut sheller in South Africa, which was later exported to other parts of the world,” Staalmeester’s website says, detailing this market leading manufacturer’s origins. “As entrepreneur Mr Coetzee saw the need for many other locally manufactured implements designed especially for the South African conditions,” it continues. “He then continued to design and manufacture these implements. As patent engineer he received an Honorary Doctors degree in 1964 as Mechanical Engineer, with full professional status.” Coetzee powered the business with private capital and did a lot of pioneering work with his unique new designs. In 1982 he retired as managing director and his son Martin took over the business. “Staalmeester Importers and Exporters (Pty) Ltd and Staalmeester

Agricultural Imports CC is steered by Mr. Martin Coetzee as an family enterprise,” the website says. The Staalmeester 6776 hammermill, Staalmeester S290 wood chipper and Staalmeester DS-540 double chop are some of Martin Coetzee’s pioneering innovations and he continues to drive this successful family enterprise forward. He has successfully retained Staalmeester’s traditional beliefs while moving with the times to help the company remain extremely competitive. “The 6776 is a multipurpose heavy-duty hammermill and easily comparable to any industrial hammermill currently on the market,” Staalmeester says. “The enormous feeding tray handles anything from square bales, shelled maize, maize on the cob to maize stalks. The adjustable closing plate matches the amount of maize you wish to be milled with the kW available. A large diameter auger feeds material evenly through to the rotor housing aperture. An outstanding characteristic is the sophisticated intake auger on the rotor axle, which eliminates breaking up of bales and primitive manual intake.” Today Staalmeester exports to various countries and participates in many international exhibitions including the world’s largest static and demo agricultural show, Expo Chacra. It manufactures product in Hartbeesfontein in the North West Province. “Modern day Staalmeester has strengthened its export to various countries like Egypt, Malaysia, Chile, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia with great success,” the company says. “We manufacture the Staalmeester

as early as 1950 Mr PML coetzee designed and manufactured the first mobile harvester and ground nut sheller in South africa


staalmeester FEaTUrE

The 6776 is a multi-purpose heavy-duty hammermill and easily comparable to any industrial hammermill currently on the market

range in collaboration with Entag in Egypt under a licensing agreement for the Egyptian market and Middle Eastern countries, mainly for the processing of solid waste, waste recycling and rice straw. “Our factory has a covered working area of 8,200 square meters and a display area of 16,400 m². “Presently we are focussed on key markets within South Africa but have started to strengthen our exports to various countries with great success.” The company’s motto is “productivity, cost efficiency and service to the farmer” and Staalmeester focuses on general commercial farmers, specialised dairy farmers, specialised cattle and sheep farmers, correctional services, game farming, 4

municipalities and nature conservation enterprises. It also works with customers in the sugarcane, mushroom and feedstock industry as well as road maintenance and rehabilitation, forestry and waste recycling. “We have agents and outlets countrywide,” Staalmeester says. The company imports from Italy (finger wheel rakes, disc mowers and fertilizer spreaders), Spain (fertilizer spreaders and ground preparation implements), Germany (high speed hay rakes), Denmark (mowers and mower conditioners), Austria (single and double row forage harvesters), Brazil (pick up harvesters, forage harvesters and forage wagons, fertilizer spreaders and boom sprayers), Finland (wood chippers and log splitters) and Turkey

Enoagricola rossi s.r.l., a leader in the agriculture sector for over 25 years. the mission of enoagricola rossi s.r.l. is to supply haymaking, agricultural, and oil mill machines and be acknowledged by its customers as the preferred supplier, not only because of the intrinsic quality of its products, but also because of its attention to all the production, economic, and environmental aspects of its business.

(fertilizer spreaders and hay rakes). It main products are hammermills, hammermill combinations, wood chippers, forage harvesters, forage wagons, fertilizer spreaders, log splitters, slashers, trailers, rotorcultivatiors, seedbed formers, mowers, hay rakes, balers and tractors. Because it is family-run and owned, Staalmeester, like most family businesses, has a successful business identity and reputation. If people see you are a family company, they will instinctively trust you more. Agriculture has, for many years, formed the backbone of Africa’s economy, contributing 60 percent of GDP and accounting for bulk of the continent’s employment, mainly in the rural areas. In addition, the sector contributes a huge amount to the total export earnings of the continent and about half of the tax revenue, while providing for most of Africa’s food requirements. To learn more about Staalmeester and its extensive product range visit END

Auto Johnco is geregistreer in 2000 en amptelik in 2001 begin met besigheid. Diens en lewering van produkte is vir ons van groot belang. Ons onderhandel met groot verskaffers en beding die beste pryse en beskikbaarheid van produkte vir ons kliënte. Die produkte wat ons voorsien is skryfbehoeftes, toiletpapier, garage rolle, verpakkingsmateriale (bokse, bubblewrap, palletwrap, aerothene, tape), plastiek, mediese bokse, mediese ice packs, abrasives, fasteners, landbou dryfaste en ratkaste. Johan & Colleen de Wet


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