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Nampak Bevcan focus MANUFACTURING


Last summer South Africa Magazine covered Nampak’s investment in a new canning plant in Angola. Nampak Bevcan’s investment was to ensure that its Angolan customers were more efficiently serviced and signalled that Nampak’s African expansion was back on track.

By Ian Armitage

ngolata, the beverage can-making plant in Angola completed last year by South Africa’s Nampak, has “exceeded expectations” according to Erik Smuts the managing director of Nampak’s Bevcan. “We always knew the market would require the installation of a second line, but we did not expect the demand to come so soon,” he says. Smuts believes that there is more potential to invest, given the huge opportunities that exist in the once war-torn country. It is easy to see why – Angola is one of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest and fastest growing economies, with a rapidly expanding financial sector and huge potential in areas such as agriculture, telecoms and energy. “Overall we are very happy with how things are now going in Angola,” he tells South Africa Magazine. “Our operation is getting up to speed – and we are running close to full capacity on our single line investment.” Construction of the plant in the Viana Industrial Zone in Angola’s capital Luanda started in 2008 after SABMiller awarded Nampak Bevcan a contract to supply cans to CocaCola Bottlers Luanda. However, Bevcan’s Angola project was initiated in 2004- and production only started in 2011. It was a long time coming. “This is Bevcan’s first and Nampak’s single largest greenfield investment outside of South Africa,” says Smuts, detailing the background. “Angola is the fastestgrowing economy in Africa and possibly in the world.”


Nampak Bevcan focus MANUFACTURING

The firm had been exporting cans to Angola from South Africa. With the volumes growing, the decision was made to install a local can line. “It was a matter of saying, if we go in there, we can sell every can we can make. Because we were already supplying many cans to the country from South Africa, we believed that we needed to build the facility in Angola to secure our business. Potentially we could have lost the entire market should another player have built a line in the country.” Things have turned out well and Bevcan is now more effectively servicing Angolan customers. The main benefits that Bevcan bring to its customers


in Angola are reduced lead times, substantially lower working capital costs in imported material stockholding, storage and demurrage and finally, as a result, a lot of the logistical headaches of complex and long import supply chains have been removed. Smuts says this success could lead to other expansion opportunities. “Cuca BGI and Coca-Cola Bottling Luanda are currently our main clients in Angola but we are definitely looking at expanding our client base. We are in discussion with some of the other players in the market.” While there are huge opportunities, he cautions that Angola has not been an easy place to work.

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Nampak Bevcan focus MANUFACTURING

“One of the biggest difficulties we’ve found is around red tape. The high levels of bureaucracy are a problem, which we discovered first hand. In some ways this is understandable given the developing nature of the economy and the desire to build a sustainable model. But, it certainly has presented challenges and delays in our project. “I would say that doing business in Angola takes more than money; you need to be patient. But there are wonderful opportunities.” Angola’s manufacturing sector is in its infancy and has primarily been based on product assembly. “From what I know we are probably one of the first that started investing into serious manufacturing, especially at this level of sophistication,” says Smuts. The current infrastructure is not supporting such operations however and is very limited. Although there is electricity, the stability of the national grid is not good enough to support wide-scale manufacturing. 8

“We generate all our own electricity. The same goes for water supply where as yet there is no piped water to our site. A pump station is currently being built to supply the area, but in the meanwhile we are trucking in our requirements.” He says that while there are challenges, the manufacturing sector is definitely starting to grow. “At a macro level the Angolan government has spent huge quantities on basic infrastructure. Luanda has effectively been rebuilt! This does augur well for the future, but in no small measure we have been pioneers in Angola. ” What advice would he give to other foreign investors looking to do business in Angola? “The first thing is: be patient. There remains substantial bureaucracy which needs to be carefully navigated. There are many rules. Do not take shortcuts. There will be the temptation to start projects or ventures prior to getting all the approvals.

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Nampak Bevcan focus MANUFACTURING

We have been fastidious in ensuring that we comply with Angolan legislation to avoid further delays and substantial costs at a later period in our investment. “One of the reasons for the delay in the project is that we did not take shortcuts. We know that if we chose to follow such a path it certainly would have compromised our investment in the long-term. I would caution against that. “I would also caution any investor to assess the costs very carefully. There are a many hidden costs in the system. “Ultimately however we hope to install a second production line in Angola and continue to grow our presence in the market. We are in discussions with our major customers to secure the volumes for this line - the original

Cuca BGI and Coca-Cola Bottling Luanda are currently our main clients in Angola but we are definitely looking at expanding our client base. We are actually in discussion with some of the other players in the market


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plant footprint was designed for more than one production line. Everybody knows the primary investment came at a massive cost if compared to similar installations anywhere else in the world, but the benefit of putting the second line in is that it should cost substantially less. This is where additional value can be unlocked for our customers. A one-line operation on its own is not necessarily an attractive proposition for a can maker. “When we invested in Angola the view was always to have more than one line and we are at the point now where we are looking to expand this investment.� Generally Nampak’s strategy appears to be delivering good value as demonstrated in the reported revenue growth for the first half of the 2012 financial year.


Everybody knows the primary investment came at a massive cost compared to anywhere else in the world, but the benefit of putting the second line in is that it should cost substantially less and this is where the value gets unlocked for our customers

Nampak Bevcan focus MANUFACTURING

Steady growth in profits from South Africa and the benefits from investments in the rest of Africa are expected to contribute to an improvement in profitability for the full year, Smuts says. “Bevcan is in a positive space at the moment. Generally the demand for beverage cans has improved. There is clearly a favourable swing in consumer perceptions and attitudes towards cans. This is very exciting. We are investing quite heavily behind this improved picture. We have started a big investment programme to recapitalise the business. At the request of our customers we are installing new capacity that will convert much of the industry from steel to aluminium cans. We anticipate that this demand for aluminium material will grow, which

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Nampak Bevcan focus MANUFACTURING

is likely to result in a conversion of the entire market over the next few years. We expect the first new high speed aluminium production line to be installed in one of our South African factories some time next year.” What is the secret to Bevcan’s success? Simple: it’s people. “We have an exceptional team and a policy of trying to attract the best people into our organisation. We have several technical experts on board. In my mind these are some of the best in the South African manufacturing industry. Not only are they very good at beverage can manufacture, but also many have been with us for a long time. This depth of experience really contributes to our success. We have people that can make a plan when it is needed and react quickly to our customers’ requirements. We call this the CAN-DO attitude of Bevcan!!” As the only beverage can manufacturer in Southern Africa providing steel beverage cans and aluminium ends, Bevcan prides itself on delivering absolute customer satisfaction. Nampak is now a more focused organisation, and with a stronger balance sheet, it is actively pursuing a number of new growth opportunities in South Africa and the rest of Africa. To learn more visit END


Bevcan is in a positive space at the moment. We are seeing good growth across most sectors. Generally the demand for beverage cans is good and there is clearly a favourable swing in consumer perceptions

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