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Great Wall Motors focus AUTOMOTIVE

As South African consumers continue to embrace the red dragon we talk to Tony Pinfold, chairperson of Great Wall Motors South Africa.

By Ian Armitage


here are good years and there are great years. For Great Wall Motors South Africa (GWM SA) 2011 was a great one. Sales increased by around 40 percent over 2010 and it successfully launched a number of new vehicles in the local market. The company sold an impressive 7,688 vehicles in the 2011 financial year. The best month for GWM was January at 860 units. “Last year was great and the positive trend has continued into 2012,” says GWM SA chairperson Tony Pinfold, who believes there are several reasons for the growth. He says it is partly due to a change in strategy, which saw the firm focus more on sales and dealer support by pushing more people into the field in various regions. It is also partly down to the fact that the buying public has “begun to appreciate the quality of our products”. “Brand acceptance has been fantastic,” says Pinfold. “And this has helped us to expand our network. “In terms of putting more skilled people in place, we’ve done that both technically and from a sales point of view, regionally. “In terms of new dealerships we now have two to three people approaching us a week who are looking to open GWM dealerships. These are mostly companies who already own a number of other franchises.” GWM SA currently has 70 dealerships spread across South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. “We have more planned,” says Pinfold. Another reason for GWM’s growing sales is that it has a new-look pickup on the showroom floor, with the new Steed 5 and the H5 sports utility vehicle adding to the growth seen in 2011. “These products have good solid futures,” says Pinfold. “The petrol H5 was launched in 2011 and the Steed 5 2.2 in May this year. “To be honest the launch of the H5 hasn’t


Great Wall Motors focus AUTOMOTIVE

gone quite as well as we’d have wished technically speaking. I’m not sure what the reason for that is. It has done very well but maybe I was a little bit too optimistic and thought we’d do higher numbers on that one. We’re now working on re-promoting so we’ll see what happens from there.” South Africa’s auto industry has shown solid growth so far this year – the industry is on track for around 10 percent growth during 2012. Great Wall is among the many success stories. “I think in terms of overall numbers, meaning everybody, the market has been surprising resilient,” says Pinfold. “I don’t know the exact numbers but from what I’ve seen, we seem to be way up on most people’s predictions. The predictions were for around the five to seven percent increase for this year and it looks like we’re well above that, maybe even twice above that. It’s interesting.” Pinfold expects H5 sales to make up a good percentage of the company’s sales going forward, with pick-ups being a major contributor and passenger cars now showing good growth. As for 2012, he hopes to increase sales by another 30 percent.


In terms of new dealerships we now have two to three people approaching us a week who are looking to open GWM dealerships. These are mostly companies who already own a number of other franchises

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Great Wall Motors focus AUTOMOTIVE

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“I think that’s pretty achievable. We’ve got some good model introductions coming in the next month or so. The public has recognised that we are a very good brand that has good products.” The new C10, which will compete in the small-car segment and which will be priced below R135,000, is something Pinfold is hugely excited about. He believes it will encourage more people to visit GWM dealerships this year. “That vehicle will be launched on August 21. We’re pretty excited about it because it’s a great little car. There is lots of competition in this market but we’re pretty optimistic. We don’t make the last call, that’s up to the public, but yes we’re very excited and optimistic. It is a high-spec, fashionable, quality product.” South Africa is currently the thirdbiggest market for GWM outside China, following Russia and Australia. “GWM consults us on the research, development and design of products,” Pinfold says. 6

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Great Wall Motors focus AUTOMOTIVE

Despite the great progress there is still more to achieve. “Manufacturing is a dream of ours, but government should create a programme that will assist small-volume sellers to start manufacturing vehicles locally. “It is difficult for a completely built-up importer like us to compete with local assemblers, as government support programmes allow them to import vehicles at almost no duty.” GWM arrived in South Africa in February 2007, with 1,500 units reaching Durban ready for sale across the country.


Manufacturing is a dream of ours, but government should create a programme that will assist small-volume sellers to start manufacturing vehicles locally

Great Wall Motors focus AUTOMOTIVE

Oficina The Oficina Dealer Management System offers a cost effective, customised solution for small, medium and large businesses in the Southern African motor industry. Oficina enjoys market relationships with leading information and technology partners and suppliers within Southern Africa, one of our biggest being that between Oficina and Great Wall Motors South Africa.

GWM pickups and multi-wagons accounted for most of the new arrivals. By March the first vehicles began selling. It has since sold well over 40,000 units in the country. “We act as GWM’s sole agent in South Africa,” says Pinfold. “Our products are reliable and well suited to local conditions and they have been trusted by local users.” GWM SA’s head office, as well as its logistics and central parts distribution warehouse, is based in Durban. Its main aim is to provide “honest, reliable and well equipped” vehicles to the broader South African market at exceptional prices and with outstanding service levels. The brand has grown consistently and so has the product range. Today its SUVs, hatchbacks, passenger cars and pick-ups are a regular feature on South African roads. END 10

Oficina and GWM SA began their relationship in 2007, when GWM first entered the South African market. Oficina’s ability to integrate with other suppliers and adapt our solution to the needs of our clients has led to the development of many modules that benefit GWM SA, the Dealers as well as other supplies such as SA Warranties. The integrated solution offers a centralised, cloud environment that allows dealers to order parts, submit warranty claims, send automatic vehicle registrations and view their service history, among other features, within the Oficina system. Oficina is committed to growing with their clients and ensuring that they are provided with the correct tools to ensure that the best quality of service is always delivered. Oficina shares the GWM SA Dream and is confident in the growth of products and services in Southern Africa.

Motor Dealer Management & Accounting System oficina is a South African developed Dealer and Vehicle Importer Management system established in the mid 80’s and is recognised as a growing leader in the motor industry within Southern Africa

oficina software has been running on a “cloud” system enviroment for the past 5 years which has allowed us to support the entire GWM network amongst others in a centralised live data enviroment, with full intergration amoungst Head Office and Dealers together with third parties such as SA Warranties, South African Department of Transport, Mead & McGrouther & OEM Parts price updates. Some of our intergrated functions include: - eNatis Motor vehicle Licensing & Registration - Parts & Vehicle Ordering Online - Warranty - Fleet Maintenance Management System - Logistic Module - In-house live CSI

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