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Atlantic Grupa

So then, it’s true - Atlantic Grupa is the standard-bearer for economic reintegration in the fragmented lands of the former Yugoslavia. “You could say that. Several media used the example to show how economy helps connect the countries of the former Yugoslavia and reintegrate the region without any political connotations. We are a strong regional company with a balanced business in all of the countries of exYugoslavia, relative to the size and development stage of the country or market. In each of these countries we are a local company that produces locally, pays local taxes, employs local people, and helps the local community. We are, on the other hand, treating the region as a whole as our home market. Our brands have regional recognition and are well known in all regional markets to the extent that some of them are a synonym for the category. They are well known for their tradition and quality, and are a consumers’ first choice. These are countries where people speak very similar languages, which makes it

“Today, Atlantic is a business with a turnover of around 650 million euros, a huge distribution and manufacturing network, 4300 employees, and a presence in 11 countries with own companies” 24

“Atlantic Grupa has been built on solid foundations, on which a healthy development can take roots. In a matter of speaking, Atlantic Grupa was going to develop precisely like it did - it was the idea from the beginning”

European Outlook / Issue 2  

European Outlook / Issue 2