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Atlantic Grupa

important, strategically. The deal was closed on the 1 July 2010 and is the largest acquisition the region has seen so far.” The match was “perfect for both companies” she says. Droga Kolinska, which came with two strong coffee brands (Barcaffe and Grand Kafa), gained a strategic partner keen to further develop its brands and market positions, while Atlantic Grupa significantly strengthened its position. Today, Atlantic is a business with a turnover of around 650 million euros, a huge distribution and manufacturing network, 4300 employees, and a presence in 11 countries with own companies. “Droga Kolinska and Atlantic Grupa have highly 22

“Entering new markets is a continuous effort, it is easier to introduce new products into a market where we already have some activities”

complementary portfolios, in the sense of similar regional coverage with barely any overlap of products,” Mr Tedeschi said at the time of the takeover. Kasapović agrees that Atlantic Grupa is now a more formidable proposition: “We are today a strong producer and a strong distributor in all of the regional markets. Our product portfolio is in a higher range of profitability for the retailers and on a strong demand with consumers, which gives us easier entry and a good position with our partners. The complexity of business requires more effort to manage, and we deal very well with our complexity. On the other hand, size does add up on the strength scale in negotiations.”

European Outlook / Issue 2  

European Outlook / Issue 2