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Algarve This Portuguese hotspot may attract sunseekers, but if you’re full of energy, there’s plenty here to leave you breathless. By Laura Chubb



ever say ‘Albufeira’ to an Algarve local. Every native of Portugal’s southernmost region to who I’ve blurted the name of the area’s most touristed city has responded with a grimace, or an unimpressed lip curl at best. They seem genuinely mystified by the millions of tourists that flock to the Algarve just to crash out on the sand, and even more so at the numbers choosing to set up in the whitewashed apartments of Albufeira, jammed together in much the same suffocating proximity as the pink bodies jostling on the city’s beaches. “There is so much more to do here,” is what I hear from the driver who picks me up at the airport, the surfer

European Outlook / Issue 2  

European Outlook / Issue 2