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Effectiveness Company focus outsourcing

South Africa Magazine talks to Suzanne Ravenall, CEO and founder of the Effectiveness Company, a business transformation outsourcing (BTO) specialist.

By Ian Armitage


uzanne Ravenall believes that to effect major change, ideas and intentions, and even processes, aren’t enough. She says it is easy to bring fresh, innovative ideas, products, projects and theories to the boardroom, but often they don’t go anywhere because organisations lack the operational implementation staff, skill and capacity to successfully follow-through and execute them. This is where her company, the Effectiveness Company, comes in. It is a leader in the business transformation outsourcing industry (BTO), providing clients with “sustainable operational outsourcing solutions”. “The Effectiveness Company was founded in order to fill a gap in the market for a company that provided business leaders with effective execution and operations management,” Ravenall says. “Often it is easy to come to the table with ideas, new products, ground-breaking projects and fresh approaches, but what is more challenging is implementing them in the right away, successfully. That’s where the services we provide come in. The top of the agenda for most CEOs is the ability to execute. There is a massive requirement around execution. We help bring ideas to life, endto-end, and effectively implement business operations as opposed to picking up the pieces. We provide outsource with a view to providing performance improvement.” The Effectiveness Company uses various innovative outsourcing/insourcing models to achieve its goals.


Effectiveness Company focus outsourcing

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An example is the ‘executionbox’, a tool designed to equip employees with the right skills. “That’s what we do, equip,” says Ravenall. “We equip people to work more efficiently, quickly and with predictable and sustainable outcomes in line with expectations. But it is more than business, these are skills that can be used in every day life.” Core services/products include business consulting, outsourcing solutions in CRM, HR management, back office management, supply chain management, asset management and contract management. It operates in all of South Africa’s nine provinces. “We’re a bit of a trailblazer, with standardised tools,” Ravenall says. “We think laterally time and time again and are truly innovative – it is part of our DNA. Innovation is actually one of our KPIs and part of our employee measurement criteria. “Our drive is towards market leadership and excellence and we want to be an international leader.” The Effectiveness Company really is a trailblazer. It has been in the BTO industry for the last 12 years (it was founded in 4


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1997), despite the fact the industry has “only really” been around for the last five, Ravenall says. “We’ve been a BTO company since the start, from day one,” she says. “When we first started, outsourcing was commonly known as ‘utility outsourcing’ and typically involved a company outsourcing certain transactional aspects. Over time, outsourcing has evolved from utility to enhancement to BTO. BTO is in demand. Companies feel that the world is speeding up, and organisations simply can’t do it all, it can get overwhelming. It’s become more strategic and it’s still fairly new.”


There are cost benefits but it is also about bringing expertise to an environment to have a positive impact on customers, the way they operate and the culture of a business

There is more to outsourcing than cost savings, as the Effectiveness Company proves – although that is a key part of it. “When we go into a company and they are underinvested we might find this can cost more money to fix,” Ravenall says. “There are cost benefits but it is also about bringing expertise to an environment to have a positive impact on customers, the way they operate and the culture of a business. Whilst we operate in five areas - Field Services (CRM), Labour Managed Services and Training (HRM), Back Office (BOM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Asset Management (EAM) - and offer services primarily in outsourcing and consulting, we’re specialists in execution. It is about bringing that speciality component in, and that ability to execute.”

Effectiveness Company focus outsourcing

The BTO industry is really starting to come to the fore. It is a great opportunity for companies like the Effectiveness Company. “If you look at the industry number globally it’s enormous. We’re in a place where we’ve built a solid business and we have provided something that is unique. We’re in a marketplace where people are now starting to understand BTO and realise a desire to partner not transact, and share risk. People are much more open to discussion and making transformations, partnering with businesses to outsource. I don’t think for us that things will dramatically change in terms of what we put in place, but it is a case of capitalising on how the marketplace is changing and moving, in an increasingly tough and competitive environment. Costs are tight and businesses need to do more for less.”

The Effectiveness Company is the only BTO company in Africa to offer what it does, Ravenall says. There are lots of other outsourcing companies, but none in this niche. It is a unique proposition. “To stress, although well laid-out plans and strategies are fantastic, they are meaningless without execution,” she concludes. “We have built a generic and scalable toolkit consisting of process, methodologies and systems, for the purposes of execution, that could be placed in anyone’s hands regardless of qualification, providing sustainable business transformation.” END Look out for this fast-paced and dynamic business. Visit

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We’re in a place where we’ve built a solid business and we have provided something that is unique

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Effectiveness Company  

Effectiveness Company Business Feature - South Africa Magazine Issue 33

Effectiveness Company  

Effectiveness Company Business Feature - South Africa Magazine Issue 33