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The Secret Super Power by LeNae Goolsby, JD One of the best things about November is that the Thanksgiving holiday seems to stimulate a flurry of people publically expressing gratitude for all the blessings they have experienced over the course of the year, at least for 30 days. But, I submit to you that a daily practice of expressing gratitude for everyday blessing AND blessing not yet realized is a practice that is paramount to living a more peaceful, calm, beautiful and abundant life full of more of the qualities we desire to experience on a daily basis. There was a period in my life, before I understood the power of gratitude, where my life, as far as I could see, was virtually unbearable. In one day, all that I had known came crashing down around me and it was all I could do to get up, get dressed, and take care of my responsibilities. It would be a perfectly sunshiny day, but I couldn’t see the sun, feel its’ warmth, or breathe in the beauty of the day because there seemed to be this thick gray cloud cover of devastation and depression hanging over my head. I did not like this place, and I knew I did not want to stay there but I had no idea how to rise above it all, much less see solutions. So, I became a seeker and through my research I discovered that there are several methods and processes for lifting myself out of the muck and the mire of my reality, and then taking it ever further to changing my reality into a life I can enjoy and love. Gratitude is where it’s at. Of all the methods and processes that I learned, one of the single


most powerful methods for really shifting perspective and effectuating real change in our life, is a thoughtful, conscious, daily practice of gratitude. There are a couple of ways to do this. Keeping a gratitude journal on the night-

the morning. Each of us takes turns listing out at least ten things we are thankful for. These may be the people in our lives, the great experiences we have had or those things we are looking forward to. We then bless our day with all the

“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” – Ralph H. Blum stand and writing out five to ten people, experiences, things, we are thankful for and WHY we are thankful for them is a great place to start. This can be done first thing in the morning or right before drifting off to sleep. Another method is to make use of the time we are in the car to speak out loud what and why we are thankful. I actually do this everyday with my children on the way to school in

qualities we want to experience that day. It may be joy, laughter, realized opportunities to give and realized opportunities to receive, and we express thanks in advance. Then, again, every evening right before bed, we take turns identifying and sharing the best part of our day. Since implementing these practices every day, there have been significant improvements

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in how I perceive my life. My relationships with those around me are more authentic and rich, my business is more abundant, that issue was so devastating and seemingly insurmountable dissipated and while I could not see it at the time, everything worked out in my favor. One of the reasons why gratitude is so powerful is because it is not possible to hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time. We cannot be in a state of depression, anger or self-loathing while also being thankful for all the miracles around us. Likewise, we cannot be in a state of blissed out gratitude and feel sorry for ourselves or angry with another. If you feel like you cannot face the day and you just don’t want to get out of bed, if you loathe going into work because you cannot stand the people you work for or with, if your life just isn’t what you desire it to be, I challenge you to tap into your own super power by implementing a daily practice of thoughtful gratitude for what you have AND what you desire. And, don’t stop this practice on the last day of November, but commit to making it a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth in the morning. When you begin to see even the slightest ray of sunshine even on the bleakest of days, and you will, I want to hear from you. About the Author: LeNae Goolsby, J.D., like so many women, wears many hats. She is a loving wife, blessed mother of Laura, Henry, IV & Hayden, personal empowerment coach, Reiki practitioner & practice administrator of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center.

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NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

4 Junior League Hosts Mistletoe & Moss 6 Bibliotherapy: Finding Help In Books 9 Around The World with Danny O’Flaherty 11 Introducing The Toy Box 12 International Club of Southwest Louisiana 13 Medicare Advantage Plan Options 14 Celebrating Thanksgiving in a New Country 16 Honoring a Hero 18 My Dad, My Hero 20 Gone But Not Forgotten 21 Slow-Growing Prostate Cancer 23 SWLA’s First Veteran’s Day 24 Book Review: Unbroken 25 Ask Mr. Carl 26 Nomica Guillory: Helping People Realize Their Potential 27 What’s So Important On November 4th?



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NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4


The Junior League of Lake Charles

Hosts Annual Mistletoe & Moss Holiday Market

20-22, 2014 at the Lake Charles Civic Center. This event ushers in the holiday season, puts people in the Christmas spirit, offers a jump start on the Christmas shopping, and provides an opportunity to support the volunteer efforts of the Junior League. by Angie Kay Dilmore Ladies, mark your calendars and write your shopping lists. The Junior League of Lake Charles (JLLC) will host their annual Mistletoe and Moss Holiday Market November

Mistletoe and Moss is a holiday tradition in Lake Charles – this is their 22nd year. Shoppers count on the numerous quality vendors and the festive decorations. But each year, JLLC strives to bring new life into the event by planning creative

new activities to entertain at- and cupcakes from Mel’s Cakery. Friday, 5:30-7:30. tendees.

New Days & Hours

This year, Mistletoe and Moss opens the festivities with the Preview Party Gala on Thursday, 7-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Man Cave

Let’s face it ladies -- men generally don’t enjoy shopping. But bring the guys along! This year, JLLC has partnered with the Cigar Club and carved out a Man Cave, complete with comfy couches and a cash bar.

Preview Party Gala

Cookies With Santa

Game Night

New Vendors

JLLC has re-vamped this event to make it more of an “experience”, according to League President Michelle Edwards. Children will create a Christmas wish list, make snacks for Santa’s reindeer, and decorate Shopping With cookies. A take-home photo the Choirs with Santa is included in the Area elementary and middle ticket price. Three seatings are school choirs will entertain available; 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., shoppers from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Each seating is limit4:00 p.m. on Friday. ed to 200 ticketholders. The Preview Party provides patrons with live entertainment, special cuisine from area restaurants, fabulous door prizes, and a first look at the vendors.

Come play JLLC-themed Bingo. Prizes include over $1000 in sterling silver jewelry. You’ll also enjoy a jazz band, hors d’oevres by Luna Bar and Grill,

Fifty percent of the merchants (41 out of 82) are new to Mistletoe and Moss this year. Look for a wide variety of items and gifts – toys, purses, jewelry, art-

Don’t miss this year’s Mistletoe and Moss! PAGE 4

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Directors 2014-2015 Board of

work, holiday decoration and more!

valued at over $10,000, according to Edwards. Raffle tickets $5.00 each.

ship development, literacy, and helping families. “Everything we do is going to fall under George Rodrigue three impact areas,” says Support the JLLC, those Edwards. “So when people Silkscreen Print Support the support the Junior League, Raffle Community they know they support one of JLLC will raffle a George RoJLLC projects vary, but they these three areas.” drigue silkscreen print, entifocus on three general comtled “We are Marching Again,” munity impact areas: leader-

Event Times and Prices GENERAL ADMISSION Friday & Saturday $8.00

Tickets available at the Junior League of Lake Charles office, The Civic Center Box Office, online at, or at the door.

Buy 10 or more tickets for only $5.00 each

PREVIEW PARTY GALA: Thursday 7.00 – 10.00 p.m. $50.00 GAME NIGHT: Friday, 5:30-7:30 p.m. $25.00 COOKIES WITH SANTA: 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m. $10.00

The Toy Box Prien Lake Mall 524 W. Prien Lake Road Lake Charles • (337) 661-1730

Monday- Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm Sunday Noon to 6:00 pm NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4


by Linda W. Hurst, Ed.D. President-Bayou Writers Goup

I confess: I am a “book-a-holic”!

I absolutely cannot imagine life without books. They have enriched my life, given me friendships, taken me to far away places, and advised me when I needed help. Being a prolific reader has enhanced my ability to be a writer. And being a writer has ignited my passion for books and their place in our society. As an educator, I often tell my university education majors that teachers make the best children’s book authors because they know what children like and as well as what teachers need. In 1997, while doing research for my doctoral dissertation, I realized that books can have a greater effect on the lives of readers than just the enjoyment of a good story. My research demonstrated that when children read stories that portrayed characters engaged in reading and writing activities, these characters became powerful role models for the children to emulate. I dubbed this phenomena “bibliomentoring” because the literacy mentors are contained within the pages of a book. In the adult world, books PAGE 6

can also serve as mentors—and even therapists. often Authors address problems that the reader may be experiencing. Usually books The Voice of Brenda Hill, editor of d an el lch he of this sort offer W sa Li t, Linda Hurs the reader practical The author of the first book, Lisa solutions to their These particular books often Whelchel, is well known as Blair mutual problem. Academics have labeled this process “bib- end up on the best seller list be- Warner from the 1970s televiliotherapy” because the book cause of their universal appeal. sion hit The Facts of Life. Modserves as a counselor to the In truth, they are safer than bar- ern day television viewers may troubled soul. The topics that ing your soul to your assumed also remember Lisa as a recent can be addressed in this catego- best friend, and cheaper than contestant on Survivor: Philipry are innumerable. As long as paying a therapist by the hour. pines. Spending her childhood there is a library available, help In recent years, Bibliotherapy and teen years as an actress for the troubled soul is avail- has been shown to be effective made her rich and famous, but able, regardless of the age of in the treatment of depression, it left her lacking in some of the the person. You just need to be and other forms of emotional most rudimentary areas of her guided in the right direction to trauma. In children’s books, life. A born-again Christian, this might be translated into Lisa talks freely about her life, the appropriate book. having a child read a story including her fears, her shortabout a character who is being comings, and how all of these Bibliotherapy – bullied. As the child reads about weaknesses were dealt with as an Self Help Books This past month, I have been how the book character handles adult. In her book, The Facts of privileged to meet three au- the situation, the child is given Life: and Other Lessons My Fathors, two of them local, whose an example to follow in real life. ther Taught Me, Lisa admits to books are on my “must share” Grown-ups may not be dealing her shyness and how her acting list. Although none of the books with bullies, but there are some life prevented her from experiare similar in topic or style, they universal themes that permeate encing the normal maturation all fall into a category of what I our society today. The books I process. It especially affected call, “self-help” books and offer am recommending deal with her social skills to the point that the reader a form of bibliothera- three important and relevant she didn’t even know how to get py. In our modern age, it is com- topics: Friendship, Child Abuse, a friend, let alone how to identiforting to realize that no matter and Divorce or loss of a spouse. fy a true friend. Throughout the book, Lisa talks to the reader as the problem, someone else has Are you really my if the reader was sitting across been there and probably written Friend? the kitchen table from her. She a book about their experiences. NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Linda, enjoying a good book. explains her pathway to becoming “normal” and ties all of her successes in overcoming her weaknesses with God’s Word. Recently, Lisa spoke at a Women’s Health Conference in Lake Charles. As she shared her life story, it made me realize what a strong woman she has become. She admits that the person she is now is the result of her having to deal with each of her problems in a real, but sometimes unpleasant way. At a book signing following her speech, I was privileged to talk with Lisa. I had met her in the early 90s in Anaheim, California and was not impressed at the time by what I interpreted as a “haughty spirit.” Talking with her at her book signing made me realize that people can and do change. In her case, Lisa changed for the good. Not only was she humble, she was extremely friendly and sweet. I repented of any and all bad feelings I had previously held for her, bought her book and immediately went home to devour it. If you are a shy, self-conscious person who has difficulty identifying and cementing true friendships, this book is for you. I can say that I highly recommend it, because I have witnessed a real change in the author. She has definitely learned the facts of life and can truly sing these lyrics: “You got the future in the palm of your hands All you gotta do to get you through is understand… The Facts of Life.”

troduced herself as Susan Hafner. She gave me her book and asked me to read it and give her my opinion. I took the book home and began reading it after dinner that very night. I was hooked on the first page. I became so absorbed in the story I couldn’t put it down until I read the entire book. It was after two o’clock in the morning when I finished. I went to bed determined to get to know this woman who had endured unimaginable child abuse, and yet had turned a tragic childhood into a triumphant life with a purpose. Susan, whose parents dealt with serious issues from depression to alcoholism, was shuffled from bar to bar as a child and was on the road to follow in her parents’ footsteps when a single act of kindness changed her life completely. Her story tells how against all odds, she met God through a group of Christian teens at her high school. From that point forward, Susan’s life was transformed, one step at a time. As an adult, Susan went on to become a Christian bookstore owner, a move which allowed her to direct her customers towards books that could offer hope and a way to change themselves. Bibliotherapy in action! Today, Susan is the founder of One Touch Awakening, a non-profit organization that provides pillowcases, snuggle pillows and mosquito nets to people who are hurting, to remind them to take their problems to God and He will An Unexpected give them rest and peace. If you Blessing know of anyone who has sufLess than a week after meeting fered from child abuse, Susan’s Lisa Whelchel, a woman ap- book, One Touch: The Story of proached me following a Bayou an Awakened Heart, might be Writers Group meeting, and inNOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

the bibliotherapy they need to find recovery.

Suffering Loss

Last, on my list of self-help books is a book entitled, Shattered: Coping with the Pain of Divorce, by Sharon Steinman and Dyann Munoz. It is a collection of thirty-one critical

topics designed as interactive devotionals and purposed to uplift and encourage women who have lost husbands, either through death or divorce. Each devotional comes with journaling pages for the reader to pour out her heart. The authors, Sharon and Dyann, came together

SEASON of THANKSGIVING I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers for your patronage this past year. I value your support and loyalty. I hope that during the upcoming season and into the New Year you and yours are Blessed with an Abundance of Health & Happiness. With Sincere Gratitude, Liz Fuselier Owner/Founder • 337-540-1408 One Call and Leave the Rest to Us!


after suffering deep losses and determined to use their experiences to help other women who were enduring similar situations. “This book is intended to bridge the gap between the fragmented woman you are right now and the Bible that you so badly need.” Both Sharon and Dyann credit writing this book as being an integral part of their own personal healing processes. Sharon says that a workbook to accompany this book will soon be out in January 2015, making Shattered suitable for seminars and women’s study groups. These two friends, who now live worlds apart, (Sharon resides in Lake Charles, while Dyann lives in Mobile, Alabama), also plan on future books that will deal with relevant women’s topics.

be suffering also. Take a few moments to investigate books that might offer your family a form of therapy for whatever issues they face. Here are a few to consider:

thor offers points for parents to nightmare. use as advice about what their children are going through. What is a Friend? By Etan Boritzer. In this picWhen Children Grieve: ture book, the author explores For Adults to Help Children friendship using discussion topDeal with Death, Divorce, ics and examples, as well as sitStop Picking On Me by Pat Pet Loss, Moving, and Oth- uations when things go wrong Thomas. This book explores the er Losses, by John W. James, between friends. It can be a relationships of children who Russell Friedman, and Dr. Les- valuable resource for parents. are dealing with bullying. The lie Matthews. If your child is author, an experienced psycho- grieving, regardless of the loss, To sum it up, no matter where therapist and counselor, has this book provides guidelines to you are in your life, or what included a section for parents help parents make a difference. difficulties you may be facing, at the end of the book, to help Please Tell: A Child’s Story others have been there before children resolve this upsetting About Sexual Abuse (Early you—and some have written situation. Steps), by Jessie. Written and books that may be just “what illustrated by a girl who experi- the doctor ordered” to help you It’s Not Your Fault, Koko enced sexual abuse by a family with your recovery. So, get up Bear, by Vicky Lansky, ad- member, this book speaks to off that couch and run as fast dresses the many adjustments children on their own level. The as you can to your local library. families go through during a message: “It’s o.k. to tell; help Help is just a library card away.

divorce. This book is very reasFor Further Discussion suring to kids, emphasizing that If you are going through a sim- the divorce is not their fault. At ilar situation, your family may the bottom of each page the au-

can come when you tell.” In sum, this book offers children both the permission and the courage to deal with a personal

Note: All of the above books are available online at Amazon and other booksellers websites.

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433-3611 FFBLA.COM NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Around the World with

y t r e h a l F ’ O Danny

by Sherry Perkins

about themselves. It’s amazing to see the transformation; humanity reaching out. ‘Now I know who I am, where I come from,’ is what they [people seeking ancestors] say when they find graveyards or tombstones.”

I urge you to step away from your iPads and laptops and into the laid-back experience of Danny O’Flaherty. Folk music, strange to those born after 1970, is Danny’s livelihood. Traveling around, Do you play other he plays, sings, and brings the instruments besides the sights, smells, tastes, touches, guitar, harmonica, and and sounds of Ireland to listenaccordion? ers. Giving himself over to the songs and stories, he pulls you in, “The mandolin and some violin. makes you part of the conversa- I play by ear and never learned to tions, part of the situations. He read music.” relaxes you.

of religion, migration, inspiration, education, population, and creativity. I asked, “What do you hope people take away from your How does it make you feel performances?” He answered, “I hope they take away the truth, Danny is the epitome of con- knowing you are someone’s the spirit I put into each song. I viction and passion; conviction first authentic Irish become each person. I feel evin the belief, “We are all one,” experience? ery story. I’m giving a voice to all and passion for knowledge and “It makes me feel good. I take it these stories. As long as they see sharing. During our phone inter- very seriously. I give it my best. the spirit and honesty. If it’s not view, I became enraptured by his You have to feel good about what honest, it’s not going to happen.” words. Danny is an auld soul with you’re doing. And I feel good much to say. about it, absolutely.” Come enjoy history, culture, and

music as Irish folk singer Danny O’Flaherty returns to Stellar Beans in Lake Charles on Friday, November 7th at 7 pm. He presents a Celtic Christmas Special there Saturday, November 29th and a 7-day Celtic Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans in February. “The cruises are different. It’s all about the culture.”

See for details.

Why did you leave Ireland?

About connectivity and compassion, he said, “I’ll take them “I have mixed emotions about [people] to the well. Totally up to that. We’re all transplants. Migra- them to drink the water.” He is an tion is normal. We’re all travelers, encyclopedia of knowledge. We even in the U.S..” talked about the Celts, Welsh, the UK, England, the Alaskan Gold In addition to music and Rush, Mardi Gras, Irish Slavery in the Caribbean, and even the stories, you offer trips to Ireland and other places. How War of 1812 in Louisiana. We receptive are people to that? took a trip around the world on the phone. He knows his stuff and “At certain times of their lives, is unbelievably willing to share. I people want to find out more hung onto every word. We talked NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Jon Wright Manager

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NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4




by Mark Wayne Allen

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob Cardiff. He and his mother, Patricia Miller, are co-owners and operators of The Toy Box located inside The Prien Lake Mall. Jacob is a family man with a unique philosophy in today’s business world: “Come on in and play.” In speaking with him, I quickly discovered his passion for the family unit and especially kids of all ages. With only one store at present, it is not necessarily about a healthy bottom line to him, it’s more about inspiring what he referred to as “learning and educating through creative play.” A good example, he said was a game called “Suspend” which he described as “Jenga, with a twist” where players use their skill to compete. Instead of wood, “Suspend” is made of metal and he said everyone in the store loved playing it. In fact, the game reflects his entire selection of toys for which the manufacturers have won awards of excellence. Jacob moved into Lake Charles at the tender age of six. Although his commendable military service took him away for a number of years, he said, “I’ve always considered Lake Charles to be my home. I

could’ve opened the store in any state I wanted to, but, to me, I wouldn’t even consider any place else. This is my home. . . I want to be a service to this community.” The Toy Box does not specialize in any particular toy, but rather sells toys that educate and bring people together. Social interaction is a common theme for the toys. The items are not targeted toward any particular age either. There are items for the very young on up. “[In the store] we do a lot of family and kid activities on the weekends to encourage socialization.” At all times, Jacob gives all service personnel a 10% discount. He said the discount includes people like, “Educators, teachers, firefighters, EMT’s, and military personnel,” full or part time. The discount is not in addition to other discounts. At the time that he and I talked, he was running a whopping 20% storewide discount. This discount also applies to military personnel. “Service is service in my opinion...” Jacob has a lot of plans that he said would be implemented gradually. He really wants The Toy Box to serve the community and be a joy to those around it. He reminded me that a healthy profit does not mean

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

that you abandon good values. I, for one, plan to visit his store with my wife, a teacher, and see what he has to offer.

524 Prien Lake Rd. (337) 661-1730

Mark Wayne Allen is the author of Star Siege.


The non-profit organization provides educational and social interaction among international citizens living in SW Louisiana. The goal of the organization is to bring together peoples of different cultures to share traditions, food, and experience in an effort to build meaningful relationships. by Dalia R. Matheus President-Global Management Enterprise, LLC.

sory Board, Members and all our volunteers for your continued interest in and ongoing support to the International Club of SWLA. We express our heartfelt thanks We also extend our sincere gratto our Board of Directors, Advi- itude to the business sponsors,

Southwest Louisiana Economic Development, the City of Lake Charles and all those who live in our community. Southwest Louisiana is currently in the midst of an industrial growth unlike any other in our history. We are expecting investors and workers to come from all around the world for this business expansion. We also are looking forward to welcoming them and creating an inclusive environment of mutual respect and cultural interchange in our community. Please join us in the celebration of our signature event, Christmas Gala, December 6, 2014. All those who would like to participate in this event call our office at 337-477-1862 as your earliest convenience.

Nosotros deseamos expresar nuestros sinceros agradecimientos a todos los miembros, directores, voluntarios por su continuo apoyo e interés en el Club Internacional de Sur Este de Louisiana. También nuestra sincera gratitud a las compañías patrocinadoras, la Cámara de Comercio, la Ciudad de Lake Charles y los miembros de nuestra comunidad. El Sur Este de Louisiana está en el medio de un crecimiento industrial nunca visto en nuestra historia. Nosotros esperamos inversionistas y trabajadores que vienen de todas partes del mundo para este crecimiento en la economía. Estaremos preparados para recibir y darles la bienvenida a todos y crear un ambiente de respeto y de intercambio cultural en nuestra comunidad. Por favor únase a la celebración de nuestro evento más importante el 6 de Diciembre de 2014. Los que deseen asistir llamar a nuestras oficinas a el 337-4771862.

Songs from the 60’s & 70”s by Levert Blount III & performances by Niche Manrique & Guateque Band PAGE 12

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Options That Original Medicare Doesn’t by Jeff Fernandez Senior Products RVP Humana Medicare’s Annual Election Period starts on October 15, so for people who have Medicare or care for someone who does, now is a good time to explore the available options. Most people with Medicare go with either Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage health plan. Both cover essentials like check-ups, hospitalizations and emergency care. Medicare Advantage plans are worth a close look because of the more comprehensive array of options they offer. Many Medicare Advantage plans, for instance, include coverage for prescription drugs. (However, for those who do go with Original Medicare, another option is to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan – also called a Medigap plan – and/or a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan to help cover the costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover.) What is making Medicare Advantage increasingly popular for people with Medicare? With these plans, you get all the benefits of Original Medicare … and more. For instance, some Medicare Advantage plans offer: • Choice of a primary care physician in the plan network; • Affordable monthly plan premium; • Prescription drug coverage equal to or better than the

standard requirement for a Medicare Part D plan; • Affordable copayments for doctor visits and annual routine physicals; • Emergency coverage anywhere in the world; • Coverage for most annual screenings at no charge; and • Extra benefits on some plans such as dental, vision, a nurse-advice line, and health and wellness programs – a gym membership, for instance. A 2013 survey by North Star Opinion indicated that among the 15 million people enrolled in Medicare Advantage, 90 percent or more are satisfied with their plan and with their quality of care from network doctors. The truth is that with Medicare Advantage, you’re partnering with a private insurer whose resources are there to help you. At Humana, for example, we provide  our members with guidance and support through programs like Humana At Home care coordination. We also offer the Humana Smart Summary, which details members’ individual medical and prescription drug spending, which helps them track overall health care spending. In order to choose the right plan, you might want to review your records to see how much you’ve spent on health care during the past year. (Be sure to include hospital expenses, pharmacy costs and doctor bills.) Determine if the

Humana Medicare HMO Seminar Wednesday, November 6th 1:00 p.m.

Springhill Suites - 1551 Prien Lake Road • Lake Charles, LA Contact: Tim Klein 337-496-6565 NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Medicare, Health & Life Ins. Agents

Trent Piper

Moved here from Ohio

Deidre Carter

SWLA Local Agent

past year is typical and try to give your best estimate for the year ahead. Remember that whatever plan you choose will likely be yours for all of 2015. So I encourage you to do your research and choose carefully. Find a company you can trust to be a reliable health part-

Matt Mossor

Moved here from Florida

ner. The Medicare Annual Election Period runs from October 15 to December 7. For additional information, please visit We also have a Medicare HMO seminar coming up for the SWLA community calendar.

Call your local

licensed insurance agent Trent Piper 337-936-9770 (TTY: 711) Talk with your local licensed Humana sales agent today. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday

Humana is a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in a Humana plan depends on contract renewal. Reach Humana sales and customer service at 1-800-336-6801 (TTY: 711), 5 a.m. – 8 p.m., 7 days a week. Y0040_GHHHXDFEN Accepted


Celebrating Thanksgiving in a New Country Benny (center), pictured with Board members of the Hispanic Student Cultural Society at LSU

by Joyce R. Kebodeaux I have enjoyed living in Southwest Louisiana most of my life, and I find it fascinating to meet people who come here from other parts of the world. I can only imagine the differences in our culture and those of other countries. While most people will never leave their countries, Ben Nguyen can attest to doing just that. Benny, as he is called by his family and friends, came here to study at McNeese State University in 2010, leaving his parents in Saigon, Vietnam. Benny was coming from another country, he had to qualify and be accepted by the agents who traveled to foreign countries for PAGE 14

American Colleges. Among the list of requirements, Benny had to show that he had the potential to contribute to the community he chose to live in. Only two years after arriving here, Benny is the CEO and founder of, and also controlling partner of the business. This is a service organization that saves students money on the cost of their college text books. The company earns a small fee from students who buy or sell books and notes via Thriving at McNeese and this side of the state, Bookstoop is already expanding to include LSU and other colleges. “Bookstoop is a for-student-by-student business. It’s all about

college students. We are more than happy to work with any students or student organizations to advocate the benefits of college students on campus.” Currently, Bookstoop is sponsoring several student organizations at LSU, such as the Hispanic Cultural Students Showcase, Asian American Ambassadors, MLK Committee, etc. Bookstoop could help college students all over the country save money on textbooks and earn money by selling class materials, such as notes and study guides. “Business enables me to help them with expenses. My family has made a huge effort so that I could have a chance to come here. I need to turn this into a profitable investment,

give back to the community, and build my own American dream.” Currently, Benny is a client at the SEED Center Business Incubator of Southwest Louisiana. “It has been one of the best opportunities and one of the sweetest things that I’ve ever had. The SEED Center and its staff is my American family, my home away from home.” When asked about missing family, home, customs and holidays, Benny said, “The first Luna New Year that I was here was difficult. I called my parents. Luna New Year over there is like Christmas in America. My mama cried. She said, “Well, every year, I know you study, but you come home. This year my friends’ kids come home but not my son.”

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

“Being away from home is hard. I am an only child,” he said. His parents are both teachers and it is important to them that he makes a good life for himself. In their country, it is a great honor to have a doctor in the family. Benny’s parents wished that for him too. His first years in college were geared toward becoming a doctor, but he soon learned that he was much more suited for business and technology courses. Benny has relatives residing in several northern American states that he could have lived with but he chose to live apart from family and come to McNeese because he was determined to make it on his own. Living away from home has brought him a lot of interesting experiences.n Vietnam, before he was recruited to the U.S., he had already left home to attend the National University and was living with a cousin. “She is like a big sister to me, so I didn’t feel independent living with her,” he said. “She did the cooking and took care of me and the house.” “It was not easy learning to live here,” he remembers. On my first shopping trip to the Dollar Tree, I read the sign that said everything’s a dollar. I didn’t understand why the clerk asked me to pay $1.09. In Vietnam there are no sales taxes,” he explained. “Another thing that is different in America is, when

one has a birthday over here, friends and family give them a party. In Vietnam if a person has a birthday party or celebrates [buying a new house or car] or gets a promotion he is the one who gives the party for his friends.” “In Vietnam there are street foods everywhere. There was no need for me to learn to cook. Now I have my own apartment and I have taught myself to cook. It’s totally different here, so I have taught myself to cook. Now, I can cook many Vietnamese authentic dishes. Sometimes I go to my American friends’ homes and cook Vietnamese dishes for them. “ “In Vietnam the people are honest and simple. When we first meet and want to get to know each other there are three common questions. Number one, is family status: Are you married? Have children? How much money do you make? How old are you? [In America], it is rude to ask these same questions.” Benny has adapted quickly to living in Southwest Louisiana. His English is flawless. He makes friends easily and his friends are of varied backgrounds. When he first came to the U.S., his visa was for school only. In order to start a business he attained a work visa, too. With his business, he strives to create more jobs for the local community, especially for college students. Benny is friends with the other International Students, but doesn’t do

everything with them. He steps out of his own comfort zone to learn and experience new or different things. He hopes all students who come here will try doing the same. It is refreshing to see such a young person, already a business owner, with such a vast amount of knowledge. His work ethics are impeccable. In conversation about his business, he said some applicants are more concerned about the pay than job performance. His philosophy is that it’s not all about the money earned. Some non-monetary benefits that follow are experience, knowledge, self-satisfaction, confidence, and reputation. When Benny Nguyen receives a Bachelor’s Degree in December 2014 at McNeese State University, he

will have amassed more than enough credits to graduate. These extra credits represent hours of work and study. This doesn’t bother Benny. He is confident that the knowledge gained from them will benefit him in the future. There isn’t an official Thanksgiving Day in Vietnam, but Benny says he has a lot to be thankful for. When asked how he will celebrate this year, he said he might give thanks at a friend’s home or check out one of the large community celebrations around here where everyone is welcome. For more information on Ben Nguyen and the collegiate marketplace visit

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Noon-3pm • Monday-Friday Passion and Purpose Statement Luke 14:23 & Eph 4:11 Cullen Washington-General Manager Vanessa Washington-Station Manager Shawndreka Washington-Account Executive

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by Angie Kay Dilmore In the late summer/early fall of 1965, Marine Corporal Donald “Donnie” Ray Stevens battled in the jungles of Vietnam, serving his country and fighting Communist North Vietnam. On October 14 of that year, at age 19, Donnie was killed in a firefight by a Viet Cong grenade. He was the first Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana native to be killed in action in the Vietnam War. At a dedication ceremony this past September, family and friends gathered at the Goosport Recreation Center to rename the facility the Cpl. Donald Ray Stevens Community Center. The Center is located at 1619 Cessford St. in North Lake Charles, near the home on Gieffers St. where Donnie grew up with his parents and an older brother and sister. Cleveland “Dickey” Paul also grew up in the Goosport neighborhood. He and Donnie played together at the park as children. “He was a good guy, a gentle guy, and he was a fantastic artist. He was born with it; no formal training at all. When we were in grade school, if the teacher wanted some art work done, she went to Donnie.” After two years of his own tour in Viet Nam, Paul pursued a caPAGE 16

Cpl. Donald Ray Stevens

reer in commercial art. “Donnie was my inspiration,” he says. As a boy, Donnie dreamed of becoming a soldier. He was athletic, big for his age, and played on the high school football team. After high school, his parents, Aristile and Ora Mae

Stevens, wanted Donnie to go to college, but he felt called to serve and joined the Marines in 1963. He promised his parents he would continue his education after his enlistment. Donnie was well-liked and respected. In the service, he was a leader and

quickly moved up the ranks to corporal. In his letters to home, he spoke of becoming an entrepreneur, possibly opening a restaurant. He never had the chance. Though Donnie was the first soldier from the Lake area killed in Viet Nam, he was far from the last. Fifty-five servicemen from Southwest Louisiana died in that war; forty-one from Calcasieu Parish. The newly renamed Cpl. Donald Ray Stevens Community Center features a shadowbox of Donnie’s war memorabilia, including his photo, a plaque, medals and patches, certificates, and the American flag. In life, Donnie inspired people. With his life memorialized through this community center, he will continue to touch and encourage the lives of others.

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Veterans Day Events: These events are free and open to the public.

The United States Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus. November 7, 2014, 7.00 p.m.

in the Rosa Hart Theatre at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Obtain free tickets through the Army Field Band website ( or from the Lake Charles Civic Center Box Office.

Veterans Day Observance Ceremony Presented by the City of Lake Charles Mayor’s Armed Forces Commission

Saturday, November 8, 2014, 10:00 a.m. at Veterans Memorial Park, Lakeshore Dr., Lake Charles. Guest speaker Brigadier General William B. Hickman, Commanding General, JRTC and Fort Polk, La. Special recognition to the recently established VVA Chapter 1098. Gumbo Cook-off and Kids Fun Zone to follow ceremony.

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4


, d a D y M o r e H y M years we’ve seen modern medicine expand to By Kris Welcome new heights, but we still have so many ailments Cancer strikes many famstriking our societies ilies with unbearable grief and that haven’t seen a great strain. Pancreatic cancer aclevel of advancement. counts for 3% of all cancers and Cancer has caused me 7% of cancer deaths accordto experience the greating to November est emotional pain that is a time to raise awareness I’ve come to know yet. on the devastation brought It was Christmas break on by pancreatic and pros2010 and I was a freshtate cancer. Over the past few


Roach Law Building 2917 RYAN STREET 433-8504




Kris Welcome pictured with his dad, C. L. Russell, J r.

man in college when I got a phone call no child ever wants to receive. My dad had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it didn’t seem promising. At 18, I had been forced to deal with a situation I didn’t think I would deal with until years later. The reality of what was happening really placed a damper on my life. I felt that it was impossible to sustain my sanity with my studies knowing that my dad was fighting the battle of his life at the same time. I felt guilty for not being able to do anything and I couldn’t stand to think of the possibility that my dad wouldn’t be around to witness my greatest accomplishments. Although cancer affects the

patient directly, the emotional toll on the families who care for them is also great. My father lived over two years past his expectancy and showed me that there is life in positivity. He didn’t complain about his pain and chose to continue working, while carrying a case that controlled a constant drip of chemotherapy drugs and underwent radiation. Watching him maintain a positive lifestyle through the ugliness he was living spoke volumes of his character. Growing up, my dad often told me that a man’s strength is measured by how strong he is in his weakest moments. As a young man witnessing his journey, he became a point of validity in getting me to understand his life lessons. I marveled at how easy he made

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4


NOW LEASING it look and it, at times, made me forget that he was even sick. Pancreatic cancer is very painful and has a high mortality rate. Death is one of the most fascinating tragedies of biology and watching it happen over a period of time is hard. Your pancreas works to ensure proper functions of the liver and small intestines. I watched as my father couldn’t hold down any of the food he ate, lost so much weight in a short amount of time, and could barely stand up. My heart hurt every time I thought about his struggle. After dealing with this in my own personal life, I have so much respect for anyone who has survived cancer. My father fought in the Vietnam War and was exposed

to Agent Orange, a chemical used in warfare that had many negative effects on those who came into contact with it. Some, like my father, didn’t have any issues until years later. The Agent Orange caused my fathers body to develop cancer decades after his tenure in Vietnam. In Southwest Louisiana chemical plants are a common source of income for families. Although the money is enough to keep families above the poverty line, the family members who work diligently at these facilities seem to be put at risk in developing several types of ailments. Ensure your loved ones are always on top of their game when it comes to getting check-ups by not letting ‘little’ symptoms slip past them.

Remaining aware is the key to life and now is the time to raise awareness to anyone who may be at risk for developing life-changing ailments. Health is the greatest gift we are given, therefore, the least we can do is make sure we do all we can to maintain it.

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Gone But Not Forgotten: By Cory Conner Many area residents may be surprised to hear that Southwest Louisiana was once home to one of America’s earliest military airfields and a strategic Air Force base that trained bomber crews in the early years of the Cold War. When America joined World War I in April of 1917 the U.S. Army Signal Corps, predecessor to the U.S. Air Force, was not prepared to fight against the

Construction of Gerstner Field began in August of 1917 approximately fifteen miles southeast of Lake Charles and was completed four months later. The airfield consisted of barracks, mess halls, workshops, a hospital, and twenty-four hangers capable of housing over one hundred airplanes. The personnel at the base had to deal with harsh living conditions caused by a severe mosquito problem, poor drainage, and over popula-

A Look Back At Former Military Bases of Southwest Louisiana ning of American military avi- Force Base was renamed Chenation by graduating 499 pilots nault Air Force Base in memory and test flying one of the first air of U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Claire ambulances.

Gerstner Field in Hurricane Damage at hives y of Mcneese State University Arc August 1918 Photos courtes Chennault Air Force Base had humble beginnings as a small municipal airport in Lake Charles. In 1941 the airport was leased to the Army to be used as a training field for fighter pilots Gerstner Field, ap and in 1943 the Army began to proximately fiftee n miles southeast train B-26 bomber crews there. of Lake Charles Lake Charles Army Airfield was deactivated in 1946 but it would superior air forces of the Cennot stay closed for long. In 1951 tral Powers. In an effort to inthe base was re-opened as Lake crease the number of American tion; many enlisted men had to Charles Air Force Base and bepilots the Signal Corps began live in tents. In August of 1918 came one of the homes for the to search for locations to build a major hurricane struck the global bomber fleet. The majorpilot training schools. Lake area that injured many men and ity of airplanes used on the base Charles was chosen as one of damaged the majority of build- were B-29s and B-47s. In 1953 an the locations primarily because ings and airplanes. Despite the air refueling squadron was actiof the lobbying efforts of the challenges Gerstner Field faced, vated on the base. On Novemlocal Chamber of Commerce. it played a key role in the begin- ber 14th, 1958 Lake Charles Air PAGE 20

Lee Chennault, commander of the Flying Tigers in China during World War II. In the early 1960s the Air Force began to replace its bombers with guided missile systems and gradually shutdown or relocate the bombardment wings at Chennault. The last bombardment wing was transferred off the base in 1963 and the facility was later transferred to the Chennault International Airport Authority. Today Chennault International Airport is a large industrial airport that has over one million square feet of hanger/warehouse space and a runway long enough for the world’s largest airplanes to land on.

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

Drive a Firestone Tour Trailer Slow-Growing Prostate Cancer by Cecely Clark We have heard a lot recently about breast cancer awareness, and we are becoming more aware as a society of our risks for heart disease and diabetes, but it is crucial to realize that as men get older, they also have their own health concerns to contemplate. It is important for them to see their doctor regularly, and one thing the doctor will want to verify is prostate health. Prostate cancer is a disease that needs careful case-by-case consideration. If diagnosed with this disease, it is important to consider not only the overall information, but also it is vital to understand each person’s specific circumstances. Many men live for years with a slow-growing form of the disease without any change to their overall health picture. However, there are also cases of fast-growing prostate cancer, and these must be treated aggressively in order to avoid the risk of cancer spreading to other areas of the body, because, like any other cancer, when prostate cancer metastasizes, it is quite serious, and can be fatal.

screenings when they reach age 50. If the PSA level is higher than 5, typically more tests are recommended. PSA level abnormalities alone do not indicate cancer, as levels can be high in response to infection or an enlarged prostate, which for many men is simply the result of aging. If, however, the PSA levels continue to register high with no other known cause, then a prostate biopsy is often performed. This test carries with it some risk, but it is the clearest way for physicians to evaluate whether or not a patient indeed has cancer, and whether it is a variety that is dangerous to a man’s overall health or not. The newest technology includes getting an MRI in advance of the biopsy. Those who are concerned about the safety of the biopsy, should discuss their concerns with their doctor.

Sometimes, if a biopsy finds a small amount of cancer, a repeat biopsy in 6 months is the next step. If there is no change in the diagnosis, a third biopsy is usually scheduled in a year. If, at this time, there is still no change, the cancer is confirmed to be of the slow-growing variety. Watchful waiting is the only course of acDoctors strongly suggest that tion. In other cases, where the men begin to have blood PSA cancer is found to be growing, NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4


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Cecely’s dad, Donald Wayne Savage battles slow-growing prostate cancer. Pictured holding his grandson, Gibson Wayne Clark.

treatment options include surgery, c h e m o t h e r a p y, and/or localized radiation. However, the doctor will typically consider the man’s age when determining the treatment. The older the age of the man, the more likely the doctor will be to incorporate watchful waiting. While on the other hand, the younger the man, the more proactive the approach.

Vitalized ® Immunity Ideal for everyday immune support when facing stress, pollution, poor nutrition or busy schedules

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As the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed,” which simply means advanced warning provides an advantage. So if you are a man in your 50’s or over, why not schedule an appointment with your physician and ask about having a PSA test? Younger men should ask their doctors about supplements, such as licopene or saw palmetto, which may lower the risk of developing prostate problems as they age. Remember, when it comes to health issues, it is best to be prepared with the most accurate information. Truth is a powerful ally and in the case of prostate cancer, it can make the difference between life and death.


NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

SWLA’s First Veterans Day

Come to Our

Grand Opening November

11, 1918 The Gerstner Field Band on the steps of the Calcasieu Courthouse after the peace parade . (Photo courtesy of Mcneese State University Archive


By Cory Conner On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 an armistice, or ceasefire, was signed by the Allies and Germany bringing the hostilities of World War I to an end. In many cities across America peace parades were held to celebrate the event, including one in Lake Charles. The November 12th, 1918 issue of the Lake Charles American Press reported, “Every automobile in the city was out, filled, decorated and making the most of the event.” The parade marched down Ryan St. and was briefly halted when the crowd’s attention was drawn to the sky by a formation of airplanes

from Gerstner Field. The pilots entertained the parade goers for several minutes with aerial stunts. In 1919 President Wilson declared November 11th to be known as Armistice Day and in 1938 congress passed a bill that made the day a legal holiday, a day set aside to honor World War I veterans. In 1954 congress amended the 1938 bill, legally changing the name from Armistice Day to Veterans Day, a day to honor all military veterans. Never forgetting their sacrifices Southwest Louisiana continues to honor veterans with numerous parades and events on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of every year.

We invite you to bring your family and friends to help us celebrate the opening of our new Edward Jones office. Thursday, November 6th 2-6 PM 5656 Nelson Rd, C-2 Lake Charles, LA 70605 337-477-7985

Refreshments and light snacks will be served.

We hope you will join us. Please call 337-477-7985 by October 30th. Kayla M Stark

Financial Advisor .

5656 Nelson Rd C-2 Lake Charles, LA 70605 337-477-7985


NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

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BOOK REVIEW by Bruce Sweatt With the passing of a great hero last month, I asked my Three Stooges-like crew of movie reviewers to change gears. Rather than sending the oddballs out to Cinemark to critique the latest buzz movie, I, instead, handed each one a copy of the book, Unbroken. Now, at least, I wouldn’t have to hear about Diraux’s constant popcorn smacking or question Devin as to how he spent $45 on top of the ticket I purchased. The look on their faces when I handed them the Laura Hillenbrand book about Luis Zamperini was worth the $60 I spent at Target to purchase the books. The last thing Devin read, he reminded us, was the expiration date on his fishing license—six years ago. Katie, on the other hand, likes to read she said but only as long as Team Jacob and Team Edward is involved. Diraux stared at the 473-page book as if he had been handed an infant on New Year’s Eve. None were too excited in the least bit. It doesn’t bite, I reminded them, and I need their reviews in a week. Awesome; I couldn’t put it down; I couldn’t believe that it was a real story that this one man survived all that he did; It just seemed like Hillenbrand had made it up; the cruelty he was put through made me proud to be an American—these were just a smidgen of the overwhelm-

ingly positive remarks I heard from my motley team. As we sat sipping our sweet peach Wallaby Darneds at Outback, I shared with my three reviewers how the book inspired me. When I first began reading about Lucky Louie I could relate to him. I, like Zamperini, was a misfit who struggled through high school, but where he turned to track I began drawing. I never reached the level of success like Zamp did by reaching the Olympics, but we both enlisted in the military shortly after graduating. Through all the misery and unbelievable sadism he experienced I was inspired. In fact, it got to be so cruel for Zamperini that he once claimed he would commit suicide if he had to face the same ordeal a second time, claims the Washington Post. During the time I read it, I was enrolled at McNeese and I thought how could I grouse about all the late night studying and exams when this World War II hero never let his sadistic situation get the better of him or even complain about his struggles. The book is such an easy read like her previous best-seller, Seabiscuit. “The way Hillenbrand described the long distance running,” Devin continued, “made me want to put on my old gym shoes and go run…almost. Well, no it didn’t, but she made the races very exciting; I was on the edge of my seat.” Everyone had a hearty laugh as we watched him

finish off the Bloomin’ Onion in record time. “I read through it in three days,” Diraux remarked. “In fact,” he continued, “I called off a date on Saturday so I could stay at home and read.” “That’s a lie,” gurgled Devin through his food-stuffed mouth. “Sure did! Told her my ride was on flats,” bragged the 20-year-old. Katie, still twirling her hair and blowing bubbles with her gum, said she read it while laying out poolside at L’Auberge. “Reading how he was being attacked by all the

sharks day after day on that flimsy raft kept me out of the pool,” quipped the young, blonde nurse. “You do know, Katie, they removed all the sharks from the pool before they opened, don’t you,” joked Devin. “Yes, Devin, it is a law. You can’t have sharks in a pool,” retorted the 20-something-year-old. Diraux turns his eyes skyward, and his lips betray his pleading with God to help the poor, young woman get through life. Devin just shakes his head. He never stops eating.


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NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

“Customize Ribbon”; choose “Main Tabs”; look to the right and you will see “Developer” and make sure that the box is checked and press “OK”; it will appear at the top of the Ribbon. Now you can start using the “Developer” to create your “tab, tab, tab” template. I can send you a video that shows in detail how to create the template in detail if you email me at or .

files. After your system crashes or gets infected by a vicious virus it can sometimes be too late to find a backup device. You could possibly lose ALL your files that you have saved on your computer…

Tony asked: If my AntiVirus Software tells me that it doesn’t recommend that I open a file that I have received in my email, is it okay to open it and then decide if it is from someone I know?

Thank you for the questions and may you Terry asked: How can I sehave a blessed day. lect one sentence in Word? If you need further explanation of any of the following answers, please email me at and I will be happy to give more details.

Wanda asked: How do you create a template in Word that you can use for a standard letter to send out at different times that gives you the ability to “tab, tab, tab” to get to the different parts of the document and add text? You first of all have to find out if you have the “Developer” command available. In Word, it will probably be shown at the top of the “Ribbon” to the right as probably the last command option. If not, click on “Quick Access” drop down in the upper left corner of the “Ribbon”. Choose “More Commands”. At the top you will see in the dialog box on the left

Well, if someone told you that someone else besides the person that you know packed your parachute, would you still want to make that jump? It is true that Hold the “Ctrl” button on the it could work perfectly fine but lower left of the keyboard down what if… and then Click into the sentence that you want to select. Remem- What I am saying is that if and ber that whatever format you are ANTIVIRUS software told you going to do to that sentence will that it doesn’t feel good about the affect every word in that sen- file or attachment sent to you on tence. You could then hold down an email, NO, I do not think that the “Ctrl” button again and then you should open it. If you declick on “B” and it will format cide to anyway then you already the whole sentence by bolding it. flipped that coin, so to speak. While you are still holding down But if your computer starts dothe “Ctrl” button you can also ing some crazy things in the next click the letter “I” and the whole few days, think back about that sentence will be italicized. decision…not as drastic as the parachute not opening but your Laura asked: Can I backup computer might have to go to the Hospital, so to speak. all files on a “Thumb Drive”? First of all you need to make sure that your “Thumb Drive” is large enough to “Save” your files on. A “Jump Drive” is usually considered the same thing. Always consider some way of saving your

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

but there are plenty of “ridiculous answers”! Let me help! Sign up for my Classroom Classes at by clicking on “Sign Up Here”! If you are interested in learning how to use the computer in the very basis level to the advanced level please sign up for the Saturday Classes or call to schedule the Tuesday or Thursday Evening Classes. Excel Classes begin on November 8 and are taught on all levels. My computers are loaded with Windows 7 and some are Windows 8.1 and I also will be teaching Classes on the new Microsoft Surface Tablets. If I am teaching on Windows 7 I use those computers. I can accommodate…

Email your questions to Mr. Carl at or call him at 337.477.4400. Add your questions to my Blog at . Remember there are no “stupid questions”,


Nomica Guillory:

Helping People Realize Their Potential by Kris Welcome In today’s society there are many women who are making revolutionary moves in the world we live in. Nomica Guillory is one of those women right here in Southwest Louisiana. Nomica Guillory is the administrator of a career tech college that has 6 campuses across Louisiana that readily prepares students for promising careers in the medical field including: Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy, Physical Therapy Tech, Medical Assistant, and Dental Assistant programs to name a few. Unitech Training Academy-Lake Charles campus has recently been noted as having some


of the greatest graduation and job placement ratings in the state! “It all starts with helping people realize their potential,” Guillory states as the reason her program in Lake Charles has succeeded. “I’m sure that we have these ratings because we at Unitech believe everyone has a purpose and must achieve.” Nomica has a fascinating story that embodies turning what could have been tragedy into triumph! Becoming a mom at 16 was not in the plan for Guillory and caused her many hardships in her journey. When she completed high school at La Grange High School Guillory states, “life hit hard… real hard.” Though we see many teen moms get written off through the harsh judgment society places on them, Guillory was determined to make it past being a statistic. Many of the students who attend Unitech come from backgrounds similar to Nomica Guillory’s, but just as she, have a zest for growth and advancement. Guillory has gone on to complete three degrees with the highest being a masters in Instructional Technology from McNeese State University and even went on to become Mrs. Louisiana! “Choosing education saved my life,” Guillory states,

“it opened doors that weren’t there before.” The belief that education is key has led her to help a number of people land careers they can be proud of. “Faith and persistence will give you great power!” And passing that on to the students at Unitech has definitely helped prove her theory accurate. When asked what drives her campus to excellence, she says, “Everyone has a journey and a story. I can’t take all of the credit for the excellence that happens here; I have an extraordinary team who helps the students find the goal and how to get there. I’m happy to have a team that is more into the outcome than the income. That’s what I attribute the success of the campus to. It’s a team effort.” Nomica is very inspiring and offers hope to people who aren’t at a place in life they want to be. Working as a motivational speaker also lines her resume as she is on a mission to uplift. Her Facebook page (Nomica Guillory) houses her minute long inspiring messages she posts to her friends across the country.

You can find more on becoming a part of the Unitech Training Academy family at www.unitechtraining

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

So, What’s so important on

November 4th?

by Bob Dewey November 4th, is the day we all get to vote on Congressional offices, Louisiana Constitutional amendments, District Attorney and District Judge, City Judges and City Marshall, Westlake Mayor and Council, local School Board members, Constables and Justices-of –thePeace. (All depending on where you live and vote.) Well, here is a “road map” that may help. The national media would have you believe that the Senate race to re-elect Mary Landrieu is the most important item on the November 4th ballot. Senator Landrieu (Democrat) is seeking her fourth 6-year term and she stresses that her Chairmanship of the Energy Committee is vital to both Louisiana and the Oil & Gas Industry. Her opponents (Republican) argue that her 18 years in the Senate are enough, she only lives in Washington, D.C., and she is “out-of-touch” with Louisiana. Of course, if the Republicans can defeat Mary and 5 other Democrat Senators, they will control the U.S. Senate. There are 14 new Constitutional Amendments to consider. The most important one is elimination of the Age Limit for Judges throughout the State. A good analysis of all the Consti-

tutional Amendments is available at All Calcasieu Parish will vote for District Attorney. Incumbent John DeRossier (Democrat) wants a third 6-year term and is challenged by attorney Christian Chesson. Only one District Judge race remains. Oliver “Jackson” Schrumpf (Democrat) looks to fill the seat vacated by Judge Kent Savoie and is opposed by Mitch Redd and David Palay (Republicans). Judge Savoie opted to run for the vacant 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal seat and has opposition from attorney Jamie Yelverton. In the City Marshall’s race, incumbent Joey Alcede is challenged by Jimmy Richard and Jeff Hopper. For Lake Charles City Court, Div. A, (an open seat) Democrats Brent Hawkins and Jamie Bice oppose Re-

NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

publican Rob McCorquodale. While in City Court, Div. B, incumbent Judge John Hood is challenged by newcomer Bryan “Forrest” Gill and attorney Ron Richard In Westlake, Lori Peterson Manuel and Bob Handley seek to become the new Mayor. Sixteen candidates are running for 5 City Council seats. Eleven of the 15 School Board members will be elected on November 4th. Several of those races bear interest: District 1-Aaron Natali being opposed by Brandon Perkins, District 2- James Menou challenging incumbent Fred Hardy, Jr. District 3- Edwina Medearis and Glenda Gay versus Bill Shearman. District 5-Ron Hayes challenging incumbent Dale Bernard. District 13- La-

bor leader Jessie Fontenot challenging incumbent Billy Breaux. And District 15- Tammy Pettis against John Duhon. The November 4th ballot is as important as it is lengthy. Everyone in Calcasieu Parish may be affected by the results of this November 4th election. Estimates of voter turnout range from 47-54% Statewide and 48-52% in Calcasieu Parish. It should be 70-75% or more.

The most important thing for you to do on Nov. 4th is to


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NOVEMBER 2014 • Volume 2 • Number 4

The Voice of Southwest Louisiana November 2014  

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