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serve as a liaison reporting for Amy if she can’t attend the meeting and as a sounding board for issues that

affect each industry. I am also serving as the speaker

coordinator for our state conference, where I hope to incorporate TNLA staff into the equation to diversify our speakers. ¶ How does that partnership benefit the green industry? ASLA knowledge and staff at

a national level bring a great deal of new insight to

Bobby Eichholz, a landscape architect and partner in Rialto Studio, Inc., serves as the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) liaison to the TNLA Board of Directors. Since 2001, he has been an active member of the Texas Chapter of ASLA, having served as its president in 2017. He recognizes the interconnected relationship between TNLA and ASLA and works to share information between the organizations, from market trends to regulatory developments and more. ¶ How long have TNLA and ASLA been partnering, and how did the partnership come about? TNLA

President and CEO Amy Graham has been joining

ASLA’s calls and attending meetings for at least five

years, maybe longer. The affiliation between ASLA and TNLA made perfect sense to us with the alignment of our respective fields and interests. Last August, I volunteered to sit on the TNLA board as I was

exiting my past president role on the ASLA Board.

My knowledge of recent ASLA national and regional

interests was and continues to be important to share with both groups.¶ What

does TNLA’s partnership with ASLA entail? I am a voting member

of the TNLA Board and serve on the EXPO Oversight Group. On

the ASLA Executive Committee I


TNLA Green September/October 2019

the TNLA Board. Issues with the national and local legislature regarding water resources and green

infrastructure are important topics that are under

scrutiny. Strength in numbers is mutually beneficial when dealing with legislative issues. I’m hoping to

partner with other allied professionals through TNLA, such as the arborists. We’re exploring relationships

with horticulture professors and college students in

the green industry. We are expanding the partnership to new areas that we hope will grow and strengthen both organizations and solidify a partnership with a common goal in mind. ¶ What do you value most about your membership in TNLA? I would have to

say the people I’ve met. I’ve met some talented and focused individuals on the board and at regional

TNLA meetings. Their drive to grow the relationship with ASLA and aligned partners has given me a

new focus. As I serve my three-year term I hope to strengthen my relationship with members of both

organizations and facilitate partnerships wherever

possible. The goal is to strengthen our relationship and pursue our common agendas. ¶ What does

it mean to you to serve on TNLA’s board? This is

an incredible opportunity and honor to be the first

to serve in this capacity. I am honored to meet and work alongside the exceptional staff and members of TNLA. In the short time I’ve been on the board

I’ve been welcomed and treated like a member of

the family. I am humbled by the level of acceptance I’ve been granted in such a short period of time

and look forward to working with members of both organizations in the coming years.

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TNLA Green September/October 2019