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Don’t Miss out on Lawn and Garden Tax Holiday This Memorial Day Weekend THIS MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND the Lawn and Garden Tax Holiday returns to Texas. It encourages responsible water use in Texas. Over Memorial Day weekend, retailers can sell select water-saving products without charging sales tax. TNLA has resources to help you get ready for the sales tax holiday, from information on how to participate, to a free marketing toolkit — complete with logos, flyers, images, social media graphics, and pre-written social media posts. Access the marketing toolkit at Items that are tax free include all products with a WaterSense label.

You can sell other water-conserving products tax-free if they are used in a residential property. You can sell items tax-free during the holiday that are used or planted for: •C  onserving or retaining groundwater; •R  echarging water tables; or •D  ecreasing ambient air temperature (limiting water evaporation). Examples of items that qualify for the exemption include a soaker or drip irrigation hose; a moisture control for a sprinkler or irrigation system; mulch; a rain barrel or an alternative

rain and moisture collection system; a permeable ground cover surface that allows water to reach underground basins, aquifers, or water collection points; plants, trees, and grasses; water-saving surfactants; and soil and compost. Participation helps to increase instore traffic and drive sales. Your customers will save water and save money. Let TNLA know you are participating, and we will add you to the participating retail garden center list. For more information visit

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