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TNLA IGNITES: A YEAR IN REVIEW and everyone in between, each business is affected by the politicians, legislators, and regulators of every stripe. Through the podcast, TNLA can keep you informed. Be sure to subscribe to “The Green Report” on iTunes or Google Play Music.


IGNITE SUCCESS Success is forged by the fire within, and this year TNLA found that every day and moment held a new adventure, another opportunity to build the groundwork for members to discover the benefits TNLA offers, helping them light the fire within their companies. TNLA continued to fan the flame and encourage members to grow their businesses by: • WORKING ONE-ON-ONE WITH STUDENTS, TNLA and its members continued to fulfill their mission to teach the next generation about what TNLA and the industry have to offer them in efforts to strengthen and build an elite workforce. For example, the Landscape Challenge at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo featured a contest in which member volunteers worked with more than 60 students, putting their landscape knowledge to the test. TNLA also stepped inside high schools and college classrooms to teach youth and soon-to-be graduates about developing a successful career path in the green industry. • REVAMPING, REFINING, AND REDESIGNING some of TNLA’s current offerings and rejuvenating them with a new look and feel provides a robust and user-friendly interface for members to stay up to date

on current TNLA happenings. These updates included providing a fresh look to TNLA Green magazine and its editorial content and also building a new, improved, and powerful Career Center website that is digitally friendly for job seekers and employers. • ENDORSING A NEW SERVICE PROVIDER in FIS Global allows members to take advantage of credit card merchant solutions and much more. • ADDING A CHILD FRIENDLY ICON TO THE BEST OF TEXAS PLANT DATABASE is just another way for the industry to provide added benefits to their product listings. TNLA’s Best of Texas Landscape Guide is a staple for industry knowledge on plants that perform best in Texas’ dynamic climate. TNLA also saw an increase in a variety of areas, including: • TNLA MEMBERS SEE THE VALUE OF THEIR MEMBERSHIP with representation by 1,278 member companies. • TNLA EXPERIENCED A SPIKE IN TEIL ENTRIES when more than 40 landscape companies submitted applications for their chance to win Gold in the Texas Excellence in Landscaping (TEIL) Awards and be recognized statewide among their industry peers and customers. • INDUSTRY GROWTH REPORTED IN THE ECONOMIC IMPACT REPORT showed that the Texas green industry generates $20.1 billion in sales. As you can see, TNLA is shining hotter than ever with you as a member. For additional information to get the most from your TNLA membership, visit

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