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TNLA IGNITES: A YEAR IN REVIEW • WEBINAR ON THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF THE GREEN INDUSTRY WITH DR. CHARLIE HALL helped get members up to speed on the current state of the industry and explained how the Texas green industry generates $22.87 billion for the economy.

TNLA made the stand and did what counted to support our members through legislative actions by:

• ONSITE CERTIFICATION TRAINING, available to employees of major corporations such as H-E-B Backyard and some of Texas’ universities, promotes the power of having a TNLA certification and growing a higher level of expertise within a particular field.

• SUPPORTING H-2B CAP RELIEF with congressional delegation visits to Washington, D.C. TNLA got a sense of the House Democrats’ direction on H-2B and pushed hard for Texans in Congress to support cap relief. TNLA was successful in meeting directly with several of Texas’ elected officials and had productive conversations, putting the pressure on federally to save H-2B.


• TRACKING OVER 300 BILLS DURING THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION to determine how bills may impact every sector within the green industry.


TNLA added fuel to the fire to keep the heat on lawmakers, both at the federal and state level this year. The entire industry came together as TNLA spoke up to protect our green industry businesses.

• ORGANIZING THE FIRST TNLA LEGISLATIVE ACTION DAY AT THE CAPITOL in which more than 50 TNLA members partnered with the Texas chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects to represent green industry professionals in Austin. Green Industry Advocacy Day at the Texas Capitol on February 26 featured a full day of meetings, including visiting with legislators and talking one-onone with key policymakers.

TNLA sat across the table with policymakers to have the hard conversations and face issues head-on while representing our members and ensuring Texas’ nursery, retail, and landscape sectors were maintained.

• PROVIDING A DIGITAL TNLA LEADER LIST allowed TNLA to keep the industry informed and engaged. Every Monday during the legislative session, the TNLA Leader List, emailed to member subscribers, provided the latest news, insights, and updates on bills affecting the green industry. TNLA tracked legislation 24/7 to protect members’ businesses.

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• PRODUCING TNLA’S FIRST-EVER PODCAST, “THE GREEN REPORT,” is a way to bring members up to date on the news and politics affecting the green industry in Texas. From growers to landscapers


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TNLA Green May/June  

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