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Friday, May 4, 2012

TNH’s Year in Review

The New Hampshire

Above: A photo of assorted fake IDs confiscated by Tedeschi’s Food Shops in downtown Durham, from the March 6 issue of TNH. About

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April The New Hampshire shared a story April 24

The New Hampshire shared a story

Campus master plan

April 20

The UNH Campus Master Plan was met with resistance by students and Durham residents alike during open forums in April. One main concern was possible development on UNH’s agricultural lands that could threaten the equestrian and dairy programs. The plan has since been amended to limit that development. It will be presented to UNH President Mark Huddleston in the fall.

Wilson wins SBP election Juniors Rob Wilson and Dylan Palmer were elected student body president and vice president, respectively. The pair Cameron Johnson/staff won 51.38 percent of the vote.

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The New Hampshire shared a photo

April 13

April 13

Greenland police chief killed

Morning crew

The Seacoast community was rocked with the shooting death of Greenland police chief Michael Maloney in a drug bust gone wrong on the night of April 12. Four other officers, including a UNH detective, were injured in the shootings. A prolonged standoff ended when the shooter, Cullen Mutrie, shot his girlfriend and killed himself. Maloney was less than two weeks away from retirement.

Michael Maloney

Sarah Cotton/former staff

March The New Hampshire shared a story The New Hampshire shared a story

March 30

No more ‘pink slime’

March 27

Community reflects on loss of ‘genuine’ man

Pettigrew, left, with his son Bobby.

Longtime MUB employee Bob Pettigrew died on March 24. He was 66 years old. Beloved by the students with whom he worked, Pettigrew’s loss was felt by many within the UNH community. Pettigrew retired from his position with SAFC in the 2011 fall semester.

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After the national uproar over “pink slime,” an additive made with beef trimmings added to ground beef, UNH Dining announced that it would not use beef products containing the “slime” any longer.

The New Hampshire shared a story March 20

Professor evaluations under review by senate The student senate took a look at the current professor evaluation form, which has not been updated since 1987. Some senators felt that the form has long been overdue for an update. The senate is currently working on a way to make professor evaluations more accessible for students, with one option being to move the evaluations to an online system.


The New Hampshire

Friday, May 4, 2012


Earlier in March The New Hampshire shared a story March 20

The New Hampshire shared a story

UNH’s disappointing season comes to an end

March 6

State agency to fund vet lab The UNH Diagnostic Lab was in danger of shutting down after massive cuts to its budget. The lab closing would have affected the approximately 200 pre-vet majors who utilize the lab and are taught by veterinarian pathologists who work at the lab. But the N.H. Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food stepped in to save the day and fund the lab’s budgetary shortcomings. The funding will last the lab through the 2013 fiscal year. Beyond that, the lab will have to find new ways of increasing its revenue.

The UNH men’s hockey team’s season came to a close with a Hockey East quarterfinals loss to Boston University. The 201112 season was the worst for the Wildcats in more than 15 years. UNH went 15-19-3, and scored just 108 goals, the least since the 1987-88 season.

Men’s hockey coach Dick Umile

February The New Hampshire shared a story February 24

The New Hampshire shared a story

Closing time for Ballards

Susan Doucet/staff

February 21

The owner of Ballards Restaurant decided to close shop in late February, much to the chagrin of many students and local patrons. The popular bar will be replaced by Aroma Joe’s, a local coffee chain. It is set to open at some point during the summer.

America’s Freshman

The New Hampshire shared a story

Julie fortin/staff

Feb. 7

After cuts, programs to provide reviews

The New Hampshire shared a story Feb. 3

Following massive state budget cuts, UNH had each college provide academic reviews that assessed the merits and relevance of each department within the colleges. As of early May, the review process is nearly over and departmental cuts are expected to come in the near future.

Life without parole

The New Hampshire shared a story Feb. 3

Residents protest treatment of immigrant workers

Nick B. Reid/Former Staff

Griffin Kiritsy, a senior at UNH, is the unintentional subject in one of America’s most beloved memes, the “College Freshman.” Kiritsy’s face is plastered all over the internet in a meme that pokes fun at a freshman’s typical ignorance and poor decision-making.

Local activists protested the alleged mistreatment of immigrant workers by a contractor employed to help build the Cottages of Durham. Eight immigrant workers allegedly worked 70-80 hours a week without pay. The workers have since been compensated, although little else is known about their status.

Kevin McGregor

Kevin McGregor was found guilty of first-degree murder, felony murder, attempted aggravated robbery, and felony menacing in the shooting death of UNH football player Todd Walker. Walker was shot and killed by McGregor on University Hill in Boulder, Colo., during spring break of 2011. The 23-year-old McGregor was sentenced to life without parole. Key to the case was the testimony of Elizabeth Roach, who was walking to her home with Walker when McGregor tried to rob them and pulled his weapon.

January The New Hampshire shared a story The New Hampshire shared a story Jan. 31

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Jan. 31

Stabbing on campus One student was stabbed, and subsequently hospitalized, during an early-morning brawl near Adams Tower. Eric Salovitch, 21, of Raymond, was charged with first-degree assault in connection with the stabbing, while Daniel Robbins, 21, of Tamworth, was charged with second-degree assault. The student who was stabbed, Narthan Dignan, 19, of Hudson, underwent emergency surgery at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. Dignan has since fully recovered from his injuries.



Friday, May 4, 2012

The New Hampshire

December The New Hampshire shared a story Dec. 6

The New Hampshire shared a story

Stunning heartbreaker

Dec. 6

NH student debt average highest in nation According to the Project on Student Debt, debt for college students in New Hampshire is the highest in the country. In the Granite State, students average $31,048 of debt. Schools in the University System of New Hampshire, including UNH, have struggled to cope with massive state budget cuts. In the summer of 2011, the state legislature cut 48 percent of USNHʼs budget. As the schools begin to see the long-term effects of the budget slashing, student debt is only expected to go up in New Hampshire.


The UNH football team lost in heartbreaking fashion when a last second extra point attempt missed off of the upright against Montana St. in the FCS playoffs. UNH lost the game, 26-25. The game marked the end of quarterback Kevin Deckerʼs career. Decker had a banner senior season, winning the CAA offensive player of the year.

November The New Hampshire shared a photo album Nov. 22

The New Hampshire shared a story Nov. 15

Avicii concert

Budget cuts may halt Amtrak service to UNH A November budget proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives prohibited the use of federal funds provided to Amtrak to back operating costs of state-supported trains. If passed, the Downeaster train that stops at the Dairy Bar may have had to discontinue itʼs stop in Durham. A spending agreement was reached that allowed the Downeaster to continue making its stop at UNH.

The New Hampshire shared a story Nov. 8

Drug bust at ATO



Eleven members of UNHʼs Alpha Tau Omega fraternity were arrested on the morning of Nov. 6 in connection with a drug investigation. It sped up the revoking of the charterʼs chapter, which was then ongoing. Most charges have since been nolle prossed, but ATO remains unrecognized and the house deserted.




The New Hampshire

Friday, May 4, 2012


October Like The New Hampshire on Facebook. The New Hampshire shared a story

The New Hampshire shared a story Oct. 31


Oct. 21

Two frats fall

Julie Fortin/Staff

Tau Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega lost recognition from the university due to separate incidents. ATO was involved with charges including a violation of the university’s underage drinking policy, and TKE lost recognition from its national headquarters.

The New Hampshire shared a story Oct. 14

UNH students experience Occupy Wall Street

Tyler Mcdermott and Julie Fortin/Staff

UNH Homecoming weekend was combined with the Halloween holiday to create a fun-filled weekend for the campus and Durham community. The weekend featured football, costumes, alumni, and an unseasonable snowstorm. Alex freid/contributing

UNH junior Alex Freid experienced the Occupy Wall Street movement first-hand in New York City on the first day of the protest. The movement originated from AdBusters, a Canadian anti-consumerist online magazine, and called for civil protest against economic inequality.

The New Hampshire shared a photo Oct. 7

Best Seat in the House

The New Hampshire shared a story Oct. 7

Huddleston projects budget deficit of $21 million


TNH We have Issues

“Even after the savings made possible by our short-term measures, we anticipate a deficit of approximately $2.2 million in the current fiscal year and a growing structural deficit of $13 million and $21 million in the two years following,” President Huddleston said in a letter posted to the Campus Journal.

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Raya al-hashmi/Contributing



Friday, May 4, 2012

The New Hampshire

September The New Hampshire shared a story Sept. 27

UNH delays decision to ban energy drinks

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Leasing begins for Cottages of Durham, while expected completion still set for 2012-2013

Raya Al-Hashmi/Contributing

After originally announcing that UNH would discontinue the sale of energy drinks all on-campus locations and vending machines beginning in 2012, UNH President Mark Huddleston decided to delay the decision until further data could be collected. The president later repealed the decision altogether.

The New Hampshire shared a story


Capstone Development Corp. began setting up leasing with students for the yet-to-be completed Cottages of Durham development. The housing complex will have 141 units and 619 beds. Amenities of the cottages include private bedrooms, bathrooms, courtyard and balcony options, a free gym, and a pool area. The cottages are set to be completed in August, 2012.

The New Hampshire shared a story Sept. 16

‘Weathered, but unbroken’

Sept. 13

Ten years later, UNH remembers 9/11/01 With the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, upon the country, the UNH community shared memories of the fateful day and looked at what has changed. Political science professor Alynna Lyon said of the event: “All these things that you tend to think are secure in your world, non-threatening, became very threatening. Buildings didn’t seem to be structurally sound, airplanes could fall out of the sky at any minute.”

Julie fortin/Staff

During President Mark Huddleston’s State of the University address, he discussed the recent 50 percent slash in state funding to higher education.

The New Hampshire shared a photo Sept. 16

UNH runs on Dunkin’

John De Guzman / courtesy

Julie fortin/Staff

TNH “The TNH” is redundant

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