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From an Idea to a Mission • Founded by CEO Neeraj Kapoor and President Stephen Chen in 2008 • 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization • 17 university chapter sites and growing • Over 22,000 tutoring requests • Over 11,000 hours of tutoring • 600+ tutors in 49 states

From an Idea to a Mission 2008 Foundation was founded by CEO Neeraj Kapoor and President Stephen Chen

2013 Foundation is 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization

Our Priority Personalized Mentorships

Partnership Priority Hours with Accountable Tutors

Students from Underserved Communities

College and Test Preparation

Free K-12 Core Curriculum Tutoring

Accountable, Safe, and Monitored Accountability



• Tutors are background checked and interviewed. Certification exams are administered to determine competency in subject areas they will tutor.

• Students and tutors hold tutoring sessions via an online whiteboard system. Privacy regulation is enforced, and both sides can opt out of webcam usage.

• All sessions are recorded, and online surveys are provided afterwards. Abusive or offending tutors are quickly flagged and wiped out of the system.

PARTNERSHIPS Teachers + Tutors = Solutions

Teacher Involvement • We, as the teacher support squad, can provide: • Year-long personalized mentoring and schoolwork guidance • Subject competency evaluation • Priority hours (guaranteed tutors at a guaranteed time of day)

• Teachers are the champions behind this effort. We ask that those we partner with have the skills to implement this service by providing: • Performance evaluation of progress of tutored students • Access to computers and microphones (Contact us if you need supplies; we can provide these items.) • Time and space to accompany students during priority hours • And finally…a deep commitment to the success of all students!

Partnership Case Study Dorris Place Elementary School Learn To Be is currently working with its flagship program at Dorris Place Elementary, located in East Los Angeles. LTB tutors work with struggling 6th graders 3 times a week in core math concepts.


The average percent increase that students improved after working only with Learn to Be tutors. This increase is based on a statemandated periodic assessment exam before and after 8 weeks of tutoring.

Parent Involvement • Teachers are the support system, and parents are the cornerstone providers at the home. • Some ideas for getting parents involved: • School assembly with tour of website and available services • Periodic e-mail communications or progress notes sent home with student • Surveying value of Learn To Be tutoring service from the home

• For parents, we offer evening tutoring sessions especially during the school year. We provide: • Mentorship program for personalized tutoring at home • On-demand session requests with text alerts to standby tutors

Onboard Team Effort Students

Teachers and Administrators

We are but one part of the linkage, but we can strengthen the interconnected relationship via free, available tutoring.



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