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When Seeking the Very Best of Young Professionals Choose TAFE NSW WSI’s T-next Magazine… EDUCATION TRAINING CAREER




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INTRODUCTION T-next magazine targets 145,000 Talented young people Training at TAFE Western Sydney Institute. These are the young people who in a year or two will have launched themselves into the business community and will be influencing planning and buying in Western Sydney and beyond. As the next generation of business leaders, they are thinking about it now, they are already looking closely at opportunities that are likely to present when they graduate. T-next is a means to nurture and inform them and the people around them with exciting information about what’s going on in Western Sydney’s business and industry world, to help them to understand and evaluate their next step as professionals and see where they can fit. With 10 issues a year, the information will keep coming, constantly updating and expanding their underlying interest in the working world they are about to enter. Every issue will include a success story of one of many TAFE graduates. There are to be regular features on research projects being undertaken in and around Western Sydney. Pages will be allocated to ‘Planning to Start a Business’, this feature will be of interest to thousands of young entrepreneurs who are completing their final years of study. Among many other features every issue, there will be information and stories from the environment in which they ‘live’ ... the TAFE WSI campus, providing important information about courses and TAFE’s learning processes. This magazine is a great opportunity for young professionals to participate in a real commercial project and put their finger on the pulse of local business and industry while they are still at their student’s desk. T-next targets the need to participate in our regional development by focussing on our young adults and their future. Potential sponsors and advertisers have a great opportunity to partner with T-next to help provide students with a confident platform from which they can launch themselves into a successful career. There is no other path that provides such a credible way to engage these important people and excite them about the potential of our region as they plan for their future. Influencing students’ ideas and their future spending patterns will be an inevitable result of good journalism, modern stimulating design and intelligent advertising. Not only will T-next reach the students but also three thousand TAFE staff, who influence their future. The magazine will be available to 140,000 year nine, ten, eleven and twelve students and their families, regional apprenticeship organisations and seventeen hundred Western Sydney Institute Business Partners. For students who intend to seek employment in their chosen field, there will be articles about opportunities and about students from earlier years who have found career success in Western Sydney. T-next will naturally highlight job offers and advertise positions vacant. The other great opportunity of course is for business leaders and Industry managers to reach the next generation of talent that will drive Western Sydney to its destiny for growth and prosperity. T-next offers a unique conduit to put ideas for products and services in front of this exciting group of young professionals and entrepreneurs.

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T-next magazine targets 145,000 talented young people training at TAFE Western Sydney Institute.

CIRCULATION, DISTRIBUTION AND READERSHIP T-next is distributed free of charge from an extensive network of speciallydesigned magazine stands. More than sixty stands are permanently installed in high traffic areas, entrances and canteens of all TAFE WSI’s colleges. Magazines are available for a free pick up for all students, staff and visitors. T-next is also available for a subscription for a fee of $69.95 for 10 issues for interested subscribers who wish to receive the magazine by mail in the comfort of their home or office. READERSHIP 145,000 TAFE WSI students 3,000 TAFE WSI staff 140,000 Year 9-12 school students and their parents School principals, school careers advisors and staff Apprenticeship organisations and other associated bodies 1,700 TAFE WSI business associates

T-next magazine, Media Kit

T-next is distributed from an extensive network of specially -designed magazine stands.

ONLINE EXPOSURE AND PRESENCE T-next magazine is presented online in three formats: 1. PDF files for those who would like to read online and/or download and print any issue 2. Flipbook for a more more enjoyable online reading experience 3. All articles will be available online in the T-next Magazine Blog. This allows a comfortable search by category, contributor’s company name and contributing writer’s name. Companies-advertisers and contributors have a chance to link their websites to their own sections in the T-next Blog.

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MAGAZINE SPECIFICS 10 issues per year, published monthly February to November. The ‘Summer Break’ issue will be published in November for NovemberDecember-January period. Size - 210mm x 275mm Circulation - 10,000 copies per issue, 100,000 copies per annum Subscription - $69.95 pa 45-50 pages are to be allocated to contributors/advertisers in every issue TAFE Western Sydney Institute offers extensive vocational skills and trades training across a wide range of industries. Work and industry areas covered by TAFE WSI students include:

Business and Financial Services Health and Community Services Tourism and Hospitality Information Technology Building and Construction Hair, Beauty and Personal Services Manufacturing Engineering Environment and Sustainable Practices Primary Industry Transport and Logistics

T-next magazine, Media Kit

Automotive Services Arts and Media General Education, Literacy, Numeracy Employment Preparation Multicultural and Equity Services Childcare and Early Childhood Studies Electrical and Refrigeration Services Horticulture and Floristry Agriculture and Animal Care Workplace Health and Safety Equine and Horse Industry Studies

10 issues, 100,000 copies per year, published monthly.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES This sponsorship opportunity is important for both businesses and students. It’s anticipated that the magazine will have a high retention and re-read rate, because it provides a window of possibilities for all its student readers. It ‘lands on their desk’ regularly during the most intense period of thinking about the direction their future will take. Sponsorships rather than casual advertising, puts a sponsor’s name on the page time after time, this repetition is likely to prompt a high percentage of prospects into exploring sponsors’ options. Enterprises linked to any of the above industries have opportunity to sponsor sections of the T-next magazine and so advertise their services and tap into the broader interests of thousands of students, their families, other business, community and education groups to whom this magazine will be made available. General/Major T-next Magazine Sponsorship - $150,000+GST for ten consecutive issues (period of one year). Includes: priority position on the Sponsors listing page, General Sponsor’s logo to be placed next to the page numbers (10mm x 7mm max), two-page inside-front advertising spread. Four-page Success Story Sponsorship - $45,000+GST for ten consecutive issues (period of one year). Includes: a listing on the Sponsors page, “Proudly sponsored by...” sub-head positioned in the top left corner on left-hand pages of the Success Story, an advertisement on the fourth page of the Success Story. TAFE WSI’s Content Sponsorship - $55,000+GST for ten consecutive issues (period of one year) for a six-page section or $75,000+GST for a ten-page section on Research study/Industry articles Includes: a listing on the Sponsors page, “Proudly sponsored by...” sub-head positioned in the top left corner on left-hand pages of the TAFE material, an advertisement on the last page of the TAFE section. Other Sections below of T-next magazine are available for Sponsorship - $35,000+GST pa per Section: Career opportunities Planning your own business Jobs Connect/Job candidates Job offers/position vacant Includes: a listing on the Sponsors page, “Proudly sponsored by...” sub-head positioned in the top left corner on left-hand pages of the Section sponsored, priority placement of the Sponsor’s article and the advertisement in the Section sponsored.

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This sponsorship opportunity is important for both businesses and students.


2-page spread (full page article +full page ad) - $2,700-$3,900+GST Article contribution - $1,000-$1400+GST Full page ad - $1,800-$2,700+GST Half page ad - $1,200-$1,700+GST Quarter page ad - $700-$900+GST Career opportunities/position vacant/Classifieds - $12+GST per line Third party advertisers: (those who are not TAFE Business Partners) 2-page spread (full page article + full page ad) - $3,200-$4,900+GST Article contribution - $1,300-$1900+GST Full page ad - $2,400-$3,600+GST Half page ad - $1,600-$2,300+GST Quarter page ad - $900-$1,200+GST Career opportunities/Position vacant/Classifieds - $12.50+GST per line

Video Production/Interviews/Company Profiles/ Product Profiles – from $250+GST per minute

T-next magazine, Media Kit

ARTWORK/DESIGN Full page ad - $500+GST Half page ad - $400+GST Quarter page ad - $400+GST Jobs Connect/Career opportunities/ Position vacant/Classifieds - $80+GST if required for custom ads Commissioned journalism - $0.75+GST per word ($0.50+GST for Partners) Naturally with a high percentage of valuable reading in the magazine, sponsorship and advertising space is limited. If we have any concern about the production of a great and valuable magazine, it is that we will be over-subscribed. It is a commercial venture of course, but the more we explore the possibilities for T-next, the more excited we have become about the value of the service that it will provide for those 100,000 TAFE students and for those who will follow in the years to come. The conduit that T-next will provide for its readers is as much a service for sponsors and advertisers whose information is vital for students and mentors to make the best possible plan for the future.

T-next magazine, Media Kit

CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 1300 889 132 Postal Address: PO Box 7519 Baulkham Hills BC 2153

T-next magazine, Media Kit

T-next magazine is published by GWP Media for TAFE NSW WSI Š Copyright GWP Media 2013

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T-next Media Kit 2014

T-next Media Kit 2014  

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