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Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University

Establishment of RAU

The University was established in 1997 based on intergovernmental agreement between Russian Federation and Republic of Armenia

Status of RAU RAU has the status of public educational institution of higher education. Article 13 of the intergovernmental agreement:

“The licensing, state accreditation, quality control, assignment of qualification and diplomas are defined by Ministries of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia�.

Academic programs of RAU

Currently, the University offers:  22 bachelor programs;  4 specialist programs;  42 master programs;  50 PhD programs.

Institutes (faculties) of RAU  Institute of Economics and Business  Institute of Law and Politics  Institute of Humanities  Institute of Mathematics and Higher Technology  Institute of Media and Advertisement



Migration and Higher Education – Building Skills And Capacity (UNIMIG), 4th call – Tbilisi State University, Georgia


Armenian Coordination Agency “University - Employer” (ARARAT), 5th call - Armenian State University of Economics, Armenia


Informatics and Management: Bologna-style Qualifications Frameworks (INARM), 5th call - Universitet Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej, Poland


Development of New Modules For International Bachelor and Master Programmes in Sustainable Tourism Management (SuToMa), 5th call – JADE University, Germany


5. Promoting Quality And Recognition Of Transnational Education In Armenia And Georgia (TNE QA), 6th call - French University in Armenia 6. Developing Medical Genetics Education through Curriculum Reforms and Establishment of Postgraduate Training Programs (MedGen), 6th call - Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi , Armenia

7. A Network for Developing Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine (LEAGUE) , 6th call - Linnaeus University, Sweden


8. Promoting Educational Organization Through People (PEOPLE), 6th call - Kazakh Economic University, Kazakhstan

9. Implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks in Armenia (ARMENQA), 6th call - Linköping University, Sweden 10. Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative in Eastern Neighbouring Area (BME ENA), 6th call – University of Patras, Greece

Licensing and accreditation  License for performing educational activity MoES of two countries.  Licenses for the academic programs - MoES of the RF, on the basis of which the MoES of RA automatically recognizes all licensed programs.

 Accreditation of the University is carried out every five years, by the Accreditation Agency of the Russian Federation.

Role of RAU in the project  participation in the trainings;

 revise its internal quality assurance unit with regards to functions, roles and regulatory framework;  conduct the synopsis of home and host country standards and procedures;  development and formulation of internal and external QA standards and procedures for TNE providers in line with OECD/UNESCO guidelines;

Role of RAU in the project (cont.)

 participate in the pilot accreditations, revise the developed tools drawing on the recommendations of the external peer-review panel,  participate in the quality control and monitoring of the project,  dissemination activities (conferences, development of brochures and guidelines);  participation in PGB activities,  participation in project management.

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Rau presentation tne qa  
Rau presentation tne qa