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The northern Beauty Company

T H E D AY O F B E A U T Y I N D E N M A R K We are happy to present the participation of The Northern Beauty Company at BEAUTY14, the day of beauty in Denmark. Our vision for the participation was to draw attention toward our brands, and to welcome our many existing customers in the industry. Over the weekend, we welcomed more than

1,000 guests, representatives from the press, bloggers, suppliers and other stakeholders from the beauty industry. 18 staff members represented our company in our more than 240 square metres stand. We look forward to welcome you at our stand at the BEAUTY15 fair, next year. Thank you for your interest. Jonas Markou - CEO


A FEW HOURS UNTIL OPENING We only had a few hours to get our 240 square metres stand ready. All the equipment filled up four trucks and weighed several tons. The staff of 30 people managed the setting up in only 2 hours and 30 minutes.



T H E L O V E LY B A B O R T E A M BABOR was represented with four employees: Christine Wild (to the left), Eva Bohn (in the middle), Lina-Marie Heinrichs (to the right) and Petra Lauble-Bau, who, with their great expertise, gave our customers and

others interested a thorough presentation of BABOR. We had several competitions, including two winners of a start-up kit at a value of DKK 20,000 and 25 winners of our BABOR SPA competition. Approximately 900 goodie bags were handed out.


AR-FRI There was a great interest for our innovative, scar-tissue treatment, brand Ar-Fri. The product was demonstrated by special occupational therapist and product manager Kirsten Pedersen, who has many years of experience with treatment of scar tissue patients.

N AT R A C U R E One of our very popular brands, NatraCure, was represented by Steve Tomlinson from the manufacturer PolyGel. Interested and existing customers got to try our new warming gloves and warming socks, which will be launched in April of 2014.


JULIE-P CPH Our brand Julie-P copenhagen, which can be found in more than 150 clinics all over the country, received great attention from the press and interested guests at the fair. It was possible to touch and feel the products first-hand, and our two Julie-P consultants were constantly busy with demonstrations, throughout the weekend.

Luxury innovation results. BABOR put their expertise into practice to translate the secrets of the finest, most natural active ingredients into luxury skincare that offers the greatest efficacy and compatibility. For 55 years the result has been individual skincare ranges ”Made in Germany”. The BABOR brand’s recipe for success, the foundation for which was laid back in 1956 by Dr Michael Babor with the legendary Hy-Öl®, continues to be based on decisive factors. As a pioneer of modern skincare, BABOR have obligated them selves to creating innovative products, new treatment methods and unique experiences of well-being with groundbreaking nature, with the aim of fulfilling individual beauty requirements.

Experience the most unique medical skin care range. With innovative high-efficiency formulations combining the newest botanical active ingredients, Julie P sets the highest standards for efficient treatment. The result is visibly improved, youthful, fresh looking skin. The products are used by plastic surgical clinics, burn centers, hospitals, dermatologists, skin care clinics, SPA and wellness centers as well as by consumers at home. It is important to us that our products are healthy for the user. All our products are dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic. They are medically developed, medically produced and medically qualified. Naturally! Learn more at


The NatraCure products focuses on relief and well-being. The products include three different variations for the hands and feet that are easily heated in the microwave in less than 1 minute. The products are coated with a medically developed polymer gel that softens and restores the skin. The gel and the heat contributes to pain relief and improved circulation results in better movement of painful joints. NatraCure is the perfect choice against pain in the hands or stiff joints, and is the perfect match for, among others, arthritis patients.

When it comes to self-confidence and self-esteem, a scar hurt as much or more than the event that caused it. Most of us have scars and whether arising from an accident, surgery, burns, acne, or simple cuts and injuries, then Ar-Fri will do the job. A scar is the natural result of the healing process, but the over-production of collagen often lead to the scar is raised viscous and discolored. Scars can also be painful, itchy and reducing mobility. Ar-Fri products uses breakthrough, clinically proven and patented silicone technology. Our products are used by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and hospitals, and the same products are now offered to you - without a prescription!

The Curve is luxury for the customer who demands both performance and A. outstanding design. The products are FILE: Roberto Machuca SUBJECT: Logo for THE CURVE DATE: 01.03.2012 made of float glass and in a contempoCOMPANY: Aps rary style that will undoubtedly impress your friends. Perfect as a hostess present!


The Curve Nail File is a fantastic nail file in an innovative design that forms the nail with a perfect rounding. Nail file is very gentle and yet very effective. The Curve foot file is extremely gentle on the skin and at the same time very effective. The foot file is very hygienic and easy to clean simply by washing the file in the hot water. The Curve tolerate disinfectants and auto-Clavering. The Curve foot file is perfect for your toiletry bag while on vacation.

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BEAUTY14 inspirationskatalog