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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark Electrical installers face more demands than ever. In additiontoperformingtraditionalcableinstallations,you nowhavetotackletheaddedresponsibilitiesofwiring upvoice,dataandlow-voltageequipment.Whetheryou areperformingasimpleinstallationorputtingtogether aninfrastructure,youridentificationneedsarethesame. You require rugged wire markers that are easy to read, ensureaccurateconnectivityandprovidearoadmapfor future maintenance and modifications. T&B’s EZCODE® products provide a time-tested array ofsolutionsforyouridentificationneeds.T&Bresearches, develops and tests the products you need, with the qualityyoudemandandattherightprice.Whetheryou need traditional wire marker books or cards, lockout/ tagoutcomponents,customorstandardsignsorhighvolumelabelprintingsoftware,EZCODE®productswill help you make your mark for years to come.

EZCODE® products are perfect for many applications, including: • Industrial Construction • In-Plant Operations • Telecommunications • Computer Installations • Power Facilities • Transportation • Panel Equipment

Portable Printers Making your mark is easier than ever. T&B’s new EZL500 Thermal Label Printer comes feature-packed withoptionsunavailableelsewhere—andallinoneunit.Designed fortheelectricalprofessional,thisprinterincludesthemostup-todatetechnologiesinwiremarkingandmaterials,aswellasleaving you a means for upgrading your unit in the future. As your label design needs change, the EZL500 is prepared to make those changes with you.

Features that make your work easier include:

Wide label exit port for extra clearance to grab label

1-touch auto cutter

• The largest LCD Screen ever on a wire marker printer for electricians • Rubber overmolded grip provides the best surface for holding the unit and shock protection for rugged use

Large backlit LCD display

• Powerful, user-friendly controls and instructions for quickly producing the labels you need • Hot keys give the user one-touch access to popular functions without having to use the soft menu keys • Softmenukeysreducethenumberofhardkeysforinfrequently used functions and enable future function upgrades without having to change the keyboard • PC Connection software and mini USB port enable the user to download logos, additional symbols and unit upgrades • Wide, finger-friendly label exit port minimizes label waste and provides more clearance to reach the label

Hot keys shortcuts to popular features

Ergonomically designed for comfort and balance

• Auto cutter cuts labels with the touch of a button • Integral magnet strap for hanging the unit on a metal surface for convenient, hassle-free operation

Spacious keypad

• Large tape cassette for the maximum amount of media for longer use without reloading EZL100Thermal Label Printer prints up to four lines on labels up to 3/4" and supports bar coding EZL75 Thermal Label Printer prints up to two lines on labels up to 1/2"

Computer connectivity to download logos and symbols

Wire and Cable Marking Wire Marker Books and Cards

Wire Marker Dispenser

Wire marker books and cards make wire marking simple, clean and fast — identify electrical and electronic components in seconds!

Makeidentificationcleanandfast.Justpullthetapeout, lift the marker and wrap! • Holds 760 markers — 10 rolls of 76 markers each • Fits in your pocket or hangs from work belt • Provides easy access to all legends during use or when refilling

• Identify a variety of cables and connectors, from tiny wires and terminal blocks to standard voice and data cables • Vinyl-coated cloth resists abrasion, oil, water and dirt • Easy to read — all feature bold letters and numbers • Choose the numbers or letters you need, from a wide selection of sizes and legends • Carry most books and cards in your shirt pocket

High Volume Labeling Systems Labeling Software

Laser Printable Markers

User friendly software makes creating and maintaining labels easy and efficient. Software is written for:

Print markers to your own requirements!

• Wireandcablemarking • Component marking • Identifying voice and dataequipmentrefilling

• Available in a variety of sizes tofitmostofyourapplications • Clear overlay of polyester protects the legend against oils, grease, water, chemicals and foreign matter • Strong adhesive provides a secure bond to the wire

Labels Maintenance, Conduit and Voltage Markers Identify electrical systems, including load centers, circuit breakers, switches and any other vital electrical equipment! • Prevent mistakes and trial-and-error searching during electrical service work • Reliable for industrial use — manufactured from rugged, self-sticking vinyl • Easy to read — high-contrast black printing on safety-orange background • OSHA compliant for workplace safety

Safety Labels Warn service personnel of potential hazards. • Vinyl pressure-sensitive NEC® and NFPA70E compliant labels identify equipment and components with potential for arc flash hazard • Meet code requirements intended to reduce possibilityofseriousinjuryordeathforpersons workingonswitchboards,powerboards,control panels and motor control centers • Eliminate confusion and avoid OSHA fines

Hazardous voltage inside. Can shock, burn, or cause death. Keep out. If open or unlocked, immediately call electric power and light company.

Lockout and Tagging Systems Lockout Devices

Tagging Systems


EZCODE® tags are used in many applications to assist customers inidentifyingpotentialhazardousareasinplantandequipment.

• Help ensure that general industry workers will be protected from accidents during maintenance and servicing of equipment • Comprehensiveproductlineincludeslockoutdevices,warningtags, and labels • Meet the general requirements of the OSHA Lockout/Tagout standard

Sleeve Markers Sleeve and Clip-On Markers Permanently identify wires, cables, leads and more. EZCODE® sleeve and clip-on markers are available in a variety of sizes and materials. They are resistant to most chemicals, oils, solvents and fungi, plus they’re built tough for a wide range of temperatures. • Provide convenient cable identification • Large print surface ensures excellent readability • Use on small wires, standard cable sizes or even pipes

• Lockout tags help meet OSHA standards for Lockout/Tagout • Accident prevention tags warn users of potential dangers • Tags are constructed with high quality vinyl for years of repeated use • Tags come with grommet and Ty-Rap® cable tie for securing to equipment

Safety Signs Electrical Hazard Safety Signs T&BprovidesalargeassortmentofElectricalHazardSafetySignstohelp complete your construction and maintenance projects. • Comply with NEMA standards • Choose from either self-sticking, plastic or aluminum material to suit your environment • You can even create your own signs for your unique requirements

IdentificationTapes Barricade and Utility Warning Tapes Mark off hazardous or off-limit areas quickly and easily! • BarricadeTape is convenient and reusable for indoor or outdoor purposes • Buried Utility Tape has bright, fade-resistant colors that warn equipmentoperatorsofavitalpipelineorcableburiedbelow— before costly damage can occur • Foil-Backed Detectable Buried Utility Tape features a metallic backingthat’sspottedbycommonmetaldetectorswhenburied up to 18" below normal earthen surfaces

Making your mark is easier than ever. The EZCODE® professional labeling products offer ingenious solutions tothewidevarietyofidentificationdemands.T&Balsoprovidesbest-ofclass service and support, making your purchase of T&B products a very wise investment for your future work.

Technical Services (1-888-862-3289) Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is a fundamental goal of Thomas & Betts. Call ourTechnical Services DepartmentandtalkLIVEtoanexperienced technical representative who’ll answer questions and concerns regarding all aspects of our products and services. We also offer a variety of on-line, self-service resources to make selecting and using our products as easy as possible.

Sales Support Your Thomas & Betts team stands ready to help you and your organization meet business, code and installation challenges. On the job site or on the plant floor, T&B sales associates offer a range of professional services including:

High-quality Thomas & Betts products connect, fasten and insulate electrical and electronic components and systems to industry-wide standards of excellence. Along with EZCODE® products that identify wire and conduits,T&B offers these premium brands:

• Ty-Rap ® Cable Ties and Accessories • Catamount ® Fastening Products • Ty-Duct ® Wiring Duct • T&B ® Liquidtight and Chase Fittings, Hubs, Cord Connectors, Plastic Glands and Grounding Bushings • Color-Keyed ® and Blackburn ® Power Connectors and Mechanical Lugs • Sta-Kon ® and Catamount ® Terminals, Ferrules, Splices and Disconnects • Shrink-Kon ®Heat-ShrinkableInsulation • Thomas & Betts Tools

• Product Applications and Installations • Technical Specifications • Competitive Reviews • Industry Trends and Code Changes

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EZCODE Make Your Mark  

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