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An industrial adventure Euro Industries began in 1993 on an idea based on good, common sense: to recruit artisans to industrial projects - but only when and where needed. The developer or contractor must only pay for an efficient crew. It quickly became clear that the idea was right. The small temporary employment grew rapidly, and eventually came manpower strength up to several hundred. Other niches - prefabrication of the tube and fire safety systems - has emerged as a natural part of the activities. The secret behind the small industrial adventure is undoubtedly great flexibility and capacity for rapid change. We have an informal and friendly tone in the company. And as Danes, we keep our

feet, on the ground. A promise is a promise and a deal is a deal. Our activities are divided into four main areas: • Mancraft - Posting of artisans to the steel industries, often across lots. • Plumbing and prefabrication of pipes to include district heating industry. • Maritime department of design and delivery of all types of sprinkler and ventilation and fire systems. • Alu-facades - installation of façade cladding and glass facades. In Fjerritslev where the company has it’s headquarter, we have more than 3,000 m 2 ultramodern production halls.

Employees are our profile Through our employees we show what we stand for: quality, speed, precision, service and follow-up. We are investing consciously talented, trustworthy and sociable people when we are asked to provide a manpower strength to solve an industrial problem, whether it is in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe or worldwide. We specialize in solving specific needs, whether to use 3 or 50 artisans. We are usually able to mobilize the necessary manpower in only 3-4 days notice. We employ current 150-200 men and keep us constantly informed of developments. Therefore we are always able to provide the trained and certified craftsmen when it comes to:

• Arc • gas welding • TIG/Argon gas welding • MIG/MAG welding • stainless welding • aluminum welding • plumbing tool • forging • steel construction and assembly • fireproofing • sprinklermontage • HVAC/plumbing work • carpenters/fitters facade We thus employ a wide range of mainly welders, carpenters and industrial pipefitters. We employ a large staff of skilled ship builders, bricklayers, builders and scaffolding facade installers.

Cash benefits There are built-saving by using Euro Industries artisan of agency staff. That means less staff and greater flexibility in industrial projects. Paid only for the hours actually spent. No additional cost in terms of social benefits, travel, overtime and allowances. No notice period after the contract expires. Hourly rate for a tradesman depends of line length, accommodation and travel distance. Completely optional, we offer professional advice on what the use of an artisan team means to the economy of just your project. We are never farther away than a phone call and are ready to solve any individual needs.

Euro Maritime Our maritime department is dealing with all types of sprinklers, ventilation and foam construction for automatic fire monitoring, especially in shipbuilding and offshore industry. Maritime Division has over the years specialized in ventilation, sprinklers and PVC fitting, especially of passenger and cargo ships. This has led to a global network of suppliers and subcontractors, which is an important force within the offshore industry. We stand for the design and costing as well as for delivery and installation. Also, we offer up in terms of safety courses and

training in the use of sprinkler and ventilation systems. Moreover we offer ventilation, PVC, sprinkler and foam equipment directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler. We can perform concrete protection of steel structures, so they meet current requirements for fireproofing. We are happy to help with risk analysis and fire inspection. Image Documentation are supplied as "photo safari". Many years of experience in the industry is a guarantee of quality and competitive prices. Our reference list is extensive, especially, we provide for indoor industrial, passenger ships and oil rigs.

Water, Heating and Sanitation/Sprinkler For many years, the Euro Industries specializes in plumbing tasks in many different countries. Both large and small tasks has proven to be a success, due to the large range of experienced fitters. Tasks within the plumbing/industrial has been long or short term projects. From 2 men to 160 men in the same place. Our specialty is speed, credibility in the dialogue, reliability on price and time.

After the customer's request we can supply their own project manager, supervisor or President depending on project size and design We have great experience to go together with customers on a larger project that requires our full attention. The reference list represents many large construction projects in Northern Europe with plumbing/industrial pipes.

Facade/ carpentry Euro Industries has more than 10 years specializing in aluminum fitting and glass facades. And in all general carpentry work. The reference list is long and extensive, and covers some of Copenhagen's notable buildings. Through the expertise and years of experience we have managed to become a strong partner in buildings require special mounting configurations. Time is often hampers construction - it will be markedly improved flexibility.

An important part of the pipe industry Curved Here are manufactured and Tshaped couplings for district heating pipes and tubes are produced to include store large natural gas plants, refineries and offshore.

Let us clear the paperwork Personnel Management today consists of a wide range of current and time-consuming tasks. All this performance Euro Industries can manage, so your company can concentrate on other tasks. Euro Industries following duties: • Employment Contracts • Salary • Tax-free allowances • Tax • E-income • Social Security • Alerts • Pensions • Id Card Scandinavia

• Education & training • Statistics • Resignations • Sickness/maternity and occupational • Insurance We can also offer professional assistance with: • Rotation Scheduling • Meeting and working hours • Housing • Booking of tickets for flights and ferry Thereby achieve the most of your company and resources, both financially and administratively.

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