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Thomas M. Myers

Spring 2010 Assignment Handout Title Of Event: Dinner: Movie: When: Time Required To Complete Assignment:

Dinner and a Movie! Spaghetti and Meet Sauce "Memento" ??? (You Guys Will Decide) ??? About 3 Hours or Less!

Credit: You will all receive credit (and my signatures) for not only the assignment, but also for one of the two hangout requirements that you are required to obtain from me. The reason for this is that 3 hours for this assignment is a long time. In addition, we will be hanging out and getting to know each other a little better when we talk anyways. So I figured that it would be nice to allow you guys to kill two birds with one stone; especially since you guys have over 40 brothers that require you to get 4 signatures each. So I hope my kindness here will help!!!

Actual Task: All of you need to coordinate amongst yourselves an evening in which all of you will be able to come over to my place (together and at the same time) and watch the movie "Memento" with me. During the movie, dinner will be provided, and after the movie, we will all have a discussion about the movie. Hopefully the discussion will lead into conversation about how you guys are feeling about the PM Process to that point, and hopefully the conversation will also elicit a situation in which we can all get to know each other a little better.

*NOTE* I am free most evenings from 7:00pm to Midnight (or later). With that being said, I need to know the time and day that all of you guys are deciding to come by at least a week in advance for two reasons: (1) So that I can make sure I don't have any conflicts, and (2) So that I can rent the movie and get the food. Also, my address is accessible on my facebook profile (under 'contact information'). Nonetheless, if you need directions or have any questions regarding where I live, you can call, text, or email me at any time.

On a final note, in order to help you guys further, I will try to make a ‘facebook event’ out of this assignment and invite as many of the brothers to my place as possible so that you guys can potentially get some hangout signatures from them as well. This is another reason that it would be good for you guys to give me at least a week’s worth of advanced notice before coming. Thanks!

PM Assignment Handout!  

Unfortunately, my printer ran out of ink, so each of you are going to have to print a copy of this handout for yourselves. Sorry!

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