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The Chancellor

Thomas More Prep-Marian High School Hays, KS

May 2013 VOL. 43, Issue 6

Students Enjoy An Evening of Elegance Matt Mindrup ‘15 On May 4th many juniors, seniors, and even some underclassmen attended TMP’s Prom. This year’s theme was An Evening of Elegance. Before the dance, a meal was served, and then the fun began. The night was full of dancing and laughter, and of course many new memories were made! The night couldn’t end, however, without crowning prom king and queen. The nominees for queen were seniors Cheyenne Ellard, Emily Leiker, Bianca Okinda, Jordan Staab, and Taylor Staab.

The nominees for king were seniors Tanner Unrein, Rodney Gracas de Dues, Robert Niyonsaba, Braden Splichal, Tanner Unrein, and Anthony Walters. Bianca and Rodney were crowned king and queen. They shared a dance together with the rest of the attendees joining in. Finally the night came to a close, and people began to file out of the dance with their party favors in hand. “It was sort of bittersweet, but I had a lot of fun!” said Annie Mindrup King and Queen candidates included Braden Splichal, Bianca Okinda, Anthony ’15 about her last prom. Walters, Emily Leiker, Rodney Gracas de Dues, Cheyenne Ellard, Robert Niyonsaba, Taylor Staab, Tanner Unrein, and Jordan Staab.

Grace Volker ‘15

almost every day for two hours. Dress rehearsals began, and finally the time came for the first performance on Tuesday, May 7th. This year, in addition to having a different sort of show to prepare, another change was added. Because of a great amount of female talent shown during auditions, Grizzell chose to double cast the show- for a majority of the female lead roles, two girls were awarded each part. This created a need for a fourth performance, instead of the usual three, so that each girl would get to perform her role an equal amount of time. So, the Tuesday show was added in addition to three other performances on May 10th, 11th, and 12th. The multiple risks taken for this show paid off. Audiences had nothing but positive re-

marks for the hardworking actors. Many were impressed at the skills shown by the students, as many of the parts required extreme diligence and focus to properly portray the characters. “Everyone was really into their characters and portrayed the witch trials well! I could tell a lot of hard work went into this,” says Andie Marsell ’13. What did the cast themselves think of “The Crucible?” Senior Alivia Inlow said, “I really like the show. It’s different than anything I’ve done, and it really makes you have to expand your acting abilities. I love this cast and crew and I will miss them- they make me a better performer!” “The Crucible” hit the markgroundbreaking, challenging, and, most importantly, entertaining!

Hades” (which translates to “Highway to Hell”). They invited their guests to spend a few hours in one of the three divisions of Hades, which in Greek mythology are the Elysian Fields, the Land of Oblivion, and Tartarus. The banquet was held in the wrestling room in the field house, which students decorated to coordinate with these three divisions of Hades. When the guests, who included Latin I students and some various faculty members, arrived they were seated and asked some trivia questions. Winners of the trivia contest received medals. Then, the guests were given food and beverages, some of which reflected foods of the typical diet of a Roman, such as hummus and grapes. Then, the guests moved to the gym to start the Olympics. The

Latin II students chose the theme for the games to be “The Last Olympiad.” They prepared various games for the guests to play, some of which included “chariot races” (which were similar to a wheelbarrow race), tug of war, a relay race, handball, and whiffle ball. Winners of these games were awarded medals, made by the Latin II students. Magistra Braun, as she is called by her Latin students, seemed to be elated with the outcome of the ceremonies, saying,“If I’m not pleased, I should be ashamed. One person who has attended many banquets said it was the best she had ever been to.” There is no better way to bid farewell to our beloved teacher than to celebrate with good and games - Latin style!

“The Crucible” Is A Hit School Choirs to Perform Concert Celebration

When regular attendees to the TMP plays think of a typical production, their thoughts usually flick to humor and lightheartedness. This year, however, they are in for a surprise. In stark contrast to the typical (and well loved) comedic plays that Director Travis Grizzell selects for the spring play, the historical drama “The Crucible” was chosen. The show is set in 17th century Puritan Salem, Massachusetts. The main plot surrounds John Proctor, whose wife is accused of witchcraft by their old servant girl, and the madness that ensues as the Salem witch trials commence. Auditions were first held before spring break- after results were posted, the hard work began. Practices were held

Adam Flax ‘15 In these final weeks of the school year the TMP middle school choir, Cantus Veritas, and their high school counterpart, The Schola Cantorum, have been working tirelessly to prepare for their final performance of the year. Their Easter Concert will take place on the evening of Thursday, May 16th at St. Joseph’s Church. I caught up with the choir director, Mr. Michael Brandel who said preparations for the night’s festivities are go-

ing well. The groups are singing a wide range of choral pieces, hymns, and spirituals. The two choirs will end their concert together with a modern secular selection. They will be performing an acapella rendition of Toto’s 1983 hit “Africa”. The concert will showcase not only the choirs’ hard work, but also their ability to embrace many types of music. Mr. Brandel summed it up perfectly by saying; “It is truly an honor to be able to perform these wonderful pieces.”

Braun Directs Students For Last Latin Banquet

Grace Volker ‘15 For years, Latin instructor Mrs. Linda Braun has helped her Latin II students prepare an annual Latin Banquet and Olympics for the other Latin classes. This year is Mrs. Braun’s final at TMP-Marian before she heads into retirement and another phase of life. So, her final banquet had to be special. Preparations for the event began in late March, after the students took their National Latin Exams. Since there are two Latin II classes this year, Braun, with a nod of approval from the students, let one class do a majority of the preparations for the banquet portion of the ceremonies, while the other class prepared the Olympics half. The students chose the theme for the banquet to be “Via Ad

Mrs. Linda Braun assists Max Megaffin ‘15 secure his Toga during the Latin Banquet. The banquets theme this year was “Via Ad Hades” or highway to Hell. Photo by Mrs. Heather Sramek

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Faith &Opinion

Saint Monica

A Colorful View Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 As most of you know, stained glass windows have been gradually making their way into the chapel over the last four years. The final window of St. Theresa of Lisieux, “The Little Flower,” will soon be installed. Artist Stan Detrixhe is responsible for these beautiful masterpieces. Detrixhe has been working with stained glass windows for 30 years. He has done windows for churches, rest homes, and anyone else wanting to appreciate his stained glass artwork. Detrixhe has even restored the windows of many churches, including St. Joseph Church in Hays. Each window for our chapel requires about 2 ½ months to complete and weighs anywhere from 80 to 100 pounds. After given a general idea of what is wanted from Father Earl and the Alumni Office, Detrixhe sets to work creating a collage using magazine pictures

and the like. When he is finished, he traces the collage onto a transparent piece of paper by hand. He then takes the transparent paper, places it on a copying machine, and makes a copy onto a piece of white paper. On the new copy, he hand draws a grid. He uses this grid to enlarge the small copy onto a piece of large piece of paper the size of the window, all done by hand. He can now start cutting the glass. Using different colors of glass, Detrixhe forms the hundreds of shapes needed for the window. He uses a special glass cutter to shape the thin pieces of glass. The edges of the glass shapes are then ground smooth with a diamond tipped grinder. Detrixhe also must paint the small details onto the glass. He uses a special paint made of fine particles of glass mixed with water. He adds color to the paint by adding pigment to the mixture, then setting to work with his hand brush. Detrixhe has

many painting techniques on hand to add his jaw dropping details. It takes trial and error to get each piece right, but the reward for his hard work is phenomenal. After firing the pieces of glass in the kiln, Detrixhe puts together what is essentially a giant jig-saw puzzle. When all of the pieces are in place, he gets to work with the soldering iron and copper. All pieces of glass are soldered together, front and back, then the window’s border is soldered on. Finally, it is loaded, ready to be installed. The stained glass windows in the chapel began to show up four years ago, when this year’s seniors were freshmen. And, as the seniors graduate, the final window in the chapel will be installed. So the next time you are in the chapel, take a look around at all of the hand crafted stained glass windows that fill our worship space. And be sure to look closely, for Detrixhe has hidden something small in almost every window!

May 2013

there. To her excitement, Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Augustine came under the influence of the bishop, As Mother’s Day, St. Ambrose. She continued to Sunday, May 12th, ap- proaches, we can look pray for Augustine while back on the holy women he was being instructed. of our past to see some Her prayers were finally great motherly examples. answered when St. AuEven though St. Mary, gustine was baptized at the Mother of Jesus, is Easter in the year 387. probably the most widely After his conversion, known mother, St. Mon- Monica knew her life on ica is actually the patron this earth was coming to an end. saint of mothers. She told Augus St. Monica was the mother of St. Augus- tine, “Son, nothing in this tine. She began to pray world now affords me defor Augustine when he light. I do not know what began to accept the Mani- there is now left for me to chean heresy (all flesh is do or why I am still here, evil). She prayed for his all my hopes in this world conversion and followed being now fulfilled.” him where ever he went, Shortly after she became sometimes more than he ill and suffered for nine days before her death. preferred. St. Monica is One night St. Au- gustine told his mother someone who spent her that he was going to the whole life praying for docks to say goodbye to a her son. She gave her friend, but he was actually all to him by following leaving for Rome. After him, fasting for him, and she heard that he left, she praying for him. So this jumped on a ship to fol- Mother’s Day give your low him. After arriving in mom an extra hug for all Rome, she found that he the things she does for had already left for Mi- you, even if you don’t like lan, so she followed him them sometimes!

Publication Policy

The staff of The Chancellor upholds the following policy in regards to the publication of the student newspaper. When tragedy or crisis occurs, it will be the decision of the staff whether or not to cover the topic. Pictures are chosen by the staff on grounds of availability and quality. Letters to the staff must include, but are not limited to: corrections, suggestions, and personal opinions. Letters must be submitted in type, less than 150 words addressed to the editor and be submitted no later than two weeks before the next publication. All staff members reserve the right to report any and all subjects that meet the elements of news. The Chancellor, being a newspaper wholly written and produced by students, reserves the right to determine the content of the publication. Suggestions are accepted, but it is up to the discretion of the staff to determine if coverage is necessary. The publication follows the guideline directed by the Kansas Student Publication Act (1992) which, in short, states that: A) content will not be censored only because it contains political or controversial topics, B) review of material is permitted to assure the articles are consistent with high standards of English and journalism, C) libelous, slanderous, obscene or matter that promotes illegal conduct is not protected, D) students are responsible for determining the content of the publication while publications advisors and other certified employees are responsible for teaching responsible expression and high standards of English and journalism, E) no student publication by students shall be deemed an expression of school policy nor can the employees be held responsible in any civil or criminal action. The staff recognized its responsibility to reflect the mission of Thomas More Prep-Marian, a diocesan Catholic high school, to serve the interest and needs of the school community and to provide fair, objective and accurate news, and commentary.

Chancellor Staff Publisher

Mr. Bill DeWitt ‘92


Mrs. Heather Sramek

Editor-in-Chief Jena Ernsting ‘14


Adam Flax ‘15 Drew Kingsbury ‘15 Cody Kreutzer ‘15 Matt Mindrup ‘15 Bailey Rome ‘15 Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Jordan Staab ‘13 Owen Toepfer ‘15 Grace Volker ‘15 Lexie Wasinger ‘15

May 2013

Class of 2013

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Luke Brull

Link (Jialin) Chen

Maria Cubillo

Nick Dopita

Hannah Dreiling

Marquette University

University of Connecticut

Jefferson College

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Zach Dreiling

Carlos Duenes

Cheyenne Ellard

Parker Goldsberry

Megan Gottschalk

North Central Kansas Technical College

St. Mary’s University @ San Antonio

Fort Hays State University

North Central Kansas Technical College

Fort Hays State University

Rodney Gracas De Dues

Janette Hageman

Claire (Lei)Hsiao

Allen (Chen-Kang)Hu

Hannah Hulse

Barton County CC or Benedictine College


University of California Irvine

Stanford University

Fort Hays State University

Alivia Inlow

Emily Leiker

Hyo Jin Lim

Adam (Anh Tri) Mac

Maria Marcotte

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

College for Creative Studies

Northampton Community College

University of Kansas

Andie Marsell

Kade Megaffin

Annie Mindrup

Robert Niyonsaba

Bianca Okinda

Benedictine College

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University


Fort Hays State University

Page 4 Allison Pfeifer

Class of 2013 Vy Phan

Heather Ruder

Kade Schmidt

May 2013 Sam Schmidt

Kansas State University

Columbia College

Kansas State University

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University

Zachary Schmidtberger

Jenna Schuckman

Yilin Song

Braden Splichal

Ashley Springer

Fort Hays State University

Northwestern Prep

University of California Davis

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Jordan Staab

Taylor Staab

Garrett Stoecklein

Trang Vu

Tanner Unrein

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

University of Findlay

Fort Hays State University

Adam Urban

Jonathan Walker

Lucas Walker

Anthony Walters

Austin Werth

Fort Hays State University

University of Kansas

University of Kansas

Ottawa University

Fort Hays State University

Ross Werth

Bill Wiebe

Jeffrey (Jiepeng) Zhang

Chelsea Zimmerman

Chloe Zimmerman

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University Shane Zimmerman

Fort Hays State University

University of Oregon

May 2013

I, Allison Pfeifer, will my sun tanning abilities to Matt Mindrup. I, Adam Mac, will my ability to find the secret class, government, to Kevin Cao. I, Yilin Song, will my ability to talk smartly to Jeff Hsaio. I, Allen Hsu, will not getting caught using my cell phone to Jeff Hsiao. I, Claire Hsiao, will not getting penalty periods to Tophy Park. I, Taylor Staab, will my ability to put things off until the last minute to Jordyn Manhart. I, Chelsea Zimmerman, will my ability to not getting caught texting in class to Laurel Hageman. I, Jordan Staab, will my ability to not procrastinate to Julia Briseno.

Class of 2013

Senior Wills

Page 5

I, Hannah Dreiling, will my ability to throw fifty feet in the discus to Emily Staab. I, Andie Marsell, will my ability to play pranks on Bailey Rome to Alyssa Keil. I, Link Chen, will my ability to not get caught by Mr. Flax even though my hair is two inches too long to Bruce Zhou. I, Maria Marcotte, will all of my outgoing abilities in volleyball to Melissa Pfeifer. I, Janette Hageman, will my ability to not get caught using my phone to Maria Hageman.

I, Bianca Okinda, will my ability to do great work to Bethany Weber. I, Hannah Hulse, will my ability to get an essay finished and typed five minutes before class to Janeth Cano. I, Maria Cubillo, will my ability to not pass out after donating blood to anyone. I, Shane Zimmerman, I will ALL my abilities to Cameron Brin. I, Emily Leiker, will my improv skills to Haileigh Jacobs. I, Bill Wiebe, will my ability to procrastinate and still get things turned in on time to Patrick “Steve” Kepka. I, Braden Splichal, will nothing to Sidney Splichal. I, Heather Ruder, will my ability to text during class to Ryan Ruder.

I, Garrett Stoecklein, will nothing to anyone. I, Vy Phan, will nothing. I, Cheyenne Ellard, will Bethany Weber the ability to do practically whatever I want during the school day. I, Ashley Springer, will my ability to use my phone in school to Drew Kingsbury. Love ya, girl. I, Zach Dreiling, will my ability to use your phone to cheat on a test and not get caught to Andrew Hess. I, Parker Goldsberry, will my ability to cheat on tests to Andrew Hess. I, Tanner Unrein, will leave nothing to anyone. I, Annie Mindrup, will my abilities to turn in my Personal Fi-

nance two weeks late to Matt Mindrup. I, Jin Lim, will my ability to make whatever size of a mess and never clean up in art class to Rachel Becker. I, Chloe Zimmerman, will my superb golf skills to Annaka Applequist. I, Carlos Duenes, will my ability to annoy Mr.Brull to Nick Scmidt. I, Rodney Dues, will my ability to hide my long hair to Leonard. I, Kade Schmidt, will my ability to make it to study hall on time to Lane Fisher. I, Adam Urban, will my ability to pay bills in a timely manner to Levi Dreiling. I, Megan Gottschalk, will my ability to be the laziest track athlete to Kelli Veach.

In 10 years, Heather Ruder will be living in a city with her family and working as a personal In 10 years, Parker trainer. Goldsburry will be makIn 10 years, Braden Spliing money. chal will be the owner In 10 years, Zach Dreil- of a great car restoration ing will be at the lake on shop. his boat enjoying a nice In 10 years, Bill Wiebe cold beer. will be working hard with In 10 years, Ashley his uncle and have a famSpringer will still be in ily. school for physical therIn 15 years, Kade Megafapy. fin will just be getting out In 10 years, Cheyenne of Law School and hopeEllard will be in Med fully getting ready to marry his wife. School.

In 10 years, Shane Zimmerman will be living life.

In 10 years, Luke Brull will be finishing med In 10 years, Link Chen school. will be living in Hays, Ks. In 10 years, Ross Werth In 10 years, Maria Mar- will be getting estabcotte will live in a Barbie lished in his career and mansion with identical starting a family. In 15 triplets. years, he will have kids and live somewhere with In 10 years, Andie Mar- mountains. In 20 years, sell will have a family and he will be established in be working as a nurse. a company with a strong family behind him. In 10 years, Hannah Dreiling will be tak- In 20 years, Jon Walker ing care of her psychotic will have graduated from mother at her age of 56. the University of Kansas, abandoned his bachelor In 10 years, Megan Gott- days and will be working schalk will have a job and for Google. a family. In 10 years, Zach In 10 years, Adam Urban Schmidtberger will be will be starting a family living life to the fullest. and finishing med school. In 20 years, Anthony In 10 years, Kade Walters will be kicked Schmidt will be running back relaxing after havhis own business. ing started a successful business. In 10 years, Rodney Gracas De Deus will be in In 10 years, Sam Europe, playing pro soc- Schmidt will be riding cer. horses, drinking wine, shooting guns, and livIn 10 years, Carlos ing life in a land of magic Duenes will be married and awesomeness. and will have graduated as an electrical engineer. In 10 years, Robert Niyonsaba will have a big In 10 years, Chloe Zim- family full of peace and merman will have a child love. as tall as Shaq. In 10 years, Alivia Inlow In 10 years, Jin Lim will will be an Olympic Volhave designed her own leyball Team member, Rolls Royce and be domi- along with Hannah Dreilnating the entire world. ing.

Senior Prophecies

In 10 years, Tanner Unrein will be running his own dental practice.

In 10 years, Maria Cubillo will be a criminology major working at the FBI or any police field. Hopefully she’ll get into travelling soccer. In 10 years, Hannah Hulse will be teaching young children and be married, maybe with kids. In 10 years, Bianca Okinda will be successful in nursing while pursuing other careers on the side.

In 10 years, Jenna In 10 years, Jordan StaSchuckman will be a ab will be working in 1st Lieutenant in the Air some medical field. In 10 years, Vy Phan will Force as a Nurse. In 20 years, Chelsea be in her country working In 10 years, Emily Leiker Zimmerman will have a as an accountant. will have Maria Marcotte family and live in Hays, In 10 years, Garrett living in her basement while teaching at Fort Stoecklein will be a phar- making her strawberry Hays State University. maceutical research tech- daiquiris on a regular basis. In 20 years, Taylor Staab nician. will be working at Hays Medical Center, doing ultrasounds, and being married with kids. In 10 years, Trang Vu will be a millionaire.

Chancellor Sponsors

This Publication is made possible thanks to the generous support of these sponsors:

In 10 years, Claire Hsiao will be a millionaire.

Thomas More Prep-Marian Alumni Association TriCentral Office Supply Heartland Building Center Werth Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning, Inc. Northwest Distributors Horizon Appliance Auto World Kennemer Orthodontics Cross Manufacturing Eagle Communications Sunflower Bank Ellis County Abstract Commerce Bank Lifetime Dental Care Taco Shop James Motor Company Western Cooperative Electric Ernsting’s Inc. VSR Financial Services, Inc.

In 10 years, Allen Hsu will be a super business man. In 10 years, Yilin Song doesn’t know where he’ll be. In 10 years, Adam Mac will have a beautiful house and a happy family. In 10 years, Allison Pfeifer will be a successful mother of 5, meaning 3 cats and 2 dogs. I will live in some place where the sun shines all the time,

and clowns do not exist.

In 10 years, Annie Mindrup will have a family. In 10 years, Janette Hageman will be in Salina with a job, hopefully married. She will also have an associate’s degree in cosmetology.


MAY 2013

Thespians Compete at State Forensics Meet Cody Kreutzer ‘15 This year, the 3A State Forensics (Champs) tournament was held on May 4th at Wichita East High School. Six students represented TMP in a variety of events: Bethany Staab ‘15 and Alyssa Keil ‘15 in Serious Solo Acting; Cody Kreutzer ‘15 and Alyssa Keil ‘15, Grace Volker ‘15 and Matea Gregg ‘15 in Humorous Duet Acting; and Cody Kreutzer ‘15 and Emily Leiker ‘13 in Improvised Duet Acting. To qualify for Champs you must place in the top two at any

meet. If you place in the top four, you qualify for State Festival. Volker and Gregg placed second in duet, Staab and Keil both placed second in Serious Solo, Kreutzer and Leiker placed second in IDA, and Kreutzer and Keil placed first in duet. At a normal forensics meet, there are usually two to three preliminary rounds and a finals round in which the top six in each event, based on their previous scores, preform again for a panel of judges. At Champs, there are three preliminary rounds, a semi-final

round, and a final round. To make it to semi-finals you have to place in the top 12 in your event. Bethany Staab and Cody Kreutzer and Alyssa Keil all made it to the semi-final round. Staab placing 12th over all in Serious Solo Acting, and Cody Kreutzer and Alyssa Keil placed 10th over all in Humorous Duet. “I was really proud of everyone who qualified for state because it was a huge improvement from last year.” Keil said in a recent interview. “It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to win Champs next year!”

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Students Enter State Journalism Competition

Drew Kingsbury ‘15 On May 4th in Lawrence, TMP had three students compete at state KSPA for journalism and one student submit a carry-in photo. The students who went were Lexie Wasinger ’15 who went for yearbook sports writing, cut-lines, and she also submitted headlines, Drew Kingsbury ’15 for newspaper sports writing, and Claire Hsaio ’13 for

editorial cartoon. Jin Lim ’13, submitted the carryin for academic photography. “I know it can be disappointing not place at KSPA, but each student who competed this year did so for the first time. I am proud of their efforts, and the experience and the feedback they will receive from the judges will just improve their products next year,” said newspaper advisor Mrs. Heather Sramek.

2013-2014 Student Council Officers Elected

Roy Schmeidler ‘14 Student Council Vice President

Levi Dreiling ‘14 Student Council Treasurer

Haleigh Jacobs ‘14 Senior Class Vice President

Rachel Becker ‘14 Senior Class President

Austin Dinkel ‘14 Senior Class Vice President

Matthew Mindrup ‘15 Junior Class President

Kelli Veach ‘15 Junior Class Vice President

Grace Volker ‘15 Junior Class Vice President

Tyra Younie ‘16 Sophomore Class President

T.J. Flax ‘16 Sophomore Class Vice President

Ricky Hockett ‘16 Sophomore Class Vice President


Skylar Urban ‘14 Student Council Secretary



Mikaela Flax ‘14 Student Council President

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