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February 2014 VOL. 44, Issue 4

Adam Flax ‘15 plays dead while Mikaela Flax ‘14 and Ryan Hammerschmidt ‘14 try to give him life.

TMP-Marian students gathered in prayer around one of the many anti-abortion signs at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Photo by Chancellor staff.

Monarchs March To Reverse Roe vs. Wade Carmen Brull ‘17 Staff Reporter March for Life is an incredible event, in which each year students from TMP get to participate in. This year 35 students attended March for Life. On the day of the march, in Washington D.C.,

TMP students got up bright and early, along with their sponsors, to go to mass at Nativity Catholic Church. At 10:00 the group departed for the march and gathered in the Mall to hear the many speakers on abortion. All the people who spoke were so

passionate and inspiring. When the speakers were done, the massive mob of people formed a rally on the Mall. There were thousands of people gathered around the mall in the freezing cold temperatures. When the group walked in the rally,

they were among so many people, that they were unable to see where the crowd started and ended. People held signs, chanted, sang, and prayed for the poor little babies who cannot speak up for themselves. After the march, the group knew what

they had done was so worth over 24-hour bus ride, temperature, and frozen toes. March for Life continues to grow in number each year and will continue to grow as long as abortion is legal.

Fire Egress Work Continues in Al Billinger Field House Owen Toepfer ‘15 Staff Reporter

The 2013-2014 school year at Thomas More Prep- Marian has been one of great construction. In the East wing of the main building, there has been the ongoing construction of an elevator; while in Al Billinger Field House, the construction concerns the need for more fire egresses in order to increase the maximum occupancy of the building. In the Field House Commercial Builders is working on building an exit directly from the northwest corner of the top floor to the outside of the building. In addition to this, an exit straight from the basketball court, through the wrestling room, to the outside of the building is under construction. TMP-Marian chose to use Commercial Builders to carry out this project because they had been

working on the field house prior to this, and it was convenient to use them since getting bids from different companies would be very time consuming. “The project has been going on since last summer, but since it takes a considerable amount of time to be approved by the city and state, to draw up plans, to order supplies, and to carry out the construction, it has just recently been able to be put underway,” informed Tom Kisner, head of maintenance at TMP-Marian. The project has been ongoing for a few months as scheduled and is thought to be completed within a few weeks. The only thing holding back construction is the arrival of the actual doors. They were backordered, and construction cannot be continued and finalized until they arrive. Once construction is finished, basketball games and other activities will resume in the field house.

2014 King Candidates include Cameron Brin, Taylor Wasinger, Ryan Mayorga, David Moeder, and Michael Schulte. 2014 Queen Candidates are Victoria Park, Emily Glover, Rachel Becker, Emily Staab, and Haleigh Jacobs.

Sweetheart Candidates, Changes

Maci Gerhard ‘17 Staff Reporter

Ready for this year’s sweetheart dance? The senior class officers and representatives have planned an exciting night at the circus. The dance will be held on February 15th at the Rose Garden Banquet Hall, formerly the Fanchon Ballroom, starting at 8 pm and ending at 11 pm. Things are planned a little differently this year. The

crowning of the king and queen will be held at the basketball game against Scott City on Friday, the night before the dance. The game will be held in the Hays High gymnasium. Many students are eager for the dance and are excited about the interesting theme. Tickets are on sale now during lunch. The cost for an individual is $7 and the cost for a couple is $10. King and Queen candidates are voted on

by the faculty and students in grades 9-12. Students are selected based upon their kindness towards others. The 2014 queen candidates are Victoria Park, Emily Glover, Rachel Becker, Emily Staab, and Haleigh Jacobs. The 2014 king candidates are Cameron Brin, Taylor Wasinger, Ryan Mayorga, David Moeder, and Michael Schulte.

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Faith &Opinion

Service Day Plans Under Way

Jena Ernsting ‘14 Editor In Chief

After years of TMP students, dividing and conquering to provide the community with service, during the annual spring service day, the Climate Committee, the group of teachers working with the S3 grant, has decided to mix it up. This decision came following the success of the winter service day, where academy classes chose different projects to benefit the school or community.

The success of students planning and building their own projects provided the school with more unique and favorable projects. The spring service day will be held April 16th. Just as the winter service projects were performed, spring service will be completed by academy classes instead of small random groups of students. Because this day is held prior to the Auction for Catholic Education, some classes will have the

opportunity to help the Alumni Office. Other classes will have the opportunity to perform similar projects to what they did this past winter. With more time to complete projects academies will have the opportunity to go out into the community as well. Academies will have time beginning in February to start planning their service projects and contacting community members.

Spiritual Retreat Day Held for Freshman Class Meagan Brin ‘17 Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, January 15, the freshman class attended their retreat. It was located at the former Kennedy Middle School. All throughout the day, the freshman class listened to many speakers about many different topics. The speakers were there to help them strengthen their faith and become closer to God. The very first speaker was Mr. Jeff Brull. He talked about St. Thomas More and how he lived his life up to becoming a saint. Later on, Mrs. Elizabeth Schmeidler came and talked about God’s call to her. She also talked to them about abortion and how it is wrong. Her daughter-inlaw then came and told the story of her sister’s experi-

ence of having twings. The doctor kept encouraging her to have an abortion. They told her that her twins more than likely won’t live or would grow up with mental disabilities. She would tell them she didn’t want to have an abortion time and time again, but they kept encouraging it. She stood up for her faith and would never give up on her twins. Her twins grew up to be very healthy and perfectly normal children. They are both still living and healthy to this day. “My favorite part of the retreat was Elizabeth Schmeidler,” stated Gracie Wasinger. “She was so funny, and she had a really strong, inspirational message to follow God’s call. I really liked what she had to say about abortion.”

Ms. Emily Washburn came and gave information about the new group, “Girls of Grace.” She and Jami Brull put this group together for teenage girls who need someone to talke to about their lives and the hardships teens go through. When Washburn and Brull were younger, they had wished there was a group like this to vent to. Mr. Tim Speno came next and gave an inspiring speech about his life. He traveled very often throughout the year. This took up much time away from God and his family. Recently Mr. Speno has started his own company, where he doesn’t have to travel so much. He’s learned the meaning of stewardship throughout his life, and is applying it to all areas of his life: his work, his faith, and his family. He had a

Hidden Gems

Taylor Gabel ‘16 Staff Reporter

Many people in Hays complain about the available shopping options. The Mall is slowly losing its stores. Many have had to close and recently Hibbett Sports has moved out. Even though that the selection of stores in The Mall is scarce, there are some stores around town that many people don’t realize we have. Gone Logo has a small clothing store in the front of its building. The Boutique has lots to offer. There is a nice selection of high fashion clothing. White Chocolate is

very strong message for the freshman class that as they begin to grow up they will begin applying to their lives. This will help them to not only be good at what they do, but outstanding. “This retreat was a huge eye-opener for the freshman class,” Mrs. Barbara Wagoner explained. “Their high school lives are just getting started, and they need to be prepared for difficult decisions they will encounter. I thought we had a great retreat day. Particularly Elizabeth and her daughter’s-in-law talk really impacted everyone in the room.” “I think the guys and girls splitting apart was great. I loved the video that the girls watched about Darro’s dream and how she was able to stand up and show her faith to the world.”

At the Movies with Adam Adam Flax ‘15 Staff Reporter

February 2014


“Saving Mr. Banks”

I had the joy of seeing this ingenious musical masterpiece twice, and frankly, it was even better the second viewing. The movie was simply too much to take in, in only one setting. I felt like this visual feast for the eyes was able to coexist with the classic Disney films, while still appealing to modern audiences and their contemporary tastes. The attention to detail in this movie was like none other than I have ever seen. The textures and colors of the film made it feel more like a live action movie rather than an animated one. These detailed illustrations would be nothing without the vocal talents of the Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, the Mountain Man, Santino Fontana as the dubious Prince Hans, Josh Gad as loveable snowman, Olaf, all led by Kristen Bell as Princess Anna and Idina Menzel as Elsa, the snow queen. Besides the brilliant animation and perfect voice casting, the true standout in the movie was the music. The soundtrack written by the husband-andwife songwriting team of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, which has been at the top of the Billboard music charts for the last 7 weeks. The tune’s witty yet emotional lyrics touch people of all ages and the movie’s anthem “Let It Go” will defiantly have its place in the Disney Lexicon, just like this heartwarming film. Now there is even a sing-a-long version of the movie coming to theaters.

I was also able to see this very different, yet extremely good movie. This movie was an autobiographical account of the transition of “Mary Poppins” from book to movie. Emma Thompson portrayed the novel’s comically persnickety creator, PL Travers. One of her many demands included that the movie not include the color red. Tom Hank’s Walt Disney contrasted her cold British demeanor with a personality as big and bright as the Los Angeles sun coupled with a Midwestern twang. As a Disney Purist I am leery of anyone possibly tainting one of my idols’ memories, but I feel like Mr. Hanks portrayed the movie giant with all the respect and authenticity the man behind the mouse deserve. This movie allowed me to learn something new about a film that has been a part of most of our lives, but now we know such more than the tale of the magical nanny.

Would you like The Chancellor staff to review another current or upcoming movie? Send your suggestions to journalism@tmp-m.org or tweet your suggestions to @TMPChancellor.

another store many people forget we have. You don’t have to be categorized as a “skater” just to go in there. No matter what you are into, you’re sure to find something to fit your style! Another “hidden” store in Hays is Indigo. Many people don’t know about this little Indian boutique. You can get a variety of things ranging from clothing and jewelry to the famous bubble tea. Next time you go out shopping, think again before you just hit up The Mall. Try something new. You could end up finding a new favorite store!

“I thought the freshman class was a good class at the retreat. I thought finishing the day with mass in peace and quiet was a great way to end this wonderful day.”

Publication Policy

The staff of The Chancellor upholds the following policy in regards to the publication of the student newspaper. When tragedy or crisis occurs, it will be the decision of the staff whether or not to cover the topic. Pictures are chosen by the staff on grounds of availability and quality. Letters to the staff must include, but are not limited to: corrections, suggestions, and personal opinions. Letters must be submitted in type, less than 150 words addressed to the editor and be submitted no later than two weeks before the next publication. All staff members reserve the right to report any and all subjects that meet the elements of news. The Chancellor, being a newspaper wholly written and produced by students, reserves the right to determine the content of the publication. Suggestions are accepted, but it is up to the discretion of the staff to determine if coverage is necessary. The publication follows the guideline directed by the Kansas Student Publication Act (1992) which, in short, states that: A) content will not be censored only because it contains political or controversial topics, B) review of material is permitted to assure the articles are consistent with high standards of English and journalism, C) libelous, slanderous, obscene or matter that promotes illegal conduct is not protected, D) students are responsible for determining the content of the publication while publications advisors and other certified employees are responsible for teaching responsible expression and high standards of English and journalism, E) no student publication by students shall be deemed an expression of school policy nor can the employees be held responsible in any civil or criminal action. The staff recognized its responsibility to reflect the mission of Thomas More Prep-Marian, a diocesan Catholic high school, to serve the interest and needs of the school community and to provide fair, objective and accurate news, and commentary.

February 2014


StuCo Organizes Pennies for Patients Alyssa Keil ‘15 Staff Reporter Start finding spare pocket change, because “Pennies for Patients” is just around the corner! TMP is once again raising money for cancer patients. This fundraiser will last from February 3rd-14th. Last year TMP held the “Pennies for Patients” fundraiser in honor of Shane Gottschalk. We didn’t reach our goal, but it is still possible for the students this year. If

we reach this year’s school goal of $3000, the students will not have school on March 28th. Four jars, representing each class, will be set up in the office like we have in the past. Putting a penny in a class jar will give that class 1 point. How-ever, if a nickel is deposited, it will deduct that class from 1 point. Dimes deduct 2 points, quarters de-duct 3, and a dollar will take away 5 points. The winning class of the competi-

tion will get a sweats day. TMP will also have buckets set up at the February 11th and 14th basketball games at Hays High. Although the money will not count for the class competition, the amount will still go toward the school goal. Even though there are multiple incentives for donating to the fundraiser, as TMP students, we should make the cancer patients our ultimate motivation.

Pop Singers Attend Clinic Grace Volker ‘15 Staff Reporter

On January 29 in Oberlin, KS, dancing, singing, thousand-watt smiles, and rhinestones were the most prevalent things in the minds of the approximately 80 or so students who gathered in the Gateway Civic Center for the annual Show Choir Clinic. Although they had attended several years previously, this was the first year in quite a few in which the vocalists participated in the event. The day started at 9 A.M. with some warm-up jazzercise led by Rachel Simmons, hailing from the Wichita area. Immediately following, all students were taught the choreography for the beginnings of a piece, which they would continue to work on throughout the day. Then, each of the four schools represented took a turn performing three selections for the rest of the groups. The clini-

cian then took about 45 minutes to critique each group’s choreography or performance of the music all while positively affirming the good aspects of each dance. Due to their esteemed reputation for being a western Kansas small high school “show choir powerhouse,” the Popsingers performed last. Even though they suffered through some technical difficulties due to faulty background tracks for one song, they performed terrifically. Simmons then gave the singers some tips to help make the dances, which will be used in the upcoming February dinner show, even better. Though listening to critiques all afternoon got a bit dull at times, the day as a whole was very beneficial for the group. Not only did the singers get to see performances all day, they were able to use the critiques of the other groups before them to improve their

dances as well. In addition, the complete choreography for the morning’s song of “Blame it on the Boogie” was completed, and the Popsingers will be able to use the song and dance for the spring concert. As senior Emily Staab said, “The clinic was a lot of fun! And it was a great learning experience through seeing how other show choirs perform and do their thing!” Being a show choir member is never easy, but through workshops such as this the performers are given more exposure to the art form. With more exposure comes more refined talent, and more refined talent leads to better groups in general. Undoubtedly, the Popsingers, thanks to the clinic which they were blessed enough to be able to go to, will grow in talent not only as individuals but as a group as a whole.

The annual Pop Singers dinner show goes retro this year with the theme of “American Bandstand,” highlighting songs from the 50s through the 80s. The set will be performed on Friday February 7th, at 7:00 without a meal, on Saturday February 8th, at 6:30 with a dinner served, and on February 9th, at noon with a luncheon served. The menu for both the dinner and the luncheon keeps with the “American Bandstand” theme, showcasing traditional American cuisine.

Barbequed Pork Ribs are on the menu for Saturday night, served with Loaded Ranch Potato Wedges, and a Green Bean Medley. The Sunday luncheon offers Barbequed Cowboy Burger, served with Baked Beans and Coleslaw. Ending on a sweet note, Bread Pudding with Bourbon sauce, and Strawberry Delight are on the dessert menu for both meals. Each era covered in the show also highlights a figure of decade, showcasing Elvis Presley from the 50s, the Beatles from the 60s, Elton John from the 70s, and Michael Jackson from the 80s.

Elevator Update Matt Mindrup ‘15

This year’s twenty one person group includes eleven boys and ten girls, five of them new freshmen, allowing the audience to get to know some new faces. The way the show is divided this year is also different than in previous years. Director Mrs. Kathy Amrein said, “The show includes more group numbers and less solos than in previous shows.” Tickets for the shows are currently on sale, and can be purchased through the front office.

Staff Reporter

Things are looking up for the construction of the new elevator, located in the east wing of the administrative building. The project is still on schedule, and is expected to be finished by Mid-February. The elevator shaft has been under construction since October and is, “very close to being completed,” according to Mr. Jeff Brull. The only things that are hindering construction are the parts on back order for the actual elevator. These parts have to be specially made and ordered since TMP’s building is so unique in structure and, much older in age than most other buildings with elevators in them.

New Students Arrive for Second Semester Janice Chang ‘16 Pamela Chen ‘15 Staff Reporter

Staring the second semester of 2014, TMP-Marian gained six new resident students from Taiwan, China, and Korea. There are four Taiwanese, who are Florence Tang ‘15, Ivy Fang ‘16, Vanessa Lin ‘16, and Robert Yang ‘17. The Korean student is Haley Lee ‘17, and the Chinese student is Michael He ‘17. According to Lin, her favorite part about TMP-Marian is that we get out of school earlier than in Tawain. For Tang, it is the atmosphere during classes. To all of the new resident students, the language difference is the most difficult part of studying abroad. Living in the dorm and spending time with friends are how they enjoy spend-

ing their time. The things that they miss the most are the foods in their own countries as well as their families. The class that Vanessa wants to take is Biology class, and Florence wants to take any Advanced Placement classes and yearbook because setting a goal to challenge herself is important. Some of them want to join the sports teams, and some want to get scholarships. The new resident students all have their own ideas of attending colleges. Tang and Lin are planning to attend the University of Washington. Robert set a goal to attend a University in the East Coast. The remainder of them are still finding their interests, but they all hope to study at a U.S. college.

Valentine’s Day Reality Exposed Alyssa Keil ‘15 Bailey Rome ‘15 Staff Reporters

TMP-Marian Pop Singers Prepare for Annual Dinner Show Lexie Wasinger ‘15 Staff Reporter

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Valentine’s Day is a day of love or a day of ice cream. Many show their love by buying flowers, chocolates, or taking their partner out to a fancy dinner. However, ice cream is a go-to item for females, possibly males, to drown their sorrows because they are without someone special. America is desperate.... let’s be honest. Statistics say that 14% of women send THEMSELVES flowers on Valentine’s Day. This being the case, our national holiday has lost its meaning. The holiday was originally meant for people to relax and celebrate with the ones they love. For some it still is just that, but for most it can be a sorrowful or even selfish day. For instance, 53% of women end their relationship on Valentine’s Day, if they do not get a

gift from their partner. Not only is this a day of wasted emotions, but it is also a day of wasted money. On average a total of $116.21 is spent on gifts by just one consumer, making America, as a whole; spend a whopping total of $13 billion. For many people money is tight; however, people choose to blow that amount, possibly even more, on just one holiday. We’re not opposed to buying gifts for loved ones, but this amount of money seems to be excessive. In conclusion, we find that Valentine’s Day can burn many holes in people’s pockets and for others, just plain heartbreaking. Lastly, we would like to make clear that celebrating a day with the one you love should not be frowned upon, but the extravagant measures to pull off this day is ridiculous, along with the selfcentered and depressing emotions shown by many individuals.

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Just Ask . . .


7 Simple Questions

Connie and Blyde

Q: Why don’t you provide us with paper to write questions on? A: We wanted to test your thriftiness- congratulations, by writing this question on a napkin, you’ve passed. We will look into placing paper out for our next issue…then again, you might just have to keep being creative. Really, we’re providing you with a chance to stimulate a vital skill you will need in your chosen workforce. You. Are. Welcome. No need for thanks, but we do appreciate fruit baskets, Connie and Blyde P.S. - Napkins are technically a paper product.

Q: Problem…I don’t know whether to ask my friend to the dance because I don’t want her to think I want to be more than friends. A: That isn’t a question, but we’ll answer it anyway because it really should’ve been asked months ago. First: is there any reason this girl would think you’re asking her as more than friends? If no, just ask; you will most definitely have a blast, since dances are ALWAYS more fun with a date, but you won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of the “maybe we’re a couple but neither of us really know” thing. If yes: first, maybe you should consider why she might think this in the first place…and think really hard about how you actually feel. Second, you can always us the old “like, just as friends” bit when asking. All your problems solved in four one-syllabled words. Coming from experience, don’t let the fear of something you don’t necessarily want to happen keep you from making the best decision you might make. The unexpected is bound to happen eventually in some form or another whether you ask this gal or not, so you might as well do want you want to do anyway, and live for the present instead of worrying about the future. Amazing how dance tips apply to everyday life as well, right? In all seriousness, best of luck. XOXO, Connie and Blyde

Q: I’m thinking about dying my hair, but I’m just not sure. What should I do? A: We know teenagedom is all about “finding your identity,” but how are you supposed to be 100% yourself to accomplish this task if a major part of who you are (I’m assuming this question is from a girl, and, coming from another girl- this is Connie, by the way- all girls know hair is the most important thing) is FAKE? The most beautiful girls are the ones who are comfortable with who they are. Be happy with what the Big Man gave you. Stay Classy, Connie (with minimal input from Blyde)

What’s Behind Your Pet Peeves? Jena Ernsting ‘14 Staff Reporter We look around every day seeing people, seeing actions, and taking a mental note of everything we like and dislike. Why do we feel it necessary to constantly pick out what we like and dislike about other people? You are driving down the street and the person in front of you turns without turning their blinker on. It really makes you mad. Why? Why do you get so irritated when someone stands over you reading what is on your computer screen? After all, they are just trying to see what you are doing for a brief minute and then they walk away. These people are everywhere. It may be your mother who asks you what the degree is outside instead of the temperature, or it could be the grammar natzi who never lets you use the incorrect possessive.

February 2014

But why do we get so upset on the inside when these people consistently do these things? Who cares when everything is said and done? Psychologist and stress expert Deborah Rozman, PhD, of the Institute of HeartMath says, “Pet peeves proceed form old fears, old insecurities that we’ve fed until they’ve become habits.” Psychologists attribute pet peeves to stress and allowing small but frequent annoyances to upset us. Those most affected by specific annoyances usually feel as though the annoyance is directed at them. Some people choose to deny they have pet peeves but that only makes the trigger responses worse. The American Psychological Association, in October 2007 published a tip sheet on ways to deal with stress, which commonly brings on pet peeves. Suggestions include; meditation, eating right, and getting enough sleep.


Matthew Mindrup ‘15 Staff Reporter

As each year winds down, and my teenage years wind down, many of us begin reminiscing about times that have already past. From RocketPower to Glee and Barney to Justin Timberlake, we have had quite an eventful life, full of good and bad memories.Our earliest recollections are mostly filled with the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora the Explorer, and Teletubbies. We spent most of our free time playing with colored shapes, but, of course, we cannot forget our favorite stuffed animal either. As we aged and graduated from preschool so did our interests. Television shows like The Wild Thornberrys, The Fairly Odd Parents, Sponge Bob Square Pants, which admittedly we all watch sometimes, and everyones favorite The Rugrats. Just as our choice of television shows aged, so did our choice of toys. The girls discovered Barbie, and the boys found sports and Pokémon. We began to learn how to read, book series like The Magic Treehouse and Junie B. Jones, with both captivating our imaginations. This was the golden age of our childhood, where we met our best friend, and when the only thing worse than missing recess was catching coodies. Each summer we spent our days swimming at the Hays Aquatic Park, riding our bikes, and playing cops and robbers all over the neighborhood. But the highlight of everyone’s summer, of course, was when the carnival rolled into town during Wild West Fest. Soon enough though, most of these things began to fade and become less important as we grew older and entered the fourth grade. New movies rolled around such as High School Musical and the Harry Potter films. Music began to influence our lives, with the music of Greenday, Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, and Maroon Five. We also found a new interest in video games. As our elementary school years began to wind down, and we began to prepare for 5th/6th grade graduation. A new time was fast approaching. A period full of the opposite sex, awkwardness, and drama. Some say it was the best time of their life so far, while others couldn’t wait to get out. But regardless, when the time came to leave elementary school we were good and ready to start a new adventure!

interviewed by Adam Flax ‘15 Jena Ernsting ‘14

1.) If you had a theme song what would it be? “Icarus” 2.) What is your favorite shade of the color blue? “Sapphire” 3.) Do have a guilty Television pleasure? “Yes, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girls, and Dr. Who 4.) If you could have live in any book or movie, what would it be? “Frozen” 5.) Which Disney Princess is most like you? “Rapunzel, because I am waiting for some guy to save me from my tower.” 6.) If your life was a Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be called? “A combination of everything called ... That’s Crazy” 7.) What is your absolute favorite thing? “My friends, they help me no matter what.” Mrs. Heather Sramek, English IV Teacher 1.) If you had a theme song what would it be? “Wagon Wheel” 2.) What is your favorite shade of the color blue? “Haint Blue” 3.) Do have a guilty Television pleasure? “Yes, Say Yes to the Dress” 4.) If you could have live in any book or movie, what would it be? “North and South” 5.) Which Disney Princess is most like you? “Anna from Frozen, due to me always being over shadowed by my older sister.” 6.) If your life was a Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be called? “Southern Decadence, which would be a chocolate ice cream filled with pralines and pecans.” 7.) What would you ideal day be like? “Bright and Sunny. 8% degrees with slight breeze.”

The Chancellor Staff Editor Jena Ernsting ‘14 Reporters Meagan Brin ‘17 Carmen Brull ‘17 Janice Chang ‘16 Pamela Chen ‘15 Adam Flax ‘15 Taylor Gabel ‘16 Maci Gerhard ‘17 Alison Helget ‘17 Alyssa Keil ‘15 Madyson Koerner ‘17 Matt Mindrup ‘15 Bailey Rome ‘15 Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Owen Toepfer ‘15 Grace Volker ‘15 Lexie Wasinger ‘15 Advisor Mrs. Heather Sramek Publisher Mrs. Kathy Taylor

February 2014


Forensics Begins Season Madyson Koerner ‘17 Staff Reporter With a new semester there also comes new classes and new clubs. Forensics was one of the many to start off fresh with a lot of new. A new year, new faces, and also a new advisor, Mrs. Kelli Kirmer. The forensics club decided on the theme for the year as The Wizard of Oz. “I want everyone to be able to fol-

low their yellow brick ca Channell placing road,” said Mrs. Kir- second in improvised mer. duet acting (I.D.A) The team start- which landed them a ed off their season spot in the champs diwith a lock-in that vision at state in May. took place on January The forensics 18th. team plans to go to This helped the a variety of different along new students to learn competitions about the acting and it the course of the serefreshed the return- mester. They also plan ers from the previous on holding their first year. Their first fi- ever home meet on nals along with Cody February 22nd. Kreutzer and Rebec-

Wrestlers Compete in Bob Kuhn Prairie Classic

Lexie Wasinger ‘15 Staff Reporter

The Monarch wrestling team took four wrestlers to the Bob Kuhn Prairie Classic wrestling tournament, and had a strong showing, with two wrestlers winning medals. Freshman Tucker Rhodes performed well throughout the tournament, wrestling in the 113 lb. weight class, and winning two out of his three matches on the first day. On day two he wrestled in the semifinals, losing the match that would have allowed him to advance to third place. Rhodes went on the wrestle for fifth place, winning the match, and giving him the medal. Sophomore Ricky Hockett wrestled in the 120 lb. weight class. After coming off the first day with only one loss, he advanced through the bracket to the semifinal. Hockett was pinned in the semifinal match and ended up losing his match for fifth place, allowing him to come away with sixth. Freshman Josh Plante competed in the 126 lb. weight division, and was able to advance to day two with only one loss. He then went on to lose his opening match of day two, ending his day at the tournament. Senior Justin Raynesford wrestled in the 145 lb. weight class, and was knocked out of the tournament on day one, after suffering two losses. The Monarch wrestlers have multiple tournaments ahead of them, before attending regionals in WaKeeney on February 22nd, where their fates for the post season will determined.

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Scholars Bowl Prepared for Regional Tourney

Bailey Rome ‘15 Staff Reporter On January 9th, 2014 the TMP Monarchs scholars bowl team traveled to Osborne for the Osborne Invitational Scholars Bowl Competition. While at the tournament TMP tied with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. The one loss was due to the defeat of the Monarchs by Lakeside by 80-40 in round four and settled for 2nd in their Pool Play. TMP, St. Johns, Lakeside and Northern Valley would be in the final four. During this round the Monarchs faced St. Johns and after a slow start were able to beat them with a score of 100-45. Finally in the final round the Monarchs would face Northern Valley. TMP had a slow start losing to Northern Valley by 40 points, but they were able to make a comeback and answer the next several ques-

tions correctly and won. Coach Don Hageman said, “In Regionals and State it is very difficult to come back from behind so I hope we can get a lead in the future and then keep it!” On January 11 the team competed in a 12 team Invitational Scholars Bowl. After going 4-1 in Pool Play the Varsity team placed 3rd overall, and the Jr. varsity team placed 3rd overall as well. Finally on January 21st they traveled to Phillipsburg. Ending their Pool Play with a 5-0 score TMP seated first in the semi-finals. After winning against Smith Center with a score of 80-50 they face Russell in the finals and won with a 100-30 score claiming top prize in the tournament. The Monarchs are set to host the Regional Scholars Bowl on February 6.

The Season In Pictures LEFT: Junior Kaylor Gottschalk looks for an open teammate against Russell.

Student Teacher and TMP Alum Ms. Anne Drees ‘10 talks to her freshman English class about the scene from Romeo and Juliet that they have just finished acting out. Ms. Drees is working with Mrs. Kathy Pfeifer, and is one of 5 student teachers on campus this semester. Photo by Lexie Wasinger ‘15.

RIGHT: Peyton Hoffman goes for the hoop against Russell.

LEFT: Mrs. Kathy Amrein goes over the technical aspects of the Pop Singers dinner show with crew members Levi Dreiling ‘14, Megan Pfannenstiel ‘14, Hannah Michaud ‘16, and Monica Michaud ‘14. Photo by Mrs. Heather Sramek


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February 2014 Thursday January 30, 2014

Wednesday January 29, 2014






Appreciating our faculty Faculty enjoyed a day of their own during Catholic Schools Week. On Thursday, the faculty was allowed to wear jeans with an activity shirt. Students wore their regular activity dress, an activity shirt with khakis, and were on activity schedule.





Appreciating our families On Wednesday, the entire school was on early release schedule with a movie. Students had class until 1:12 then watched a movie in the auditorium. Students were allowed to wear beach accessories. These accessories followed the theme of the movie, Soul Surfer. After the movie, students wrote thank you cards to someone who has had a significant influence on each of their lives. Students were then dismissed at regular time.











Tuesday January 28, 2014

Friday January 31, 2014

Appreciating our faith community Friday, the last day of Catholic Schools Week, was spent with young students from Holy Family Elementary School and Saint Mary’s Elementary School (Ellis). All three schools had mass with Bishop Weisenberger at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. After mass, grades 4-9 boarded buses and when back to TMP to enjoy lunch, activities, and a preview of the TMP Singers dinner show in the auditorium. Grades K-3 and 10-12 remained at Holy Family Elementary to enjoy lunch, activities, and a Bible Bowl in the gym.

Appreciating our students In order to appreciate students on Tuesday, administration treated them to several privileges. First of all, students were given an early release day with dismissal at 1:12. Students also were allowed to wear the garb of their favorite institution of higher learning. Lastly, candy was given to every student in the lunch line.







Appreciating our local community Throughout the day, activities occurred at and around TMP in order to appreciate others. The Administration, Alumni, and Advancement offices delivered cookies to sponsors of TMP. Also, the Natural Helpers posted sticky notes with compliments on every student’s’ locker door. Students also enjoyed spirit dress with accessories.






Monday January 27, 2014





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