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May 2014 VOL. 44, Issue 7

Students Enjoy Multicultural Day Alyssa Keil ‘15 Staff Reporter On April 16, following service projects in the morning, Multi-cultural day was held during the afternoon. Students got with their academies and walked to various rooms, learning about the cultures of many TMP students and their home countries. To start of the afternoon, everyone in the school gathered in the auditorium to listen to a presentation displayed by our students from Rwanda. They had put together a PowerPoint about the Rwandan genocide. They each presented information about the genocide itself, and they also talked about their own experiences and how the genocide affects them today. These resident students were able to show us

some very realistic documentaries, which got many of the students thinking about how grateful we are to go to TMP and live in the United States of America. Once the lovely presentation had concluded, students went to their academies to learn about many different cultures and eat a variety of ethnic foods. Some of the countries included, Korea, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Nepal, and Italy. Janice Chang 16’ presented her Taiwanese culture and stated, “We put a lot of effort into planning this event. We spent a lot of time cooking and decorating. I enjoyed sharing my culture to the other TMP students.” After the students had walked to many different classrooms and learned about many different cultures, the school day ended at 2:00.

Cheerleading Squad Announced Carmen Brull ‘17 Staff Reporter

A new school year brings a new cheer squad. Preparation for the cheer tryouts began in April. Tryouts under a new coach, Mrs. Vanessa Schumacher, were a little bit different than before. “I thought the tryouts this year were a lot different than past years. They were more intimidating considering there were a limited number of spots with a lot of girls trying out. There was definitely competition, but it made it a challenge which, I think, is needed,” said Alison Schibi ‘17.

Schibi, along with 12 other girls made the squad with a total of 19 trying out. There were three practices before the actual tryouts to help prepare the girls. The 2014-2015 cheer squad includes Autumn Hohmann ‘18, Vanessa Lin ‘16, Jordyn Manhart ‘16, Brianna Romme ‘18, Dominique Rupp ‘16, Alison Schibi ‘17, Audrey Staab ‘18, Taryn Stauth ‘18, Macie Stoecklein ‘15, Taylor Teel ‘18, Ashtyn Toepfer ‘18, Lexie Wasinger ‘15, and Kendra Werth ‘17.

Kevin Cao ‘14 works in the kitchen to prepare a traditional Vietnamese dessert for the TMP-Marian students.

A.C.E. Celebrates Ruby anniversary Alison Helget ‘17 Staff Reporter Saturday, April 26, ACE Auction celebrated its ruby anniversary. The event kicked off Friday night with a well-prepared dinner, and continued on Saturday with the auction. Friday night two $500 cash winners were drawn, and the winners were Duane Klaus and Judy Mitchell. Saturday’s big winner was Joan I. Ostmeyer taking home a 2013 Ford Focus. The auction brought in a lot of money with $16,000 coming from the Black Tie Dinner. Other items included the oil tank bought for $7,000, the jewelry ensemble purchased for $3,450, and the two bishop dinners that went for a total of $4600. All together ACE brought in over $600,000. None of this could have been possible without help from the students and faculty members, so the Alumni office would like to send out a great big thank you. All this help resulted in a successful auction yet again.

Finals Exemption Policy Review Taylor Gabel ‘16 nals. One way is to achieve Staff Reporter For many years, exemplary status on KanTMP-Marian has had a finals exemption policy. This is a great incentive for students to keep their grades up and to try and keep good attendance all year long. There are multiple ways to get out of taking fi-

sas State Assessments. Any student who achieves national merit status as determined by PSAT results is also exempt from taking finals. A way for seniors to get out of school a few days sooner is to be for-

mally recognized as Kansas State Scholars by the Kansas Board of Regents. The last way to be exempt from finals applies to the whole school. A student may have 3 or fewer absences with an A average, 2 or fewer absences with a B average, or 1 or fewer ab-

sences with a C average. They also must not have received 2 or more penalty periods or suspensions throughout the school year.

Finals Schedule

Monday, May 19

Wednesday, May 21

Tuesday, May 20

Thursday, May 22

Seniors Hours 1-4

SENIORS Hours 5-7 (During Hours 1-4)

Student Council Elections

Freshmen-Juniors Hours 1-4

Freshmen-juniors Hours 5-7 (During Hours 1-4)

Thursday, May 1 marked the beginning of new student leadership as the student body elected new executive officers for the 2014-2015 school year. Matt Mindrup ‘15 was elected student body president; Kelli Veach ‘15 was elected vice president. Grace Volker ‘15 was elected secretary, and Nick Schmidt ‘15 was elected treasurer. These four students will attend the KSHSAA sponsored leadership camp this July at Emporia State University. During the following week, individual classes elected their class presidents and vice presidents. Next year’s senior class elected Owen Toepfer ‘15 as president and Lexie Wasinger ‘15 and Matea Gregg ‘15 as vice presidents. The incoming junior class elected John Drees ‘16 president and TJ Flax ‘16 and Justin Pfeifer ‘16 vice presidents. The sophomore class will be represented by Megan Koenigsman ‘17 president and Tucker Rhoades ‘17 and Joe Flax ‘17 as vice presidents. The incoming freshman class elected Trae Megaffin ‘18 president and Elly Lang ‘18 and Anna Speno ‘18 as vice presidents. The student officers began their terms by serving lunch on May 14 as part of the Cooks and Custodians appreciation lunch.

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Faith &Opinion

May 2014

May Crowning Tradition Continues Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Staff Reporter

Every year on Mother’s Day, Thomas More Prep-Marian High School celebrates a Mother’s Day Mass in the Al Billinger Field House. During the Mass, TMP seniors, who were selected by their senior classmates, get the honor of crowning Mary, Mother of Jesus. Two

people, a male and female, were selected by their class to crown Mary. They were selected because they had characteristics much like Mary and Joseph had. Grant Rome ‘14 and Michaela Flax ’14 were selected this year for the May Crowning. Three attendant couples joined them: Ryan Ham-

merschmidt ’14 and Monica Michaud ’14, Levi Dreiling ’14 and Jena Ernsting ’14, and Cody Schmidtberger ’14 and Megan Pfannenstiel ‘14. The tradition of May Crowing can be traced back to Marian High on May Day. On May Day, high school students would crown Mary, much like we do today. Once Mar-

ian High and Thomas More Prep combined, the tradition was brought along with it. Mary is seen as the great example of how we should live our lives. Crowing her Queen of Heaven during the Mass reflects this and helps the congregation to realize this. Father Earl Befort presided over the Mass with music

Dakota Dunnagan gives a carnation to his mother.

accompaniment from Monarch Music Ministry. Many senior mothers and their student will have parts in the Mass. Each mother also received a carnation from their student during the Mass. Mass will be on May 11th at 10:30a.m.; both middle and high school students and their families are invited.

Mason Lagree and his mother greet together before mass.

Above: Senior May Crowning Attendants, Megan Pffanenstiel and Cody Schmidtberger, Monica Michaud and Ryan Hammerschmidt, Mikaela Flax and Grant Romme, and Jena Ernsting and Levi Dreiling. Haileigh Jacobs and her mother greet together before mass.

Monica Michaud gives her grandmother a carnation.

Students Engage in Service Activities

Madyson Koerner ‘17 Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, April 16th TMP held their annual spring service day. Each academy had been planning what they wanted to do for this day and got to choose what service they would be providing for the school or the community. E v e r y o n e started off the day gathered in the auditorium to watch videos about service and

listen to the Monarch Music Ministry. Mrs. Barbara Wagoner also shared her views on the service day and how it tied in with the Easter season. When everything was done each student dispersed back to their academy and went about their service. The academies helped with the nursing homes, set up for ACE auction, and many more different

things regarding to yard work and cleaning up the TMP campus. At the end of the day each person grew closer with their faith and the understanding of how service benefits you. Yet another successful service day means that there will be many more to come in the future.

Publication Policy The staff of The Chancellor upholds the following policy in regards to the publication of the student newspaper. When tragedy or crisis occurs, it will be the decision of the staff whether or not to cover the topic. Pictures are chosen by the staff on grounds of availability and quality. Letters to the staff must include, but are not limited to: corrections, suggestions, and personal opinions. Letters must be submitted in type, less than 150 words addressed to the editor and be submitted no later than two weeks before the next publication. All staff members reserve the right to report any and all subjects that meet the elements of news. The Chancellor, being a newspaper wholly written and produced by students, reserves the right to determine the content of the publication. Suggestions are accepted, but it is up to the discretion of the staff to determine if coverage is necessary. The publication follows the guideline directed by the Kansas Student Publication Act (1992) which, in short, states that: A) content will not be censored only because it contains political or controversial topics, B) review of material is permitted to assure the articles are consistent with high standards of English and journalism, C) libelous, slanderous, obscene or matter that promotes illegal conduct is not protected, D) students are responsible for determining the content of the publication while publications advisors and other certified employees are responsible for teaching responsible expression and high standards of English and journalism, E) no student publication by students shall be deemed an expression of school policy nor can the employees be held responsible in any civil or criminal action. The staff recognized its responsibility to reflect the mission of Thomas More Prep-Marian, a diocesan Catholic high school, to serve the interest and needs of the school community and to provide fair, objective and accurate news, and commentary.

Above: Dylan Zimmerman ‘16, Joe Heimann ‘15, and Shelby Stouffer ‘16 pick up trash during the morning portion of service day.

Chancellor Staff Editor-in-Chief

Jena Ernsting ‘14


Mrs. Heather Sramek


Mrs. Kathy Taylor

Staff Reporters

Meagan Brin ‘17 Carmen Brull ‘17 Janice Chang ‘16 Pamela Chen ‘15 Adam Flax ‘15 Taylor Gabel ‘16 Maci Gerhard ‘17 Alison Helget ‘17 Alyssa Keil ‘15 Madyson Koerner ‘17 Matthew Mindrup ‘15 Bailey Rome ‘15 Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Owen Toepfer ‘15 Grace Volker ‘15 Lexie Wasinger ‘15

May 2014

Class of 2014

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Rachel Becker

Rebecca Befort

Cameron Brin

Jacob Brull

Steven Burns

Emporia State University

Kansas State University

Fort Hays State University

University of Kansas

Pennsylvania State University

Chinh Minh (Kevin) Cao

Rebecca Channell

Mason Choitz

Alek Crawford

Austin Dinkel

Creighton University

Fort Hays State University

University of Kansas

North Central Kansas Technical College

Fort Hays State University

Levi Dreiling

Dakota Dunnagan

Jena Ernsting

Jeff Fan

Mikaela Flax

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University

Jared Gabel

Emily Glover

Jordan Gottschalk

Ryan Hammerschmidt

Kayla Hockett

Kansas State University

University of Kansas

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Kansas Wesleyan University

Alison Hohmann

Kevin Hou

Jeff Hsiao

Leonard Ishimwe

Haleigh Jacobs

Fort Hays State University

Penn State University

UC Irvine

University of Ottawa

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University

Page 4 Mary Jao

Class of 2014 Jason Jiang

University of Iowa

Mason Lagree

Collan Lawson

May 2014 Briannah Lee

Butler CC

Fort Hays State University

State University of New York

Qi (Fiona) Lin

Doris Liu

Ryan Mayorga

Meng Meng

Monica Michaud

University of Missouri

University of Iowa

Hutchinson CC

University of Missouri St. Louis

Fort Hays State University

David Moeder

Aaron Moore

Victoria Park

Megan Pfannenstiel

Mitchell Pinney

University of Kansas

University of Kansas

UC Irvine

Fort Hays State University

Wichita State University

Mikel Sarver

Adam Schibi

Justin Raynesford

Jeffery Richmeier

Grant Romme

Fort Hays State University

University of Kansas

University of Kansas

Roy Schmeidler

Cody Schmidtberger

Michael Schulte

Nick Schumacher

Emily Staab

University of Kansas

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University

Fort Hays State University

Kansas State University

Taylor Wasinger

Samantha Whitmer

Samantha Younie

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Skyler Urban

Washburn University

Kayla Walker

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Class of 2014

May 2013

Matteo Zazza

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Bruce Zhou

Zhemy Zhao

Senior Wills David Moeder: I, David Moeder, will my god-like endurance and yard long strides to Nathan Schuckman to excel in the sport I consider my child, cross country.

Arizona State University

Drexel University

University of Missouri

10 Years Later... David Moeder: I will be living in a van down by the river.

Jeff Hsiao: I will be somewhere in the U.S.

Aaron Moore: Pursuing my career in biomedical engineering and continuing to grow my collection of Russian nesting dolls. I also plan to be a star on the hit TV show ‘Love + Hip Hop Atlanta,’ all while being an Abercrombie model with Adam Schibi.

Leonard Ishimwe: I will be back in Rwanda.

Victoria Park: I will be in my office in Korea. Mitchell Pinney: Dairy Queen is lyfe. Jeffery Richmeier: I will be working and out of college, building a wonderful life. Also, I will own a small collection of watches and hats, while occasionally admiring Adam and Aaron’s Abercrombie modeling. Grant Romme: I will be ballin’ hard at West View. Mikel Sarver: I will be fishing, and working for the city of hays or the hospital. Adam Schibi: I will be out of college, pursuing my career in management of information systems and modeling for Abercrombie with Aaron Moore. Roy Schmeidler: I will be living in a condo on the coast of Guam, as Chase Meitler’s basketball wife. I will also own Chris Stoecklein as my pet retriever. Cody Schidtberger: I will probably be still around here, just living life and stuff. Michael Schulte: I will be hosting my own late night talk show after a successful run as a cast member on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Nick Schumacher: I will be enjoying the spectacular landscape of Kansas from the comfort of my lawn chair. Emily Staab: I will hopefully be out of college and teaching elementary kids. Skyler Urban: I will be touring around Russia, entertaining the population with my superior trombone skills. As a part time job, I will also be working at the Hays Aquatic Park with Sam Younie. Kayla Walker: I will hopefully be working at a hospital as a nurse and having a family. Meng Meng: I will be in America. Ryan Mayorga: I will be working on building homes. Doris Liu: I will be in the United States. Fiona Lin: I will be in a big city. Briannah Lee: I will either be in Korea or the U.S. Mason Lagree: I will be living in L.A. and be in the NFL, playing for the San Diego Chargers and be starting a famous Bugatti Veyron collection. Jason Jiang: I want to be in Europe. Mary Jao: I will be in Taiwan.

Kevin Hou: I will be somewhere in my country, and I will be a CFO. Allison Hohmann: I will be starting a job as a music teacher in the middle of nowhere and living with Jena Ernsting. Jordan Gottschalk: I will still be living in Hays. Emily Glover: I will be married to a professional basketball player, living my life as a successful trophy wife. Jared Gabel: I will be 28 years old. Mikaela Flax: I will be saving lives and sheltering homeless cats. Jeff Fan: I might be traveling the world. Jena Ernsting: I will be ordering my “Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit” from or conquering the world of agriculture on article at a time. Dakota Dunnagan: I will be breeding a Pomski for Adam Schibi. Austin Dinkel: I will be in 2024. Mason Choitz: Obviously ten years… Kevin Cao: I will be nomadic. Steven Burns: I will be either in California or in Taiwan. Jacob Brull: I will be the richest man in the universe, controlling an inter-planetary monopoly on dryer lint… or I’ll be a music teacher. One of the two. Cameron Brin: I will still be in Hays, Ks. Rebecca Befort: I will be away from Hays. Bruce Zhou: I will be in Canton or L.A., being a millionaire in stocks. Max Zhang: I will be in China. Matteo Zazza: I will not be in Hays. Samantha Younie: I will be working at the Hays Aquatic Park! <3 Samantha Whitmer: I will be living in Colorado with my two K-9 dogs, fighting off crime in the streets. In my spare time, I will climb mountains with my pal Sam. Taylor Wasinger: I will hopefully be finishing up my residency as an orthopedic physician and getting ready to open my own clinic with my wife. Levi Dreiling: I will be dead. Rachel Becker: I will be far, far away.

Aaron Moore: I, Aaron Moore, will my discus throwing abilities to Christopher Stecklein. Mitchell Pinney: I, Mitchell Pinney, will my job to Chris Stoecklein. Jeffery Richmeier: I, Jeffery Richmeier, will my Buick Lesabre to Gordon Richmeier. Grant Romme: I, Grant Romme, will my public speaking skills to Chase Romme. Mikel Sarver: I, Mikel Sarver, from experience, will falling behind to no one. Adam Schibi: I, Adam Schibi, will all of my high school assignments to Alison Schibi. Sorry teachers! Roy Schmeidler: I, Roy Schmeidler, will give my Athletic superiority in the art of basketball to Mr. Hertel and/or Mel Pfeifer. Cody Schmidtberger: I, Cody Schmidtberger, will my Sacristan Abilities to Brady Hutchinson. We, Jena Ernsting and Cody Schmidtberger, will Mrs. Sramek to Matt Mindrup, Grace Volker, Adam Flax, and Lexie Wasinger.

Emily Glover: I, Emily Glover, will my crocs to Taylor Gabel and my presidency of Astronomy club to Lori Leiker and Deonna Wellbrock. Jared Gabel: I, Jared Gabel, will my ability of always being able to bring a smile to Mr. Klein’s face to Blake Dreher. Mikaela Flax: I, Mikaela Flax, will my hump day rights to T.J. and Joseph Flax if they become StuCo Execs. Jena Ernsting: I, Jena Ernsting, will my ability to roam the halls without an agenda to Lexie Wasinger. Dakota Dunnagan: I, Dakota Dunnagan, will my lame football excuses to Chris Stecklein. Austin Dinkel: I, Mr. Austin Dinkel, will my Mountain Dew to Mr. Klein. Mason Choitz: I, Mason Choitz, will James my cow teeth that I keep in my taco sauce jar. Kevin Cao: I, Kevin Cao, have nothing to will. Jacob Brull: I, Jacob Brull, will my stack of CDs that I will never use for anything else to next year’s government class. Cameron Brin: I, Cameron Brin, will my height and basketball abilities to Jared Vitztum.

Michael Schulte: I, Michael Schulte, will my track coaching abilities to Parker Cox.

Rebecca Befort: I, Rebecca Befort, will my cookie bar making abilities to Morgan Weber.

Nick Schumacher: I, Nick Schumacher, will the famous “stink-eye” to the infamous Mickey Mouse (Nick Meis).

Matteo Zazza: I, Matteo Zazza, will my Italian learning book and my opera song list to Mr. Brandel.

Emily Staab: I, Emily Staab, will my ability to scream and yell at people in Pop Singers, Ambassadors, and Natural Helpers, to Cody Kreutzer so that everyone knows he is in charge.

Samantha Younie: I, Samantha Younie, will my mad skills to Kaylor Gottschalk so that she can always ball hard because if she doesn’t… then “That’s a sprint!”

Skyler Urban: I, Skyler Urban, will my great gift of perfect note and minute taking to Grace Volker. Kayla Walker: I, Kayla Walker, will all of my old running shoes to my favorite, Shelby Stouffer! Ryan Mayorga: I, Ryan Mayorga, will be giving my ability to catch touchdown passes to whoever is number 15 next year. Mason Lagree: I, Mason Lagree, will my baseball home run skills to Jared Vitztum and Liam Stults. Allison Hohman: I, Allison Hohman, will my secretarial skills for Mrs. Amrein to Grace Volker and Adam Flax.

Samantha Whitmer: I, Samantha Whitmer, will Chase Meitler to Roy Schmeidler. Taylor Wasinger: I, Taylor Wasinger, will my center field position and abilities to Liam Stults. Levi Dreiling: I, Levi Dreiling, will my Tech Team abilities to Tyler Rueschoff. Rachel Becker: I, Rachel Becker, will my Twinkies, fat suit, heart boxers and cards, to my partner in crime, Bethany Staab.

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Herd Word

Prom 2014: “Ain’t No Party Like a Gatsby Party”

Bailey Rome ‘15 Staff Reporter

On May 3rd the junior class held the 2014 TMP Prom. They decided the theme would be classy, but fun with The Great Gatsby. Prom was held at the old Midwest Music building over on Main St. The dance/snack area was held on the main floor and in the basement were tables to relax at and a photo area to use props that fit the 1920’s era. Megan Pfannenstiel ‘14 was crowned Prom Queen, and Jeffrey Richmeier ‘14 was crowned Prom King. Alyssa Keil ‘15 said, “It was a lot of fun and I thought the music was good overall, but I just wish there wouldn’t have been as many slow songs. I also thought the decorations fit the theme, but the area it was held at was a little on the small side and just felt stuffy.” Pam Chen ‘15 commented, “I thought prom was better than last year, and I had a lot of fun. Also I thought the punch was really good.” At the end of the night, students received tumblers and Starplex cinema gift cards as party favors from the dance. Overall prom was a success, and almost everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves.

Featured App: Sleep Cycle Owen Toepfer ‘15 Staff Reporter The app featured in this month’s Chancellor is the app “Sleep Cycle,” created by Northcube AB. Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that does more than just wake people up. Sleep Cycle analyzes one’s sleep patterns and wakes the sleeper while in his/her lightest sleep phase. Sleep Cycle uses a wake up phase (30 minutes by default) that ends at a desired alarm time. During this phase Sleep Cycle monitors signals from the sleeper’s body to wake him up softly when he is in the lightest possible sleep state. In addition to the feature mentioned above, Sleep Cycle offers many other impressive statistics and information. It keeps track of things like time in bed each night, sleep quality, average time in bed, shortest night, longest night, best night, worst night, daily morning heart rate, et al. It even graphs one’s sleep patterns every night! Sleep Cycle is available in the Apple App store and is $.99.

Adam’s Oddities Adam Flax ‘15 Staff Reporter

WARNING: Adam’s Oddities has caught a bad case of Junioritis. ·

*During My Math Test*

My Answer: “28” Answer Choices: “17, 19,26 and 38” Me: “Well 26 is closer to 28, so that must be the answer.” · Every teacher before they draw on the board: “Now I am not an artist.” · This was the Extra Credit on my final…..“For ten extra credit points on your test stand up right now and sing at least one verse or the chorus of your favorite song out loud. I know that “Row Row Row Your Boat” is not your favorite song.” · That scary moment when you too many of the same letter on a scantron test. · On the First Day of School: 30 pencils, 20 pens, 12 rulers, 10 notebooks . One Month Later: 1 pencil you found on the ground.

FBLA Qualifies for Nationals Meagan Brin ‘17 Staff Reporter

June 28th-July 3rd, five TMP-Marian students will be attending FBLA nationals in Nashville, TN. Jeffrey Richmeier ‘14, Jared Gabel ‘14, Matt Mindrup ‘15, Keynan Hysten ‘15, and Dan O’Connor ‘15 were finalists. Richmeier and Gabel won in Lifesmarts, and Mindrup, Hysten, and O’Connor made it in Global Business. They will be attending alongside Mrs. Judy Mitchell.

Sand Volleyball Tournament Pamela Chen ‘15 Results Janice Chang ‘16 Staff Reporters

On the Easter Monday April 21, sand volleyball competition was held at Sonic 10 a.m. to 3p.m. The teams were separated by the classes; there were total of six teams that attended the game, which included two senior teams, two junior teams, one sophomore team, and one freshman team. The result showed that the points seniors got were the highest. Additionally, one of the senior teams “Tune Squad” won the first place! The team was consisting of Ryan Mayorga ’14, Adam Schibi ’14, Grant Romme ’14, Jeffery Richmeier ’14, Cameron Brin ’14, Jordan Gottschalk ’14, and Aaron Moore ’14. The second place was taken by the freshman team, and the third place was the senior team, “Lumps & Bumps”. Finally, the junior team got the fourth place in the game. Prizes for the winning team were T-shirts, and the seniors who scored the highest points got pop tarts.

Just Ask...

May 2014

Connie and Blyde

Q. How do I obtain a typical teen summer romance? A. Unless your name is Zac Efron or Venessa Hudgens, it’s probably not going to happen. But in the odd chance you do indeed get the opportunity, here’s how to make it the best one yet: First off, if you are a girl, your beau should probably be the star basketball player. On the other hand, if you are a boy, you should be on the lookout for a cute, smart girl. Additionally, your summer romancer should most definitely have a pretty good pop voice. After you’ve selected your candidate for the summer, both of you should get summer jobs at a country club owned by your blond, snotty, obsessed with pink, “fabulous” friend’s father. At first it will be difficult to keep your romance going because your jobs will keep you and your significant other apart for long periods of time. Likewise, your blonde friend will probably try to steal your man, if you are a girl. And if you are a boy, you will be paraded by college scouts for basketball, so you will hardly have anytime at to spend with your girlfriend. However, in the end, you and your summer partner will reunite to sing at the end of summer talent show; thus, peace will be restored to all your relationships. What time is it?….SUMMER TIME. Connie and Blyde Q. How do I pass my finals? A: Pray. May the Force Be With You, Connie and Blyde

Skipping On Towards Graduation Grace Volker ‘15 Staff Reporter

Senior year is one created from landmarks: the final home football game, trying on caps and gowns, the last school dance, and receiving acceptance letters from dream colleges. As the school year and the senior’s years at TMP come to a close, one major landmark moment arrived- senior skip day. Some students may have been fooled when the true moment arrived, as a “senior half-day” was already held on Friday, April 11. On that particular day, the seniors were dismissed after 2nd hour to go and enjoy God’s Not Dead at the movie theater, then given the rest of the day off. In previous years senior skip day did in fact commence after a few hours of the school day had already passed, leading to the belief that the day indeed was the seniors’ special one. However, a true surprise came early in the morning on Monday, April 28. By 6 A.M. that morning every student in the senior class, even those who live as far out of town as Great Bend, was awoken by a TMP-Marian teacher. The students were then brought to TMP-Marian for a special breakfast prepared by the cooks. During the breakfast the students filled out the “Senior Most- Likelies” for the yearbook. Once all the seniors’ stomachs were filled, they were given the rest of the day off. This year’s senior skip day was truly a special one. However, the seniors deserved every minute of it. Because the teachers knew how many changes this year’s graduating class has had to struggle with, such as not having commencement ceremonies in the fieldhouse- although the building is practically an inferno during graduation, it is a beloved tradition- and not getting to play any basketball games in the building, they wanted to plan an extra special day for the seniors to enjoy and remember. Indeed, they accomplished their goal. As one senior, Haileigh Jacobs, said, “I really enjoyed senior skip day. The breakfast was awesome, and then having the whole day off just added to an already awesome day. It was extraordinarily thoughtful that we got not just one, but two special days in order to sort of make up for some of the major changes we have to endure with this year.” Indeed, because their days a TMP-Marian are numbered few, it is of great importance that the seniors make many memories while they still can. This year’s senior skip day was undeniably a memorable day which will live on in the students’ minds far after graduation has passed.

Lady Monarch Soccer Improving

Maci Gerhard ‘17 Staff Reporter With multiple wins against Wichita teams, and a tie against Hays High, the soccer girls have exceeded our expectations. The girls have been working hard all spring to get to where they are now. Their first game was against Wichita Independent and was a total shut-out. The monarch ladies left with a 10-0 win. Their most recent game was against Hays High which ended with a 0-0 score. It was a big step for the girls. Unfortunately, one of their players, Raegan Billinger ‘17 was injured resulting in a broken shin and ankle. Raegan says, “I plan on working to get stronger and heal so I’ll be ready to get back in the game next season.” One of the most important parts of the team is working together and getting along. Deonna Wellbrock ’17 says, “It’s just like a family! I’ve grown up with these girls and can’t wait to continue my soccer career with them.”

Lady Monarch Softball Continues To Grow Bailey Rome ‘15

Staff Reporter With the Monarch softball season coming to a close I have asked Laurel Hageman her opinion about the season so far. She said, “I feel as though from the begging of the season we have improve tremendously. Also I think we have had a great season, due to the fact that the softball program has just started up again, and also because of our teamwork on the field.” Overall the Monarchs have shown great effort and will continue to do so for their final games coming up. If you want to catch the monarch in action their remaining games will be May 12th @ Colby, the MCCA tournament on May 13th @ Home, and regionals start on May 19th.

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