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April 2014 VOL. 44, Issue 6

Monarchs Walk the High Road Alyssa Keil ‘15 Staff Reporter

Austin Dinkel ‘14, David Moeder ‘14, Robin Han ‘16, and Ryan Ruder ‘16 take off from the starting line on Victory Road during the Walk the High Road event. The event raised awareness among students of domestic violence and the importance of developing healthy relationships. Photo by Lexie Wasinger ‘15

On March 13th the Leadership and Spirituality class, led by Coach John Montgomery, organized a school walk around Victory Lane. This activity was entitled “Walk the High Road”. Its main purpose was to bring about awareness of domestic violence, and encouraged establishing healthy relationships. Since the day was on early release schedule, the activity was not mandatory; however, service hours were offered for those who did join the event. With a combination of 57 boys and 70 girls, a total of 127 TMP students chose to walk. Because we were still dismissed at regular time, the rest of the students held up posters and dealt out canned goods. Making a mile, the students walked two laps around Victory. The experience

Residents Host Glow Bowling Janice Chang ‘16 Pamela Chen ‘15 Staff Reporters

On March 7, a day on which there was no school, the dorm council held a glow bowling competition at Centennial Lanes. The bowling game was for both day students and the international students. Students could sign up to bowl in the front office and during lunch that week. Each bowling team needed to have three boys and three girls sign up and an awesome team name.

To be able to enter the bowling alley, each person had to pay a two dollar entre fee. Bowling started at 9:30pm and ended at 11:30pm. Every resident student’s attendance was mandatory. Every team tried their best to score the highest because prizes would be given. By the time at 11:00pm rolled around of the alley, Michelle Fairbank, dorm director, announced that all students needed to gather in the center. Everyone posed in order to take group pictures. Later, Michelle

Fairbank announced the team names who took places; from the third place to the first place teams. The team that took third place of the competition was “The Jungle”, which included John Dress ’16, Jacob Roth ’16, Nick Hernandez ’16, Gabrielle Chittenden ’17, Lizzie Leiker ’17, and Heather Befort ’17. The prizes for the third place were snowball coupons. The second place was the team named “Holy Bowlers”. The team members were Grace Volker’ 15, Matt Mindrup ’15, Cody Kreutzer ’15, Adam

Flax’15, Alyssa Keil ’15, and Kelli Veach ’15; the prizes they received were snowball coupons and 10 dollar Walmart gift cards. Congratulations to the first place, which was taken by “The Next Fame”. The team included T.J Flax ’16, Jordan Gottschalk ’14, Cameron Fouts ’15, Lori Leiker ’17, Samantha Younie ’14, and Deonna Wellbrock ’17. The first place prices were snowball coupons, 10 dollar Walmart gift cards, and T-shirts! Every student also got a snowball coupon for the participating!

Students Compete at State FBLA Grace Volker‘15 Staff Reporter

Twenty-six of TMP’s budding businessmen and women left for Topeka on the evening of Monday, March 24, to attend the annual state FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) conference. There, the students had the opportunity to compete in a multitude of business-oriented events, some of which they had been working on for months in advance, in hopes of securing a top three finish and thus landing a spot in the national FBLA conference, which

Service and Multiculture Day April 16

will be held in Nashville in June. The event spanned two days, beginning on Tuesday morning. By the end of the first day, TMP already had a group of representatives who received a go-ahead for Nationals: Jared Gabel ’14, and Jeffrey Richmeier ’14 earned a spot in the Lifesmarts division. Many other students also placed in the top ten for various events, and some even placed high enough that they may still qualify for Nationals if those placed in front of them are also eligible in other events. After more com-

petition on Wednesday, the conference ended with closing ceremonies, and the group headed back to Hays. Dan O’Connor ‘15, TMP’s own FBLA president, placed 5th and 6th in two of his events. When asked about his experience at this year’s conference, he replied, “With the eyes of the nation upon us, I believe we achieved greatness and competed to our best ability while having a great time.” With the clear success of the group apparent in the multiple placings, it is easy to tell that TMP excels at yet another facet of academics and extracur-

riculars. While the state event itself may be a great time for all who attend, the lessons the students learn about the business world while at the state competition are invaluable as they grow older and prepare to start careers of their own.

NO SCHOOL Holy Thursday April 17

NO SCHOOL Good Friday April 18

NO SCHOOL Easter Monday April 21

was humbling for all. Showing appreciation for women, the males completed their mile wearing high heels. The females appeared wearing combat boots and carried back packs. Along the first lap around Victory, the ladies’ backpacks were filled with canned goods, which stood for the hardships one carries when she is disrespected. On the same lap the students passed by posters and signs that read negative and belittling comments. Once the students got to the second lap, the canned goods were gradually removed from the back packs as the posters became compliments. The school day ended with awards, picture taking, and a prayer. Emily Glover ’14 concludes, “Our Leadership and Spirituality class had a lot of fun planning this. Overall, it was a great experience and the event was a success.”

Cans for Carnavale Success Carmen Brull ‘17 Staff Reporter

This winter the school participated in an awesome project, Cans for Carnavale. The event begun February 28th and lasted all the way through March 6th. Stuco started this great idea to help raise cans for the food pantry. We started with a goal of 1,700 cans. Each academy was to bring 100 cans. Stuco members made charts to put on the door of each academy, which displayed how far along they were form the goal and how many each room had collected. As a whole, the school ended up raising over 3,700 cans, which was way over the school goal. Because we raised so many cans, we earned a day off of school on March 28th. Students were so excited about the chance to sleep in. The cans helped restock the food pantry, which was empty from the Christmas season. Students enjoyed participating in the event to see which rooms were ahead and how far away from the goal we were each week. Overall, the students thought it was a fantastic project for the school to participate in to see which academy had collected more and to compete to reach the goal for the day off of school. said.

All School Easter Mass April 23

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Faith &Opinion

APRIL 2014

Graduation Traditions not Dependent upon Venue Jena Ernsting ‘14 Editor-In-Chief Much discussion, controversy, and worries about tradition have been voiced about the Thomas More PrepMarian Commencement Ceremony being held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. To some it may seem as though tradition is bring broken, when in reality a new tradition is beginning. Coming through “the ranks” as a first generation TMP-Marian student, I quickly learned that religion and tradition were the basis of this hallowed institution. I would be quick to say that this school has more than provided for the foundation of my thoughts on tradition and my love of consistency. What I did not realize until the fates of our tradition were put into exit doors and emergency staircases is that tradition is more than an established regimen. Tradition is in ceremony and in the people who surround the ceremony. Take the sacrament of matrimony for example; it is performed in many different settings with many different people, yet it does not extinguish the tradition behind it. Mr. Bill Dewitt once mentioned in a parish bulletin that the class of 2014 was like a family. I concur with his observation about my class and believe that whatever new tradition we partake in will be equal or extend the norm of TMP tradition, because I am with my family, my class, my school.

Rucker Delights Bicentennial Audience

Jena Ernsting ‘14 Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Staff Reporters

With the hustle and bustle of Thomas More Prep-Marian life, it is a good idea to get away for a while, even if it is just an evening. Getting away is what several TMP students did on Saturday, March 8, 2014, by going to a

Darius Rucker concert at the Bicentennial Center in Salina, Kansas. Not only did the Darius Rucker concert include the man himself, the Eli Young Band and David Nail performed as opening acts. Those who went had an opportunity to see the up-andcomer, David Nail, sing his more popular songs, “Whatever She’s Got”

and “Let it Rain,” along with newer pieces. The Eli Young Band advertised their new album “10,000 Towns,” and performed the popular, “Crazy Girl” and “Even if It Breaks your Heart.” Darius Rucker kept it classy with his smooth, southern style singing in “Southern State of Mind,” along with his other popular songs. He

closed the night with encore, “Wagon Wheel” and “Purple Rain.” “I thought that it was an awesome concert! The opening acts were great, and Darius Rucker did a great job. It appeared as though the entire center was sold out, which I thought was a big positive. Everyone looked like they were having a good time,

some more than others, and the light show that went on with the music was amazing. All in all, I liked it and would love to go again!” commented attendee, Cody Schmidtberger ’14. What was learned from attending this concert: No concert is complete without a Mrs. Kathy DreilingAmrein sighting.

Biblical Blockbuster or Hypocritically Heretical? Lexie Wasinger ‘15 Staff Reporter The story of Noah, told in the new film directed by Darren Aronofsky, is not the story one remembers hearing as child in Sunday school. Instead, it is a gritty telling with underlying themes that are prevalent in today’s culture, but not necessarily in line with the telling of Noah in Genesis. The film hits all the highlights of the biblical narrative but makes its creative license known throughout whether through the characterization of a slightly confused Noah, or the existence of rock creatures. I had a difficult

time with the film’s depiction of a violent Noah, which was contrary to previous depictions I have viewed, along the general confusion he experienced as he tried to decipher God’s message to him. These were not things that I was familiar with, as they are not part of the Christian telling of the story. The fact that these details are not in the Christian story was a crucial element for me when viewing this movie, but I also looked at the bigger picture. The film was not created by a biblical expert, or church and scripture historians, it was created by a Hollywood director, who has released

very few movies before “Noah” that were not rated “R.” The film is not made from a devout religious angle, instead it is made to tell an epic story passed on through the bible for thousands of years. It is a movie meant to tell you a familiar story with some cinematic touches, not to allow you to get out of reading Genesis for your religion test. I mean, the movie stars Russell Crowe, and multiple other familiar Hollywood faces, and it uses the twenty-first century special effects to its advantage. It is not the source to go to for solid, biblical information. The story has some

Publication Policy The staff of The Chancellor upholds the following policy in regards to the publication of the student newspaper. When tragedy or crisis occurs, it will be the decision of the staff whether or not to cover the topic. Pictures are chosen by the staff on grounds of availability and quality. Letters to the staff must include, but are not limited to: corrections, suggestions, and personal opinions. Letters must be submitted in type, less than 150 words addressed to the editor and be submitted no later than two weeks before the next publication. All staff members reserve the right to report any and all subjects that meet the elements of news. The Chancellor, being a newspaper wholly written and produced by students, reserves the right to determine the content of the publication. Suggestions are accepted, but it is up to the discretion of the staff to determine if coverage is necessary. The publication follows the guideline directed by the Kansas Student Publication Act (1992) which, in short, states that: A) content will not be censored only because it contains political or controversial topics, B) review of material is permitted to assure the articles are consistent with high standards of English and journalism, C) libelous, slanderous, obscene or matter that promotes illegal conduct is not protected, D) students are responsible for determining the content of the publication while publications advisors and other certified employees are responsible for teaching responsible expression and high standards of English and journalism, E) no student publication by students shall be deemed an expression of school policy nor can the employees be held responsible in any civil or criminal action. The staff recognized its responsibility to reflect the mission of Thomas More Prep-Marian, a diocesan Catholic high school, to serve the interest and needs of the school community and to provide fair, objective and accurate news, and commentary.

positives in it, along with the questionable ideas thrown in throughout. It gives a picture of humanity at its worst, which is something many could benefit from. Watching Noah and his family try to follow God in the midst of evil is a lesson that translates in today’s society of that’s focused on personal happiness and the “here and now.” The movie shows the viewer that there is hope because even when mankind was bad enough for God to destroy it, there was still hope for the future through Noah. Also, the film may pique the interest of viewers who haven’t had much prior exposure to Chris-

tianity, leading them to have an interest in the faith they may have never received otherwise. At the end of the day, the movie is what one makes it. If it is looked at as a film that analyzes the passages in Genesis, the viewer will be extremely disappointed and probably offended by the additions that do not fit into the original tale. On the other hand, if one looks at it as a fictional movie with a few good messages, it should be a generally painless movie, that one might even enjoy.

Chancellor Staff Editor-in-Chief

Jena Ernsting ‘14


Mrs. Heather Sramek


Mrs. Kathy Taylor

Staff Reporters

Meagan Brin ‘17 Carmen Brull ‘17 Janice Chang ‘16 Pamela Chen ‘15 Adam Flax ‘15 Taylor Gabel ‘16 Maci Gerhard ‘17 Alison Helget ‘17 Alyssa Keil ‘15 Madyson Koerner ‘17 Matthew Mindrup ‘15 Bailey Rome ‘15 Cody Schmidtberger ‘14 Owen Toepfer ‘15 Grace Volker ‘15 Lexie Wasinger ‘15


April 2014 Q: Why do we have pineapple with Ham and Pineapple lunch and peas as a side for Chicken a La King?

Q: Why isn’t eleven pronounced onety-one, like twenty-one and thirtyone and forty-one and fifty-one….

A: The answer to the pineapple one is because we have pineapple every day at lunch. We have a plethora of pineapples. I get some every day. Blyde prefers other fruits. Pineapple is delicious, which is another obvious answer to the first half of the question. The real question should be: since when is a ham slice considered a main dish? As for the peas half of the question, it is most likely because they have leftover peas from making the Chicken a La King, so they use them as a side instead of wasting them like many of you peasants do when dumping your lunches. Mind your P’s and Q’s, Connie and Blyde

A: Congratulations you are the world’s smartest person; you have cracked the code; it is, indeed, onety-one. Please alert your math teacher to the proper pronunciation of the second group of ten in our numeric system. We “ONE”nt You to Have a Great Day (HA), Connie and Blyde

Adam Flax ‘15 Staff Reporter

Q: Why does .999 repeating equal one? A: 1/ 3 = 0.333 repeating. 2/3 = 0.666 repeating, 0.333 repeating + 0.666 repeating = 0.999 repeating, and since 1/3 + 2/3 = 1, then 0.333 repeating + 0.666 repeating = 1. Therefore, 0.999 repeating = 1. You Really Thought You Could Fool Us? Connie and Blyde

JUST ASK . . .

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Scarlet Hawks Wins Championship

Madyson Koerner ‘17 Staff Reporter

There were eight teams that joined the league and the Scarlett Hawks was the only team from TMP. Lane Fisher and Keynan Hysten started the Scarlett Hawks team this last summer when they participated in two MAYB Hays tournaments. They didn’t win any of their summer games, but were excited to join the winter league. “We all just wanted to play the game and have a lot of fun,” said

Braiden Werth ‘15 team member of the Hawks. The Scarlett Hawks won four of their games and lost thirteen. At the end of their season they played in the tournament round and won the championship. “It was really awesome beating all of the Hays High teams,” said Keynan Hysten ‘15. The team plans on playing in more tournament this summer and coming back next winter to defend their championship title.

Connie & Blyde Key Club Holds State Convention

Jena Ernsting ‘14 Staff Reporter

Adam’s Oddities

Disney’s newest animated classic “Frozen”, along with its soundtrack, have quickly become a phenomenon. The film’s anthem, “Let It Go”, has climbed the charts and inspired hundreds of YouTube videos of young and old singing the tune, here are a few of my favorites: Maddie and Zoe sing “Let It Go” This was one of the first videos I saw, and it is one of the best. These two, four year olds deliver the song with such feeling and love. They remind me a lot of myself preforming for the video camera at that age and brings a smile to my face. Let It Go/Vivaldi’s Winter – The Piano Guys In this video the song is played on only the piano and cello, and is melted with Vivaldi’s Winter. The creator’s said they wanted the two contrasting songs to be seen as “freezing” and “thawing”. However, the true splendor of the piece is found in its surrounding. This version was shot in the chilling beautiful Ice Castles in Utah; that provide just the right atmosphere for the song and its story.

Mission: I’m Possible was the theme of the 2014 Kansas Key Club District Convention. All attendees, Key Clubbers and Advisors, exemplified that mission. One advisor more than others. Mrs. Barb Wagoner was nominated and awarded the Outstanding Advisor Award. Mrs. Wagoner was awarded the OAA on a basis of her contributions to the development of the TMP Key Club, its members, her dedication to the students, and overall contribution to her school and community. Not only was this convention a memorable moment for Wagoner, two student District Board members finished out their term, seniors Jena Ernsting, Governor and Allison Hohmann, Lieutenant Governor for Division 12. One of Ernsting’s and Hohmann’s jobs this year was planning the annual District Convention. “We chose the theme, Mission: I’m Possible to focus on what an individual can do to benefit an institution and vice versa,” said Hohmann. The convention offered workshops about club growth, which freshman Lizzie Leiker attended in order to prepare for the coming years with the club, personal growth, and different ways to get involved with the Key Club International family. The keynote speaker was a past Key Club governor who focuses much of his time and energy on mentoring. He spoke about the benefits of mentoring on the mentor and mentored. The convention wrapped up with the election of new board members and a brunch where Ernsting addressed the convention for the final time.

7 Simple Questions

Adam Flax ‘15 Staff Reporter

A Frozen Father

Lucas Diehl ‘15

1.) If you had a theme song what would it be? ““I Fell Pretty” from “West Side Story”’ 2.) What is your favorite shade of the color blue? “Navy” 3.) Do have a guilty Television pleasure? “Big Bang Theory” 4.) If you could live in any book or movie, what would it be? “Harry Potter” 5.) Which Princess is most like you? “Belle” 6.) If your life was a Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be called? “Chocolate Explosion and it would taste like strawberries”” 7.) Paper or Plastic? “Plastic”

I feel like this parody of the song adequately describes anyone who has had to listen to the song again and again…..and again. This video lovingly pokes fun at the song and a father who has had to “Let It Go” one time too many!

“Let It Go” According to Google Translator This video shows what happens when the song is run through several languages in the google app and then back to English. I will tell you what happens...hilarity.

Mr. Befort 1.) If you had a theme song what would it be? “Take it Easy by the Eagles” 2.) What is your favorite shade of the color blue? “Royal” 3.) Do have a guilty Television pleasure? “Columbo” 4.) If you could live in any book or movie, what would it be? “21” 5.) Which Princess is most like you? “Thumbelina” 6.) If your life was a Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be called? “The Surprise Flavor, some days good, some days bad.” 7.) What surprised you, coming back to the school, that had not changed? “The grading scale-- while most of thew world has relaxed its standards so that most students git A’s, TMP has kept the grading scale challenging.”

Africanized Let It Go Of all of the videos this one is my favorite, also shot at the Ice Castles this video features the One Voice Children’s Choir and is spectacular in every way. It does not hurt that eleven year old Lexi Walker has some serious pipes.

SPOTTED! Faculty Outside of School Matt Mindrup ‘15 Staff Reporter Have you ever wondered if TMP’s teachers actually leave the campus? Do you ever find it weird that you never see them around town? Well, the Chancellor staff has recently taken upon themselves the task of transforming the Chancellor from a newspaper to a sleuthspaper. TEACH-

ERS - WE WILL FIND YOU! Actually, we already have. Members of the Chancellor staff spotted numerous teachers around Hays and the surrounding area last month, including:

Mrs. Sramek at Orschelens and at at El Dos De Oros.


Nyberg driving

Mrs. Kirmer at Wal-

down I-70.


Mrs. Pinkney at the high class, hip restaurant Trio, as well as at Walmart.

at her home and at Dillons.

Mr. Brull at church and also hauling wood.

Mrs Schmidtberger

Mrs. Amrein at the Bicentennial Center in Salina.

Mr. Klein buying Diet The dynamic duo of Mrs. Coke. Taylor and Mrs. Wentling walking!

In conclusion we would like to ask you to remember that this is not creepy. It is but playful fun that provides accurate information on where the teachers go on the rare occasion that they actually escape their classroom.


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Band Wins Big

Bailey Rome ‘15 Staff Reporter On March 28th-30th, the Thomas More Prep-Marian Band took a well-deserved trip to Granby, Colorado, and stayed at the ski resort, Winter Park. During this trip they competed in a contest against other schools. In this competition the band played a march called, “the Trombone King,” and an overture, “Jubiloso.” After playing, they received the 1st place trophy for overall, as well as rewards for best in class 2A and most superior band. Other than competition they also enjoyed skiing at the park. Freshman Bridget Heimann said, “I had a really good time skiing, and winning the competition was also really awesome.”

Basketball Finishes Strong

Taylor Gabel ‘16 Staff Reporter The TMP boys’ basketball team impressed many of their fans this season! The boys won their final regular season game against Hutch Trinity. This sent them into the sub state tournament on a high note. The boys’ first sub state battle was against the Norton Bluejays. Both teams played a great game, but the Monarchs came out with the win. This gave them the ticket to the next round which was to be played in Hoisington. The boys practiced hard in preparation to face the Minneapolis Lions. This was an intense game, and it went down to the final buzzer of the game. Once again, the Monarchs came out victorious. The Monarchs didn’t let the win get to their head as they then prepared to meet Beloit in the sub state championship game. The boys played a great game, but unfortunately, the Monarchs did not come out with the win as they had hoped for. The loss brought an end to the boys’ season, leaving them with a 12-10 record for the season. Even though they will be losing three seniors, they Monarchs will be back next year to have another shot to get to the state tournament, and eventually, become state champions.

Newspaper Staff Qualifies for State Competition

Lexie Wasinger ‘15 Staff Reporter

The TMP journalism department performed well at the Regional Kansas Scholastic Press Association (KSPA) held at Fort Hays State University on Thursday February 27, with eleven students qualifying for the state contest. The onsite competition winners included Editorial Cartoon division freshman Madyson Koerner placed second, while freshman Carmen Brull was awarded an honorable mention. Juniors Owen Toepfer and Matt Mindrup both received honorable mentions in the Editiorial Writing division, while sophomore Taylor

Gabel was awarded second place in Feature Writing. Senior Jena Ernsting received an honorable mention in News Writing, and junior Lexie Wasinger received first place for News Sports Writing. The carry-in competition winners included junior Grace Volker winning first for Photo Illustration, juniors Alyssa Keil and Bailey Rome receiving honorable mentions for Headline Writing, and junior Adam Flax, who received third place for News Page Design. The qualifying students will be traveling to Lawrence, Kansas on May 3rd, to compete at the state competition, held at the University of Kansas.

Track Preview

Matt Mindrup ‘15 Staff Reporter The 2014 TMP Monarch track team is off to a running start! Although the team lost a large, competitive group of seniors, there is still a plethora of new and returning talent. Many state qualifiers from last year are back including, Skyler Urban ’14, Samantha Younie ’14, Mikaela Flax ’14, Kayla Walker ’14, Cameron Fouts ’15, Nick Schmidt ’15, Tj Flax ’16, Andrew Hess ’16, and Mellissa Pfeiffer ’16.

While the team did lose a core group of athletes, it still has a chance for a very successful season! When asked what she expected for this track season, senior Mikaela Flax said, “Well, obviously I want us to do well, but over all I want us to prosper positively and use the gifts God gave us to glorify Him, winning or losing.” Skyler Urban, also a senior, said, “For this track season, I expect to improve as an individual, hoping to once again place at state, as well as, seeing the whole team succeed too!”

APRIL 2014

Art Club Travels to Disney World Owen Toepfer ‘15 Staff Reporter The TMP-Marian Art Club kicked off the spring season by taking a trip to Orlando, FL and Walt Disney World. After much hard work and fundraising, everyone earned their way to go on the trip. Although there was some rain and sore feet, everyone enjoyed their time. The trip was chaperoned by Mrs. Angie Pahls, TMP art teacher, her husband Mr. Mark Pahls, and Mrs. and Mrs. Jerry and Renee Michaud, parents of of Monica ‘14 and Hannah Michaud ‘16, two students who went on the trip. There were 17 people on the trip in all, and everyone stayed at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. The first day was spent at Magic Kingdom. The day was started by taking an interactive physics class in the park before it was open. The students who participated in the class learned about energy and motion through experiencing and analyzing roller coaster rides.

Although the day was fun, it started to rain quite heavily in the afternoon, so most people found a restaurant to camp out in. The second and third days were spent at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Hollywood Studios, home of the famous rides Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster, was stimulating for people who like the feel of gift shopping, but was a bit disappointing besides the fun rides. Animal Kingdom was a bit more interesting as students could go on a “safari” and see exotic animals. The Art Club finished the trip by going to EPCOT on the fourth day. By this point everyone was struggling to walk and muster up the energy to keep going, but it was a fun and entertaining day nonetheless. Although short, this trip was fun, entertaining, and character building. It gave all who went memories that will last a lifetime.

Girls Soccer Increases Numbers

Meagan Brin ‘17 Staff Reporter The TMP girls’ soccer team consists of 22 girls this season. Only 13 went out last year, so this was very exciting for the team. This year the team has enough girls for a junior varsity and a varsity team. Head coach Daryl Wellbrock has been working hard with the team to be ready to have a successful season. On Thursday, March 27th, TMP girls’ soccer played in their first game of the season. They were quite determined to defeat their rivals (whom they faced on this day). The varsity game ended in a tie, leading to overtime. Hays High scored halfway through the additional ten minutes of playing time. Even though the outcome wasn’t in the monarchs favor, they still plan on having a very successful season with the amount of potential they have. “I have never played soccer before, but I love the game and the team. My first game was a great experience.”says Lori Leiker ‘18.

Baseball Sweeps Scott City in Season Opener

Maci Gerhard ‘17 Staff Reporter “Baseball was, is, and always will be to me the best game in the world.” –Babe Ruth. After a long winter the baseball players are ready to take the field. Their hard work and dedication has all led up to this year’s season. The team opened the season in Scott City, trouncing the Beavers 24-0 in three innings, and 18-5 in six innings in the second game. Last season ended in a defeat to Lakin, losing 4-2 in the Lyons 3A Regional semifinals. The team has been striving to improve and be ready for anything. We asked Ryan Shippers ’15 what challenges the team as a whole and what they might face throughout the season. He said, “One of the challenges will be the ability to maintain strong team a strong team unity throughout the entirety of the season by not letting a person try to take a different path to success. Another challenge would be, to not get comfortable with the situation of our win and loss column. We need to stay aggressive and continue marching on to the one goal we all would like to reach which is to be a contender at the state tournament.” There are twenty-two players out this year. The team is confident they have the potential to represent TMP-Marian into the postseason.

3 Year Softball Drought Ends


Alison Helget ‘17 Staff Reporter Three years ago, Laurel Hageman, now a junior, received news that TMP would not be fielding a softball team. After a three year suspension, TMP will finally take the field with a nineteen player roster. “I am so glad we will finally have enough interest in the sport,” explained Laurel Hageman. Hageman and freshman Alison Helget make up the varsity pitching squad. The girls have been preparing vigorously and Thursday their hard work began to pay off. In the season opener the team won the first game 18-6. Unfortunately they fell short in the second game and lost 13-24 against Sacred Heart Salina. Salina finished second last year in the 3A State Championship. Even though they split their games, Coach Melissa Schoepf was extremely proud of the team and the effort they put forth. Now that nerves have been settled, the girls are ready for their future opponents.

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