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Featuring Bestselling Author & Abstinence Advocate Kenny Pugh It’s Time to Wake Up and realize having sex outside of marriage has dire consequences! Not only does an unplanned pregnancy interrupt a person’s most cherished dreams and life goals but the overall consequences impact our society at large in every sector (economics, education, class, health and wellness). “It’s A.M.!” (Abstinence Matters) is dedicated to helping to reverse the trend and change the culture that an over-sexed society has had on single young adults. College-aged students present the greatest risk of being caught in the consequences that ruin their abilities to achieve the greatest possible life available. Led by Kenny Pugh, a noted relationship expert covering love and money for and Headline News, his book, "Can You Do It Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships" explores the benefits of waiting to have sex and get to know yourself and your potential partner standing up (dating, courting, connecting) instead of “lying down” or sexing which research shows have a lower percentage rate of long-term success as well as can wreak havoc in a young person's life if they are ill-prepared for potential consequences. His book catapulted him onto the media stage for its catchy title and sound advice identifying the pitfalls of why we have so many unhealthy relationships and how they wreak havoc individually and from a societal perspective. He's touring colleges and universities nationally with a program called “It’s A.M., It’s Time to Wake Up! Abstinence Matters”. We have several program titles we present this information under to ensure it's well attended. Kenny’s message is simple – sex has consequences and his program provides an opendialog forum where students can come together to address the myths, facts and male/female perspective of sex, love and relationships and the impact of how these decisions affect life outcomes. The event can include a diverse panel to include experts, educators, student leaders and local media that will allow these issues to be addressed in a way that empower young people with solutions and support encouraging them to make better Students will leave with a better understanding of the implications of making the wrong decisions while inspired to choose wisely. “It’s A.M.!” will work with local and national partners to ensure the event is an interactive educational, engaging and entertaining experience.

IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! ABSTINENCE MATTERS (It’s A.M.!) To inquire about bringing this program to your campus or organization or to become and Ambassador, please contact Tamika Morrison at 404-593-0607 or via email at

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Atlanta o CAU o Clayton State University o Georgia Perimeter o Kennesaw State o Chattahoochee Tech Charlotte o Central Piedmont Community Collge o Johnson C. Smith Tennessee o Tennessee State o Fisk o Vanderbilt o Belmont New Orleans o Xavier University o Dillard University D.C., o Howard University o Georgetown University Miami o University of Miami o Florida State o FAMU Columbus/Dayton, OH o Ohio State University Your city is next! Contact us to become a sponsor, partner or ambassador by visiting: Web: Twitter: @AbstinenceAM Facebook: AbstinenceMatters

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It's Time to WAKE UP! SEX has Consequences  

Kenny Pugh, relationship expert, bestselling author, CNN, HLN, Headline News, Tom Joyner Morning Show, minister, sex education, parenting, s...

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