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Set Clear Goals Understand the purpose of the course and attach it to an attainable goal Set up a schedule to stay on top of reading assignments Calendars are great visual tools

Stay Positive Remind yourself about the impact of the course on your career Apply knowledge acquired from the course to real life situations whenever you can Find a study partner so that you can motivate each other

Join a Peer Group Create or join an online forum to connect with other students Share information and ask for help Encourage others who are falling behind

Understand the Challenges Understand the challenges that online students face Speak to people who have enrolled and Succeeded Speak to your instructor to learn how to manage

Ask for Help Use various e-learning tools available on the internet Speak to your instructor if you need help Ask us – ‘Can you take my online class?’

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Online Class Tips: 5 Tips to Stay Motivated  
Online Class Tips: 5 Tips to Stay Motivated  

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