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Follow Your Dreams Follow Your Heart Embrace The Magic All Around You

Today is a good news/bad news day for Liam. The good news is it’s a beautiful, TodaySaturday. is a good The news/bad news day for Liam. friends The good is it’s a beautiful, sunny bad news is none of Liam’s arenews around. Jerry has Saturday. The bad news is none friends areisaround. Jerry asunny baseball game, Luke’s grandparents areof inLiam’s town, and Charlie grounded — has a baseball game, Luke’s grandparents are in town, and Charlie is grounded — again.

again. When the guys are together they head out to an old tree that has fallen in the When the head outship. to an old guard tree that has fallenofin the woods. Theguys giantare treetogether becomesthey their pirate They their bounty woods. The giant tree becomes their pirate ship. They guard their bounty of make-believe treasure with make-believe stick-swords and make-believe make-believe treasure with make-believe stick swords and make-believe muskets. They duel to see who will walk the plank on their pirate ship as it muskets. They duel to see who will walk the plank on their pirate ship as it climbs up the waves, way out at sea — but not today. climbs up the waves way out at sea — but not today.

“Gee,” ship is is nono funfun without your mates — aarghhhh!” “Gee,”thought thoughtLiam, Liam,“a“apirate pirate ship without your mates — aarghhhh!”

As Liam walked home he passed the pizza shop, the comic book store, and the hobby shop — his usual favorites — but today a new store was opening. The sign read G. Hopper Imports. Liam had never seen a shop quite like it. He looked in the window, and then stepped forward to have a closer look.

There were antiques from faraway places, and a real life treasure chest filled with glittering gold trinkets, deep sea-green emeralds and cherry-red rubies. “Wow, this is just like the pirate chest we imagined,� thought Liam. Timidly, Liam stepped inside.

As Liam stood there taking it all in, an older man entered from behind a curtain in the back of the store. “Good morning. Welcome to my shop.” Liam was startled, “I wasn’t touching anything. I promise I wasn’t!” “Please, be my guest. You are most welcome to look and to touch.” “What is your name?”

“My name is Liam, Sir. And your shop is so cool!” “Thank-you. Do you see anything you would like to have?” “You mean….?” “Yes, you may choose one thing.” Liam thought, “How will I ever choose from so many beautiful things?”

Liam’s eyes shone as he studied the wonders in the store. Then he saw it. What intrigued him was sitting on top of a glass box. “Is that a grasshopper?” asked Liam. “Yes,” answered the shopkeeper, “not just any grasshopper — but a very special Origami grasshopper.” “What’s Origami?” asked Liam. The man picked up the beautiful bug and placed the grasshopper gently into the palm of Liam’s hand. The shopkeeper then explained...

“Origami is the ancient, Japanese art of paper folding. In Japan the grasshopper represents good luck. This Origami grasshopper is not only beautiful, but he has magic power.” “What makes him magical?” asked Liam. “That is for you to discover. No more questions now. Take him and go.” “Really, I can keep him!?” “Yes, he’s yours until you discover the magic — then you must pass him on to someone else.” Liam walked out the door with his wondrous bug. The day was turning out better than he ever could have imagined.

Liam sat down on the front porch of his house and studied the grasshopper. He thought maybe the shopkeeper was making up the story about the grasshopper’s power. “Are you magic?” Liam whispered. As he sat wondering a bee came buzzing around his head.

Liam jumped up, waving his hands frantically, “Ahaaaaaa!” The grasshopper fell from Liam’s hand into the flower garden. Liam screamed, “Get away! Get away from me! I hate bees! He’s going to sting me!” “No, he’s not,” said a small voice.

For a moment Liam forgot about the bee, and stopped yelling. He looked around, “Who said that?” “I did,” said the small voice, “and you may call me Ojie.” Liam looked in the direction of the garden. His eyes opened wide. He realized the voice was coming from his grasshopper, who was now perfectly perched in the middle of a big, yellow Zinnia. “Hey, you are magic!” exclaimed Liam.

The grasshopper jumped onto Liam’s arm, “Why were you screaming?” “I hate bees. All they do is sting people!” “Oh, you are quite wrong — quite wrong. Without the bees there would be no flowers or vegetables in the garden,” said Ojie surprisingly. “No flowers or vegetables? How can that be?” protested Liam.

“Flowers grow all by themselves,” continued Liam. “Plant a seed — get a sunflower,” he insisted. “That’s only the beginning,” said Ojie. “How do you think the flowers grow where there are no people to plant the seeds?” Liam looked puzzled, “I guess I never thought about it.” Ojie leaned against a sweet pea blossom and continued, “We don’t need people to have flowers, but we can’t have flowers without the bees.” Liam shook his head, “Who’s ever going to believe this?”

Ojie spun around in a cloud of sparkling dust. He rubbed his Origami legs together, and suddenly they started to unfold. There was folding and unfolding — and more unfolding. Ojie had turned into a bee! All the flowers in the garden were super-sized! Liam was awestruck, “How did you turn into a bee? And, how did the flowers grow so tall?”

“The flowers haven’t grown taller, you have gotten smaller,” explained Ojie. Liam heard a buzzing sound, and quickly realized it was coming from his own back. Liam had wings, too! He hovered over the garden thinking, “Wow, if the guys could see me now!”

“Follow me,” shouted Ojie, “we’ve got work to do!” Liam and Ojie flew off into the Zinnias … Buzzzz, Buzzzz, Buzzzz … Liam exclaimed, “Wow! I’m flying. I’m really flying! Listen to all that buzzing!” “Yes, when worker bees are busy, you can bet they’re busy buzzing, and when they’re busy buzzing they’re busy Beeing Amazing — gathering pollen.”

“Pollen? What’s pollen?” asked Liam. Ojie continued, “Pollen is the yellow powder that bees carry to all flowering trees, and plants. Bees have been pollinating plants for 4,000 years! Without the bees there would be no flowers, fruits, or vegetables.” “That’s amazing! I never knew the bees were so important!” “The Number-One, Blue-Ribbon, Gold Medal, Must Happen Sooner-Than-Later, Most Important Thing to do is stop using harmful pesticides. These chemicals are destroying bee colonies everywhere. Here’s a good tip, Liam, tell your Mom it’s important to not mow the lawn each week, because the clover that grows among the grass is one of the bee’s favorite food sources.” “You can be sure I’ll mention that tip,” laughed Liam. Liam pointed to a bee moving strangely, “What’s that bee doing? Looks like a dance.”

“And do they ever dance, Liam! Beekeepers call it the Honey Bee Dance, or the Waggle Dance.” Liam laughed, “The Waggle Dance?” Ojie went on, “Not just any wiggle-waggle. The precise way they shake their tails acts as a compass, directing their co-workers to a patch of flowers with lots of nectar and pollen. The scientist who discovered the Waggle Dance won the Nobel Prize, the highest prize in science.” “By the way, Liam, when you’re riding your bike, think about this fun fact: bees can fly at 15 miles an hour!” “Holy Cow, we could make a beeline for the finish line!” Liam and Ojie flew back to the edge of the garden.

Ojie rubbed his legs together once more. The air filled with sparkling dust. Liam and Ojie were back on the porch. “You are definitely magic,” said Liam excitedly. “Yes, and you’ve seen first-hand that Nature holds the real magic. It’s all around you. All you have to do is pay attention.” Liam thought for a moment and said, “That’s what the shopkeeper wanted me to see, isn’t it?”

Liam stretched out on the porch swing and thought about the shopkeeper’s instructions — to pass the grasshopper on to someone else. Would Ojie show the next person what it’s like to be a bee? Or, would they have another adventure — something different? Ojie smiled knowing Liam would never look at his world in quite the same way again. Sleepy, after his incredible day, Liam was drifting off as he thought, I wonder who I will pass Ojie onto next? Who will see the magic unfold?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals In 2015 the United Nations announced a 15 year program to bring together initiatives from all over the world that strive to change our planet for the better. To learn about the Sustainable Development Goals visit: A great way to find an initiative for you to join is to check out partners associated with the Sustainable Development Goals. There are already over 4,000 initiatives listed there for you to browse: Ojie and Liam's story in "Beeing Amazing" resonates with Sustainable Develop Goal 15, Life On Land. The targets for SDG 15 include ensuring the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of forests, wetlands, mountains and drylands, halting deforestation, combating desertification, protecting and preventing the extinction of threatened species, and taking urgent action to end poaching and trafficking of protected species of flora and fauna. To learn more about SDG 15 visit:

DID YOU KNOW...? There are 12,000 species of bees. Most bees live solitary lives like the Orchard Mason and Eastern Carpenter who will build a nest for one. Honey Bees, however, are not solitary bees - they build and live in large colonies. All bees play an important role in pollenating flowers and crops. A honey bee can lay over 12,000 eggs each day! Drones are male bees with no stinger. Bees will only sting if they are stepped on or if their nest is threatened. If you get stung, white cider vinegar takes the pain away quickly. In Egypt and Israel, bee stings have been used therapeutically for years to treat illness and disease. BEE RESPONSIBLE! We need the bees and they need us! Here are some things you can do to help: • Talk to your parents about planting a bee friendly garden. Plants such as Bee Balm, Goldenrod and Black Eyed Susan (just to hame a few) attract honey bees and butterflies. • For more information visit the Honey Bee Conversancy online at: • Hold a bake sale at your school and send the proceeds to an organization like pesticide action network (PAN) or the Friends of Bees organization. There are many people trying to save the bees. Do some research and learn more about the use of pesticides and what it has done to cause the decline of honey bees since 1991. • Ask your school principal if you can put a jar in the school cafeteria marked “Change for the Bees”. Donate the spare change you collect to organizations trying to make a difference. • Many cities have community garden plots. Visit them and speak to the gardeners about bee friendly plants. • Ask your school officials if your school can maintain its own garden and donate the fresh food to food banks or food kitchens in your area. • Ask your science teacher if he or she will show a video on the importance of bees to our planet. There are many great videos on youtube. • LEARN ALL YOU CAN AND SPREAD THE WORD! REMEMBER: WE NEED THE BEES... AND THE BEES NEED US!

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Juvenile Fiction

it’s a day that doesn’t hold much promise. none of liam’s friends are around. When he comes upon a shop he’s never seen before, liam is off on the adventure of a lifetime. the shopkeeper gives liam an origami grasshopper. the old man explains that this beautiful bug has special poWers — poWers that liam must discover for himself. he heads home With his treasure only to become frightened When a bee starts buzzing around his head. liam hears a voice. the grasshopper has come to life! its here that the adventure really begins for liam. origami teaches liam a valuable lesson about the important role bees play in our World. With the help of a magical spell, liam learns to see his World in a Whole neW Way.

beeing amazing is the first in an educational series of adventures With ojie, the origami grasshopper. For

original music and story narration visit:

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Ojie The Origami Grasshopper - Beeing Amazing  

Educational storybook for 8 year old children

Ojie The Origami Grasshopper - Beeing Amazing  

Educational storybook for 8 year old children

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